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Barack Obama to John McCain: 'Oh yeah, well you're a celebrity, too!'

As they say in sports coverage, let's go to the tape.

First, of course, we have the John McCain ad trying to make Barack Obama look all light and fluffy by linking him to some Hollywood party girls. "Passing fad" is the not-so-subliminal message here.

And now we have Obama's ad response. The theme here -- "Takes one to know one."

The risk for Obama is that the ad's hard-edged tone contrasts with his attempt to portray himself as a different kind of politician. There's a thin line between ads that point out policy differences, and a negative ad. This one is negative. And with a race that will likely be decided by a sliver of voters who base decisions on immeasurable things -- the folks who would rather have a beer with George Bush than Al Gore or John Kerry -- Obama's decision to throw rocks could come back to haunt him. Or, it could be the kind of tactic that persuades people that he is, indeed, "the one."

And you folks thought politics was a science.

-- Scott Martelle

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Except for the obvious inaccuracies (accusing McCain of supporting a bill that he voted against), the Obama celeb ad actually makes McCain look pretty good. To date, he's been portrayed by Obama as some old out of touch pepaw; but, this ad shows him laughing it up with SNL crew and the ladies from The View...a more energetic McCain than I've ever seen.

On the other hand, after Obama's complaining last week about how silly the celeb ads were and how they were "distractions" from the big issues facing the country...what does it say that Obama decides to follow McCain and do one of his own?

Well this just might make the McBushys think twice about using that "celebrity" attack strategy with Obama again. McBush is indeed the consumate Washington insider, the old Republican guard - those folks that brought us a lousy economy, a war without basis that has cost us thousands of lives and billions in spending, a loss of standing in the world, an incredible deficit and, of course, eight years of the country's worst president. All those group hugs shots with Bush McCain and the other repugs tells the whole story.

Why do Liberals continue to have selective memory? Starting with Obama's claim of 8 years of misery under George Bush. It's 2 years Senator, from 2006-2008. The economy was at a peak in 2006. Considering the wars that were being fought and the events of 9/11, people give GW no credit. Ridiculous.

Let's turn to what happened in 2006. The Dems took over Congress and things began to decay immediately. The economy turned and collapsed on itself. Not because of George Bush, but because the Dems denied that Freddie Mac & Fanny Mae were dangerous, that they needed serious evaluation and regulation. When Bush tried to regulate in 2003, the Dems cried foul. BS.

You see my memory is not selective. I remember when President Clinton pushed the banks to make these shady loans to people who do not have the RIGHT to own a home. It's a priveldge folks, not a right. Clinton knew that if the economy turned, things would collapse quickly and the government would be left holding the bag. He was warned but didn't care because he knew that he could pass the buck. If you don't believe it, research it. It's there, Cliinton admitted to the pressure he put on the banks.

Wipe the stars out of your eyes people, get the facts straight.

- Concerned American


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