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The Sunday shows: Remembering Tony Snow

The Sunday talk-show hosts paid tribute this morning to one of their own: Tony Snow, the first moderator of "Fox News Sunday," who died of colon cancer on Saturday.

Snow hosted the program -- the first news show on the Fox television network -- for seven years, from 1996 to 2003. He then turned his attention to "Weekend Live with Tony Snow" on Fox News Channel and "Tony Snow Live" on Fox News Radio before being named White House press secretary in April 2006.

He served President Bush until stepping down in September 2007, citing his desire to ensure that his family was financially secure. Most recently, he was a commentator on CNN.

On CBS' "Face the Nation," former Republican National Committee chair Ed Gillespie recalled Snow as "one of the good guys." ...

"He was so good at what he did, whether it was as a commentator, as a newsman, as an editorial writer, as a press secretary or as a speechwriter, because he cared deeply about the issues," Gillespie said. "And he was always positive and upbeat and optimistic, and people resonated -- that resonated with people." Tony Snow former White House press secretary and talk-show host

Host Bob Schieffer praised Snow for his attitude toward the disease that caused his death: "He confronted it. He thought it was important to talk about it. ... I never once heard him say 'Why me?' Or 'This is unfair.' In fact, he said at one point that he thought it may have been the best thing that ever happened to him, because he came to know more about himself and he was able to get out and talk about it. "

On CNN, Gloria Borger of US News & World Report told Wolf Blitzer of "Late Edition" that Snow "could disagree with you without being disagreeable. ... So smart, so engaging. And one of his talents was listening. That's why he was such a good host of the Sunday show. He was such a good listener. And he was able to respond to you by just taking apart your argument. And he did it so well, but always with a generous nature."

"He had a real sense in the debate and the exchange," said CNN's Jessica Yellin, who covered the White House during Snow's tenure as press secretary. "He came in at a time when the press was enormously frustrated, feeling cut out and he really engaged everybody. He didn't always give you the answer.

"He was very good at changing the topic. But I'll tell you one thing, the minute he came, people started to expand their vocabulary. They would walk out of that press briefing room asking, 'What did that word mean?' and they'd look it up. He raised everyone's game."

NBC's "Meet the Press," of course, is recovering from the sudden death just weeks ago of its longtime host, Tim Russert, and moderator Tom Brokaw recalled Snow this way: "It's been a tough season for all of us here in Washington. Tony Snow, an elegant man, loved and respected by so many, dead at the age of 53.

"He was a graceful spokesman with a great taste for music. He had strong political views, but he had friends across the political spectrum in this city and beyond. He went out as he lived, with great conviction and with great dignity. And his family is in our thoughts and prayers this morning."

On ABC's "This Week," Snow was remembered in the "In Memoriam" segment with a video of his final appearance before the often contentious White House press corps: "This job has been the most fun I've ever had, the most satisfying, fulfilling job," he told the assembled reporters. "I'm sorry I have to leave it. But I have got to say it's been a real honor and pleasure working with everyone in this room."

The show he helped to create, "Fox News Sunday," devoted the whole hour to its first host. The guests included Vice President Dick Cheney (details of his recollections are found at the Countdown to Crawford blog); radio host Rush Limbaugh; Bret Baier of Fox News, Martha Raddatz of ABC News and Mike Allen of Politico; and members of the "Fox News Sunday" panel -- Juan Williams of NPR, Nina Easton of Fortune magazine, Brit Hume of Fox News and Bill Kristol of the Weekly Standard, along with Snow's successor as host of the program, Chris Wallace.

Wallace said "Fox News Sunday" was developed around a central vision, then showed a video of Snow explaining what that vision was: "Explain America to Washington and Washington to America -- that's kind of what you do.  It's nice to humanize the figures who are right at the center of American politics, and at the same time, I think it's important to be the advocate for the people listening."

-- Leslie Hoffecker

Photo credit: Fox News

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I do feel sorry for his family and the grief that they are going through. I have had my mother die of cancer and presently my 36 year-old cousin has been diagnosed with liver cancer.

His death is regrettable but I also feel that this man was the mouthpiece of the Bush administration's lies and deceit . As a professional liar, a White House press secretary has to be able to sidestep, spin and blatantly lie on demand and sadly, he did this with considerable talent. I hope his family finds in their hearts to forgive him.

The shocking lack of basic decency in so many of the comments from "liberals" regarding Snow's death is a source of embarrassment to genuine progressives and the people who admire them. It's already become something of a scandal. Time to stop digging, folks (and possibly a little soul searching, if that isn't too elusive a target)..

I hope Tony's family can find it in their hearts to forgive someone they've never met and who calls him a liar less than 24 hrs after he died.

Most of us saw Tony as someone we could trust.
Sure as White House Press Sec. his job is to get the President's message out and,
Tony did it w/class and integrity.
My deepest condolences to his family, close friends and colleagues.

Peter, shame on you. You know better....Mr. Snow never lied about anything. What a hateful piece of slander you have thrown, all wrapped up in other words, lying, sympathy! For Shame!

How would you like someone that didn't know your mother to slander her, in the newspaper, below her obituary, on the day she died? I am so glad your mother isn't here to see this horrible display of rudeness by her son! No mother would like to see their child treat others the way they do not want to be treated. I am sure she taught you that if you didn't have anything nice to say, you shouldn't say anything at all. God Bless your mother.

One less evil, lying, greedy, destructive Republican in the world.

How awful it must feel to be full of such hate for a group people (Bush, conversatives) that you don't truly know. How disrespectful you are to talk about a man you don't know. He was a good man.Anyone who ever met him or saw him on tv doing his job realizes that. He seemed to be a true gentleman who loved his family and his country. My impression is that I could not say the same about you. How would you feel if a stranger replied to the death of someone in your family in the same manner you replied to Mr. Snow's?
Why is it that some (not all) liberals have a hard time showing everyday kindness. That being cruel and negative is first thing out of your mouth. How miserable your life must.

My sincere condolenses to Mr. Snow's family.

You can look at the difference in comments made and tell partisan political! How sad.

No matter what party, Tony was a good guy who told it like it was. He was sharp, succint and loyal.

The world is a little less brighter today with his loss.

Colon cancer was to nice of a way for this scum to go. But I take solace that at least one member of the Bush regime got his comeuppance.

Tony Snow will be missed. When I lived in Detroit I always read his column and even called in to his radio program once. I was very nervous and he helped me to relax and get my point across.

Tony had a great way of discussing politics that made him very listenable. A great man has left us.

it was kind to say you empathize with the people most close and dear to him, like he's to them; it was equally kind not to pretend they were all idiots who couldn't distinguish between the respective human being, as immensely precious as any other, and his however immature and misled choices or actions.

It is amazing how the Liberals are so quick to criticize people even after they die. When something bad happens to the Liberals, eg., Ted kennedy's recent diagnosis, I would never say things like that out of respect.
Tony Snow was a prince of a guy - such strong family values, such a lively person, gentle yet strong. He will be missed by many.
Peter, get a life - it goes by so very fast.

Peter, did you even stop and THINK before you wrote that comment. Death crosses all party lines. It goes beyond your liberal agenda. To a place you can only recognize when someone close to you dies. When my mother died suddenly I felt as if i too had died. What if Mrs. Snow or her children were to read that right now. Would that in any way edify them or help them cope. No!
This clearly shows "the heart of man is deceitfully wicked"

Tony was a spended person even to liar liberals.

America has lost one of the truly Great Americans. I am proud to ahve walked this great land at the same time as this great man!

I am embarrased by fellow Americans who obviously are so filled wiht hate that they find it necessary to denigrate such a great man.

I can only explain it as the total and absolute failure of the American educational system. Our schools no longer teach critical thinking! Our schools no longer endorse common sense! Our schools have been turned into little more than breeding grounds for the seeds of radical dissent sown in the 60's and nurtured by those very radical and anarchistic idealogues.

Know this, these people are NOT liberals by any definition, they are radicals. They demand drastic political, economic, and social reforms by radical and uncompromising methods, the most commoon of which is hate.

America has lost one of the truly Great Americans. I am proud to ahve walked this great land at the same time as this great man!

I am embarrased by fellow Americans who obviously are so filled wiht hate that they find it necessary to denigrate such a great man.

I can only explain it as the total and absolute failure of the American educational system. Our schools no longer teach critical thinking! Our schools no longer endorse common sense! Our schools have been turned into little more than breeding grounds for the seeds of radical dissent sown in the 60's and nurtured by those very radical and anarchistic idealogues.

Know this, these people are NOT liberals by any definition, they are radicals. They demand drastic political, economic, and social reforms by radical and uncompromising methods, the most commoon of which is hate.

The lack of any semblance of humanity in a few of these comments is sad and revolting. It's truly a shame when politics--specifically, hatred for Bush--trumps basic human decency. And worse, these comments are most likely coming from adults.

Tony Snow had the kind of grace, style, dignity, kindness, compassion, gentility, and gentleness of spirit that I will always admire and respect. While I'm sad we won't be blessed by his presence any longer, I can't imagine the pain his family feels right now--my heart goes out to them. Of course, Tony is probably sitting up there grinning from ear to ear and shaking his head at all the fuss down here!

the kindest words anyone can find for anyone, whether deceased or still around, are sincere and honest ones. to show respect for life, and humankind. to distort your own convictions about anyone's views and actions for whatever reason, is to disgrace yourself, and to dishonor both: the deceased and those still among us.

He will be missed. He was an upright, honest, down to earth, God fearing man who told it the way it was. I admired him and my thoughts and prayers go out to his family. May God have mercy on the scum who have no decency even at the time death when people are hurting. What has happened to morals in this country?

Anyone who knew Tony Snow knows that he was a good and decent person who was incredibly smart, loved his family, loved his country, served his maker well and never spoke poorly about anyone. His passing is a terrible loss.

The vile comments in this blog are truly disgusting. The arrogance of these comments reveals the true heart of some liberals who claim to be a more evolved group who know more than the common man but when their hearts are really revealed they are filled with nothing but hate.

Condolences to the Snow family. We are very sorry for your loss.

All of the comments here are screened and approved by the LA times. Enough said, the paper either is asleep at the switch or endorses the off base and hurtful comments posted here.

That liberalism is a disordered state has never been evidenced more clearly than by the vile comments posted by liberals on this thread.

Isn't freedom of expression awesome? A great man passes away from the worst of human illness, and people hide behind the cover of the internet and blast him just because of his employers. An even better thing of freedom of expression is that the average joe (me) dosn't have to respect your views if you can't even extend basic human kindness to anyone else. Dave, Anthony: Do you think anyone would write anything good about you in your obituaries after the evil you posted here? And to Peter M: Your kindness in your condolences is leaps and bounds above anyone I would label as "liberal". But your later addition of "I hope his family finds it in their hearts to forgive him" was way out of bounds. That was totally inappropriate given the first half of your comment.

Politics or not, a great man died. If someone is going to wish death on someone else, no matter the situation; at least conduct a live-in test to know what death feels like.

I met Tony Snow in Qatar in 2003. He was approachable, friendly, intelligent and totally genuine. He introduced himself to me--as if I didn't know who he was. We toured the Al Jazeera studios together and laughed that somehow had made in iinto the belly of the beast--Al Jazeera had no idea who he was. Mr. Snow was a genuine person of great intergrity and depth--and admirably a good musician to boot. This is the time to recall and honor the passing of a great journalist and better human being.

To Peter and Dave: I hope that when you die, people will spew forth venom and lies regarding your obituaries just like you have done today. Then your families will know the same pain that you are responsible for causing to those who truly mourn Tony. I hope you will reap what you sow. That would be justice.

You people are ridiculous. Wishing someone a horrible death because his politics differ from your own? And the Democratic party frames itself as a party of compassion. What a laugh.

On the day that the Los Angeles Times slanders the recently deceased Tony Snow, what happens to their paper? Their publisher, David Hiller, resigned because of poor readership numbers. The Times plans to cut 250 people from its staff. The Times has claimed that they are losing readers to the interet. BUT the reality of the situation is that of the 250 staffers being cut, 150 will occur in their money producing online news department. The LA Times and other papers are losing readers b/c they are vicious and will attack anyone who disagrees with them. Readers are refusing to take this anymore. I will be very pleased when the LA Times is selling less than 400,000 papers per day....I will not be purchasing the LA Times, even during the football season.

Tony Snow will be greatly missed. My prayers go out to his wife and children. I have missed him on Fox News Sunday, since he left, and was elated to see him take over as White House press secretary. I was sorry to see him leave there because of his quick wit and ability to keep the main stream media in line. He kept everyone up because he was always up, even in his situation. He put his wife and children ahead of his own comfort and worked long past the time his doctors recommended. He loved GOD and lived everyday to the fullest. It is with great sadness that I view his passing and keep him and his family in my prayers. As one that has battled Pancreatic Cancer for six years and now Malignant Melanoma (probably related), I understand to the “dead man walking” syndrome that Tony and his Family fought so hard while never giving up their faith and determination. He was an inspiration to me and I can’t believe that he’s gone. But Tony showed us all how to live and how to die and is in a much better place although his wife and three children surely wish he were still here. I hope I can do it as well as Tony did and we all can learn from this courageous man who loved life so much yet lost it far too soon. So please join me in praying for his family and love your family the way Tony Snow loved his. And don’t miss a minute of life or a chance to love, help and lift up one another. Farewell Tony Snow. Even in death you’ve become a spokesperson for GOD with the life you led here on earth and the millions that have been inspired by your courage, zest for life, and love of Family, Country and GOD.

We have lost two genuine Americans back-to-back. All the negative postings are prime examples of the lack of respect and utter loss of patriotism. Tim Russert and Tony Snow both made the complex industry of politics palatable. They will be sorely missed. I wish their families the ability to cope and honor their memories.

To HR Martin: Well Said. Don't forget to add Anthony along with Peter & Dave. He is more vile then they are!


Tony Snow was a good Christian and an honest man of virtue and integrity who spoke the truth with conviction, grace, humor and talent. He was able to debate and to argue his position without cheap personal attacks on his peers and associates.

Jesus also was called many bad names though He was without sin (Jesus Christ is true God and true Man). Jesus is the Way the Truth and the Life and people called Him horrible things. The Gospel warns that if people mistreated Jesus, they will mistreat His servants also.

Tony Snow is a realist who followed his heart. As opposed to the left-wing journalism that is considered mainstream, Snow would not only report and give his opinion on news events, he welcomed as part of his wisdom and protocol to bring on opposing view points. The imbecile that called him a liar for the Bush Administration should stop watching John Stewart and that filth Bill Maher for news and information. Tony Snow was the "real deal," as opposed to others on other cable channels that struggle with their ratings and reputations. Snow had it wrapped-up!

Wake up folks: Both left and right...We will never solve the issues if all we do is denegrate those who don't believe exactly the same way we do...The perfect example is some of the blogs...I read many of various viewpoints...Some ONLY denigrate other views without even discussing their own...Think about what you are blogging...Is 90% of what you put out about solutions or just putting down others? I was purusing a Democratic website just today...Every subject line was about how evil Republicans are...No ideas, no solutions...just Republicans are evil...That's what they are about and that's all they know...I would be willing to bet they don't even think about anything else...To be fair i've seen exactly the same thing on some Republican sites...Folks we need to do some soul searching...The OTHER PARTY IS NOT THE ENEMY! Please, Please accept the fact that just because someone doesen't agree with you they are not EVIL... John Adams said over 200 years ago that parties would be our downfall...Reading some of these blogs I'm starting to believe it

"he was very good at changing the topic"

that does not seem like a nice thing to say!

Some of the hateful remarks about tony snow are unbelivable. I can't imagine what kind of people write this horrible stuff

The Times has an obligation to moderate these comments to filter out the filthy, the crass and the hateful. This would not be censorship by the Times. It would be human decency and show subscribers they do not have an agenda. Unfortunately, the Times does have an agenda and it's not fair and honest reporting. This subscriber has had enough and I'm canceling my subscription and I urge others that long for the good old days of honest reporting to cancel their subscriptions too. The Times will not change until they get it through their thick sculls that the majority of us want fair and balanced reporting. The only way to change The Times is to hit them where it hurts most. Here's the number:

1 800 252-9141

Farewell Tony, and RIP. The nasty comments show that these liberals are full of hate and are nasty people, the sort of people we do not want governing.

It' s amazing that the L.A. times refuses to remove hateful, tastless and liebelous comments all in the interest of free speach. Would the times allow anti-gay or anti-muslim speech on this post? I doubt it. Hate and intolerance are only acceptable by the times if they travel from the left to the right. Is this your idea of free speech? Free speech only for the voices you want to hear? Shame on the times.
Tony Snow lived an interesting life and faced his death with grace and dignity. As press secratary he didn't just read statements. He knew what he was talking about and would do something rare; he would say, 'did that answer your question?' That told you he knew his stuff and wanted to actually answer questions. Very refreshing.

What a low class newspaper...Glad I don't live anywhere near california.

I am utterly horrified at the gutteral comments made about Tony Snow. Fortnuately, those who are hurling these cutting stones are only loudly and articulately announcing their ignorance to the world.

I think these indidivuals are sluts. God rest the soul of Tony Snow. Please dear Lord, provide support comfort and love to his next of kin.

Everyone is entitled to an opinion, and it is a good thing to allow different viewpoints; both on issues, as well as on individuals. But to allow your website to be a place to vent hatred, is to become a partner to hate mongers.

If the L A Times Editorial Board considers appropriate to post some of the classless comments on your website, fallowing the death of Tony Snow; then your paper is no better than the crazy so called Christians who demonstrated at Soldier’s Funerals in the name of Freedom of Speech, claiming the fallen soldiers were going to Hell for defending a nation that accepts homosexuals.

Or perhaps the Editorial Board should simply consider replacing the person who Moderates the Website.


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