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UPDATE: Paris Hilton's rich gramps is reported steamed at John McCain

(UPDATE: A correction to the information below relating to the fictitious Martin Eisenstadt has been published here.)

Just a short quick update on this crucial Paris Hilton political business so that the half of the globe now in darkness can go to bed in peace and the light of wisdom. And we can all get onParis with Friday come daylight.

Late word Thursday night -- not surprising but late nonetheless -- that the Hilton family is rather unhappy with the campaign of Sen. John McCain for including its scion, P.H., in its controversial and therefore successful political campaign ad somehow attempting to link two famous or infamous female celebrities (Britney Spears is the other) with a certain Democratic presidential nominee-to-be.

If you need a refresher, you can watch the new McCain ad below. But watch quickly because the two young ladies who are famous for being famous appear only briefly.

As The Ticket noted previously, P.H.'s ma and pa, Kathleen and Richard Hilton, have donated the $2,300 maximum to the McCain operation. But there's a lot more Hiltons around apparently, including Gramps Hilton (William B.), who is the vast hotel empire's co-chair. And according to Martin Eisenstadt's blog, he's been quite the generous donor to the tune of more than $50Gs to Republican campaign operations.

Not only that, he reports, but members of the Blackstone Group, the private equity group that bought into Hilton Hotels last year, have also been generous GOP donors. And Marty says they've expressed themselves angrily to McCain representatives in recent hours.

Ever the political maverick, McCain will no doubt cite such commercial insults to benefactors as proof that he's not beholden to rich corporate types. So if you give money to his Republican campaign, you too can have your children and grandchildren linked to something as blatantly nefarious as a Democrat's campaign to show himself as beloved by Europeans who can't vote here on Nov. 4. Take that!

--Andrew Malcolm

Photo credit: French Bureau of Tourism

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The Hiltons should be happy with all the free press they are getting. Paris Hilton made her "Image" of a Celeb, and she has to accept it.

But I also believe That Paris Hilton has more experience in economics than "OBAMA".

So all you Hiltons enjoy the image that she has created, if you don't like it don't shoot McCain shoot her.

Maybe she will improve her image but lets face it, with out the image she has created she would be just a HILTION, and not PARIS HILTON

VJ Machiavelli
VJ Machiavelli

Let's be clear about one thing--there's no shame to being called a celebrity. Nobody is saying Paris Hilton or even Barrack Obama is bad. The ad calls into question Sen. Obama's qualifications to lead as president of the country.

Republicans, donate to John McCain!!!!

He'll take a special interest in your children! And then abuse them.

John McCain is a very small... tiny, very creepy little man.

Stamping his feet and throwing his feces at his opponent and his donors' children... it isn't going to win the presidency For McCain in 2008. Jr.'s already been there/done that... that's why he's only got a 25% approval rating.

It's silly season in politics...again.

All so boring and childish. It dumbs down our democracy, but...whatever it takes to win, right Karl?

There's one guy who will surely join Lee Atwater and Roy Cohn in Republican Hell.

I guess the old adage "cutting your nose to spite your face" is pretty true for John McCain. I mean, how bad can you be when you produce an ad that offends the people who has funded your campaign generously?

And we ain't talking about the issues: just this under-the-table attack ad- and one which could be produced by a 527 and released in October...

All you silly libs need to face reality and lay off the REAL next prez of US of A. John McCain is an honorable and trustworthy man. But don't take MY word for it. Just ask his first wife.
J.M. stood in front of the NAACP and PRAISED Obama and MLK. What more could he possibly DO? And this is the way BO repays him. BO is the Dark Prince, but we would all rather have the Fresh Prince

One of these candidates knows a thing or two about chasing after a twenty-something, rich, blonde heiress. He must be so fixated on past conquests that he wants to relive them vicariously through a younger man.

I grew up in the 1950s & 1960s. Lynchings of black Americans were still occurring in our nation. Laws against miscegenation were still on the books in many states. The last one was overthrown by the US Supreme Court in 1967.

I grew up in a small central California town where black Americans were not welcome (that has changed now, thank goodness!).

Many of the lynchings of Black Americans were the result of allegations by a white woman alleging that a black man had raped her--allegations never substantiated. Black men looking at white women were suspect.

McCain is old enough to know this. He has been the target of race-baiting himself (S. Carolina in 2000 by Bush operatives). He knows what is going on. He knows this is despicable. And, yes, he approved that ad. He says so right in the ad.

John McCain used to stand for something. Now he is just a sad, sick old man who sold his soul to Karl Rove.

"The ad calls into question Sen. Obama's qualifications to lead as president of the country. "

No, the ad calls into question the honesty of the McCain campaign and the ability to use lies and distortions to manipulate intellectually challenged voters like Ridley.

I have begun to notice something very strange, strange to me, about the republican party. They may throw mud at anyone who challenges them but especially if that person or persons are intelligent, articulate and knowlegable. Then they really get antsy and will scrape the bottom of the barrel, make up things and get their minions to repeat the message ad infinitem, use every dirty trick they've learned in the past to destroy the adversary. I haven't figured why this is unless they want to keep their ditto heads dumb and angry and reasoning is dangerous to their efforts.

McCain is showing us what a hypocrite he actually is. Didn't he say he refused to wallow in the rhetoric and would not run a 'smear campaign' against Obama? and that he would stay focused on the issues? so much for that idea. To say Obama is all show and no substance is a pretty naive remark too. Obama has plenty to say on all of the issues and what his plans are to make a change and a difference. So far all McCain has harped about on the issues is how much he wants to pollute the ocean with drilling instead of doing the right thing to actually fix the problem, going after the obscenely wealthy Republican oil companies, his buddies, for gouging American working people at the pump. McCain is a loser and will continue to destroy America as Bush has done. WARNING - Do not vote for McCain if you seriously ever want to see America recover, under McCain we will surely fall completely.

Actually Paris Hilton should appear in a John McCain commercial because the Hiltons are a perfect example of the kind of people who will be made a good deal richer by McCain's tax cut for the rich.

"Martin Eisenstadt"

You do know, don't you, that this guy is a hoax? As in, he doesn't really exist? You are being being played, used as a tool. Please print a retraction/acknowledgment that "Martin Eisenstadt" is pure fiction. Please do it before you become the laughing stock of journalism everywhere!

Hey, Andrew, you cite "Martin Eisenstadt's blog" and even go on to call him "Marty," like you might an old friend. But you do know Martin Eisenstadt doesn't exist, right? See You've been duped, Einstein.

I actually contacted the Times' Readers representative department, and while they were very pleasant and promised to address the issue with Mr. Malcolm, I'd be pretty much willing to bet that Mr. Malcolm - as a political "expert" - really could care less. He doesn't have to.

And the good part for Malcolm is that "Marty" will be coming up with TONS of stuff like this over the next three months. Sadly, his attempt to make a big deal about the Jonas Brothers failed, but he connected on this Blackstone/Hilton/McCain invention.

As no type of retraction or admission of error is likely to be forthcoming, I must say I look forward to Mr. Malcolm continuing to do his part in enhancing Abrad2345's career by using "Marty" as a source often.


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