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Sounds like Schwarzenegger would accept an Obama Cabinet post

As if he's not got enough to worry about with helpers like Phil Gramm, John McCain is learning the hard way that having the Gubernator on the stump for you can be a gamble.

The California governor appeared by tape on ABC’s "This Week" today intended, everybody thought, to give a boost to the Arizona senator's Republican candidacy for the White House.

A not always tight-lipped Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger of California

But instead, when asked, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger seemed to suggest he would have no qualms about joining an administration run by someone called Barack Obama -- who, if memory serves, is the Democrat actually opposing the Republican man the Republican Schwarzenegger endorsed for president.

The show's host, George Stephanopoulos, questioned the governor about a report in Newsweek that the Democratic senator, if elected president, might ask the Republican governor to serve in an Obama Cabinet post, as something like an energy czar. Which is Russian for big kahuna, but you get the point.

The immediate answer from most any other McCain surrogate would be: "Are you serious?" "What are you drinking from that cup, George?" "Of course not." "Absolutely not." "No." An outburst of laughter combined with a shaking head. Or perhaps a cackle.

Everyone understands Schwarzenegger's got to live with his wife, Maria Shriver, who's a Democrat. And she's endorsed the other guy. Fine.

But instead of full support, what the McCain camp got was their surrogate nibbling at the Democratic bait.

Stephanopoulos: “If he were president and he called, you would at least take that call?”

Schwarzenegger: “I would take his call now, I will take his call when he's President. Any time. Remember, no matter who is president, I don't see this as a political thing, I see this as we always have to help no matter what the administration is.”

"When" Obama's president?

The governor might try to "clarify" Monday. But with friends like these ...

(UPDATE: Sure enough, as predicted the Governor made a clarifying statement Monday saying, among other things, "I have no interest in leaving the state of California until my mission is finished.")

-- Evan Halper

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Arnold knows that the Republican brand is diminished. Whether is it opportunism or pragmatism, Arnold definitely knows which way is up... and it is not with McCain that his political fortunes will continue to rise.

it is not a coincidence that schwarzenegger voted with obama, and along with all the other neocon/neolib sell-outs, in favor of that FISA amendments act betraying and belying constitutional civil liberties, justice, human rights. only one, recent example that shows that those people are willing to say and do 'whatever it takes' to get into, and stay, in positions of power and privilege; parasitic, destructive existences, trying to suck the lifeblood of the people, instead of serving their interests. time for change.
not to believe in, but to be: 'to stop forever hoping for - start being change.'
candidate for president RON PAUL, and millions of people all over the country show that this can be done.

Good for you Arnie.

Anyone who has listened to Arnie recently will no he is scathing on the Republican stance on Global Warming. So his statements above should be no surprise. In fact I wouldn't be surprised if Arnie changed sides. Who could blame him if Bush and the Republicans in general continue blindly in their disastrous policies?

...sounds like the Gubernator is doing a little flip-flopping of his own... Terminator #1 - bad monkey, Terminator #2 - good monkey, Terminator #3 - bad monkey again.

Great. The Governator makes a mess of California and now he could be promoted; this is a huge part of what's wrong with our political system at all levels throughout the country. It's being controlled by insiders, who in turn are owned by our economic elite, who lionize each other as they crawl over the backs of The People. Take Rice for example, who was totally out of touch at the NSA prior to 9/11. She is rewarded with State for being asleep at the wheel as the most horrific attack imaginable hits NYC. Then there's that old "genius" (by cretin standards) Wolfowitz. He pushes for the wrong war which is breaking our economic and psychic backs and tossing the national patrimony into the toilet as if there were no tomorrow. He gets as his bonus the World Bank! And then he promptly embarrasses the president (who deserves it) and the nation (which does not) in tall his majesty with "GirlFriendGate." The People, in the interim, are rewarded with $5 gas and a chintzy U.S. dollar. To be honest, I think any high school grad off the street could do as well as these monkies. Maybe better. We should have a National Idol series of TV contests to fill our most important political posts! We might see governance improve. The present inbred nature of our politics maybe would not exist if we could just break the endless and damaging rounds of "Celebritygate." But these ego-driven people think they are important and irreplaceable and most of the rest of us are too deeply asleep or too preoccupied with dwindling prospects to deal with all that is being stolen from us-- PRECISELY what the ruling elite has dreamed of since the end of WWII. For them it's a Perfect Cashregister! For the rest of us it's a Perfect Storm.

"'When' Obama's president?" This is probably an ESL thing: the German word "wenn" means both "when" and "if".

Ahnult voted "in favor of that FISA amendments act betraying and belying constitutional civil liberties, justice, human rights" Just WHO's rights have been betrayed, dave?
I am no fan of the Govenator or McCain but aside from Paul's stand on the NAU, I find him a bigger idiot than Dubya and the other two RINOs. Give it up and get ready for Comunism lite.

Arnie is washed up in Kaleefornia. No prospect of a budget any time soon and two weeks past due already. He wants to be a state senator so he can properly mingle with the rest of the Kennedy clan. He'd take the Obama job in a heart beat so as to distance himself from the states economic meltdown. That way he can roll in at the next election demanding "Change".

What do you expect form a RINO who is married to a kennedy (plus he is from socialist austria)

Usually, the Governor's English is impeccable, but when I heard this I wondered if he had perhaps made a minor error. In German, "wenn" generally means "if" and "wann" means "when," but "wenn" sounds closer to the English "when" so it's easy to use "when" in instances where "if" is really the closer meaning. I suspect what the Governor really meant was "when and if" Obama were elected, he would take the call.


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