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Campaign '08, The Movie: Will Smith as Obama? Richard Dreyfuss as McCain?

August 31, 2008 |  5:30 am

The who-saw-it-coming pick of Sarah Palin to fill out the Republican presidential ticket was simply the latest twist in a presidential race that long since strained credibility.

As our colleague Michelle Maltais put it to us in an e-mail, "A screenwriter couldn't come up with a more riveting script than Campaign '08. So I hope Aaron Sorkin is making copious notes and optioning this storyline that's playing out before us."

That got Maltais meditating on how she would cast this movie (that seems to come naturally to folks who grow up in and around L.A.).  Here's what she came up with, complete with occasional commentary (don't worry, we didn't recognize all the names either ... but that's what Google is for):

Barack Obama -- Will Smith (he already has the ears).

Michelle Obama -- Kimberly Elise or maybe Jada Pinkett Smith.

John McCain -- Richard Dreyfuss.

Cindy McCain -- Joan Allen.

Joe Biden -- David Strathairn or Tommy Lee Jones with longer hair.

Palin -- Tina Fey, Megan Mullally (can't take credit for that; "Daily Show").

Hillary Clinton -- Emma Thompson (she did so well in "Primary Colors").

Bill Clinton -- Beau Bridges? Hmmm, maybe Jeff would be better...

As always, The Ticket welcomes reader input and alternate suggestions.

-- Don Frederick