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Online McCain is not, but Carly Fiorina hails his techiness anyway

To be sure, no politician goes online like normal people, not unless he/she wants those candid opinions published somewhere or subpoenaed by somebody else.

So it's not surprising that GOP presidential candidate Former Hewlett-Packard head Carly Fiorina is emerging as a prominent surrogate speaker for GOP presidential candidate John McCainSen. John McCain claims to be computer illiterate. When George W. Bush entered the White House, he stopped e-mailing his brother Jeb for the same reasons.

What's a little unusual is that one of the country's most tech-savvy women, Carly Fiorina, is touting McCain's economic plans as tech-savvy and tech-friendly. Fiorina, who used to head Hewlett-Packard, has emerged as a prominent surrogate spokeswoman for the Arizona senator.

She says it matters not whether the former fighter pilot is on IM or Twitter. It's his broad, thoughtful economic and tax plans that are good for the tech world.

Our colleagues over on the Technology blog have the full story.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Dell is in the process of being knocked out of second place by HP; the idiots had her fired, advocating staying stuck in Printers only. The R& D, the investment in Innovation, the taking over of Compaq - ALL insisted on by Carly, resulted in temporary confidence loss during the Tech Bubble Bust - loss in confidence by those who do not understand value investing that is, but she remade the corporation to her credit and its potential. As Hurd continued to keep Carly's changes, the revamped corporation is now knocking out the competition because he stuck with her changes. After she had gone, the board troubles all spilled out anew, complete in-fighting, including espionage etc - a wholly dysfunctional board, getting into trouble with the law - post Carly! She had nothing to do with the dysfunction at HP. As for you independent thinkers, go to Flora TV and get the story there by putting her in the search engine for her principled book, "Tough Choices." Fools mock and slander as they did with Galileo and Copernicus. Carly came out vindicated and with her head high, speaking of her renewed spiritual values. The corporate world is completely sexist - and liars still slander a good and capable visionary executive. She was and is a wonderful human being and communicator. The real executives that are incompetent had things given to them in inheritance; Carly worked her way from the bottom to the top by her gifts.

Senator Obama reminds me of the kid who always tries to see your answers on your work at school. Why?

As Senator Obama slowly realizes that his energy program is a "pie in the sky feel good plan" he steadily erodes his platform to achieve compatibility to the public polls. For example, Senator McCain supports 45 new nuclear power plants creating a multifaceted plan to ease the energy crisis and create thousands of techincal, construction and support jobs. Obama was not a "proponent" of nuclear power, his own words.

In Dec. 2007 Obama:"I start off with the premise that nuclear energy is not optimal. I am not a nuclear energy proponent." (Sen. Barack Obama, Remarks At Town Hall Event, Newton, IA, 12/30/07)

Click Here To View(

However, now, seeing the public response polls concerning nuclear power, his position has changed. Obama In June 2008: "[I]nvest Some R&D Into Seeing Whether We Can Store Nuclear Waste Safely, Or Reuse It":

Obama:"I've said this before, I don't think that nuclear power is a panacea. But I also think that given that it doesn't emit greenhouse gases, for us to invest some R&D into seeing whether we can store nuclear waste safely, or reuse it. These are all areas where the market interacting with a clear set of rules by the federal government and billions of dollars devoted to research and development can, I think, trigger the kind of economic growth that we haven't seen in this country for a long time." (Sen. Barack Obama, Remarks At Meeting With Democrat Governors, Chicago, IL, 6/ 20/08)

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He went from being an opponent (not a proponent) to being a 'Let's spend billions of dollars on this not optimal, environmentally unfriendly nuclear energy.

He is watching what the other candidate does and at the same time watches the polls, and changes his rhetoric to match. Rev. Wright said, "If one holds profit above principles then they are nothing but a prostiute." Speech to Pro WalMart crowd in Chicago.

OBAMA is a the textbook example of an opportunist leftest politician and I believe prostitutes have more principles due to the fact they at least admit what they do!

The consensus here - in Silicon Valley - is that using Carly to establish tech credentials is a blunder.

Whatever shread of credibility Carly might have had in the Tech World. This little sojourn into Mc Cainland has caused her to lose even that. This is a man who has admitted he both doesn't know how to use a computer and doesn't know much about economics. She puts these two admissions together and comes out with the nonsense that is reported above? Maybe she thinks McCain plans to do it by merging Compaq and HP?

Okay, she headed a business, was fired.

McCain doesn't know a cursor from a bursar.

This is silly.


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