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Note to McCain, Obama: Nearly everyone thinks we're on the wrong track

No wonder everyone wants to be the candidate of change. In a new Time/Rockefeller Foundation poll, 85% of those who replied believe that the country is on the wrong track.

Among blacks and Latinos, dissatisfaction levels are even higher: the figure among blacks is 96% and among Latinos it's 88%.

The solution? As Time reports, the public seems to want big government.  In the poll,  82% favor public works projects and 70% say more government programs should help people now struggling.

In the meantime, families are tightening their budgets. Nearly two-thirds of those surveyed -- 64% -- said they cut entertainment or vacation expenses this year.

-–Stuart Silverstein

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all this time/rockefeller (big banksters) poll can show is that the 'shadow government' seems to be getting nervously desperate to install in power their totalitarian, corporate socialist fascist military dictatorship/police state with an even more inflated, even more corrupt government and even more nefarious agencies and institutions seeing to the total disfranchising of all self-reliance and individual independent decision making, ultimately permeating all aspects of social existence, with the goal of dissolving and doing away with constitutional ideals like inalienable natural rights innately inherent to every human being (as not granted or loaned from any person or institution), traditional values like family ties, friendship, to replace civil courage and open discourse with paranoia, violence, injustice, denouncing, total control of all individual wealth and financial transactions, permanent surveillance, restriction of movement... and to ultimately implement this system of total dependency, slavery on a global scale. not a new idea, hardly original. not what the majority of the people really want, rather what they're being told to want, much like they're being told which presidential candidates to choose from, while trying to withhold from them by the means of media censorship and blackouts, the alternative message of freedom, prosperity and peace of the campaign of legitimate, qualified, and sincerely caring candidate for PRESIDENT, RON PAUL.


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