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MoveOn debuts Barack Obama ad aimed at the Comedy Central generation

"I never thought it could happen to me."

"I've been living with it for a while now ... "

So begins the latest TV ad from's political action committee, a documentary-style clip that features a group of young people confessing their darkest secret.

No, no, it's not some sort of STD they've been hiding. It's "hope" -- that often repeated (and sometimes derided) favorite mantra of Barack Obama.   

MoveOn has announced it will spend $150,000 to air the tongue-in-cheek commercial on MTV and Comedy Central. The ad, which won “funniest video” in MoveOn's recent contest of competing 30-second spots for Obama, is the brainchild of TV actor (and former 'tween heartthrob) Rider Strong.

It will be the first political ad to ever appear on Comedy Central.

On Friday, MTV aired its first-ever political commercial, an anti-Obama ad paid for by Let Freedom Ring, a conservative group. That spot took aim at what it asserted is a pattern of shifting policy positions by the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, calling him "worse than a flip-flopper."

The Swamp blog also has a posting on the ad.

-- Kate Linthicum

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Um, I watch Comedy Central. I guess I'm part of the Comedy Central generation.

My thoughts: Eh. Get The Daily Show to write your spots from now on.

MOVE ON needs to MOVE ON. was founded SPECIFICALLY to protect future democrats against the witch hunt that Bill Clinton was put through in 1998,

Bill Clinton, riding a wave of 67-70% popularity, was nonetheless witchunted by a group of 12 Republicans, HALF OF WHOM were having affairs of their own!

MOVE ON was bought by George Soros in 2004 and the sociopathic billionaire turned fire on the wife of the man whom MoveON was tributed after.

If you approve of Barack Obama, then you approve of George Soros taking over the United States with his own hand puppet as president. Learn about Soros, learn about how he became a billionaire, learn about the economies he has destroyed with his wealth.

I'm pretty sure Soros has enough on Barack that Barack will never disobey him.

If you want to support an upcoming REAL democratic organization, donate to Actblue.

This is the dumbest ad I have seen. If they think "YOUNG PEOPLE" are stupid they are out of touch.

I hope they run more stupid ads like this,

VJ Machiavelli

now isn't that a clever way of selling a disease? it's not. hawking deception is not a clever thing to do at all. narrowing down choices to two diseases makes it harder for some people to identify the more malignant one, or hides it altogether. both can destroy individual and public health, and corruptive negative effects can be exponentially increased by virulent infectiousness. continued denial dressed in vacuous contagious memes can by far surpass the physical damage caused by temporary denial of an existing physical disease. it can destroy both physical and mental health, and the freedom of a whole nation, and rob humankind of the greatest gift of life. happiness is not possible without freedom. not funny. still, an interesting comparison. it is not helpful to replace one disease with another, and jump from the frying pan into the fire. but to wisely do the recommended checkup, make the correct diagnosis, and look for health restoring remedies, will provide a vastly more rewarding, responsible perspective. as consistently offered by candidate for PRESIDENT, RON PAUL.

Eggheads for BO.


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