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Cindy McCain as Miss Buffalo Chip?

Vigilant Ticket readers know we always are on the alert for historic firsts. This presidential campaign has provided us our fill -- most recently, the chance to reflect upon the unprecedented age gap between the two major-party White House contenders.

Presumptive Republican presidential candidate John McCain addresses a sea of motorcycle enthusiasts at the annual Sturgis Rally in South Dakota Now comes another barrier shattered, noted by The Times' Bob Drogin.

As he delineates in a delightfully written piece elsewhere on, John McCain on Monday became the first presidential aspirant to attend the annual Sturgis Rally in South Dakota, an event dating back to 1938 that each year attracts hordes of enthusiasts for a week of celebrating biker culture.

The candidate basked in a warm welcome; as Drogin put it: "It was almost as if McCain, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, was a celebrity -- a dirty word in his lexicon since his campaign last week ran ads mocking rival Barack Obama for his celebrity status, comparing him to Britney Spears."

Along with making history with his appearance, McCain came close to breaking new ground as he introduced his wife, Cindy McCain (who, Drogin wrote, "wore the equivalent of a nun's habit here: black jeans and a long-sleeved shirt").

McCain, Drogin relates, told his rowdy listeners "that he had encouraged his wife to enter the annual Sturgis beauty contest, one in which nudity is not uncommon. ... 'I told her with a little luck she could be the only lady to serve as first lady and Miss Buffalo Chip,' he said with a broad grin."

Mrs. McCain has been doing yeoman work on the campaign trail. Just this last weekend, she expertly mingled with a NASCAR crowd at Pocono Raceway in Pennsylvania (and took a short spin in the pace car). Showing excellent judgment, however, she passed on her husband's latest suggestion.

-- Don Frederick

Photo credit: Associated Press 

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Why does she put up with him?

And we want this throw back from the sexist 50's as our president?

Pimpin' out the woman you claim should be the "First Lady" by offering to have her show some T & A passes for Humor in McCain's world????????? Where was their daughter? And what is she supposed to make of her dad saying mom should parade around naked in front of a bunch of bikers? Have you seen the videos from this place? The "pickle eating contest", the wet t-shirt contests? They really take women seriously. This is repulsive. I'm not a prude by any stretch of the imagination, but I am the mother of an 8 year old daughter. Our country deserves better than this.

Hey, lighten up Carol and AML. Humor is good in this debate. McCain's just having fun. I kid with my wife just like that -- and she kids with me the same way.

But I'm voting for McCain on the serious issues:
* energy (Obama only now wants to drill after he dropped 8 points in the polls for refusing to increase supply),

* terrorism (yes, this is a serious fight that we can't take lightly, since these organized, funded terrorist groups want to kill ALL Americans, Dems, Republicans and Independents, and will use the enabling Dems to do it)

* lower taxes / strong ecomony (no matter how many new expensive programs Obama wants to fund, history shows that lower taxes help strengthen our economy)

* budget reduction (McCain was one of a VERY few Democrats or Republicans who has adamantly been against the pork in the budget. We're at 9 TRILLION and we can't afford to add all of Obama's new spending)

* morality (Obama has vowed to elevate a perverted sinful group to protected class so that even preachers can't preach God's word about sinful lifestyles without risking jail. And, of course, they'll have to teach this perversion as normal to our children in public schools)

Go McCain!!!!

Is there no situation where he can't "gaffe"?

This is the most repulsive and humiliating thing I have ever seen done to a potential First Lady of our country.

He should be dubbed John McShame or John McSexist.

Why do McCain supporters find sexism funny? I'll bet they also find racism and gay bashing to be quite the knee slapper!


While I appreciate that you kid around with your wife like this, I'm not sure you would do so while you knew the nation was watching. To me this shows poor judgement.

Of your other points I don't think you can say that history shows that lower taxes during the expense of war strengthens the economy because no president has ever lowered taxes during a time of war before. So this is our first time to examine it. I think the expanded national debt has helped devalue the dollar.

Both candidates are advocating continuing the war on terror, and the cost of this far outweighs what McCain can save by eliminated pork. Without new taxes I think the national debt will grow.

I'm not sure on what you base your comment that preachers will go to jail for preaching their religion, could you clarify?

Did McCain not know what the beauty contest was like?

Maybe he just didn't understand what he was implying.

Talking before knowing is not a trait I want in my President.

I'm voting for McCain because of his Christian and family values. Kinda says as much about the religeous right as it does about McCain...... sometimes at the contest women make out with each other in states of undress, I wanna see our first lady doing that also. Woo-hoo what fun.

The guy who cheated on both wives, abandoned his wife and small children, degrades his wife, wants her to undress for some bikers to win votes, is backed by a Mormon and a Jew.... all three saying the other guy isn't "Christian" enough. This is insane.....

But I'm voting for McCain on the serious issues:
* energy -
You do know offshore drilling will take 20 years before it makes any dent, and if someone doesn't give into big oil, we shouldn't even need oil by then. Even the Bush administrations own people say it won't do much if anything in the long run. And I doubt if you have any idea that all the oil combined equals 3% of our need. The only one that will profit is big Oil. It won't help anyone else.

terrorism - Iraq had NOTHING to do with terrorism, there was no Al Quada in Iraq until we invaded. But we have been ignoring the real terrorists for too long. Military commanders on the ground have been pleading for help in Afghanistan for years now, which is where those responsible for 9/11 have been fighting.

lower taxes / strong ecomony - McCain wants to continue the same policies that Bush had, look how well those worked. Don't forget the republicans had the Congress, the Senate and the White House for 6 years, they could have fixed everything, unstead they did whatever big oil and the neocons wanted.

morality - To talk about other humans that way you must not be Christian, If we are talking morality we would have to ask, which candidate is the only onw ever charge with breaking the law? Which one was guilty of ethics violations? Which one used influence to get his wife probation when she was a drug addict and stole drugs from a charity? Which one cheated on not one but two wives? Which one abandoned his wife and small children to run off with a woman 20 years younger and Ross Perot paid for her medical bills and the Reagans helped her find a house and hired her? Which one has changed his position on EVERY issue from the last time he ran? Which one says veterans benefits are too "generous"? WHich one said Social Security is a "disgrace"? Which one denounces the benefits of other while getting 4 Government checks of his own? Which one is 100% disabled but won't release his records? Doesn't the voter have a right to know if it is partially based on his mental health? You mean those kinds of "morals"?


I hadn't heard that Obama is planning to elevate Republicans to a protected class. What will that Muslim think of next??

To win Miss Buffalo Chip, I think you have to go both topless AND bottomless as well as dance and gyrate in front of 50,000 drunken biker dudes.

With the stupid Britney Spears / Paris Hilton ads, will McCain stop at nothing just to get elected?

I mean, WHAT'S NEXT???

despite their difference in years, there are parallels between mccain and obama, other than that both have their birthday in august. both don't qualify as 'natural born americans', both have psychiatric issues, both have a tantalizing 'father figure' trauma, both have legal issues, both have a 'skin condition', both are 'puppets' of 'corporate america', both have inferiority complexes and delusions of grandeur, both are manipulative and manipulable, both are exponents of the same nwo ideology and political agenda, both despise the american people, and the values of the constitution, both prioritize their private interests that are contrary to the interests of the people, both are corrupt and without positive ethical principles, guidance and orientation, both are intellectually incurious and inept, both are as shades in an intangible world that is their dream. and both are bent on destroying the american republic, and misleading the american people to give up their freedom, for what they might believe to be a better world, but what can only be a nightmare. if the american people should choose to ignore all evidence, and support this putsch, that involves both major political parties, by voting into office either of those illegit candidates, ignoring and deriding the legit ones, they will doom themselves, and their vote will be counted as a mandate to totally abuse them. freedom not exercised responsibly, is freedom lost.

Where is the scalding brimstone and fire outrage from Mr. Bible, religious expert Dr. Dobson, The Fix News blowhards and the hard right conservative commentators? Are they too proud of the experiences and stellar judgments of their shriveled up buffoon and sexist standard bearer to their conservative Republican Party. Where’s PUMA and all those Hillary voters for John McCain the wife abuser and cheater in chief. Why does most of the press insist on closing McCain’s closet door whenever he purposefully opens it for us all to rummage in horror? The double standard stench is so putrid, if it was Senator Obama, they all would be saddling up their front pages and blowing away in a crazy cacophony about how undignified and immoral he is. Thereafter, they all would offer up their opinions on how deep into the scum Mr. Obama had sunk his campaign and the honor and respect of his family. Now who ( THE PRESS) is in the tank with forgiving love for who (JOHN MCSHAME)?

McCain had no idea that there was sometimes nudity in this beauty contest. If he knew this then he would have never said it.

Sure can tell who the LA Times is supporting.

you can vote for McCain if you wish but serious is not a word to be used.
Obama said drilling is not good but would do so if that meant passing comprehensive legislation. McCain was against offshore drilling until he thought it would help him when.
As a theologian, do not even come close to speaking of moral issues and McCain. You do not know of which you speak.
The 4 gospels (that is the first 4 books of the New Testament--in case you didn't know Eddie). Jesus never speaks of homosexuality. He never speaks of abortion. But, in Mark 10, he does say that divorce and remarriage are adultery. McCain dumped his first wife after her accident and married a rich woman. Do not speak of McCain and morals.
If you do not know Greek and Hebrew, you know nothing of God's word because you never have read it.

This is a classic example of the "white male power structure." Pitiful how men of other races and cultures envy it so.

This world is doomed for hell, as it always has been.

Maybe McSexist (good one Denise) should look into things a little more before he offers his wife up to them? Doesn't show very good judgment now does it?

The grin he does after saying awful things creeps me right out too.

To John | August 05, 2008 at 08:30 PM: There's a LONG way to the election in November...just stand aside and watch the train wreck unfold before your very eyes...


You're an idiot. Go crawl back under your rock.

Re: "Bob"

Talking before knowing is not a trait I want in my President.

That's why a vote for obama yo' momma is a vote thrown into the crapper, or a vote for turning the USA into the CCCP.

He's like a crazy version of the Manchurian candidate but worse.

Of course, since you seem to be a fellow traveler reading the L.A. Slimes, that's your goal right?

Sure was an interesting choice of events to attend, considering that he should have the redneck/scared white guy vote already locked up. Weekly appearances at monster truck shows and NASCAR races can't be far behind!

Go back to the Senate, John, really. This is getting embarrassing for everybody.

The speech McCain gave was very good for no longer than it lasted. The comedy part of the speech where he teased about his wife joining the contest was pretty funny.

He said that he had just gone over the schedule of events and saw the pagent listed. So, since it was at the end of his was a good place to say it. Cindy did not looked surprised that it was said. She laughed about the same as everyone in the crowd.


I believe that at last year's event, "Miss Buffalo Chip" fellated a banana.

I just want to point out that if Barack Obama said that he "encouraged" Michelle to enter a topless beauty pageant for the pleasure of a gathering of black gangs, this election would be OVER.

So what's wrong with having a MILF as First Lady? Actually, any way you look at it we are going to have a MILF in the White House soon. The only question is do we have one with some class or one who lets her husband make crude remarks about her in front of the whole world?
The GOP talks about family values but what they do is just the opposite.

Morality and common sense is an issue for McShame.
Most do not remember the Keating Five.

Yes McCain was a key player in that scandal that fleeced the American people of millions of dollars. What he will do for money, lie, cheat on his wife, change positions on oil drilling etc

McCain must not be elected President. He is far more dangerous than Bush. "Drill here and drill now", is a completely fraudulent argument, and it is amazing
how many people are being hogwashed by this B.S.
It’s misleading. It’s snake oil salesmanship of the worst order. Lifting restrictions on offshore oil drilling would have no effect in the foreseeable future on bringing down the price of gasoline for American motorists. Lifting restrictions would risk serious environmental damage to the U.S. coastline over the next several decades. Lifting restrictions would only tie up
long term leases for McCain's big oil buddies to exploit.
America needs to learn how to conserve energy though
various means, this would do more to drive down
gasoline consumption and pricing.

I was there. I know the Chip and have for years. I'm a former journalist and I'm stunned by your publication's willingness to publish outright lies without contacting the source.

The Miss Buffalo Chip Pageant is a Hawaiian Tropic Pageant and does not include nudity and models do not go topless. It's a lie. And your publication is not to be trusted.

Your total disregard for the truth amazes me.


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