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Blunt George W. Bush view of his legacy: 'I'll be dead'

As any president does before any foreign tour, he meets with the press of the region matching his itinerary. As he prepared for his final tour of East Asia next week, including the opening of the Olympics in Beijing, President Bush sat down in the Map Room of the WhitPresident George W. Bush and his wife Laura He gave some blunt thought to his post White House legacy during interviews this week with East Asian journalistse House for an interview with a reporter from the region.

"What is going to be your legacy?'' asked Suthichai Sae-Yoon, of the Nation Multimedia Group in Thailand.

"Oh, I don't know,'' Bush replied. "'ll be dead when they finally figure it out.''

But how would he like history to remember him?

"Somebody who took on tough challenges and didn't shy away from doing what he thought was right,'' said the president not known for his comfort with introspection. "And, you know, look, I'm a big believer in freedom and liberty. That's been a hallmark of my agenda.

"But... there's no such thing as short-term history, so I am very confident in telling you that I'll be long gone before somebody finally figures out the true merit and meaning of the Bush administration.''

"Is there life after the White House?'' Bush was asked near the eve of a trip that will carry him to China for the opening of the Olympic Games, to South Korea and to Thailand. "Absolutely. I'm only 62 years old,'' said Bush, who plans to settle in Dallas, write and oversee construction of his presidential library at Southern Methodist University, his wife Laura's alma mater.

The writing machine Mark Silva over at the Swamp has more on this surprising story here. To see the transcripts of the president's interviews with other Asian journalists, go here, and here and also here.

-- Andrew Malcolm

Photo credit: Fox News

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George Bush is a tenacious fighter in causes he believes in, the unfortunate part is ignoring the other 100 equally important causes so he can focus his attention on the one cause.

George Bush also is an oil man with an oil man's mentality, and has left two border patrol men to rot in Jail even though his own prosecutor acted unethically in trying the case.

How George Bush has treated these two men speaks to me of a president who is profiting from the drug trade and is willing to let americans rot in jail so he can continue to profit. Seems like a lot of american soldiers end up rotting so Bush and Cheney can profit.

'war is peace - freedom is slavery - ignorance is strength...'

beeing a big believer is not helpful. when false belief and hope replace integrity and introspection, any agenda will be one of deceit and lies, and the greatest principles and values will cynically be abused to excuse their own destruction, to attempt the total destruction of liberty and freedom, in the name of liberty and freedom. only when the people become aware of the real spirit of bush's agenda, they can avoid to bring it on themselves. this agenda of a 'new world order' tyranny he shares with most false, misguided and abusive 'leaders', and also with obama and mccain.
'we are the ones we have been waiting for' - the ghost of hope and change, the spirit of the age, swiftly emerges to stage a spooky comeback, and to stir the people, dazed as thunderstruck, to give up the spirit of their fathers, and descend to join, the soulless hordes of a zombie nation.
mccain stared death in the eye too deep and can't get over his affair. not oft with age comes wisdom, but often foolish stray-talk; and many a juvenile adventure is not a good idea.
both obama and mccain have, in their own way, a lethal and contagious condition that roots deeper than their skin, and torments and eats their minds. their common agenda, that involves the controlled demolition of america, and the loss of freedom of all humankind.
when people get out of the straight jacket they've been cunningly led to don, and look beyond this pre-fabricated dilemma, of abominable choices forced on them, they can yet still build a future for their children, in freedom and prosperity and peace.
if they are prepared to face their situation, and heed the timeless principles and values of their constitution.
if, and when, the people take responsibility for their citizenship, and hold accountable themselves, they can expect to hold accountable, those they would elect to represent their interests in government. their interests they otherwise are blind to.

freedom is freedom. peace is peace. wisdom is wisdom.

There you go George, you'll be remembered as the President who thought lying in a State of the Union Address, spying on Americans illegally and endorsing torture. You'll be remembered for ignoring constitutional limits, and telling your staff to ignore Congressional subpoenas.

You'll be remembered for confusing what was right wing with what was right.


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