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Ticket gallery: What does this new ad for John McCain really say?

This is a new Ticket experiment. We're going to try this from time to time until Nov. 4 with new ads from the presidential campaigns -- maybe even ads for other offices, if they're interesting.

But instead of us writing on what these television commercials are about, we're asking you to tell us and the thousands of other daily Ticket readers what they're about. Why waste time talking back to your television screen?

You, the voters, tell us right here right now what you see in them that you like, didn't know, didn't like, whatever. It's your turn to blog about the campaigns.

This one is from Sen. John McCain's campaign.

Tell us what it's about and what you think in the Comments below. And since this isn't a pep rally for or against anyone, try to be open-minded, regardless of whom you may be currently supporting. We'll have other candidate ads posted here in coming weeks.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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This ad says McCain is a plagiarist. As Andrew Sullivan points out, the slogan "Don't hope for a better life; vote for one" was first used in an ad for U.K. Conservative Party candidate Michael Heseltine in 1978.

See and

It makes me think about all the troops over in Iraq. Every time he runs this ad I can't help thinking about them. I bet our troops will be happy when Obama comes over to visit them.

The ad reinforces the idea that John McCain loves his country. Which is more than I can say about the "presumptive" Dem nominee.

Linda, you're a simple-minded moron. You clearly are the kind of person whose job will soon be offshored to Bangalore, if it hasn't been already. Mr. Obama has policy positions with which you disagree. This does not mean he "hates America". If you find your brain again, do drop us a line and let us all know.

Great ad by McCain. He's a decent guy and has served with honor. He's still only he second best candidate in the race.

SkyBeaver, exactly the kind of response from Obamabots I expected.. So quick to put people down who don't agree (Clinton supporters).

Oh wise, smart one, just what are Obama's positions?. He couldn't define them if we begged. He changes his tune depending on which audience he's speaking to. Israel, FISA, Iraq, Abortion, Wright, Pfleger, Rezko, Flag Pin?? On and on....

BTW, my brain and my job are quite well, thank you very much.

Thought Linda was being unfairly characterized by the collectivist SkyBeaver but like most intelligent, modern right-of-center ladies, she made short work of the leftist.
McCain was certainly heroic in captivity. He has also been a promoter of his "maverick" status for years. Yet he is no "maverick" in the Goldwater sense. AuH2O had a consistent political philosophy which faught against the leftist agenda of 44 years ago (the same tired crap democrats dredge up every four years.) Yet McCain's ad says America's "economy is in a shambles". What nonsense. Carter's 17% inflation rate. That was a shambles. Clinton before he signed 75% of the Republican majority's Contract With America was heading us toward shambles #2. What very little the MSM has permitted us to know about Obamanomics points toward blaming the middle class for not paying "it's fair share" and somehow taxing common Americans out of low growth (and into recession) by creating the largest tax hike in American history through repeal of the Bush tax cuts on the middle class. Apparently McCain is in agreement with the leftest caricature of the economy. Ads like McCain's make one wonder what good putting the "Maverick" in office would do. Perhaps the certain disaster the socialists will bring and the generation it will take to reverse them is needed harsh medicine.
But then; there are the terrorists, and Obamaprotection is no protection at all.
By the way, Andrew Sullivan, Eisenhower's campaign slogan was "Time for a Change!" so I guess Obama is a plagiarist, huh?

Linda a Clinton supporter?

Would have never it go Linda...let it go

McCain is a computer-illiterate war-mongering flip-flopper who has always been a liability to his country. He graduated 894 out of 899. He crashed four planes before being shot down and captured in his fifth. His "heroics" are highly debatable because he blocks release of Vietnam Vet records (including his own). He admits he doesn't know much about economics. He has never colllected anything but a government check. Thanks to his admiral dad and grandpapi, he is the biggest recepient of "affirmative action" in this presidential race. Obama has demonstarted his organizational powers vs. Clinton. McCain couldn't run a hotdog stand let alone a country!


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