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Now, Phil Spector endorses Obama at his murder trial hearing

Gee, thanks, Phil.

They keep coming, these dubious endorsements. But, hey, any publicity in a political campaign -- except crooked friends, indNow Phil Spector endorses Barack Obama for presidentictments, spousal abuse, etc.

Today The Times' eagle-eyed Harriet Ryan spotted Phil Spector, the famous rock entrepreneur and infamous date, showing up for a court hearing in Los Angeles wearing a very obvious "Barack Obama Rocks" pin.

Spector, you may recall, has some continuing legal troubles having to do with an actress, Lana Clarkson, turning up dead in his house after a date five years ago.

Spector says she shot herself. The prosecution suggests otherwise. A jury could not decide.

So a second second-degree murder trial is set to begin on Sept. 29, pending a higher court ruling on the presiding judge. Meanwhile, Spector and every one of those "hairs" on his head is behind Barack.

Last week in Mississippi, as The Ticket noted, 34-year-old Dale Lee Bishop, who was a participant in the 1998 claw-hammer homicide of an acquaintance, endorsed Obama just before he was executed. Bishop was under the impression that Obama opposes the death penalty, which he does much of the time but not always.

And in April actress Jane Fonda, who has now infuriated two generations of military veterans by her manning of an anti-aircraft gun battery against U.S. planes over Hanoi during the Vietnam War, volunteered to a TMZ cameraman that she too was going to vote for Obama.

Of course, Obama also got the backing of notorious good guy Tom Hanks, among other Hollywood types. So that really helps.

-- Andrew Malcolm

Photo credit: Nick Ut / Associated Press

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Don't you have something useful to do?

Malcolm Malcolm Malcolm, I mean come on. Why do you feel this is news. Any body who does NOT dress himself can have any type of pin placed on his self and may not even realize it is there. Then again with all your negative tilted non-news reports you have managed to spew pertaining to Sen. O. I do not see this as Not Another Pathetic attempt to smear the good man who is running for President. Keep at it and no matter what your intentions may be, may you reap the benefits of your actions ...

I'd almost rather go on a date with the Spectre than vote for his endorsee but it's close...sound of finger going down throat.

This criminal element in our society endorsement of Barack Obama does not surprise me. They know who Obama's past and present friends and associates are in his real life. Rev.Wright, Ayers, Michael Pfleger, Farrakhan, jailed Rezko, etc. All of them 15 to 20 years or more friends of his. Now add the endorsement of killer Dale Lee Bishop and Phil Spector, these are some of the many kind of supporters Barack Obama attracts. They openly reach out to him. I wonder why him and not John McCain.

"Phil? Yeah, it's Barack Obama. Three words for ya: You're not helping."

At least Obama has the felon vote wrapped up

Why is this written so "cute"? I think an election pitting oil companies versus Constitutional Democracy is serious, as are murder charges.

How come both your political bloggers are white men?

The whole connection between Hollywood and politics is just silly. Half of Hollywood didn't even graduate from high school... Just a bunch of prima donnas willing to share a stage.

Andrew Malcolm,

Can't you find something useful to do?

A jug-eared freak from that toddlin' town rolls on to his date with destiny. The Fates rub their hands! The madness of vanity! A modern tragedy in the making! Read 'em and weep. Read 'em and weep.

I can't believe you would try and associate notorious characters with Obama's political views but then again, any desparate attempt to discredit the charisma, the smarts, and the vision of some one rather extraordinary (Obama), would put you out a job and better yet, probably out of your misery.....

Really scraping the bottom of the news barrel, aren't you, Andrew? If you can't do better than this, you'll soon be out of a blog.

tx for the reporting malcolm x.

I'm not sure that's his natural hair.

ATTN Celebrities: keep you endorsements to yourselves (unless you're oprah)

People sure get mad anytime ANYTHING negative is said about Obama.

I saw a street bum wrapped in a copy of the LA Times. Does this have meaning?

This article is hilarious, because Spectre seems so weird and disconnected. In no way does his wearing the pin reflect badly on Obama. The Obama fans who have responded so sharply appear to lack a sense of humor. Do they fear their candidate is so clay-footed that the slightest levity will cause him to crumble?

Dear Malcolm,

I was enjoying your article until I read the sentence, "......actress, Lana Clarkson, turning up dead in his house after a date five years ago."

Lana Clarkson was not on a date with Phil Spector. She didn't know who he was only hours after she was shot in his house. She thought it was a woman. It was a decision, not a date! I have never in all the 5 3/4 years since Spector's gun killed her, have I heard this evil encounter referred to as a date. Knowing Lana, and her taste in men, she would not have been seen dead on a date with this piece of garbage. And it turns out that was exactly what happened-poor girl. I don't think it is fair to demean Lana Clarkson and her tastes by referring to her last few hours on earth and the highly speculative reasons for her to get in that limo- as a DATE!? Thank you.

Edward Lozzi, former publicist and long time pal of Lana Clarkson

Look, guys. Why is Malcom's article even being acknowledged through your outrage? He's obviously a ninth-rate political reporter who has been watching a lot of E! and TMZ. IT's really nothing to take up arms over. What has really bothered me in a few of thse comments is that Phil Spector has been referred to as a killer and a criminal. Why do you presume to know what happened on that night? Is it because he's on trial for murder that you assume that he's a murderer? He has not been convicted. Save your words until they're founded.

I feel that it is pointless to speak much on the ridiculousness of this article, as it was published in the L.A. Times, but I will suggest to Andrew Malcom that he consider other career options. It's okay. Sometimes, it takes awhile to find what we're good at.

@Mickey Finn: best comment I've ever read on this blog.

Oy vay ! I dont want to think who Obama will appoint as
judge or at the supreme court. Do we really want to put
a rabbit in charge of the lettuce ? Our constitution needs
an amendment to disqualify all Chicago politicians from running for president.

Sad to say, but I'm in agreement with the first poster. Don't you have something useful to do? Though in fairness I would go further and mention that, when the LA Times goes bankrupt, perhaps you could us all a favor and cut my lawn. It's not so large. And I pay more than you deserve.

Shame on you for defending a murdrere just because he
happens to back that Obama guy of your's.

I voted for Hillary and was about to reconcile myself with
Obama. This Specter thing is the twig that breaks the camel's back. This is just one too many endorsement by an
undesirable scumbag.I understand senator Lieberman's
skepticism ,he is after all a conscious and devoted
senator and I will join him in voting for senator McCain.

To : Gregory Karr
Far left rabble-rousers do not help Obama's cause.Hold
your venom until after the election or join that other wacko Nader.

"Obama is a real straight shooter." -Phil Spector-

Rather than discussing the substance of the message a
cheap propagandist shoots the messenger.The messenger in this case happens to be a fine journalist and blogger with impeccable credentiials and a much
needed sense of humour.Ritalin might help control your
hysteria,Gregory baby.Oh, and ask yourself what it is
about Obama that attracts the low-life and misfits.

Typical Hollywood Obama supporter..... maybe Six Shooter Spector can join Obama's crew as the made for tv campaign sound man, to cover all those moments when Obama's caught without a teleprompter and stutters like a lying, red headed stepchild.

I believe Spectors story more than Obama's "I'm really honestly truthfully not a muslim" fairytale, I'll tell you that. Because if he's not a Muslim then he's an apostate since he was born a muslim which will make him a campaign poster president for Al Queda recruiters around the world, as the only thing worse to them than an Apostate is an infidel, and that's a fact.

For the libs that don't believe it, it's printed in your bible right here: / Here's more

Phil Spector is just another Hollywood Wierdo who endorses the extreme left. He recognizes Obama as the
candidate who represents that political group.

Anyone (like me) who was alive during the enormously flawed failure of Jimmy Carter's administration can understand why those of us who are actually listening to the little bit of agenda Senator Obama is ready to reveal are frightened to death of the possibility of this socialist and arrogant empty suit winning the 2008 election. He is completely unfit for the presidency now and probably in the future. I remember 20% interest rates under President Carter. I remember gas lines under Carter. I remember our Middle East problems being exacerbated under the administration of the anti-Semitic James Earl Carter, Jr. I remember Carter walking around in a sweater telling us that we have to sacrifice our comfort "because he said so". I remember thinking he was a horse's derriere when he was president and I still think he is. I also think that Senator Obama is entirely too much like Carter.

Spector and Obama. I don't know which one I like least.

I'm surprised Phil is wearing an Obama button, I would think McCain. Since all of McCain's bud's are criminals. Do the math. Plus, he still has some sense, I wouldn't vote for Grampa Munster.

All of McCains buds are criminals huh??? I guess ya never heard of Obamas good buddy Bill Ayers have ya??

HA!! I might change my mind now that I know Phil Spector has endorsed Obama. He thinks he deserves a "shot" and his endorsement might "trigger" some votes. That is just a "barrel" of laughs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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