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Obama's list of VP no-thank-yous grows; now, Jack Reed

Yet another prominent Democrat has taken himself out of the vice presidential derby.

Sen. Jack Reed of Rhode Island, a West Point grad set to accompany Barack Obama on a tour of Iraq and Afghanistan, called the VP slot a “position which I have no interest in.”

Not that he was actually in the running. Reed told the Associated Press he wasn't asked for any inside information that the Obama camp could use to vet him for the job.

Reed joins a growing list of prominent Democrats to say "No, thank you" to the No. 2 job even before it was offered. Maybe Clinton will be the only one left?

First, as The Ticket reported, Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland, a Clinton supporter, was an adamant no. Then, Virginia, it was Sen. Jim Webb, a former Republican.

--Stuart Silverstein

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so maybe the reason why the people are presented with the worst possible selection of preemptively-declared, preposterously-presumptive presidential would-be-nominees is really because all the better ones had no interest in the position, under the ruling conditions, and turned down the offer. what's the plausibility that the idea was, that weak corrupt characters make presidential puppets that are easy to manipulate, and keep under control? the few who chose to run on an independent platform of integrity, and consistent constitutionality, like candidate for president RON PAUL, lack the backing, and face the monstrous adversity, of nearly all the 'establishment.'
when someone with integrity, like RON PAUL, who's not in it for power or material gain, but for his firm principles, and love of freedom and the people, will get the nomination - and if seemingly against the odds - this will spark a renaissance of enlightenment.
and there'll certainly be no lack of applications for the 'no. 2 job.'

Obama will make George Bush apear scholar-like. Obama feels the need to make pretentious commentary on matters he knows little or nothing about. He becomes tense and stutters with plentiful "UHH and UMM".
I wouldn't want to be his wing man either, if I knew I had to cover his tail and mine all the time.

Obama/Hagel 2008!!

What with all the Republicans crossing over to vote for Hillary in Demo primaries in hopes of derailing Obama's candidacy, Hillary would be a more appropriate running mate for McCain. Why doesn't someone in "big media," ask McCain if there are circumstances under which he would consider Hillary as his veep?
Sterling Greenwood
Aspen Free Press

Ted Strickland, Jim Webb, and Jack Reed "prominent Democrats"? Since when? Three months ago? To whom? Anyone --- anyone at all --- outside the Hardball set and those of us who watch that show like church?

If you were talking about John Edwards, Bill Richardson, Joe Biden, and Chris Dodd, you might have a story.

As it is, you're really stretching for a headline here.

Someone saying that they don't want the #2 spot on the ticket before it is offered to them is as old as our nation. It saves face with both the candidate, who can only choose one running mate, and the person being spoken about who can still work for the candidate without looking like they have been slighted. It's Politics 101.

These people simply knew they were being considered! Especially Hillary R Clinton or her supporters.

Jack Reed is honorable as was the others would-be's that dropped out of the VP selection process. Your life, words, and attacks become an open book, and some just don't want to deal with the downside of having to run for office, if that means also haivng to go through the proverbial meat grinder.

Look for Ron Paul to the real political spoiler at the Republican convention. There has been a sprinkling of articles, suggesting Dr Paul and his supporters will be out in great numbers protesting the Republican convention....

No doubt about it, the Rep Convention is the last chance for the RON PAUL camp to embarass themselves in public before they fade away. It should be fun to watch all the mo-RONs gathered together for one last time demonstrating the lackluster power of mass stupidity. Most of the supporters of RP have since moved on to viable candidates who are remaining, all that's left is the tinfoil hats now. RP's moved on himself, that's ironic.

BTW, Thomas Wheeler is correct above on the political strategy angle, saying "no, thanks" at this stage is a sure sign the door has at least been opened and this move provides political cover for further down the road.

If Mr. Silverstein is correct none of these people have been asked to be Vice President by Obama. Am i missing something? How can there be an "Oh, Oh!" and a sense of "No-one wants to run with Obama," and a feeling of dread, as this article implies if none of these people has been asked? Wouldn't it be more forthright to simply say to us that you -- Mr. Silverstein, want to create an issue where there is none?

"What with all the Republicans crossing over to vote for Hillary in Demo primaries in hopes of derailing Obama's candidacy, Hillary would be a more appropriate running mate for McCain. Why doesn't someone in "big media," ask McCain if there are circumstances under which he would consider Hillary as his veep?"

I wouldn't even be surprised if McCain did something so stupid.

The problem with this is that many GOP voters would sit on their hands and not vote, rather than vote for a ticket including HRC.

Talk about a garbage reporting. The innuendo in this title and the treatment of these three non-contenders as "prominent Democrats" is ridiculous. He was never going to pick Webb (a major sexist) and Strickland (a needed ally as governor) or Reed (another Senator). He's most likely to pick a governor like Sebilius. If he's going to pick a Senator, which is unlikely, it will be Biden.

In the beginning of the primaries I was so shure that obama had to take tom daschle as his vp because of all what he owed him(protection, connections, campaign managers, first 50'000 donors, advices etc etc etc). Then as barack was fighting the Billary's it seemed that kathleen sibelius as vp would be the best way to overcome the wall of angry women. Looking at the polls today and seeing peace again at the women front tom daschle with his leading place on obama's credit side will be the next vp.

Much ado about nothing, really. The columnist must have a biased beef against Obama.

Barack Obama . Because he's the best choice for America.

Besides - Why would America reward complete GOP failure ? Failed statecraft. Flailing economy.

We wont !

Hilary Clinton would make a excellent VP for Obama. If he doesn't select Hilary then Johm Mc caim may.


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