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John McCain and 'Money, money, money, money'*

July 11, 2008 | 10:46 am

* With apologies to The O'Jays.

John McCain did OK in the fundraising department in June, our colleague Dan Morain reports, though at this point, without Barack Obama's fundraising numbers, it's hard to say what that means. But we do like writing about money around here.

The McCain campaign says he raised $22 million in June, up slightly from the $21 million he raised in May. And the Republican National Committee added $26 million itself, money that can be used to buttress McCain's spending against Obama, who has been raising money like he owns the mint.

As Morain reports, Obama has raised $287 million to McCain's $133 million, which includes the June contributions for McCain but not, obviously, for Obama. Obama has sworn off federal funds -- after suggesting he'd do otherwise -- while McCain is taking the federal money, and its spending limits.

But with the RNC spinning off its own independent expenditure committee, the 527s on both sides and the rest of the cash flow that floods through campaign season, it will keep these folks very busy trying to make sense of it all.

-- Scott Martelle