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Al Sharpton has sharp words for both Hillary and Bill Clinton

Rev. Al is not happy with the Clintons.

With the Democratic National Convention abuzz with anticipation over Hillary Clinton’s speech to it tonight, civil rights activist Al Sharpton says she and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, cannot afford anything less than an extraordinary effort to help Barack Obama’s preAl Sharpton has words for Hillary Clintonsidential candidacy -– beginning this week with an intensified push for party loyalty.

Otherwise, Sharpton warned today, their reputations within the party -- once sterling -- could be permanently tarnished.

“It can damage their legacy in the long run if they don’t get a grip pretty quick,” Sharpton told The Times.

Sharpton’s comments came as many leading Democrats attempt to tamp down reports of festering tensions between the Clinton and Obama camps -- and a definite reluctance among some Clinton delegates to stand foursquare behind Obama.

Some African American delegates in recent days have complained that the Clintons are giving only lip service in saying they will help Obama, and that they are actually more interested in helping Hillary Clinton plot her next political moves.

As it is, Sharpton added, the racially tinged primary campaign has already hurt the once-tight relationship between the Clintons and black America.

“I’d like to see them in the trenches,” Sharpton said. “They did a lot of damage against him, so they’re going to have to do a lot more than the ordinary for him -– not (just) for him but for the public to believe them.”

-- Peter Wallsten

Photo credit: Greenfield-Sanders / HBO

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I'm a Black Female. Al Sharpton does not represent the views and ideals of the average Black American. A truthful poll would reveal that the Black community is tired of Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson's old time attention seeking agendas. I could not even listen to Jessie Jackson Jr. his father has left a legacy of distrust, greed and lying. People who want to find a problem with Black America can always find Al and/or Jessie to pull out their antique diaries and amaze us all with their dead techniques for change. Stop making excuses for the scum of our communities and call it as it is.

I don't think Al Sharpton give a damn about some of u people critique. He is sure right because the Clintons are nothing but users and opportunists; something that was quite evident during the campaign. I for one will not give them another vote if they ever run for any office. To those on the hateration, Obama will Mann up and lead, but it’s the party reunification which is of more concerns, not him as an individual.

How anyone in this great nation can even think about voting another Republican into office, and Hillary supporters especially, is just beyond me. Mc Cain is a man who has voted against equal pay, is anti choice, will work to overturn women's rights, knows nothing of our economy only that he is rich, and has no ethics or morals. He cheated when he was supposedly helping the Native American tribes, was part of the savings and loan scandal and his wife stole money from her own children's charity to buy illegal drugs. Are those the people that Hillary supporters want to run this great nation? I think its Republican hacks writing those ridiculous emails! I think it will be Obama by a landslide and the polls are meaningless as they only contact a few people with landlines when the young people of America only have cell phones. Don't believe the media, don't accept the bloggers for who they say they are. Just listen to the Democrats and remember who brought us to this brink of disaster that we face. Today, I was told that my house went down $100,000 in value! Thanks to Bush, our weatlh has been devastated but oil companies and war contractors have made billions! Is that what we want for one minute more! McCain is dangerous! No McCain no how!

I don't really care for Al Sharpton, but one thing that urks the
@#$! out of me is this puma group, they know that our economy cant thrive if another republican wins this election, but they refuse to vote for Obama, so what happens if Mccain gets elected president and we have a another miserable 4 years, and they realize that they voted for this guy even if they wrote Hillary's name on the ticket or voted for somebody else, everybody's gonna say i told you so, it just doesn't make sense to me that people who are loyal to Hillary wont vote for Obama who has pretty much the same views as her on everything, instead are gonna vote for a guy who if totally different, i think they need to realize that like everybody's saying, i f the democratic party does not unite, then we are almost certain to allow another republican into office , and continue to ruin all of America. Everyone should think about that before they refuse to vote for a person because of his inexperience, and vote for a person who shares the same views as BUSH and you know what he managed to do.

Continue to make threats here about not voting for Hillary in the future if Obama don't win. It makes it easier for me, a Hillary Clinton supporter to do every thing I can to help John McCain win in november. Barack Obama has done nothing to prove to me that he can lead this country better than McCain. I choose McCain because I dont trust Obama. As for Al Sharpton, he's showing you the kind of never ending problems he and people like him will cause if anyone disagrees with a president Barack Hussein Obama.

I'm glad someone within the Democratic party sees how fake and destructive the Clintons have proven themselves to be. Its funny to how the Clinton followers hate Obama when he never had a harsh word to say about them or Hillary. Obama has proven himself to be a stern diplomat and carried himself with the same dignity and respect we all want in a president. If Hillary acts like this in an election primary, how will she act against the Russians? or better yet the Arabs? She would get us in another war for sure with that attitude. The Clintons and their supporters need to grow up and do whats best for our country before we let the Bush machine win again and put us deeper in the hole.......

With Al Sharpton's comments about the Clinton's I now tend to beleive the allegations that Obama's campaign was using threats and intimidations during the primary season.

But Al Sharpton is not a man Bill Clinton needs to fear, unless Bill was in line before at an all you can eat barbeque. What he says matters as much as the hype of Jesse Jackson or Louis Farrakham.

My only question is if we do enter the Kyoto treaty, how many carbon credits will be need to pay for every Sharpton diatribe.

People say Obama has no experience, well EXACTLY how much experience did Bush bring to the table??? Every single American with a brain should be voting for the Democrats, not for a man who said he would stay for 100 years if that what it takes, or supports bringing the draft back. Are things that bad still that some people would rather have high gas (caused by this war), and continue to have young innocent men die over nothing just because they do not like the color of his skin? God help us all

While as a black man I don't usually agree with sharpton but with or without him in NY hillary's next election to congress will be tainted by this primary season and her actions during it. Her luke warm support of the nominee of her party, whining by her husband, the sore loser's (ie Puma's), and her wrong assumption that she would be the walk off nominee. It is interesting that these old puma's cry sexism when they didn't get the person they supported first as the nominee (yes the media has a bias it is against hillary the person not the woman-even after the acting tears), and secondly as VP (I for one am not stupid enough to think she would have picked obama as a running mate).
I don't think al sharpton will have anything to do with hillary's next electon, her opponent will remind them of how she has "fully" supported the party (Bill too_) and call her to the carpet on it.
OLD PUMA's maybe you can explain why hillary is assuming that obama would not be running in 2012? Could it be her support (ho hum), she is hoping that he fails so she can swoop in (like a pair of Nike's), or is it the main reason SHE and only SHE is the only hope for women EVER...If she is well mankind is doomed.

I am glad he finally said what needed to be said. But why so late after all the damage the Clintons have been allowed to create? When ever a candidate a large bloc of dems didn't support always won the support of all democrats, and that shouldn't stop now.


Dear "Chicago Man",
Would not voting for Obama make me a racist because he's HALF Black??? Or because he's HALF WHITE????

Why does everyone refer to Mr. Obama as "Black" when he is just as White as he is Black?????

As an african american woman and a democrat, I will not be backing Barack Obama. I am a clinton supporter till the end. I live in NY and I can't stand Al Sharpton. He needs to worry about his own business before commenting on the Clintons.

Al Sharpton is a political thug. He has resorted to intimidation and bully tactics in his attempt to right the wrongs of racism. Instead of pushing racism into the past where it belongs, Sharpton foments racism by accusing anyone who disagrees with him as being racist - Republican, Democrat, it doesn't matter.

It's time for Sharpton to retire, and to make room for a new generation of civil rights leaders who do not resort to fear and intimidation to advance their cause.

For the first time in my life, I am proud to be an American. Couldn't have said it better. I come to read these comments every so often to see how my fellow American thinks and feels. I am 34. I have not voted a lot, because as all you educated people can see from my age, I have little experience. I am an Obama supporter. He thinks before he opens his mouth. Ever heard of the saying 'I set trends, don't follow them', well that's him. A lot of these comments are dumb, ignorant and just plain assinine. The idiot who spoke on taxes... we're not even supposed to pay them. NO law exists. Those Hillary supporters (she is PHENOMINAL) who won't vote for Obama. Well, I'd have to say you are racist, but won't say it in the open. There are no overshadowing differences between the two. Al Sharpton needs to go KICK ROCKS. What mountain has he moved. PLEASE! Trying to compare Obama to KING... well... there will never be another KING. Some shoes just shouldn't be filled. You people need to get educated, get a clue... OR GET A HEART. The STRONGEST muscle in the body. OBAMA/BIDEN 08

AL - SHUT THE !@$% UP! you have nerve speaking out about the clintons...don't you and brother jesse need to go to duke and apologize to those lacrosse need to sued dry like the DA nafong....i am a life long democrat, i voted for carter but i refused to vote for kerry because he is an elitist just like bush and nobama.
nobama has some great friends either in jail or lucky enough to avoid jail. nobama is lost without his teleprompter, watch him on youtube when he has to talk without a prepared speech..lots of uhhs, what a mush mouth. i will not waste vote on him and i will not be blamed for what he will do to this country. but back on al, go away. you owe many people apologies for ruining their lives. the jena 6, geez, maybe if people actually heard the true story about what happened...not rev al's version and by the way al, are the 6 in jail and trouble again for various other things...maybe al nobama should have picked that great detroit mayor as vp, he will be out of office and maybe will stay out jail. where is jesse, keeping his mouth shut (that incident was staged for some purpose). i think i will vote for nader.

Al sound like you are still bitter that you are not a force the the DNC party. Let it go and get a life. Hillery and Bill are the best thing that hapen to the DNC. It is time for you and Jess to get over the past and more into the future.

When the primary ended, Hillary endorsed O only four days after the primary, and she was put through hell for waiting FOUR days, whereas, most don't endorse until the convention. Can you imagine the hell Hillary would have been put through had she done what is typical?

Hillary has already surpassed what past candidates do for their opponents with all the campaigning. Most only campaign once or twice at best.

Hillary was the first to phone Michelle repeatedly, trying to make contact with her, but after leaving repeated messages, Hillary still got no return call from Michelle.

Obama promised to phone Bill C. for a lunch date for the two men to discuss issues. When asked by his advisors if he had phoned Bill C., Obama responded he had been a little busy. That is no way to treat a former President.

Michelle and Barack have snubbed the Clintons terribly, which was certainly a very foolish thing to do. Obama will not win without the Clintons help.

The Obama campaign are the ones who played the race card on the HRC in the primary. It would have made absolutely no sense for HRC or BC to do such a thing, otoh, for BO, it was very advantageous. Once he solidified the black vote, he never had to entertain for it again, and he didn't.

I don't care who really doesn't like or care for Al Sharpton. I as an African American young male respect, care for, love and appreciate this incredible; and God gifted human being, who represents the thoughts and concerns of the voiceless. I wouldn't expect every African American or White American to understand That. He is an effective entity in our society and I respect this man and the contributions he's made in the civil rights field tremendously. Moving on, congratulations to the Clintons, they showed a wealth of dignity, by unifying the democratic party and I am proud of the both of them for answering the call for change. These are The Clintons I know. They both went to bat for Obama and hit a home run. I especially like to thank Bill Clinton. I know what its like to be bitter and I also know that being bitter never benefited anyone or anything at the end of the day. I see you in an entire different light after watching you present your speech at the democratic convention in Denver, and I solute you, president Clinton for rallying behind Obama. You and your wife are graciously respected for what you've done. Thank you Hillary and William Clinton, Thank you. Having said that, lets take back our country and re-rout the direction of its course.

Its awfully funny how blacks have been supporting white politicians for years and nobody had anything to say. As soon as we support a black politician all heck breaks loose. There have been many elections when there were black and white politicians running against each other. I'm sure a lot of white voters voted for a politician solely on his race and not qualifications so lets not play that game. Hillary Clinton is a sore loser period!!

screw Al screw Obama. oh did i mention i'm black not obama. what do you think that he is going to do for us black folks, nothing he's a puppet.

Al where we you and Jesse during Obama's whole campaign? I don't remember seeing you campaigning for Obama or telling the people to vote for him so don't try to jump on the bandwaggon now, you're just an opportunist. He doesn't need you, I heard you're an undercover Republican anyway.

Go perm your roots!

People, come on. Vote based on the issues. You need Obama to "woo you"??? What does that even mean? I don't get democrats that are saying they may vote for McCain. Have you become pro-life, pro-war, and anti-abortion overnight??? Don't forget... not long ago people were crazy about George W. Bush because he "wooed" the American public, and look where that got us!!!!!!!!!!!

First of all, I don't believe Virginia Taurus is black. I understand if you're a Hilary supporter, but don't try to sell me on your blackness- I ain't buying.

I would vernture that MOST of the respondants here are WHITE. White people always get real angry when they don't get their way, and then DERIDE others for doing the same. So what Al has a problem with the Clintons? It's his right to say so. AND SINCE he's a public figure, it's the reason people stick a mic in his face and none of us here. We'd all do well to remember that.

I also don't recall Al claiming to speak for me. So I wouldn't ascribe that to him, nor do I feel the need to "separate myself" from him.

I find it interesting so many of you supposed Clinton supporters find it better to vote McCain (even though he's a republican) than to vote Barack (even though he's a democrat and more in line, supposedly, with your own platform.) Thinking for yourself DOES NOT excuse STUPIDITY or IGNORANCE. Just saying. Not calling anyone names- just making about point about judgement. If you want to feel like Hillary got shafted, then fine. I don't begrudge anyone their feelings. But voting republican to spite the democrats is ludicrous. You'll be the first ones complaining when we get a whole lot more of what we've been getting for the past 7 years. So think about what you're doing before you do it.

And for God's sake, if you're not familiar with Barack Obama and what he stands for, PLEASE DO NOT COMMENT like you have any clue what you're saying.

Now, I am what you would term an "undecided" voter...I have watched some of the DNC and I plan to watch some of the RNC. I also plan to watch the debates, and when election time comes around, I'll vote my mind. NOT my heart. In truth, I am leaning towards Barack (and while it's cool that he's black, that's not the draw. And I take SERIOUS issue with anyone-black or otherwise- who would suggest differently) Doing so suggests an ignorance white people usually reserve for blacks- and it's certainly unbecoming for one black man to look down his nose at another (witness Bill Cosby- the man may have had his points, but the forum he chose was wrong, and the way he went about it was wrong.)

I know we're all very tense leading up to this election, but please, can we check our emotions and ride with the facts?

Isn't that cute? Sharpton wishes he could do positive things for this country, like the Clintons did, instead of being an exploitive windbag.

*pats him on the head*

But seriously, Al, every time you trash-talk the Clintons, the spotlight goes back over to them. And the same is true for Obama and his followers - when they say the Clintons are race-baiters, and when they tell Hillary's supporters to move on or kiss off, the chest-pounding contest lives on.

You can't expect the Clinton voters to move on when you won't do it yourselves.

To hell with Clinton supporters!!! I find Clinton supporters to be very unpatrotic! They want Obama to woo them? That's funny and sad. Vote for McCain or don't vote! But please, stop whinning. Become a Republican! Obama is going to win with or without you.

Side note: If Obama somehow doesn't win, the Clintons will be the blame and she can forget about getting the Black vote or many other Democrats who don't like them. She can't win either way! So once again Hillary supporters, shut up and vote! Or don't! But, don't complain and stop whinning. You are adults!!!!!

I am so tired of Hillary supporters. First of all you tried to force Omaba to put her on the ticket with him by using threats. But what you have done is ruin her political career. As a Black American I would not vote for her, because she could have stopped you from making your threats long before the Democratic convention. Black Americans does not owe the Clintons anything. We have voted Bill in for eight years. What make the Clintons think Blacks stlll owe them? So for those who want to vote for McCain vote for him, but do not say negative things about Obama because he did not put Hillary on his ticket. Hillary lost the race, and you need to get over it. Or is there another reason you do not want to vote for him? Is it because you are HATER or a RACIST.

I don't like al sharpton at all, but he has a point. If obama loses then african americans will blame the clintons and will not vote for hillary in 2012. She can't win without the african american vote. The democratic party is a mess.

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