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LeBron James dunks $20G's in the basket for Barack Obama

Not sure how we missed him the other day in another one of Dan Morain's comprehensive campaign finance roundups. After all,NBA player LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers has endorsed Demolcrat Barack Obama for president the guy is about two feet taller than our garage door.

But LeBron Raymone James, the 6-8 "small" forward for the Cleveland Cavaliers, has endorsed Barack Obama for president.

If by endorsing, you mean donating $20G's to a committee devoted to electing the freshman Illinois Democratic senator as president on Nov. 4.

James, an Akron native, was the No. 1 NBA draft choice in 2003 out of St. Vincent-St. Mary High School. He got $90 million for a shoe-endorsing contract with Nike before playing one minute in the NBA. So he sure must have pretty feet.

Presumably James can afford the political donation. Maybe he'll also throw in a pair of running shoes for Obama to finish the race.

As you can easily see from the video highlights below, the much-touted James has turned out to be a pretty mediocre pro player, actually. He managed to be elected league Rookie of the Year only once. He's been on the All-NBA team only four times and was league scoring champion this past season.

Sure, as you can see, he's large (250 pounds), but he's quick, jumps high and makes baskets from great distances.

Other than that, not much to show.

--Andrew Malcolm

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And how much did Honus Wagner give the McCain campaign?

I touched his arm last week when he visited the Nike campus. I tried to shake his hand but I'll settle for grazing his wrist. Anyway, he sounds like a nice guy, but had I known he was supporting Obama I probably wouldn't have gone to see him. ...well, that's probably not true, but I wouldn't have tried to shake his hand. ...well, that's probably not true either. I wouldn't have been as enthusiastic about it, though.

And McCain was endorsed by a majority of Roller Derby "players."

Lebron James knows about as much about politics and I do about dunking a basketball. NONE!!!!!

ANDREW - Mediocre pro player? Are you serious? Please tell me you are being sarcastic.

A player can only be elected Rookie of the Year once - so that's a pretty amazing accomplishment that he did it in his ROOKIE SEASON.

And lastly, considering LBJ has only been in the NBA for 5 years - I'd say it's pretty good that he has "only" been named to the All-NBA four times.

Syrachuck - Go to and type in "sarcasm"

ANDREW - Mediocre pro player? Are you serious? Please tell me you are being sarcastic.

Posted by: syrachuck |

Yea, no he was very serious...if you belive that, you probably also believe McCain will make the election close in the fall.

I like LeBron, and I don't care about basketball, pro or otherwise. He can endorse anyone he wants. In the fourth quarter, when he wants to, he can take control of the game against almost anyone. When he first came into the NBA, and was asked about all the attention his reaction was " I love it, and hope it never stops " Now, now can you not like a guy like that ?

I have been posting on sites with this name for a long time "LeBron is King Obama President!", i love to support lebron, he is a real hometown hero, and everytime i meet him he is humble and funny! Dude has a great rags to riches story, from being nearly homeless and almost quitting grade school because he was ashamed of how poor he was..

LeBron is the true peoples champ if there ever was one in basketball, he does more for people locally, and for his city, state and kids than men twice his age... LeBron's maturity and insight is what needs to be given more emphasis. Basketball is just a game, but LeBron is mastering life!!! Way to go kid! Good choice in supporting Obama, Phil Jackson does too!

LeBron was already a bad ass, but he has gone up the ranks by endorsing the right candidate, go LeBron, go Obama- woot woot! :)

He'll be kicking himself once he figures out how much more he's going to pony up in taxes under Obama.

Hmmm...not sure having "someone that can dribble a ball, really REALLY well" is an endorsement a political candidate will brag much about. At the same time (because IMHO, McCain is "dangerously incompetent"at this stage of his life) it is being put to a good use.

Just because he is an NBA player does not mean he doesnt know politics....Just because im 21 does that mean i dont know politics? What decides who does and does not know politics?

the last 8 years will go down as the worst in american history. and if mccain wins expect more of the same!!!!!!
Lebron your the man

People, this is a real problem. NO ONE (not even LeBron James) should be allowed to donate that kind of money to a campaign. The limit for candidates is $4,600. Donating to these "committees" is basically the same as donating to a candidate and undermines the kind of legislation that many people worked so hard to achieve. I hope one day we can get these large contributions out of politics and that we will stand up to it, but sadly, I think it's more likely to bring down our once great democracy. Just look at Obama. He himself said campaigns should be publicly funded and then turned his back on his own principles once he realized it would work in his favor this time. How disappointing.



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