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Nicolas Sarkozy to Barack Obama: je t'aime


Love was in the air in Paris today.

The source? French President Nicolas Sarkozy and his "dear friend" Barack Obama. The pair traded lavish compliments at a joint press conference after meeting privately at the Elysee Palace.

"France is happy to welcome Barack Obama, first of all, because he's American and the French love the Americans," Sarkozy began, before adding that "the adventure of Barack Obama, it is a story which speaks to the heart of French people and speaks to the heart of Europeans." "I can't imagine somebody who better captures the enthusiasm and energy of France than" Sarkozy, Obama responded.

Later he assured the president that "the average American has enormous fondness for the French people." All of the niceties caused one reporter to ask the obvious: Was Sarkozy endorsing Obama? Obama quickly interjected. "I'm going to warn my dear friend President Sarkozy to be very careful about that ... question," the senator cautioned.

"It's the Americans who will choose their president, not me," Sarkozy said. But, in what was perhaps a dig at Republican candidate John McCain, he added: "Obviously, one is interested in a candidate that's looking toward the future rather than to the past." The pair also explained the origins of their friendship. Some excerpts:

Sarkozy: I am especially happy to be meeting with the senator. I met him back in 2006, when we talked in such impassioned terms about Darfur and what was happening there. And there were two of us in that office. And there were two of us in my office, and one of us became president. Well, let the other do likewise, huh? I mean, that's not meddling.

Obama: And I also want to say that I recall our meeting the first time. I don't know whether people are aware that, when President Sarkozy went to Washington, he wasn't yet elected as president.

He met with only two United States senators. That was me and John McCain. So I would suggest that, for the reporters in the room, if you want to know something about elections, you should talk to the president of France.

He seems to have a good nose for how things play out.... When he came as president now to speak, he was treated like a rock star. Everybody loved him. And I think it was after that that everybody decided to call french fries "french fries" again in the cafeteria.

-- Kate Linthicum

Photo Credit: Bloomberg News

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Oui Europe Loves Barack Obama and so do the intelligent Americans. It is truly time for Change we can believe in and believing any of our leaders will be a welcome change. Why vote for someone with a bucket list like John McCain. Let him stay angry at how Obama gets all the love.


I hear the sound of kissy noises. No, not for each other, but for their bosses behind. Who's their boss? Give me an R... Give me another R... give me a Big Z...

If you don't know what I'm talking about, no matter, it's on a need to know basis.

I would speculate, that for Sarkozy, along with many many Americans, the idea of having Senator Obama become president, after the continuing train wreck of the Bush years, must be very exciting. The French expect their leaders to be intelligent, thoughtful, and very literate. With Obama, a published author, they recognize a man with whom they can work. It is interesting the note of desperation that has become manifest in the conservative community. It has gotten to the point where the neocon bloggers are searching for a college thesis Obama wrote, hoping against hope that there might be something damning there.

If Socialists support Obama, then I for one do not. If the French love him so much they can have him.

America needs to beware the slick comments from Sarkozy. He is power-hungry for EU to force anti-democratic policy upon Ireland and all of Europe. A close relationship to Mr. Obama is anything but a good sign for the U.S., particularly since France has held vivid anti-American sentimentin recent years. The last thing America needs is the European Dictator's nod toward his favorite candidate. Clearly Sarkozy feels Obama will fall in line with Europe's agendas. Americans do not need a European despot's approval to elect the president we feel would best represent and lead our nation. We need a man with experience and proven leadership, which Obama has not demonstrated he possesses either.

Wow, talk about guilt by assoscialtion !! If you are silly enough to determine who you are going to support by who else is supporting them, you better check out some of Senator McCain's backers.......The close-minded, hateful, my way is the only right way kind of guys like George Bush, Karl Rove and John Hagee should be much more frightening to you than any socialist.....

ama, mccain, sarkozy, berlusconi, putin... all playing for the same team. the totalitarian global new world order. who decides in advance who will be presented to the people as candidates, which candidates will be removed or silenced, and which candidate is to 'win'?
unless the people decide to vote for their principles and conscience, and reclaim , reinstate and heed the constitution, to see the government serve their interests; and refuse to be rightless serfs and objects of arrogant corrupt 'princes' abusing and mocking the people. and will not vote for the show someone puts on, or for who tells the most brazen, hilarious, or amazing lies. nor for some party, or club, or special interest group, or for corporations, or a banking cartel , or the military industrial complex... just for themselves. it is only then that they can win, and never lose. win for their country, and keep their freedom, and their future.

If you were Obama, would you really want the FRENCH behind you? That may be the biggest reason not to vote for him ...

To Lauren:

Perhaps one should know what they are talking about before writing inane comments in response to this article. With a minimum of effort, you would know that Sarkozy is a member of the UMP (leaning conservative) party in France and defeated the Socialist candidate (Segolene Royale) in the election a year ago. Do you have the same level of understanding of the personal histories and voting records of the U.S. candidates? Do your homework before voting.

"If Socialists support Obama, then I for one do not."

Are you talking about Sarkozy? When did he become a socialist? I could have sworn he was president of the Union pour un Mouvement Populaire, which is France's major right political party. Maybe he became a socialist in the last couple of minutes and the press just hasn't covered it yet.

Or maybe Lauren just hasn't done her homework.

Sarkozy would be the french version of a true NeoCon, sort of like Rudi Guiliani. So I'm not sure how close to Socialism he really is. But anyway, the more important news is the German Press and how it's viewing Obama. They are saying Obama is going to be change for them, with an 'America that needs to realize that it's fate will be determined by Europe and cooperation with the EU and other international organizations'.

This is about power and control, and they seem obsessed with American arrogance (which isn't really the case) they feel it's in Amerca's best interest to be dictated to by Europe, but they also derive some satisfaction to see an American president who'll come to them hat in hand.

Screw that, I served under 1 crappy commander in chief, I don't need another plus a bunch of effete Europeans who have done nothing to contain terrorism and illegal immigration in their midst.

This is one OIF/OEF veteran who'll make use of his dual citizenship and live elsewhere if the U.S. loses it's mind and elects a kowtowing internationalist like Obama.

Even life-long Republican families such as ours are abandoning the Republican Party this election. Obama is the right candidate at the right time, plain and simple.

Sarkozy is not socialist, but the opposite (he was elected against socialists).
Maybe all french are socialists by USA standards - in this case, he is on the "less" side.

The rules for entering comments are obviously seeking to silence the truth. Let the people speak freely of their candidates. Let them share their sentiments for everyone to knowwithout the censorship.

Evidently the fear driven Obama hating McCain lovers cannot stand the fact that so many are enthgusiastic about the prospect of Obama for President. They'd rather have a "safe" old, backward-looking, war-mongering, not too bright white man at the helm. "Safe" ha! That is if you're comfortable with an endless war that costs a Bazillion dollars a day, a gigantic national debt, an economy going down the toilet, a crumbling infrastructure, a worthless dollar and living in a developing Third World country which we are rapidly becoming. With leaders like these.. who needs terrorists ??? Good Luck !!!

Of course the French, Germans, and English all love Barak and would vote for him over McCain 4 or 6 to 1. Why - because of the utter calamity of the Bush / right wing republican administration. Much of the world now dislikes America, and sees us as a risk to their security, especially in the failure in Iraq that has enraged Muslims throughout the world, and has been a great recruiting tool for Bin Laden and similar religious madmen.

Thanks to Bush etc, our economy is going in the tank, we may well become a bankrupt nation. The destruction of the value of the dollar is one of the reasons that oil is so high. Now, we are sending $700 Billion/year to the Islamic oil states and Chavez of Venezuela, funding the war against ourselves. Good job George.

Thanks to Bush,etc, Bin Laden is still free, While the hands of Bush etc are stained with the blood of 4100 of our soldiers, murdered because Bush etc had to do the dumbest thing that has come out of the White house since Vietnam, namely invade Iraq.

And as you pay $4/gal for gas instead of about $1.30 before Bush, remember that Bush and Cheney are in the oil business, and e.g. Bush senior sat on the board of Enron, and didn't leave until about a month before it all collapsed. He had to know what was going on.

And Bush Jr made his fortune from the Silverado Savings and Loan scam , which collapsed in the 80's costing us taxpayers billions. Today the super-wealthy are playing the same game, banks, even the Federal Mortgage agencies are close to collapse, while you lose your homes to their scams, and your jobs to outsourcing, or the loss of your business since your customers are losing their jobs.

And McCain, war hero yes, is just a front for the same gang that runs Bush, and is destroying America, your jobs, and your childrens opportunities and future. If McCain was really a hero, he would renounce his membership in the Republican party, and become either an independent or conservative democrat.

Lauren & Marshall

Sakozy is not a Socialist !!!

"He was leader of the Union for a Popular Movement (UMP) centre-right party."

He DEFEATED the Socialist Party Candidate Ségolène Royal....back in May 2007...

Lauren is no doubt a Republican troll anyway folks...

Why does Barack Obama really scare so many of you so call Americans? So many of you cry that he has no experience. Did you have experience when you got your first job or when you changed careers and had to start fresh? President. No US president became president of the US unless he was a vice president first or served a second term. So once again you are so many of you so called Americans acting so Un-American? Catch up to the 21 century and get out of the dark ages. I will be voting and supporting Barack Obama, as will many people I know. So There! Barack Obama for President.

Whats bothers me is comments from some seriously mentally deficient people.How long will they wallow in ignorance and denial?Look at where the economy and the country is courtesy of republican leadership! Loss of jobs,high gas,foreclosures,the list is endless.Ths sad thing is some of the people making comments againist Barak Obama's leadership(democratic leadership) are some of the few people that have suffered the most in the last 8 years.Now,what kind of denial is that?When will you start to realise that new leadership(BARAK OBAMA) and a NEW HOPE in needed in the US?Do you want to wait until you start living in a cardboard to realise that CHANGE IS NEEDED ASAP!

Sarkozy is a socialist ? Since when? He defeated socialist candidate S. Royal in the presidential election...

Sarkozy socialist? Please! We need a smart USA not a dumb one!!!!!

The loss of jobs and high gas prices are in part the fault of congress not doing their job. Home foreclosures, credit card debt, etc., are the fault of people who buy houses and cars they can't afford, and own too many credit cards that they max out, and let the high interest add up. No president will solve these problems. No president will make you have pride in working on a job and taking responsibility for yourself and where you are in life. Barack Obama won't do this, if he becomes president. I dont' care if foreign countries aprove or love the american president. We should try to have good relations with foreign leaders and peace if we can, but whoever is elected president should represent americans first. We are the ones who vote here. Obama shows some of his weakness when he said, he's a fellow citizen of the world. Oh, not an american citizen ?. He also said, ( the countries with the most and those with the least cannot stand, we must tear down these walls ). Foreigh countries will not change for him, he will have to change america for them.

Is it true Barack Obama is aproveing weed..?
Becasue I have herd around and I just want to
know for sure. Ok thanks...

I am French and we dislike Sarkosy more and more, first because he is pro american, prozionist, anti democratc ... like obama, bush, tony blair ... he is scary and I am sure French people will never let him finish his mandate. We will kick him back to usa or uk and good riddance sarko and your new world order. Chirac, we miss you as you were the only one, brave enough to say"Merde" to bush and now, there are conspirancies against you. Who? certainly by sarko.
Vive la démocratie et vive la république.


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