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Alleged Barack Obama death threat leads to arrest in Miami

The fear that is not very far beneath the surface for some Barack Obama backers no doubt became more palpable today with word that the Secret Service has arrested a 22-year-old man in Miami on charges he threatened to kill the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee.

As the Associated Press relates, a Secret Service affidavit charges during a class for bail bondsmen last month, Raymond Hunter Geisel "allegedly referred to Obama with a racial epithet and continued, 'If he gets elected, I'll assassinate him myself.' "

As is often the case with those who rail about killing politicians, Geisel may have been bipartisan in his rants. According to the AP story:

"Another person in the class quoted Geisel as saying that 'he hated George W. Bush and that he wanted to put a bullet in the president's head,' according to the Secret Service.

"Geisel denied in a written statement to a Secret Service agent that he ever made those threats, and the documents don't indicate that he ever took steps to carry out any assassination. He was charged only with threatening Obama, the presumptive Democratic nominee, but not for any threat against President Bush."

The Secret Service recently re-upped its budget request for the costs of providing protection to both Obama, who due mainly to racially motivated threats has been assigned a security detail since May, 2007, and John McCain, who has had agents traveling with him since the early spring of this year.

Clearly, it is money well spent.

-- Don Frederick

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Do you think you really vote for a presdent,By the way they are all libral,What is the diffrence between them,
Our political systems a joke , they never fix things ,they keep passfier in your month , I here it all the time the presdent did it( they new).Congress took the vote to go to war,The last 2 years its been democrate congress the have the power to change . But did they

The one single event of 9/11 shut down this country,were see the results now . we did not go to electric cars in the1970 Keep on building Nuke plants
so we could cheap power now ,Don't tell me nuke waste can't be burned over and over again because it can.

Here's easy fix One drink served with dinner would cut
30,000 deaths a year from drunk drivers a year.IN 10 years thats 300,000 Deaths just think what that costs us

And don't get me started on smoking

And we all complain about sending people to unwanted war which could have been won buy taking out the bad guys and there weapons.

You see it is simple take out liers washington and impowering the people with a simple tax system
would clean up most of our mess

What is wrong with people.
People are people who cares about the color of
their skin. We raised are children to be color blind.
If they have a good heart and treat you with respect
who cares what color their skin is.
When will the World ever get off this.
There is good and bad in all races.
Look into the heart and the eyes. That is where
the truth of the soul lies.

It's amazing to me - folks have no problem electing a white guy as President - regardless of who foolish he acts. Someone who isn't white has a legitimate chance of being elected and all of the sudden the idiots come out of the woodwork and starting making silly threats. I'm voting for McCain. I don't like the idea of stupid folks being able to procreate, recreate, duplicate - much less elect our next President.

When will it become apparent the two-partyssytem has failed us?

Sheesh, crybabies and whiners, wah-wah-wah.

If everyone who felt they wanted to shoot this hoard of crooked politicians we have was arrested and put in jail, over half this country would be locked up. Obama's a crook just like the rest of 'em.

Go Obama ... Go Obama.... Go Obama....

Obama will absolutely win.

Man, I was set to comment on the story but am more astounded by some of the comments on here.

Was (Not Was) lyrics never seemed more appropriate; "the woodwork squeaks and out come the freaks."

It's just a matter of time that the rest of the racist and small minded people make an issue and a serious attempt. Yeah ...only in America can you get rid of a "Nation of 500" and not call it GENOCIDE. Or that a woman still earns about $.70 to a $1.00 a male earns even if he only has an 8th grade education. Change is about to happen and wether it's a man like Obama that makes it happen or someone else it will make the cowards and the racist throw their arms up and call it whatever they CHOOSE. It's the FEAR of change that makes them run for GOP and hide their heads under the sand! Obama will be president cause we are "UNITED AS AMERICANS" .. "WE THE PEOPLE support a man who has courage & character to deal with the mess that the BUSHES and their cronies have left us!

BHO is half white, right? Why doesn't he ever stick up for us white people? Why doesn't he address the inequalities towards non-minorities?

He may be smart, but one can safely assume that his admission into top tier schools was a result, at least in part, of his skin color.

Do away with quotos and affirmative action programs and let the best person win. Why do liberals not understand that? Aren't they the party of fairness?

Just to clear up the freedom of speech and living in China talk...

A viable threat against anyone is an arrestable offense (or you could be hospitalized on a locked unit) - it doesn't matter that he is running for president. Yes, lots of people blow off steam and say stupid things that sound like threats - that wouldn't get you arrested. Saying those things in a serious way and having access to weapons to carry it out, that will get you arrested, no matter who you threaten.

I am always amazed at how white people get 'outraged' or 'disgusted' when anyone mentions race, not just ANY race, but when it comes to talking about a black person. We, as a country, have become over zealous in our reaction to any discussion that involves people of color. There will always be many responses saying 'its sickening' or 'im appalled' but in reality, those people are not actually so upset, as they are wanting to show how NON racist they are. When someone talks about another race in a negative way, it doesnt make them racist, the term better used would be bigoted. The term racist gets thrown around so casually at any mention of 'a black guy' and its almost taking the power and meaning of the word away. People need to not be so sensitive when having a discussion over a black person and white people should not be so automated as to break out the flag cards saying these 'im on your side' buzz words. You need to be able to look at the CONTEXT of the argument and not just one simple word. My comments are in no way directed at the story, actually they are directed at the many poorly worded responses and arguments in this website. As long as you are on autopilot to respond this way, we will never get over this outdated topic. It is almost a ''racist'' thought to be so nervous around a black person and worried that you might ''slip up'' and mention skin color. People, outward appearances do not make the person, nor should they make you so nervous and afraid that you cannot speak your mind. As long as you do it in a civilized tone, there is no reason you should not criticize a black person if you do not agree with them, and NOT be labeled as a racist.

This candidate has a history of the race card being played whenever anything negative is said about him, oh its not by Obama himself, but mainly the people surrounding him. You cannot hide your faults behind your skin color, especially when your in public office, and expect to shield yourself from criticism in this manner. It is the LOWEST argument to simply label someone as a racist anytime they criticize a black public official. Grab a thesaurus and learn some new terms.


Silly silly little sheep all lined up in a row,
Wondering who to vote for, its all a joke you know....

I have to say I have enjoyed listening to the various mouth breathers respond so negatively to ''Bob'' for speaking his mind. This goes to show that Obama-maniacs run wild around the internet, blindly defending their deity in their small minded pursuit to be on what they feel is the winning team.

Snake oil salesmen are apparently alive and well in PoL1+iX these days, and one of the salesmen of the year is running on the Democrats tab and you are all gulping down his kool-aid.

Enjoy life in your blindness, keep your heads in the sand and chanting OBAMA OBAMA!

I am voting for Bob.


"a Secret Service affidavit charges during a class for bail bondsmen last month, Raymond Hunter Geisel allegedly referred to Obama with a racial epithet and continued, 'If he gets elected, I'll assassinate him myself.' "

I guess the guy thought Obama was a little too "presumptuous"

Another Fox News viewer, no doubt.

Every one of you is an idiot.

This is what they want, all of us fighting with each other so they can steal us blind of our hard earned money, liberty and peace. Who's the dumbshit in this scenario? We are. Fooled again, and again, and again because we don't simply think things thru before we just do what "the authorities" tell us. Don't trust the news, it's half wrong and the other half is incomplete.

G Barack...God will protect you because God loves America.

Wait how come Jesse Jackson was not arrested for saying something to the effect of wanting to cut off obama's balls?

wait i guess cuz jesse is black and they only arrest white people.

Everyone is so uptight about this election - what we should be more concerned about is eliminating the injustice built into our political system. If our country is truly democratic (and it's not, it's a republic) then the candidate with the most votes should win, right? I say eliminate the electoral college. The entire state goes to one party or the other - cancelling out millions of votes and often electing the candidate with the fewest votes. Eliminate thought crime prosecution while we're at it. And what's the big prize for blacks if Obama gets elected? Reparations for decendents of slaves from the civil war era (sorry white folks, you're not eligible). Translation - transfer of wealth (a socialist concept). Germany doled out billions in reparations to compensate the Jewish victims of WWII - and Obama is a former law professor. Now we see a plan forming for a methodology to justify that transfer of wealth. Indians have reaped the benefits in recent years of casino ownership (sorry non-indians, you're not eligible). Who's going to pay the bill? White Americans, who else?

Proud of yourself, Hillary?

This guy in Florida is being used as a "whipping boy", pure and simple. These high level candidates receive threats all the time and the Secret Service has the huge task of tracking down those who make these threats.

It is amazing to me that there are people out there walking among us who will risk throwing away their futures by making threats against presidential candidates such as Barack Hussien Obama; undeniably an empty suit and a mental midget.

The selection of a president should never be determined at the end of the barrel of a gun; rather, in a democratic and civilized society, we will make our decision in the voting booth in November.

Vote wisely.

Posted by: Larkin Mea
Larkin, you state Senator Obama as ab empty suit and a mental midget. First, Senator Obama fills his suit rather handsomely! Are you a potbellied beer drinker?? Are you one of these guys that believes a man has to have a beer belly to "fill" his suit? Obama a mental midget? Surely you jest!! He is definitely one of the most intelligent candidates in history running for president! He is not only extraordinarily intelligent, he is also an intellect and very, very smart. So your mental midget discription is completely erroneous! It appears to me that YOU are the one lacking in mental capacity (and mental stability). Don't you feel rather foolish making such outlandish and untrue remarks?? They really do make you look like an envious and jealous dork.

Senator Obama has already proven his leadership skills and financial management skills by the way he has run his campaign, raised campaign fund, and managed those funds---nearly flawless! His campaign and his fundraising have been recognized and identified as the BEST in U.S. history. He has been identified as the BEST fundraiser EVER! Senator Obama, his campaign, and his volunteers are solely responsible for bringing people together, encouraging them to vote, and for the huge turnout of voters at the polls and caucuses. Senator Obama is a great man with unsurpassed oratory skills, integrity, honesty, wisdom, vision, good character, the ability to inspire and motivate all people to become involved in our election process regardless of who they are voting for. Senator Obama is a powerful man who wished to serve our country and to lift our country from the quagmire in which we find ourselves due to the last eight years of Republican leadership with a Republican Congress for the first six years. Anything the Democrats try to pass, the Repubs go against. I certainly do NOT want another corrupt and bumbling, doddering Repub in the White House. McCain is an older Clone of the Bush version. Only McCain is much dirtier, he makes Bush look like a choir boy.

Everyone is so uptight about this election - what we should be more concerned about is eliminating the injustice built into our political system. If our country is truly democratic (and it's not, it's a republic) then the candidate with the most votes should win, right? I say eliminate the electoral college. The entire state goes to one party or the other - cancelling out millions of votes and often electing the candidate with the fewest votes. Eliminate thought crime prosecution while we're at it. And what's the big prize for blacks if Obama gets elected? Reparations for decendents of slaves from the civil war era (sorry white folks, you're not eligible). Translation - transfer of wealth (a socialist concept). Germany doled out billions in reparations to compensate the Jewish victims of WWII - and Obama is a former law professor. Now we see a plan forming for a methodology to justify that transfer of wealth. Indians have reaped the benefits in recent years of casino ownership (sorry non-indians, you're not eligible). Who's going to pay the bill? White Americans, who else?

Posted by: Lets get real
I see you as very afraid, VERY AFRAID OF YOUR OWN SPECULATIONS AND PREDICTIONS. Just because YOU think in such outrageous terms does not mean it is so. Are you one of this people that is afraid to go into the city because you might have an accident because of the heavy traffic? Or because you might get lost because of all the hustle and bustle? Or because some drunk will try to grab you? Or because a gay person might say "hi" to you? Or because the city is such a wonderful place that you are afraid to really get to know it because of all these fears and gloomy speculations and predictoins you have concocted in your mind?? Come on! Quit making up crapola which will NOT happen. The only place that is happening is in your own mind.

I agree with you Bob, I doubt that Obama has received a single racially motivated death threat. Those made by the KKK clearly had other motivations. You are definitely not a cretin.

Posted by: apesca
He just got one! That is what this article is all about!! Didn't you READ the article?? That, or you failed to grasp what the article stated.

Assassination threats should be taken seriously, to ensure safety.

However, with that being said, I can' t help but wonder just what type of America Senator Obama would mold us into if he were made President.

Obama is a person that publicly burned Don Imus at the stake, but then Obama himself was active member and contributer to the "White Hate" church of Jeremiah Wright. And time and time again, Mr. Obama is questioned on his patriotism and true allegience to this great country of ours.

All of this has me convinced that if Obama becomes president, people everywhere will have to start watching their backs, watch what they say, measure everything against the "Politically Correct" template to ensure the SECRET SERVICE DOES NOT COME KICKING DOWN THEIR DOOR AND DRAGGING THEM AWAY FOR SPEECHING THE WRONG THING! OH AND NO BAIL FOR SUCH PEOPLE EITHER!!

Many people say Bush is a fear mongeror. Well at least Bush sees foreign foes as enemies and is not looking to "socially cleanse" our society of its diversity.

Barack Obama - it's change alright... the changing of K to Panther

Oh and all of this can easily be bypassed by voting for the candidate with years of track record.

Go McCain 2008!! Mr. McCain, You have Earned the right to be our next President. Thank You!

And why wasn't Jesse Jackson arrested for threatening to perform mayhem on Obama's genitalia?

Anyone on here that is a nay-sayer about Obama should expect to have the SECRET SERVICE KICKING DOWN THEIR DOOR SOON. It's the NEW America, It's "CHANGE YOU CAN BELIEVE IN" and "HOPE YOU DON'T GET YOUR FREEDOM REMOVED"!!!

86% of blacks are voting for Obama according to the polls, You think they all are politically moved? NO, they want a black man. I'm tired of being called a racist because I don't want a socialist president!

Posted by: Pam
Ninety+ percent of African Americans voted for Bill Clinton---Clinton is NOT black. Why did the great majority vote for Clinton?? Because the wanted a "Clinton" president?? America is the melting pot of the world, we are all supposed to have equal rights; yet that is not the case. If people are brown, black, Asian, or women we are labeled "minorities". So, then, based on this "label" in our wonderful USA, that leaves WHITE MEN AS THE ONLY SUPERIOR ENTITY. That is correct, folks, if we are not WHITE MEN we are all minorities!! It is so ironic, isn't it? It is time to change this landscape in our country as it is grossly unfair and unequal. Any person of ANY color or race should have the same opportunity as the mighty WHITE MEN to serve our country as president as long as they meet the criteria. Most people and candidates hang on to so-called "experience" as a qualification for the office of the presidency. The fact is: NONE of the candidates have the "Presidential" experience because NONE of them has ever served as president before. The ONLY time you have an experienced president is when an incumbent is running for president. All others do NOT have the experience period. So, then, we must look at the "QUALITY" of the candidates. Between John McCain and Barack Obama, Obama wins on all counts. He is a top graduate of Columbia University and of Harvard Law School. He is 47 years old and has attained the presumptive Democratic nomination for president versus McCain, at age 71 (72), attaining the presumptive Republican nomination. I would say Senator Obama has worked much harder to get to where he's at at age 47. Senator McCain, aside from being at the bottom of his graduating class from the Naval Academy, getting himself shot down, becoming a POW (which he firmly believes gave him the experience to be president), and being a member for 26 years, of a Congress which McCain, himself, described as broken for 30 years and a Congress which has failed us for 30 years, what has he done besides being a major member and participating member of that same Broken Congress and that same Congress that has failed us for 30 years? It has taken McCain 26 long, long years to arrive at the conclusion that the very Congress in which he served has been broken and has failed us for 30 long, long years!!! The truth is, McCain NEVER saw the Congress as broken and as failing us, how could he? He was part of the Congress "family". The ONLY reason he is saying this now is because he wants to make YOU and ME believe he had NO part in that broken, failed Congress. He wants us to think he is the ONLY honorable member of that Congress!! Yes, folks, McCain believes we are stupid, gullible, know nothings and that we will believe anything he says and does. Please, let us all PROVE HIM WRONG!! We are intelligent, we are smart, we are NOT gullible, and we are educated and we are informed, and we KNOW when we are being USED an REFUSE TO BE USED FOR MCCAIN'S PERSONAL POLITICAL ASPIRATIONS. Time to move on in this new centurywith new ideas and ideals, with a younger generation president who is in touch with the people. A candidate who appreciates us, the people, a President who would much rather hear the sounds of thousands upon thousands of HUMAN VOICES rather than the ROAR of MOTORCYCLES. A President who loves and respects his wife and honors her rather than a President who volunteers and encourages his wife to compete in the Buffalo Chip Beauty Contest and says it would be great to have a First Lady who is also the Buffalo Chip Beauty Queen at the same time!! McCain failed to "VET" the Bufffalo Chip Beauty Contest where the contestants wear minibikinis and perform simulated sex motions!! Perhaps McCain would volunteer her and encourage her to compete, regardless.

Thanks, McCain, I would rather have a president who loves, respects, and honors his wife because I know he would respect and honor me as well. I would rather have a president who would rather hear us, the people, applauding and saying "YES, WE CAN", than a president who prefers the roar of motorcycles. I want a president who believes in us, the people, not a president who believes in roaring motorcycles. Motorcycles are THINGS!! People are LIVING, BREATHING, FEELING, ENTITIES. Also do you want a president who volunteers and encourages his wife to enter wild and sex-oriented beauty contests?? Think about it people. All this matters.

What is really amazing is the fact that no one seems bothered that a man was thrown in jail for his words, not his actions. His words don't even reach the level of a disorderly conduct charge in any of the states. Yet the author and every comment so far seem to have no problem with this. I'm thinking that everyone on this page would feel quite comfortable living in China. Move fast and maybe you can catch some of the olympics while you erase any last vestage of the meaning of the 1st Amendment from your minds.

Posted by: Casey
Casey, just why do you suppose the candidates are assigned Secret Service Protection?? It is to keep our presidential candidates SAFE and OUT OF HARMS WAY. Why do you think the Secret Service carry weapons?? The man made a racial slur and clearly stated if he (Obama) became president, he would assassinate him himself. We have to take this guy seriously, he was not joking, he was angry! A person who harbors this kind of hatred and these kinds of thoughts is very dangerous. Did you read where he had weapons in his vehicle and in his room?? The man is definitely a serious danger!! Yes, he had to be arrested and thrown in jail. What would you rather have the law do, let this guy follow through with his threats?? Come on, surely you are smart enough to know this much.

No matter what a persons race is I would hope that if this happens to a white person that we would have the same results, PROTECTION!

Posted by: April
April, if McCain got threatened in the same way Obama was threatened, the Secret Service and Law Enforcement would react the same way. Candidates for president and vice presidents are under special protection at ALL times and any threats against them, black, white, brown, yellow, brpwn, will be addressed in the SAME WAY. That is the LAW. Hilliary is assigned Secret Service protection as well because she was First Lady. Bill Clinton, George Bush Senior and Barbara, Jimmy Carter and Roslind, Nancy Reagen, ALL have Secret Service Protection because of their high leadership and First Lady positions. Even Chelsea has her own SS.

If someone made a threat like that to you or to anyone else, the person would probably be arrested, taken to jail, and sent to a psychiatric ward for evaluation and get some counselling. Then he'd be released most likely with probation period. IF something did happen to the threatened person, then the police would look for him first. (Which is probably what they'll do with this guy as well). The police would encourage you to get a restraining order against that person where he cannot be less than a mile from you.

thought the US had freedom of speech.
I believe no body should be arrested for saying something no matter what awful.
Should we arrest my wife every time she says: " I hate you I am gonna chop your balls" ?

Posted by: freedom of speech
Nice wife YOU have. I hope you do not sleep deeply!!
Remember Lorena?

Wait how come Jesse Jackson was not arrested for saying something to the effect of wanting to cut off obama's balls?

wait i guess cuz jesse is black and they only arrest white people.

Posted by: garrett
Garrett, your racism, bigotry, and stupidity is in full display an it is not pretty.

Many people say Bush is a fear mongeror. Well at least Bush sees foreign foes as enemies and is not looking to "socially cleanse" our society of its diversity.
Your Wright arguement is an old broken record, Senator Obama is NOT responsible for other peoples actions and words. You try to condemn him for others' behavior. Are you responsible for all your friends' and family's crazy actions, maybe even crimes and their stupid comments?? Well, are you??

'united, we stand divided. we fall...'
- jane & joe doe

this is the credo hammered into people's minds by those seeking power and control.
and people buy it, more often than not, and pay the bloody price for their credulity.
to those who think they have a divine right to rule, and are entitled to the subservience of others, race has no color or looks.
those are the means of division, and distractions.

there is something very wrong when people running for public office think or feel they need physical protection.
ultimately, there can be no safeguard but wisdom, integrity and self-confidence.
and there is no army, that can protect a man against himself.
as history has shown, body guards are no security. the most sophisticated security technology is no security. weapons are no security. armies are no security.
it might be the body guard who shoots the president in the head. it might be generals, or ceos, or bankers, to make him start a war. or it might be his advisors who would mislead him. the logic of security at all cost is self-destructive.
anyone not willing to value the people's interests as his own, based on his own best understanding of the values of the constitution, is not fit to be president.
anyone who would make himself a prisoner, to gain power, predictably will abuse his office.

'any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both.'
- benjamin franklin

obama is one of the best things that ever happened to this
disfunctional world! racist people are always going to try to put him down or any minority that tries to succeed in life.this takes us back to the martin luther king assasination. its time for a positive change in the world,so that means obama is the bestcandidate,and only smart people will vote for him.whoever doesnt vote for him is just stupid or racist!

This man is in jail not because he said he would put a bullet though the President's head but because he would kill a presidential candidate. His hatred for Obama is just as bad as for Bush. Neither is justified. But this "Obama love" is too scary. I worry what would happen if Obama became president... we better watch our thought.

NINA K regardless of my race. I don't know why you are calling me the racist. I simply observed that Jesse Jackson was allowed to make comments threatening the safety of Obama and get off with a simple apology. How about letting this other guy apologize. seems that you are the racist since you failed to note my sarcasm in my comment. Maybe the bias in arresting this guy was not race but instead economic discrimination. Jesse Jackson like most movie stars seem to get away with things. I on the other hand believe firmly in free speech. thanks for insulting me simply for making an observation and asking a legitimate question. I guess your the racist. NOT me. Good luck hypocrite.

wow, after 8 years of liberals writing books and making movies and writing blogs and holding protest signs calling for the killing of George W Bush.... someone gets arrested for saying the same about Obama??? Where is the balance there??? There are around 1,000,000 Liberals out there who need to be arrested and brought up on charges. Because if this guy is guilty... so are they. But the difference is... he threatened a worthless sac of dung, while they threatened our Commander in Cheif.

aside from the obvious racism we've seen here - I'm actually most saddened by the comment made by alice - she is clearly the poster child for the child that was left behind. does anyone get a decent education in this country anymore?

It's a shame that black people can't understand what they have done. I myself was never racist until all you hear on tv is race this race that. They have made me sick of hearing race about everything. Yes I agree if Obama is president who is to say he wont throw the big race word in when things don't go his way. You people wake up and stop crying racism. I do agree at times black people might look like they are being targeted but hello who is doing most of the crimes. That isn't our faught. Let's just pray that everything will work out for the best.

If that human looking turd wins this Election he will be the first president of the United States of America to not be a Citizen. We can only keep out fingers crossed that for every couple of "Problems" they neutralize one will spring up who walks the talk. Think about it their name(could be yours) will go down in the history books. NO OBAMA, NO OBAMA, No Muhama obama. If a body comes a calling Catcher In the Rye

So according to my math, I pay about $3000 a year for health care, make about $80k a year so under socialism, "free health care" will now cost me about $44k a year!!! Does anybody have math skills out there and can justify that???

well your math sucks... i'm still paying my medical bills from last year (20k for emergency with no insurance)... so give me a break looser

Wouldn't it have been nice to have Huckabee as president ? No adverse stimulation, lol. He was too nice.!
I am sick at my stomach with obombers in the now "black house".. and thinking about all of the apartments I have rented in which everything was trashed, when I rented to blacks... They can inflict more damage to living quarters than anything living., in a very short time, and it was illegal not to rent to them..ceramic toilets cracked in half. toIlet essentials torn from the wall. holes and filth on the wall carpets torn up...Items that could have lasted a life time. Well you get the picture..!! Jackie would roll over in her grave, after all the work she went to to beautify the white house..!! Who knows maybe Michele will paint it blood red for her hatred of america..... This really sucks to have a black president.!! I WILL NEVER CALL HIM ..MY PRESIDENT.! EVER.!

America is no longer America..!

Oh Great...!!
So now we get to live in fear again...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wasn't it bad enough having Bush and his idiocy in the white house for 8 very long years....?? Now we have a guy who has hated America for 20 long years or more..who will scream the race card everytime something does not go his way...I am so sick of this crap.. We shoulda had a Huckabee..!!.!!

No one knows what Obama is capable of achieving for our country and yet we judge him before he really gets his foot in the door. We assume that we know about something before we make an intelligent decision based on actions. Let Barack Obama carry out his duties before judging the man based on nothing but his race and his background...
...And racism will remain predominate in our country just as long as people keep recognizing race. Does anyone here live in Texas? Everyone walks around saying ni**** like it is a term of endearment! That is racism. Ignorance is racism and based on some of the comments posted here alone, racism will remain for quite a while.

It would be the burning of the United States and a race war lasting longer than whites and blacks have been in this country if Mr. Obama were die.The best hope is to wish him success and support him.
The poor and unemployed Black folks that are now on welefare will finally get a chance to get off of welefare
and get a real job, pay taxes and be a productive part of our economy. I am a WASP. My heritage dates back to the Mayflower landing .My ancestors fought in the war against the British. My family never had slaves. My Great Grand Father fought in the Civil war for the Pennsylvania Mitilita and was shot thru both leg's, lye'd on the battle field for three days before medical attention arrived. He believed slavery was wrong.


You must have trouble making friends.

People like Bob, and whatever
that ladies name was that said
this dudes arrest was against the Constitution...
It is sad to hear people say blacks always want to
use the race card.I am a African-American, and I say
we dont always use it.Sometimes we HAVE to.
If we went to certain places in Georgia, Alabama, or even Virginia we(blacks) would be given dirty looks,or even treated differently.Yes, we now have a black president,but when groups like the KKK are put aside
then us blacks can use the race card WHENEVER WE WANT!!!

funny thing if during the entire election obama never refered to himself as a black man, he always said american people. he himself never made race an issue. so y r we making it one i'm a black man and not american i dont even live there i'm just observing but i believe its utterly stupid that some ppl both black and white are trying to draw racial lines when ur president is trying to erase them.

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