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Cindy McCain and the handshake from hell

One of the physical challenges of life on the campaign trail is all that handshaking. Especially during flu season. It's enough to turn you into Monk.

Cindy McCain apparently had her own crushing encounter on a handshake line this morning -- a powerful grip that aggravated an existing problem with carpal tunnel syndrome that sent her to a Detroit-area hospital for a look-see.

The diagnosis, according to the local reports: A slight sprain. She was treated and released. The campaign statement from campaign spokeswoman Jill Hazelbaker: "During the rope line, an enthusiastic supporter shook Mrs. McCain’s hand and exacerbated an existing condition. Out of an abundance of caution, she decided to leave the event and visit the local hospital for X-rays where she was treated for a minor sprain. We appreciate everyone’s concern and she is back on the campaign trail now."

The event was at the Shenandoah Banquet, Golf and Conference Center in West Bloomfield, the Detroit suburb where Mitt Romney grew up. We presume he has an alibi.

-- Scott Martelle

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awww poor baby

Sounds like she'll be needing some painkillers!

oh poor darling, someone shook her dainty hand too hard. I wonder what made he hand so fragile? Typing? i don't know...

A trio of unbelievable A-Hole comments. No doubt they were made by Obama supporters. No brains, no wit, no class.

Can John McCain continue to paint Obama as an elitist when MILLIONS of Americans can't get treatment for medical issues as serious as cancer, heart problems, diabetes and even severe trauma (let alone the minor trauma of a sprain) while his wife trots off to the hospital when someone squeezes her hand too hard? What a perfect example of how out of touch the McCain's truly are that they don't even mention what a PRIVILEGE it is to be able to receive medical treatment for this minor ailment.

Every adult knows you don't shakes hands with a women as strongly as you do with a man. The person that did this should be forced to suffer through a handshake line thousands long, just to see what it feels like.

To Cindy McCain, bravo that your campaign workers could find an open hospital in the hell hole called Detroit.

maybe this had nothing to do with a handshake.
she looks like an abused wife to me. look at the way her arm is wrapped -- this is not from a handshake in my opinion -- she doesn't look like a very happy person -- he is probably a real jerk to like with.


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