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Biden pays off much debt, Giuliani a little, Ron Paul still has zero

Joseph Biden, who's been regularly claiming he's not "the guy" who will be Barack Obama's vice presidential selection, was busy in July paying down the debt from his own, unsuccessful Democratic presidential campaign.

Using federal matching funds, Biden slashed his debt to $173,999 from $1.15 million the previous month, according to Federal Election Commission records filed Wednesday. Biden spent $13.8 million on his candidacy and dropped out of the race after a poor showing in Iowa.

Delaware Sen Joe Biden a possible vice presidential pick for Democrati Barack Obama pays off much campaign debt Biden’s July expenses included giving refunds of $2,300 to the man known as Mississippi's best-known attorney, Richard “Dickie” Scruggs, and Scruggs’ son, Zach Scruggs.

Scruggs, a longtime major donor to Democrats nationally and the brother-in-law of Republican Trent Lott, gained fame and wealth by suing asbestos manufacturers and tobacco companies.

His fortunes turned downward in March when he pleaded guilty to conspiring to bribe a judge who handled a suit over how to divide $26.5 million in legal fees from an $89-million settlement over Hurricane Katrina claims. He reported to prison earlier this summer to begin a five-year sentence.

Son Zach Scruggs, also a lawyer, admitted knowing about the felony and not reporting it. He’s serving 14 months in prison.

Former Republican front-runner Rudy Giuliani also paid down his debt -- but not nearly as much. At the end of July, Giuliani still owed $3.53 million, down slightly from the $3.65 million he owed at the end of June.

Unlike Biden, Giuliani did not use the federal financing system. He once envisioned raising more than $125 million for his primary effort, and he ended up raising "only" $65.8 million, including $800,000 he lent himself.

Rep. Ron Paul still has a presidential campaign surplus of $588,000 and zero debt after raising $35 million for his failed Republican run. But he's unopposed in Texas for his 11th House term.

So presidential money is not really a bother for him. He's even planning his own counter-convention during the Republican National Convention in St. Paul in 12 days.

-- Dan Morain

Photo: Sen. Joseph R. Biden Jr. (D-Del.). Credit: J. Scott Applewhite / Associated Press

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Biggest political flopsicle in 5 generations. Contrary to
popular belief suckers born every minute are outnumbere
d by those who wake up to reality and re-align with
common sense. Obama is toast....thank God and not even
Hillary can save the Chicago up-start from a calamitous
defeat. Praise the lord !

As expected,California is once again the object of ridicule
despite having voted intellegently in the last gubernatorial
contest. When it comes to presedential contests the state
seems attracted by the born looser.Only Reagan was able to buck the trend.

The Benedict Arnold of the 21 st century is at long last
facing his doom....Praise the lord ! And just like that other
un-principled and corrupt liberal sen. Kennedy,the putrid
effects of carcinogens are overcoming all the socialist
venom, wich for a brief period appeared to hypnotyze
our nations good sense.

There is no way the Chicago mob bosses will let their
Obama puppet pick the verbose senator from Delaware as his running the farm on that ! Obama's only
hope is Hillary and the bum knows it.The question is, will
Hillary prefer to be on top of the 2012 ticket and let the
Chicgo imposter hang himself and his entire corrupt sexist
and racist apparatus along with him.

ron paul's convention will be more interesting than the republican one, but frightened white folks prefer standard republican fare no matter how insipid it might be

I recall reading that when Obama, Edwards and Richardson teamed up in Iowa to defeat Hillary Clintoni, that Biden didn't go along based on ethical reasons.

However, it is ironic that both Biden and Obama have been caught plagiarizing the words of others during their public speaking engagements.

'be not bamboozled, my friends, there's no problem that cannot be created, no people that cannot be duped, no country that should not be nuked.'
- 'presidential' pied/paid pipers/puppets of the 21st cent.

it remains to be seen whether america is really above mccain, where some say he puts it.
if so, the american people will not be blinded by someone who tries to move them to tears with an originally, intentionally uplifting story about the power of faith, but that he abuses by plagiarizing it and selling it as his own memory, thus dragging through the mire, not only his own past, but even the central symbol of christianity, the cross (cf. solzhenitsyn's 'cross in the dirt' story); thereby mocking christian faith, showing his utter disdain for the gullible people, and making perfectly clear to what lenghts he will go to get his destructive ways (in this light, his recent plagiarism of a wikipedia entry on georgia, or his confirmed cheating on the 'debate' questions, or even his bomb-bomb-iran tirades appear almost harmless). all the preemptively-presumptive establishment candidates do not legally qualify, and by their character are clearly disqualified, even without all the notorious bosnia sniper-fire or goat-herder and prophet moments. the consistently truthful candidate for president who upholds and defends the constitution, and people's rights and liberties, and has a longstanding record to prove it, and offers viable solutions to the fundamental problems,
is the legitimate candidate for president, RON PAUL.

it is not in your interest to see a candidate or a political party win - while you lose your country, and home.
it is not in your interest to see corporations and powerful cartels profiteer - while you lose your liberties, and integrity.
it is not in your interest to let sick minds control you - while you lose life, and your soul.

I find it humorous that Ron Paul's bid is called a failed bid, while the author uses the words "unsuccessful" and "former front runner" rudy and biden. Ron Paul lasted till the end, and if you ask me, he is my president. His Campaign for Liberty is not going away after the election, and neither am I.

Ryan said, "His Campaign for Liberty is not going away after the election, and neither am I."

Right on! Ron Paul got me involved and motivated. I'm now on city council. Even though the neo-con GOP machine shut us down at the state convention, I am also not going away.

I also won't be voting for the liberal gun-grabbing Democrat in disguise: JM.

"Failed Bid", wake up you all the movements not going away. The Revolutionary spirit is alive and well.
Get with the proram, the Republicrats have shafted us. Obey, obey the Constitution.

Ryan said, "His Campaign for Liberty is not going away after the election, and neither am I."

I also agree. Ron Paul is the man. Even if you don't agree with what his position is on an issue at least you actually know what his position is. The man is a patriot and not a political bobble-head.

If Ron Paul isn't on the ballot. WRITE HIM IN! D.C. needs to know that America hasn't fallen! We are here and we have our constitution!

Instead of writing him in wouldn't it be better to vote for someone that also holds his values?

Baldwin/Castle that's the ticket.

Wow. Way to go Dr. Paul. That's an amazing feet in my book. To run for president and not win, then hold a convention that competes with the party you ran for and that you're a part of. All without owing a penny. Amazing! The Campaign for Liberty sure has some power behind it.

When I heard Ron Paul speak for the first time last year I knew that I had run across someone very special. He is responsible for my political awakening and I am not going away either.

Long live the revolution! The media may have marginalized Ron Paul and his supporters, but let it be known that I agree what the other posters have said: The rEVOLution isn't going away, and neither am I! The best part is, we will be the politically active people of the future. Eventually, the ideas will be popular enough to effect change on a mass scale. Every fiber of my being waits for that day.

I was going to vote for Obama, then I went to youtube and listened to Ron Paul's speeches. I'm amazed at the great ideas he has for the country. They all make perfect sense. I still haven't seen any reason that people call him crazy other than he gets passionate when he talks about the USA. I'm going to put a write in for Ron Paul. I don't care if people say it's a waste of a vote, I haven't seen anything that compares from either candidate.


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