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Chris Matthews must go, women's group says

A new women’s organization is setting out to get Chris Matthews fired from his job at MSNBC, calling his treatment of women on his show sexist.

The nonpartisan group, called The New Agenda, held its first meeting this week in New York and The New Agenda, a new women's group, wants MSNBC's Chris Matthews fired for sexism established as one of its goals the sacking of the host of "Hardball with Chris Matthews."

Matthews’ contract is up for renewal next year. His plans are unclear, but in his home state of Pennsylvania, some Democrats have pushed for him to abandon TV and run for the Senate in 2010 against the Republican incumbent Arlen Specter. (A recent Quinnipiac poll found that to be a potentially competitive matchup, with Specter leading Matthews 41% to 36%.)

The 30-some women who attended New Agenda's inaugural meeting included representatives of other women’s groups from around the country, along with supporters of Hillary Clinton’s defunct presidential campaign, according to one of the founders.

“The goal of the group is when his contract comes up for negotiation is to have it not be renewed," said Amy Siskind of Westchester, N.Y., a New Agenda founder and a Clinton supporter. “The kind of language he uses and the kind of behavior he exhibits in the public domain toward women objectifies them and leads to bad things for our society and to domestic violence."

MSNBC spokeswoman Alana Russo said today that Matthews was out sick and unavailable for comment.

Clinton loyalists were displeased with Matthews’ coverage of the Democratic primary race and what they see as a long-established pattern of demeaning behavior toward women.

For instance, in 2007 Matthews was talking on the air with Erin Burnett, a CNBC business news anchor, when he asked her to lean into the camera. "Come in closer. Really close," he told a flustered Burnett. He then laughed and said, "Just kidding, you look great.... You’re a knockout."

In January, Matthews apologized on the air for a comment he made about Clinton’s political achievements. He had said she owed her Senate seat and presidential bid to the fact that her husband had "messed around," a reference to the sex scandal that led to President Bill Clinton's impeachment.

Siskind would not reveal what tactics the group would use to get Matthews off the air. She likened the organization to the Navy Seals, saying their methods would be "covert."

Describing MSNBC as "the boys of sexism" cable network, she also suggested Matthews may not be the group's sole target.

New Agenda's other goals will include helping women politicians who might one day compete for president, Siskind added.

-- Peter Nicholas

Photo: NBC News

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Thank goodness someone is finally holding Matthews accountable! His long history of degrading and ridiculing women sets a bad example for our children of both sexes. His language and behavior encourage the disrespect of women and lead to violence against women including domestic violence and rape.

This new group should be applauded for its actions

Woman's group must go, I say!

Wow, it's amazing how you can't say anything in the country founded on freedom of speech . . .

I no longer watch Chris Matthews he leans too much in favor of the White Boys Club choice John McCain. I turn the sound off while waiting for K.O. who always has the facts and does not talk from his arse.

These women need to get over Hillary losing and stand up for the Democratic Party. If women knew what John McCain stood for (over-turning Roe v. Wade for one thing) they would quit bickering about Hillary this and that and put their time and talent into someone who actually cares about women. It is absurd to try and get Chris Matthews fired. They are just upset at the media's call for Hillary to end her campaign before the end of the primary season. Get over it. AND LEAVE CHRIS ALONE! I'm a woman, and loyal "Hardball" watcher and find no offense to these women on Chris Matthews part!

Just what this country needs. More women with chips in their shoulder.

If you want the same rights and pay as a man, then you need to be able to take hits and criticisms like a man, and not go home crying foul when you get bruised in the media.

Sounds like more pathetic whining from a bunch of hardcore feminists looking for any excuse for Clinton's loss other than Clinton's total ineptitude.

Sexism my foot.

Grow. Up.

Of course "Bill" would write "woman's group must go." Clearly he has never been the victim of rape or domestic violence, which are inevitably accompied by degrading sexist language.
Clearly, Bill, you just don't get it!

If the women want Chris Matthews fired for sexism then FOX should fire Hannity and O'Reilly for carrying swelled head disease.

I like Chris and have been watching his programs for years. He brings great insight and asks the tough questions. Having said that, I believe that during this campaign I have seen too much insight. The undercurrent has been a sexist one. He has said and implied his dislike for woman in power. In any other job in america he would have been repremanded or fired. And he's not alone. Many of his male colleague like Tucker Carlson have made comments that make hard to believe that they still have a job. If these types of comments are not allowed in the workplace, how can we allow them on TV. It is unaccptable. Sorry Chris.

Why wouldn't these idiots go after all the sexists on FOX
News? I'm not a fan of Chris Matthews but he is just a big mouth who likes to interrupt guests; sexism has less to do with it than personality.

Good for them! Matthews is a talentless windbag--his hatred of the Clintons and his demeaning and sexually loaded comments about women--always commenting on their looks etc. would be considered offensive in any work environment in America--yet Matthews has not just retained his job, but been promoted.
It is long past time that someone hold him accountable for his he's a moron.
I just hope Keith Olbermann is going too....all that bptox went straight to his brain this year.

Do these women have nothing better to do?

I'm a fifty-something female and a huge fan of Chris Matthews. He is always very considerate of his guests, male and female.

These ladies need to find a worthier cause for the extra time they have on their hands.

I like Chris but was dissapointed when he apologized for saying the truth...Hilary wouldn't have won that senate seat without the sympathy factor.

But the basic problem with Hilary's campaign was Hilary....she's too polarizing, too unlikable to at least half of America. If you want to win, next time don't start with damaged goods.

Mathews made a big deal how he gets, "a tingle of excitement in his leg for Obama", but he degrades every woman he sees.

Probably because women find him repulsive.

Here's a link about his leg!

What is this so-called "womens' group" talking about? Chris is very respectful towards women. Some of these fringe feminist groups take things too far. It's obvious this is all about the Clinton-Obama primary. Chris realized Clinton had no chance of winning and called her on it, now all the feminists want to chop his ... off. Clinton lost, get over it.

Jimbob Jumpback, do you even know what you're talking about? First of all, McCain is not the "white boys' club" candidate, Obama is currently doing better among whites than either Kerry or Gore did! Also, Chris is a big Obama supporter, like a lot of "white boys" I know.

are you serious? Why don't go after someone who publicly humilated Hillary, to the point of utter disrespect- someone like William Jefferson Clinton. I am a woman and I think I speak for the majority of women when I say- go bake some cookies.

This is not about Hillary! His lusting after Erin before the nation was during a conversation about mortgage crisis, Hillary's name never even came up. The look on Erin's face was humiliation and disgust. I think we have had enough butt patting on the job. Mathews cannot maintain a line of conversation with out scraping the bottom of the barrel. His behavior is often inappropriate and embarrasing and he should be sacked.

Chris Matthews is as sexist against women as you can get. Why? Because he hates women and luvs Obama as he has said, chills go up his leg whenever Obama speaks. Matthews has a boy crush on Obama, and Obama has plenty of Queers around him, Father Flakie for one. So maybe we better be looking into those type affairs of Obama. Who is to say???? Looks Odd IMO!
Either way, Matthews should be fired, he is so bi-assed!

His long history of degrading and ridiculing women sets a bad example for our children of both sexes. His language and behavior encourage the disrespect of women and lead to violence against women including domestic violence and rape.

Why so extreme? It devalues the argument you're trying to make. Plus the fabrications. All of the children I know rush home from elementary school and watch Hardball!

It is cable television and its a different ball game. You don't get to try and limit his speech, those who hear it are paying for it.

I wish there were female leaders that could actually lead on this issue. Speak to the pervasiveness of sexism and articulate how we can fight it; it is ingrained throughout our society. We talk about equality in terms of race and gender, yet allow systems and institutions to functionally discriminate against its citizens.

This cause needs serious leadership, petition our governments leader, not everyday blowhards!

Chris Matthews needs some speech therapy. I can't bear to listen to him talk.

Hello to all you offended "Feminists."
You have the power to do something each day to affect Chris Matthews and his career . You have the power to not be offended by him - ever. The power is in your hands. It is called the remote. For crying out loud, just change the channel. This woman can not stand the hack. He is not interesting or entertaining to me at all. So ..... I do not watch his show. That simple! Here is how it works: People stop watching. Ratings do down. Advertisers go away. Show gets canceled or show gets new host. Problem solved. Standard cable & satellite packages have at least 80 channels . If you can not find anything else to watch that does not offend your sensitive little self then turn off the TV. Learn how to play bridge or sew. Read a book. Go for a walk . Quit whining!!!!!

Can't believe I finally found a site that calls it like it is for
Chris Matthews. He is so biased, literally drools over the
liberals he adores. I want someone who will give me
both sides of the story, not just bias. I must be losing it
to think such a "Journalist" exists. Believe he called
himself an "Honest Journalist" on Jay Leno's show. I
lost it and literally screamed at the TV.

BRAVO! This is a long time coming. The media needs to be held accountable for it's reckless actions. Gone are the days of editors and producers with integrity. The corporate owned media now spews lies and falsehoods daily while purposely holding back important stories like the John Edwards story - and they're still doing it! This immoral conduct has damaged the Democratic process and also aided in creating divisions in the Democratic party for ratings. The whole journalism industry has lost its soul and needs a housecleaning.

The thought of Matthews getting fired just sends a THRILL up my leg.
Thanks The New Agenda! If you need donations just give a holler, there are quite a number of us out here who will be more than happy to pitch in!!

I've always thought Chris Matthews was a loudmouth obnoxious bore, especially to women, but he confirmed that when he made a comment to the effect of "Just watching Obama gives me a tingle up my leg." Any serious journalist would never say such a thing. He's a dope for saying it but also for being a sucker for buying into Obama's empty rhetoric! Thank goodness Jerome Corsi's new book Obama Nation debuted at #1 on the NY Times bestseller list! I can't wait until that idiot Obama is outed for the crooked, politics as usual, Marxist idiot that he really is. Let the swiftboating begin! :-) p.s. Mr. Corsi also wrote the book Unfit for Command with John O'Neill that tanked the next biggest empty suit from winning the presidency -- John Windbag Kerry.

Ah, the great thing about this country is there's a community for everything! Didn't we run into the United Crusade Against Adult Drooling group two years ago who wanted to have Chris Matthews fired for his overly wet lips? I seem to recall they felt that it contributed to police being spit at by drunken drivers and similar forms of outrageous behavior? At the time, I remember thinking that at least he wasn't trying to sell the War and the profitable injury/death of hundreds of thousands of innocents. I find myself thinking the same thing now...

Yes, my husband used to watch that show or sports but this past year he has not turned to them, other than the debates and decided that it was not a news show, there is better coverage elsewhere.
In the past the conventions had roll call votes from the states, I know I only voted for one Kennedy for President if
Bobby had not been killed that early summer day I would have voted for two of them.
I do not understand why some think we just vote for the party. Most people vote what they feel will do the best for our country.
What they do not seem to realize that we will not only vote for McCain we will volunteer many hrs without a ticket to attend something attached. I know if Hillary is not the choice that I will spend over 11,000 calls for McCain and what ever else I can do to help save our country. I fear Obama that much.

Keith Olbermann needs to go as well. Both of them. I can't tell you the number of people who tell me, "I USED to like Keith Olbermann", or I can't believe I USED to like Keith Olbermann, it's basically a tie.

if you go to my blog and use the search box on the upper right hand and type in their first or last name you can find several articles about their outrageous and sexist behavior.

Hillary Clinton would have never suspended her campaign if not the for the antics of MSNBC, CNN, Time Newsweek, and the AP all demanding that she resign from the race.

here is an example of the crp she had to put up with as the race was winding down...

Keith Olbermann needs to go as well. Both of them. I can't tell you the number of people who tell me, "I USED to like Keith Olbermann", or I can't believe I USED to like Keith Olbermann, it's basically a tie.

if you go to my blog and use the search box on the upper right hand and type in their first or last name you can find several articles about their outrageous and sexist behavior.

Hillary Clinton would have never suspended her campaign if not the for the antics of MSNBC, CNN, Time Newsweek, and the AP all demanding that she resign from the race.

here is an example of the crp she had to put up with as the race was winding down...

Women, please ditch MSNBC. We manage the majority of purchasing decisions for our households, and have considerable power over MSNBC's sponsors. Let's ditch this channel, and prove that keeping sexist boors like Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann on the air is bad for business.

We are done with sexist talking heads choosing our candidates. The same Cable news media chose George W. Bush over Gore in 2000 - that worked out really well.
Perhaps women (like:
Kaycie | August 13, 2008 at 01:04 PM

I need to look at the fact that we have an unofficial gender apartheid in our country in American politics.

Barack Obama is sexist. There is no place in the democratic nominee for sexism. And, there is no place in the democratic nominee for a "yes" vote for FISA, particularly after he said he'd filibuster it.
Barack is not what he claims to be.

The fact that the DNC would choose Mark Warner to keynote an address on the anniversary of women's right to vote is further indicative of their dismissal of women.

you are right. Even better, we need a coordinated effort to boycott its sponsors. People who choose to be public figures don't have the same "freedom of speech" in the public arena. I can't go to my office and say anything i please about anyone, and Matthews should not be able to either. Whoopi Goldberg lost her Slimfast sponsorship the minute she made negative remarks about the incompetent Bush I recognize that a lot of his antics are desperate attempts to stir the pot and get viewers. Bill Clinton was vilified for stating a fact-race is a factor in how all groups vote, not just whites.

And for the Obots, shouldn't you be somewhere making Husong's O symbol (LOL) or a video with half naked teenagers. . This is a discussion on a serious subject that clearly your leader cares less about.

I don't know what's more shocking: that an obviously sexist commentator is allowed to stay on the air, or that anyone actually watches MSNBC.

The crew of media boys at MSNBC persistently violated Senator Clinton and anyone who voted for her (18 million+) during the primary. The media spectacle of hatred and propaganda is an embarrassment to MSNBC and to the Obama campaign. It is also a violation of basic Democratic principles. Matthews not only should be fired; he should be arrested for advocating totalitarian tactics in the American political sphere.

I think only 14 people watch that show anyway.

It's not a new women's group, it's the old women, friends of Hillary, giving themselves a new name, in hopes of getting attention. This is Hillary Clinton's personal hit squad.

Hillary Clinton got more than 17 million votes, but less than 18 million. To exaggerate is to diminish reality, and it gives the impression that you're a little nuts, so stop doing it. Also, stop with the name calling.

I hope these women also try to get the entire FOX "News" network pulled of the air for their constant sexism and racism, as well. If not, this comes off as just revenge for Clinton.

I'm very happy to hear those women are going after Matthews.
He is a prententious self- inflating windbag. I have stopped watching him.

I'm very happy to hear those women are going after Matthews.
He is a prententious self- inflating windbag. I have stopped watching him.

I stopped watching msNBC back in December 2007 when I could no longer tolerate the sexism as well as the overt rooting for one candidate.

msNBC has become the new PRAVDA... stupid enough to think we don't know it's propaganda! Spitty Matthews is one of many there who needs to go.

If you don't like Matthews, don't watch his show. But don't applaud any politician's personal hit squad, it reeks of communism.

Suck it up ladies! Quit your crying already. Do your jobs and earn your seat in the board room. If you earn it, you'll get it. Crying about how unfairly you're treated won't get you there. You're not treated unfairly... You're treated exactly how you should be treated - based upon what you've earned.

I thought the show is called "Hard Ball"? Although I agree that Chris Matthew was being unfair with his comments regarding Senator Clinton but, should you punish his lively hood rather than ask for a formal apology?

These sounds like women's vendication towards the primary result or the disenfranchise of the DNC which at this point is a mess. It's kind of hard to project the justification in these, while the party that you ladies propesses to belong to will not even acknowledge our votes. More less go after Mr. Matthew to vent your frustration.

I'm sorry Ladies, but this is ridiculous. If the person wants to make an arse on themself, it's their constitutional right. To go after him will not change the primary and his comment only played a very small part, if not, it played no part at all to the result. There are more important issues in this country that need attending to, and if you ladies want to be heard, this is not it.

No crying in Hard Ball, Ladies.

Silly women... I adore Chris Matthews and really just see this as a bunch of women still bitter about the loss of Hillary. In other news though, where is Chris Matthews these days? I keep tuning in and NADA. It's been weeks I am getting very sad about this.

YES, take them ALL away! Take MSNBC as well, the Obama Network!!!

On your way out, grab that "miss air america airhead" out the door too.

I guess any woman who either votes for Obama or watches Chris Matthews has no self respect. I do not understand women who back a sexist candidate or watch a sexist on TV. It's about time women get rid of Chris Matthews and I pray he runs against Arlen Spector he would get his butt kicked. He better not run in my state no one will vote for him and he will find out that Pennsylvania is Clinton Country and we do not like him.

I use to watch Chris' show all the time - but during the campaign you could sure tell he didn't want Hillary to win
everyone is so ga ga over Obama and he did get all the good press -- I am surprised Hillary can stand up straight with all the foot prints on her back -- Just because a lot of the press didn't care for Bill Clinton they took it out on Hillary to make sure another Clinton would not get in the White House - She is a strong woman and I do believe she would not let Bill tell her what to do - so what if she would ask him for an opinion she would still be the one to make the final decision - so thanks to Chris and Tucker Hillary is out of the picture

If you don't like something on T.V. don't watch it. Just because someone doesn't say everything you want 24/7 doesn't give you the right to have them taken off the air. If you have so much free time to waste and care so much about America why not spend it helping your fellow citizens that are in need? What a waste of time and effort that could be spent changing our country... Please grow up and at least act like you're mature adults.

Matthews and Olbermann have done it! They have succeeded in driving me, a life long Democrat, to the GOP candidates McCain-Palin. I am so turned off by CM & KO's outrageous bias that I can't bring myself to even consider Obama. I was a Hillary supporter and so upset when Obama dis-ed her by taking the old, white guy, Biden. Obama deserves to struggle every single day for the rest of this campaign. I'm rooting against him. He may win but I want every day until then to be a punishing trial so he will constantly wish he had picked Hill.

Finally, a real women's group. I am fed up with NOW and NARAL who are nothing but the Democrat party's women's axillary and who never understood the use of power. I agree that Matthews is the tip of the sexist iceberg over at MSNBC. Even their token female news readers have learned to sexist slur for attention. None of this would bother me except I can't cancel MSNBC and am forced to subsidize their sexism with my basic cable payment.

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