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Hillary Clinton skips mentioning Obama in a speech to supporters

She never spoke his name.

In a seven-minute speech to women supporters, Hillary Rodham Clinton urged voters to get behind “our nominees’’ but did not specifically mention her old rival, Barack Obama.

Clinton’s appearance in an outdoor courtyard here was a kind of time warp. Hundreds of supporters wore Clinton buttons and T-shirts and said they were heart-broken about her defeat in the Democratic primary. During the event, loudspeakers blared theme songs from her unsuccessful primary bid, including Tom Petty's "American Girl.''

She previewed the speech she is to deliver later tonight, saying, “I believe with all my heart that the Democratic Party represents a much better future for everything we believe in and care about and I will be making a very strong case tonight that we stand behind our nominees in order to keep pushing progress forward.’’

Clinton also made reference to a sore point during the primary: gender bias. Commending the hosts of the event, an organization called WomenCount, she said, “I urge all of you to support women running at all levels of government, but also on behalf of other concerns that were raised during the course of the campaign. WomenCount will continue to stand up against the pervasive bias we saw in the media.’’

Clinton stood on a small stage with her daughter, Chelsea Clinton, who did not give a speech. In her opening, Clinton talked about this being a historic week, marking the anniversary of both Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream’’ speech, as well as the Constitutional amendment giving women the right to vote. But in talking about the week’s significance she did not mention that convention delegates would be nominating the Democratic Party’s first African-American candidate: Obama.

Of course, Clinton could have been exercising discretion. In this crowd, had she mentioned Obama the name might have been greeted with boos.

Evelyn Kenny, 60, a public speaking coach from Denver who came to the Clinton event, was asked how many Clinton voters would support Obama.

“Right now, I’d say 50-50,’’ Kenny said. “A lot of us liked her experience and a lot of people that like Hillary may say, well, if it can’t be Hillary, let’s have McCain.’ ’’

--Peter Nicholas

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Women should be mad., they did Hillary dirty during the primary. Then they screwed her again not letting her be the Key note speaker which she earned. The truth is both partys seem to care less and less about the voters. They just want to do what they want to do, screw what the people want. The GOP has done the same thing to Huckabee and trys to down play his importance to the party.
Huckabee and Hillary should get on a ticket together. They would win Easy. LOL I would vote for them. I am not happy with Obama or McCain. I dont feel like Obama is experianced enough and I am unsure about his past. McCain is too old, and is just going to be a party puppet and will be 4 more years of Bush. I guess McCain does have alot in common with Bush, it seems he might have an old DUI too. You can see bushes Dui record and a possible McCane Dui at the following website.

What Democratic woman would vote for John McCain who will do away with our long fought and hard won battle for freedom of choice in the most personal decision a woman can make?

What Democratic woman would vote for John McCain whose own proposal for cutting VA expenses would exclude 'non-combat related' benefits for any PTSD or other emotional problems suffered by the 15% of female military combat troops who have been raped.

What Democratic woman would allow herself to be used by the Republican party?

Yes, it's disappointing Hillary lost but there is no reason to cut off our noses to spite our face or to 'rob' our own daughters and grand daughters of the rights that took generations of women to secure.

Democrats need to show a little discipline here, and a little
realism, as well as a little respect. Hillary did break through some significant barriers in becoming the first "nearly nominated," woman candidate for President. Let's not dis-honor her acheivement by helping the political efforts of the Republican machine, which will not benefit the constituencies which Mrs. Clinton has worked to further all her professional life. Pouting is just not a beneficial activity.

Watch the events tomorrow at the convention. See if the DNC has the courage to do a full rollcall of the states. I predict not. I suspect there is great fear that Hillary delegates would embarrass Obama with their numbers. And some states with high Clinton delegate counts have no chance of being recognized. Look, I have nothing against Obama personally. He just doesn't have the experience to lead this country. And I am not a one issue voter. The time has come to give serious consideration for an independent candidate.

here is what hillary needs to say tonight:
"...and if you truly respect and have backed me in my own capaign, you must support my choice for the new president of the united states, barach obama! " if she expresses anything less, than she is a traitor to the party and to the ideals for which it stands.

The Republicans say Barack Obama is not prepared to be the Commander in Chief. Exactly what are the prerequisite skills and/or experiences that would make a person qualified to be the Commander in Chief?? If being in the military and being a prisoner of war are the primary criteria then I suppose John McCain fits the bill, but I hope these are not the primary prerequisites.

Hillary needs to really make it clear she is for Barack Obama, who won the primaries fair and square.

If they ruin this for Barack and help elect McCain, they are voting for a reversal of Roe v Wade and a ban on abortions!! Is that what you want, wake up Democrats and let's rally together!!

Don't let McCain divide us..!

Armies of right wing Republicans are typing away on blogs all over America claiming to be Hillary supporters who will vote for McCain. If McCain wins and get's the judges he wants, women will be barefoot and pregnant again in one generation. They will be legally returned to second class 'weaker vessel' status. Their daughters and grand-daughters will never forgive them.

Hillary supporters who say they will vote for McCain were never really her supporters. They could not possibly be thinking right or in fact they may be Republican Limbaugh Dems. If they could only muster 100 at the coffee shop, out of 18 million. Well, they will be lost in the rounding.

The differences between Clinton's and Obama's policies were so minor, that there really should be no question that Clinton's supporters of would support Obama as their candidate. However, we allowed the presidential primary to become more about personalities than about the issues. I'm sure when Clinton's supporters look at what McCain is truly proposing, they won't consider voting for him:

McCain supports the privitization of Social Security (a glance at the Average Joe's 401K should tell you that's not a good idea)

McCain supports a market-based strategy for funding health care reform, meaning he would let everyone buy their own coverage instead of getting through their employers and it assumes prices will go down in a competitive market. It puts responsibility for the cost of health care squarely on all of us, assumes that we won't get price-gouged by the insurance companies who have shown us so much love in the past. It frees the government from any responsibility for the care of the people of this country. (this goes against everything Hillary fought for!)

Obama and Hillary agreed on what our country ought to be and how to do it. Now we need to unite behind Obama to get the job done!

Hillary supporters who don't support Obama and the DNC are doing so because of the undemocratic way this primary was run and for the fact that Obama does not have the experience or record NOR is he electable. It should have been a Clinton/Obama ticket and it would have won in a landslide. You have to be a centrist to win!!!! Instead the DNC manipulated the system with caucus fraud, MI and FL to select Obama who reversed himself on a dozen positions, is all over the map, and has clearly proven in the last two months he is NOT READY and everyone knows it. John McCain is beating him in the polls in August! he's doing worse than Kerry, Gore or Dukakis and they all lost! And yet this stupid party are STILL DESTROYING DEMOCRACY by trying to do a secret ballot instead of the Roll Call vote as promised. It is no longer about these candidates, it is about saving this party from itself. You may not care about it, keep your head in the sand for all I care. But millions do.

Popping popcorn early so I don't miss one moment.

This ought to be good. :)

McCain '08

The dems are saboutaging themselves again - a tradition with them. Even Dem leaders like Hillary Clinton can't bear to mention the name of this black fellow who's trying to represent them!

Their OWN WORDS speak volumes. Over to you, dems!

Hmmm, let me get this right. If some democrats can't vote for their first choice, liberal Hillary Clinton, they'll vote instead for CONSERVATIVE John McCain?

Hmmmmmmmm. Doesn't make a whole lot of sense does it? (not that democrats MAKE a whole lot of sense).

Women are so mad that liberal Obama beat out liberal hillary clinton that they've decided now to vote for conservative John McCain?

Do these people have any brains? Any logic? Any common sense? Any feeling of consistency? Or am I missing something as to why a diehard liberal would now dump their liberal party altogether and vote for a republican conservative?

Where's the 'make sense' explanation out there that has somehow eluded me?

Hillary supporters say that Barack Obama IS NOT READY TO BE PRESIDENT.

McCain supporters agree.

Now you see why Hillary supporters will be voting for John McCain in mass. America simply IS NOT READY for an African-American president. Not ready now, and not ready in 100 years.

The truth hurts, but the evidence surrounds us. THAT's why Clinton and McCain supporters have become strange bedfellows despite their ocean-wide ideological differences.

What binds them together is their desire NOT to see a black person leading all of us.

Al Sharpton threatens Hillary Clinton- this is too much. I'm sure the Obama people will be thrilled to hear this one.
Is he kidding I think he just ruined it for Obama I mean that's SICK. Next he'll be closing down bridges and forming a crusade against her. I've had it with these jerks. The Clintons have worked their whole life in support of Blacks all over the country they have done more for the Blacks than Sharpton and Obama put together.So do everyone a favor Al - SHUT UP- your an embarrassment.

What Toni Alves, and a lot of us whites won't say is that we will never vote for a black candidate.
It's not politically correct to inject race into the issue...but underneath all the rhetoric there's a lot of us who don't feel that a black man should be the leader of our nation.
A sizable portion of the electorate say outright they will not vote for a black man...and a larger percentage of Americans won't say it...but they they're thinking it.

Whites still feel more comfortable associating with white…blacks feel more at home with blacks. That’s why we live in different neighborhoods.
Attempts at busing, integration and affirmative action have failed miserably.
We are a nation divided.
We always have been and we always will be.
We are not a melting pot and we are not colored blind, there is no one nation indivisible.

So in this election, the white folks are going to vote for McCain and the Black folks are going to vote for Obama. And since there are a lot more white folks…Obama’s gonna lose.
But At least the blacks won’t be complaining they never got a shot at the top job.

Just like in the primaries, Obama surrogates are trying to shove him down our throats! They will try to shut down any avenues for Clinton supporters for the roll call.

Those wondering why we would rather vote for McCain than Obama should remember this... Obama is totally left of center. McCain is a moderate Republican. And the clincher is, Obama is NOT QUALIFIED, so this is a no-brainer.

hillary,billo and her supporters are still angry,still out of touch,and still in denial that her losing the primaries had more to do with her ineptness at passing the smell test of the commander in chief threshold of her own campaign which ended up way over budget in constant turmoil and was and still is politically divisive not to mention detrimental to the health of the party no one with a half a brain bought into that "things will be better at the convention so lets pullout all the stops full speed ahead and worry about rebuilding bridges,mending fences and soothing frayed feelings when we've clinched the nomination add on top of that the assumption that the[hardworking white voters] masses would come forth to greet her with flowers,scented wines and brunt offering [ALL HAIL HER MAJESTY] { media had proclaimed} and the rest of us nerdowells,peons, and not working quite as hard minorities would fall in line to keep from falling behind,but if freedom is to be more than just another word when there's nothing left to lose appears she forgot that here it's a democracy not a monarchy}and lets not forget billo or should i say brillo who some claim was one of our greatest president's which leads me to the conclusion that we are fast becoming a nation that lets the media define not only our {noun my friends verb my friends,pow my friends} interpretation of what a real hero is in the hope of overriding our commonsense and eyesight that scream out {crusty,old stale and full of baloney} but also what constitutes greatness {if you overlook all the years of lying cheating and turning the white house into a whorehouse having foster and brown knocked off and redefining what is really is or the $$107+ mil he amassed after leaving office } are great president ever impeached BRILLO was great at alot of nothing and foremost among them was hs presidency and last but not least her supporters which encompasses a wide range of demographic.. loyal democrats,feminist,republican independents with each group having more than their fair share of bigots and racist in the mix{now i know there are some who might say "brkdck you sob just becase we arenot falling in line behind obama doesnot make us bigots or racict so how dare you which i say ...MY FRIENDS...NOUN,VERB AND POW SHOULD BE THE FOCAL POINT{and we've seen the results of when a campaign not to mention the last two elections lose focus}but i will adress your concerns i never implied anything about no such thing but TO DENY THAT OUR GREAT NATION IS WAIST DEEP IN BIGOTRY RACISM,AND PREJUDICES THAT CROSSES ALL ETHNIC,RELIGON,GENDER,AND CLASS DISTINCTIONS and that far from being dormant lay simmering just below the surface SO TO DENY THAT THESE FEELINGS ARE ALIVE AND WELL IN THE SPECTRUM OF AMERICAN POLITICS making it easier for some{YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE} to be resentful and blame others for a failed and flawed campaign strategy; this denial all so prevents some{again YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE} from coming to grips with the fact that she,brillo and her campaign staff let this one get away { and to those voters who believe that my friends noun my friends verb my friends pow is really a friend of independents,democrats or openminded republicans ARE STILL ANGRY STILL OUT OF TOUCH,STILL IN DENIAL AND SO ARE WILLING TO FOLLOW A MADMAN "STRAIGHT TO THE GATES OF HELL"{HIS WORDS NOT MINE} but i guess it's a small price for your kids,grandkids america and the rest of the world to pay just so that you can make a statement{YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE}

Name a single reason why McCain is more qualified to lead?

Can't do it, can you?

It doesn't matter if McCain is qualified to lead or not. The prevailing undercurrent in the USA that will show it's head on election day is that enough Americans do NOT want a black man as president to deny Obama the election. This election isn't about the qualifications of McCain one way or the other as much as it is about a black man becoming our leader.

Like it or not, those are the facts.

This year, this election is not about being a dem or repub and supporting you party. Its about what, who is right for our country in these hard times. Its about country first, therefore its about a vote for John McCain. Obama truly has nothing to offer this country but pretty speeches. Not to mention the Obama files about his relationshion with Ayers has been released yesterday. It shows he has once again lied about his ties to the terrorist Ayers. It is said you can judge a man's character by the company he keeps. Lets see Obamas friends....Ayers, Wright, Michelle Obama, Ludicris, Al Sharpton, Mayor of Detriot, who was recently arrested as fired from his position, I could name a few more shady associates, but I won't. Come on people this is a no-brainer.....NoBama. McCain inb 2008.


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