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McCain, Obama make the big time; each gets own comic book


There is now officially nowhere to hide from this endless presidential race that's probably already cost $1 billion and still has 14 weeks and six days to go.

You've got presidential stuff pretty much everywhere, even on 'Access Hollywood,' which used to be a refuge for the politically-oblivious until some Obama people convinced the couple to let their little girls be interviewed on TV, which they now regret.

Anyway, Sens. John McCain and Barack Obama are going to both be getting their very own comic books. You could call them graphic novels if they were longer.

But they aren't.

So we won't.

They'll both have heroic covers, hands on hips, eyes cast on the distant horizon. And the story of their life inside and in case all of this political stuff seems too complex for anyone out there, it'll all be in drawings.

Geoff Boucher, the newest smash success blogger at, has the full story over at Hero Complex,. Warning: The Surgeon General has determined that Hero Complex can be addictive.

--Andrew Malcolm

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For a second there... He'd be too old... Or would he?
Are you people sure about McCain? I once saw this movie called The Manchurian Candidate and...

graphically explicit material highlighting the greatest foibles of both projected presidential nominees. some people in america, having been systematically brainwashed into preferring phony 'heroism' to true values and principles, might not be able to connect the dots.


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