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Al Sharpton has sharp words for both Hillary and Bill Clinton

Rev. Al is not happy with the Clintons.

With the Democratic National Convention abuzz with anticipation over Hillary Clinton’s speech to it tonight, civil rights activist Al Sharpton says she and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, cannot afford anything less than an extraordinary effort to help Barack Obama’s preAl Sharpton has words for Hillary Clintonsidential candidacy -– beginning this week with an intensified push for party loyalty.

Otherwise, Sharpton warned today, their reputations within the party -- once sterling -- could be permanently tarnished.

“It can damage their legacy in the long run if they don’t get a grip pretty quick,” Sharpton told The Times.

Sharpton’s comments came as many leading Democrats attempt to tamp down reports of festering tensions between the Clinton and Obama camps -- and a definite reluctance among some Clinton delegates to stand foursquare behind Obama.

Some African American delegates in recent days have complained that the Clintons are giving only lip service in saying they will help Obama, and that they are actually more interested in helping Hillary Clinton plot her next political moves.

As it is, Sharpton added, the racially tinged primary campaign has already hurt the once-tight relationship between the Clintons and black America.

“I’d like to see them in the trenches,” Sharpton said. “They did a lot of damage against him, so they’re going to have to do a lot more than the ordinary for him -– not (just) for him but for the public to believe them.”

-- Peter Wallsten

Photo credit: Greenfield-Sanders / HBO

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Truer words were never spoken. The childish antics either end, or they lose whatever diminishing credibility they might have once had.

This just sounds like petty gossip.

Doesn't Sharpton always show up whenever he can get attention?

It's not up to the Clinton's to win support for Barack Obama. It's up to Obama to win over the Clinton supporters. If you want the Clintons supporter's votes stop critisizing their preferred candidate.

Sharpton sounds like all the Republicans who have spent the last decade blaming their mistakes on the Clinton's. How did any couple become so powerful that they could ruin the country and decide a Presidential race when they aren't even in power?

Hey Al! We don't care what you have to say!

As a strong Hillary supporter there is no way I am voting for Obama. And Al, its not the Clinton's job to win this election for Obama. He needs to do it himself. If Hillary is that powerful and influential, then how come she is not the nominee??

Shut up Al...

Al, you are the problem...I can hardly wait to vote for John this coming election...

As a Clinton supporter I'm personally offended by this.

Obama needs to woo me. Clinton doesn't need to direct me to my presidential pick.

Unfortunately, I, like many Clinton supporters, have a mind of my own. And while I still think Clinton is the best choice to be president, her word is not the defining word in the race.

Just like Oprah's wasn't in the primary. Endorsements mean jack.

Al Sharpton is giving the Clintons lessons in humility? He's demanding that they stand behind Obama or else? What temerity this guy has!

The very Rev. Al walked away from G-d's work a long time ago. Ever since the Tawana Brawley hoax, there isn't a thing that comes out of his mouth that can be trusted. He ruined people's lives because he wanted attention and because a black girl was involved. If it had been a white girl or an Hispanic girl or a Jewish girl, he wouldn't have cared.

This is the kind of unity Al wants: You're either fully behind the black guy or you're a racist. Well, I'm not behind the black guy. Guess that makes me a racist.

Obama has stubornly refused to court Clinton supporters. Is he entitled to their support or should it be earned? Critisism seems to come very easy.

The minute a black candidate came on the scene, African American loyalties to the Clintons went out the window and supported Obama at a rate of 90% even before this thing got bruising. So he has the nerve to demand that they support his candidate?

Perhaps, Al, if you weren't so divisive, you could have been the one getting the nomination for President. Living vicariously and attacking a couple who have done more for African Americans since LBJ (signing the Civil Rights Act).

Al, do you feel powerful now? Do you now feel you have the voice of black America because of Barack? Should we pat you on the back for someone else's accomplishments?

Al Sharpton has neither the political gravitas nor the moral standing to lecture anyone, anyone about how to behave, in a political context or any other.,
Having said that, the comments from Hillary supporters about needing to be wooed by Obama are awfully revealing. We all know there is not a dime's difference in policies between Hillary and Obama. John McCain's policiies vis a vis women--he wants to repeal Roe v Wade, and voted against equal pay for equal work--and the rest of the progressive agenda are anathema to every policy goal any Hillary supporters would truly want. So what on earth is their problem? It's emotional I guess. They want to be inconsolable. Damn shame. Grow up. Hillary could have won this nomination. She lost it, not the press, not even her advisers. She did. She could not manage her campaign. She did not insist on a strategy that responded to any contingency other than her anticipated overwhelming triumph on Super Tuesday. She did not insist that they plan to ama,ss votes in the caucus states. She let them blow through $100M before NH. She did not find her voice until it was too late. That is her fault, just as it will be Obama's fault if his handlers succeed in overmanaging him.

Now let's turn our attention to the real struggle, keeping the government out the hands of those who would continue to destroy its capacity to work for the people.

I can't understand who Al Sharpton thinks he is to threaten Clinton. Clinton was a wonderful President and a great friend of blacks. After the treatment they have all shown in this campaign for Hillary, Bill should tell him to screw himself.

oh this is priceless!!
obama's\miserable polling numbers are now the fault of the clintons, of course it has nothing to do with the fact that obama is a fraud, sexist, race baiter, inexperienced elitist moron.......


Is he kidding? who gives a crap what Sharpton thinks or wants. I am a Clinton Supporter and will always be a Clinton supporter. Both Hillary and Bill have done more collectively for the Black People than Sharpton or Obama ever did, so he should just shut his face .OH and I will not vote for Barak Obama no matter what Hillary Clinton wants I do have a mind of my own period the end. We do not need to be threatened by a lying jerk like AL Sharpton king of the tax evaders, King of the cry babies- Get a life Al no one is interested in your tyrannical craziness,

Best move for McCain? Condi Rice for VP.

You people are crazy to slam the Rev. Al===He hasn't the intelligence to understand a bit of what you are saying.

So Al Sharpton is now the "enforcer" and threatening the Clintons? Who does he think he is? His whole life experience has been a waste for humanity as he has shed much more heat than light wherever he goes. A pox on his ass.

You people are crazy to slam the Rev. Al===He hasn't the intelligence to understand a bit of what you are saying.

Al Sharpton just said the truth about the Clintons, if Obama loses the election they will be blamed 100% and Hillary ,dear Chelsea and Bill can forget about their political careerand legacy

Sick and Tired of Al Sharpton's crap. Obama won -he needs to convince America that he is the one for President. Once again all we have running for high office are men again. Let Biden do the work. Why should Hilary prove anything. It isn't up to her to convince her supporters to vote Obama. Isn't he smart enough to do it on his own. Why should a woman do what he should do. Give me a break

It is THAT type attitude that Sharpton has, that is identified with Blacks.

It is for this reason, why Obama will never be president.

I agree, 1hipchik. Whiney baby Barack wants to lead, now stand up, be a man, and lead. Papa Sharpton can't go around holding your hand helping you cross the street.



As a male, black, Democrat and Hillary Clinton supporter, I am appalled by the comments of Al Sharpton. First, he does not speak for me nor does he share my views. Second, the Clintons have done more for me and my family than any politician ever has. It's amazing how blacks are jumping off of the Clinton ship like rats. I will never vote for Obama because I just don't feel that he is very trustworthy. I know little about agenda and even less about his past.
All of you who are voting for him JUST because he's black should be ashamed.

Hey Al, go get your roots touched up and sit down somewhere!

Why do people even seek comment from this joke?!?!

Lil Wayne said it best about Al Sharpton. He specs before he checks. He gets off by getting on other people.

obamaobamaobamaobamaobamaobamaobamaobama all the way...sit back and follow the Mccain and u can sit and cry about this stupid war all over again idiots!!!!!!

What Hilliary supporters fail the understand, is that Hilliary's district in NY has a large black base. If you don't support Barack and vote for him this could be very bad for her re-election in a few years.

Black people as a whole are sick of being used and to see white women not vote for him based a his color or bitterness of the primary will be blow to Hilliary.

You can end her career if you don't vote for Barack!

Stop whining, wake up and support the Dem. Party!!!

I agree %100000 percent w/Rev AL

When it is time for Hillary to re-claim her senate seat, it may not be their!!

There is NO WAY she can keep that senate seat w/out the African American community!!

Hilliary should just shut up and go about her business spoiled loser...Those who are Democrat who won't vote for Obama are pure RACIST people...just fess up to it, People would respect you for knowing your stance then trying to hide it, all of a sudden every white person is voting for Obama, but the truth behind closed doors they will not, however they just don't want to be seen as having a prejudice against a black man...just fess up to it...

It is really interesting to read the comments from the Hillary supporters because YOU all KNOW that the only problem you have with Obama is the color of his skin. McCain is as far from Clinton politically as you can get, but white solidarity/supremacy carries much more weight in America than actual, rational politics.

You all deserve another four years of Republican politics and don't forget to thank McCain when we are attacked by Iran and N. Korea!

Al needs to do something with his hair instead of saying what the "Clintons" need to do. I supported Hillary and sti;l do. I had never heard of Obama before now so why vote for him????
And why is everyone saying that Michelle's speech was so good like they expected it to be so bad. I mean she does want her husband to win...but as a DC native let me tell you Obama got our mayor adrian fenty with him show me he is not "wrapped to tight"....cause fenty is taking DC down.
But we all hope if Obama eins he does take fenty with him and then we cn get a new mayor!
I will still write-in Hillary Clinton's name since he didn't pick her as a running mate, nor did he give her a help with any of the money she is now in the negative why should she jump out there to help him????
Vote for Hillary Anyway!

Would somebody please put a muzzle over this man's mouth. He is a pain.

al sharpton have some nerves, who do he think he is, hillary and bill doesn't have to do a jack, if obama really wanted to win he would of pick her for vp, but he did not want her, he needs to get out and get hillary supporters, they don't owe him a tang, and yes i am a black woman one of hilary supporters:)

I really think that some people have lost focus. I don't understand why so much resentment and hostility toward Barack Obama. Hilary Clinton ran a fantastic race. Unfortunately, not both could win. I sense that many Clinton supporters took her defeat personally. That really bothers me. Where is the concern over votes that in previous elections were tossed out? Where is the concern over votes not being counted? I just don't get it!!! Barack Obama did the same thing as Hillary Clinton, RAN TO BE THE DEMOCRATIC NOMINEE FOR THE POSITION OF PRESIDENT OF THE USA!!! I really need someone to explain to me how Hillary's loss has become Barack's fault. I think that either way the vote had gone, we as AMERICANS, have ended up with a great candidate.

Rev. Al.

Please! You keep forgetting the fact that you only speak for certain type of African Americans not all because as a black woman I often cringe at your antics. If you can be redeem after the Brawley debacle even Mike Vick has a chance not to mention the Clinton's. So get over yourself

I agree with Al. If Hillary and bill don't rally behind Obama, then she does not stand a chance in 2012 if she chooses to run. The same way HRC supporters will not support Obama, Obama's supporters will not support her. She did the damage and now needs to be a team player and help clean it up. For the HRC supporters who will vote for McCain who does not support Hillary's platform are true racist and nothing Obama does will win them over. I guess 2 can play the same game. If Obama doesn't win, neither will Hillary in 2012. Republicans maybe 8 - 12 years.

I am a Democrat, not an OBAMACON or a HILLRAISER, and I agree totally with AL Sharpton. If Hillary won, it would be Obama's job to bring the blacks and young folks back to the party. Hillary did a lot of tearing Obama up in the primary, as you can see MC Cain is using everything she said against Obama. It almost feels like Obama is running against Hillary again, based on the ads. So this doesn't look good for the party and Hillary. Mc Cain has turned Hillary into a republican. If she wants to have political career in the future, she better get in the trenches, or she's finished. Obama told her that she should stop saying things that would come back to haunt him in the future, ' Obama's not ready to lead, Mc Cain is ready to lead." Why would you say that? Even if you believed that, you don't say that against your party member... Some stuff she did is irrepairable... She needs to work harder. She will be asking Barack and blacks to support her in the future.

It is amazing to me that anyone who supports Hilary Clinton would state that they would now vote for John McCain. John McCain's views are the exact opposite of Hillary Clinton's. Did you pay attention during the primaries? Are you interested in her plan for universal health care? Guess what, John McCain isn't. Read Hilary's positions and McCain's is the opposite of each point. It is absolutely inconceivable to me, that any Clinton supporter would vote for McCain. As a white American, this type of rhetoric makes me understand why African Americans see racism in the actions of others. What other explanation can there be for voting for McCain?

It amazes me that Hillary supporters are actually backing McCain, but then I think about who they are, stay at home mom's who have nothing better to do than cry about their candidate losing. If you vote for McCain you will be crying loger. It is important that we vote on the issues. Okay none of us really know about Obama burt we do know about McCain so why would we risk four more years of this mess that we are in now?!!! We all knew about George Bush but yet we allowed him to go back to the white house for 4 more years, Hillary supports and racist as well need to think about how this world has been effected since the republicans took office. While we don't know much about Obama we all now that he is brighter than George Bush and John McCain. This is more about RACE than it is about the issues and it's sad. and to the Black man that is voting for macain because he doesn't trust Obama please remember that your children and their children will be effected by your decision. If you don't like Obama why vote at all just stay home but voiting for 4 more years of this is utterly ridiculous!!!!!

White voters that's supporting hillary need to admit that they don't want to vote for Obama because he's black, stop hiding behind the facts. But we will have the first black president this year, like it or not. This is America, blacks helped build this country with our bare hands and whips on our ancestors backs. Go Obama, get over it Hillary supporters.

Al Sharpton exclaims a valid point.... I mean Obama Has beaten Hillary fair and square for the presidential nominee position. And bill clinton is still angry at obama for winning. What a sore looser. And to think this man had some intergrety and dencency, you'd imagine he'd bow out gracefully. As an African American, I look foward to seeing history in the making. Hill and Bill need to assist in uniting the democratic party or else the African American and other multi-racial groups, will see them for who they really are. Some selffish and greedy old and mean politicians, who only care about themselves with fraud intentions of servicing their country and the American people who are really looking for viable changes in this country. What the clintons do from this point on, will determine if they can gain the support of the African American, Hispanic and Muti-racial groups, who are directly affected by the failing policies that put this country in the direction its been going in; since the inception of the Bush Administration. Al Sharpton is 100% correct. I couldn,t agree with him more.

hey, im no sharpton fan, but all you idiots claiming to be democrats that won't vote for obama better remember what he said whenever hillary tries for another run, no matter who wins this election. some of you sound like the old school democrats that didnt want "our kind" at the convention in the early 20th century. if this were john edwards (pre-affai) running no white person out there would be talking that inexperience trash and certainly wouldnt consider switching parties or votes over it. the overtones being felt lately by blind hillary supporters that wont even abide by her wishes is black folks pulling the race card, its 21st century racism, and the easiest way to transfer the anger felt by blacks in previous generations to the current generation. take heed.

For all you Obama supporters who claim we won't vote for Barack because of the color of his skin... you are dead wrong... we won't vote for him because of the COLOR of his resume, which is s-p-o-t-t-y!

hey, im no sharpton fan, but all you idiots claiming to be democrats that won't vote for obama better remember what he said whenever hillary tries for another run, no matter who wins this election. some of you sound like the old school democrats that didnt want "our kind" at the convention in the early 20th century. if this were john edwards (pre-affai) running no white person out there would be talking that inexperience trash and certainly wouldnt consider switching parties or votes over it. the overtones being felt lately by blind hillary supporters that wont even abide by her wishes is black folks pulling the race card, its 21st century racism, and the easiest way to transfer the anger felt by blacks in previous generations to the current generation. take heed.

ok, forget about al and his crazy talk. what i am failing to understand is the denouncement of barack by hillary supporters. are they not the same political party? so you all would rather continue swearing by clinton, who is NOT the dem nominee, and rally behind a republican that will drive our country into the ground? its just not clicking to me? then you all are not TRUE democrats, you all are feminists. you all saying you're not sure about barack's policies....maybe you need to visit his website and read them. he's about change, and helping the middle-class, something the republican party has failed to do.

so its either you "hillary fans" are feminists or racists, help me to understand PLEASE :) if you really want a better america (better economy, more education possibility, more tax breaks for america's majority - the middle class) then you need to rally behind the democrat - OBAMA..... oh yea, and he has to be doin somethin right to become the nominee over clinton.

thats all for now....

i have been saying all along that hillary will have problems if blacks give her a primary fight here in NY. i am from NY & blacks as well as some whites are totally turned off from her horrible campaignig & viscious attacks on Obama. Her speech was very good but her chances for 2012 as a presidential nominee will be hard for her whether Obama win or lose. Hillary supporters/PUMA are ignorant, low-class & a majority of her voters were said to be uneducated and it shows. These females dont understand how a black man can beat a white woman in a race. These woman are so scornful with repulsive behavior that they relfect themselves as nothing more than trailer trash, white trash racists. A black women who dont fall in line with supporting Obama are pathetic as well. So if it's mccain yall want then i hope your women rights get strip and you still dont get equal pay - ya'll would deserve it.....

I'm a black woman. I don't agree with everything Al Sharptoon says. He's going to run his mouth for attention. I read all the comments. Get a grip, people. The fact remains that Clinton and Obama have the same political views. Why would you vote for someone who doesn't share the same political view as you do? That's real stupid. I'm not voting for Obama because he black. I'm voting because he shares similar political views as I do. Bill Clinton didn't have a lot of experience when he took over the white house. He was a excellent President. Give the man a chance. If you vote for McCain all you doing is putting a Bush clone in the white house. Four more year of war, high gas prices. loss of jobs and home forclosure. Is that what we want?

It seems like the Clinton supportes are mad because she didn't get the nomination. It wasn't her time. Get over it. Time to move on. So what if Obama didn't choose Hilary as his running mate. I wouldn't either. I like Hilary but I think Joe Biden was an excellent choice. Use common sense, the person who's going to make this country not worse. Do your research?

To All those, who insist... "who does Al Sharpton thinks he is?" and questioning his credentials, on qualifying to make the kind of comments that some may deem unacceptable, due to the difference of opinion, should just shut their traps. At the end of the day we are entertaining our thoughts and feelings in regards to the Clintons, questioning their supporters role and the reality they could face if they(the Clintons) choose to take the wrong route by (directly or indirectly, encouraging their supporters to support John McCain), as opposed to Obama. Any thing anti the obama movement, would be the most ignorant and demoralizing thing to do; and would speak volumes regarding the intelligence of such supporters, who were once Hillary now converted to McCain. If you really care about the dismal conditions this country is experiencing, such as the never ending war in Iraq, Recession, Global warming, record high gas prices, and a severely debilitated economy, then the choice is clear, vote for Obama. However, if you call getting even with camp Obama because Hillary didn't win the nomination for president, then I question your role in this entire process. “You can't throw the baby out with the bath water”(meaning don't sacrifice all of the greater issues that are more important to ordinary Americans, at the expense of a single politician-Hillary Clinton) and all this because your candidate didn't win the nomination? You have to illustrate a more intelligent approach to expressing your disappointments; and its not by choosing to vote for John McCain because Hillary Clinton lost to obama. Its just plain stupid. I'm sure Hillary will have another shot at the white house and will succeed. .

Who is afraid of Al Sharpton. Maybe his hair do, or his funny sounding dictation? OLD news Sharpton is. Lets just ignore him, maybe he will go away!!!hahahah

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