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John McCain tosses a microphone to a questioner -- and hears plenty

It was one of those unscripted moments that pleases crowds and -- who knows? -- maybe even earns votes.

At the end of his prepared speech to the National Council of La Raza, John McCain took a few questions from audience members. Then, a disembodied woman's voice announced that the question period was over and the senator had to leave.

McCain could see there was someone who really, really, really wanted to ask a question, but the woman holding the mike refused to hand it over because, hey, the Q-and-A period was finished.

McCain, who looked a little frustrated himself, did not apologize and leave. Instead, he tossed his own wireless microphone from the stage down to the man. The crowd went wild, and many kept cheering when they saw who caught the mike: Enrique Morones, founder of the Border Angels, the pro-immigrant answer to the Minutemen.

"When your forefathers came," Morones said, "everyone was welcome at Ellis Island. You are supporting the militarization of the border that has killed more than 10,000 people. Will you commit to stopping the inhumane raids? Will you issue an executive order to stop these raids that are taking place right now?"

McCain did not answer directly, but as he did with a couple of other questions, reiterated that as a border senator, he knows about the dangers of illegal crossings. But, he added, "The United States of America has to have secure borders, sir.... But we can address this issue in a humane and compassionate fashion. I am committed to that. If you don't think we have to secure our borders, then we disagree, and I respect your view."

-- Robin Abcarian

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Enrique, please be honest to yourself. The border has not killed anyone, those are suicides. When will Mexicans return to Mexico and reconstruct their country?

Morones is a moron. No one has died going through an authorized port of entry.These folks refuse to obey the laws of the United States. They have no respect for the people here ,they spit in our faces and demand their "rights". I have heard a civil war is coming. These worthless politicians need to pay a price for their betrayal of the American people.

First of all Mr Morones, everyone that came through Ellis Island was not welcome. They had strict rules for entrance into this country. Immigrants had to pass a health exam, could not be criminals and that's just a start. For the history please use this link:
And coming from you Mr Morones, an anchor baby, this is a joke. And try to remember that the US isn't killing anyone, they choose to cross into this nation illegally and uninvited, as you your parents did. But our uninvited guests are killing thousands of Americans each year. If anyone wants to enter this country for a better life, they should do it legally. If not they should stay home and fix the country they are fleeing from, because that is where their allegiance lies anyway.

Enrique Morones epitomizes the pathology of the criminal mind perfectly when, instead of acknowledging the evil he is committing, seeks instead to shift the spotlight over to some imaginary flaw on the part of the victim.

For example: The thief, in their contempt for their victims, will ever believe that they somehow are more "deserving" of that persons goods. And with twisted reasoning, argue that "If they didn't wanna get ripped off... they should have secured it better!".

It is an evil day when any of our Presidential hopefuls should patronize the likes of a Enrique Morones... especially in the name of "compassion".

Where is your "compassion", not to mention LOYALTY Mr. McCain, for the millions of American citizens who are here legally, and are daily being victimized by foreign INVADERS?!

Morones and the Border Angels are not pro-immigrant, they are anti-immigrant.

The author of the article ought to get his facts straight.

Mr. Morones is a fifth columnist, operating in the United States for the benefit of Mexico. That is the definition of a fifth columnist--one who clandestinely operates in a nation for the benefit of another nation. Not rocket science.

I am THRILLED to see that more and more people are understanding not only the invasion, but cretins like the Freak who are behind it. The Third World mentality is ALWAYS to blame the victim for your illegal acts. American sell out politicians like SD's Sanders and LA's Villar are just another road block to American sovereignty. Hopefully Angelino's will be able to elect Walter Moore and NOT Villar as SD just recently re elected Sanders, with the help of La Raza and 100's of 1,000's of illegal, fraudulent votes!!! DEMAND voter ID, LA..while you still have time. Meanwhile, I will do my best to recall the charlatan Sanders! Together, American CAN take this country back.

"Enrique, please be honest to yourself. The border has not killed anyone, those are suicides. When will Mexicans return to Mexico and reconstruct their country?"

Border Raven are you still attacking innocent people as racists you idiotic buffoon!

Senor Morones never saw an illegal alien who didn't deserve "..a path to citizenship..." or "..comprehensive immigration reform..." aka AMNESTY. So called "Latino's" in general and Mexicans in particular are victims of "racism" because they don't get even MORE green cards than the current outrageous allotment! With 1% of the world's population Mexico gets approxmately 14 to 16% of the annual green cards under so-called "family reunification." We could give them the ENTIRE ONE MILLION and it still wouldn't be enough for race hustlers like Morones.

Morones is an ethnic hustler in the perpetual grievance industry who believes that walking distance to our borders & tribal Chauvinism are justifications for ignoring this nation’s immigration laws. As such, he’s hardly a credible source of information in the illegal immigration debate.


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