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John McCain picks up steam in Colorado and Minnesota

If John McCain and his loyalists were hoping for something to brighten their day amid the blizzard of coverage of Barack Obama's foreign tour, they've gotten it with new poll results from four key states -- Colorado, Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

The survey by the Connecticut-based Quinnipiac University Polling Institute, conducted between July 14 and Tuesday, contains especially good news for the presumptive Republican presidential nominee in Colorado and Minnesota.

In Colorado, the one state among the four that President Bush carried in 2004, the poll showed McCain ahead by 2 percentage points. That lead is within the poll's margin of error, but it represents a positive trend for the Arizona senator; in a Quinnipiac survey a month ago, Obama led in the state by 5 percentage points.

The poll found McCain making even greater strides in Minnesota, host of the convention where McCain will formally become his party's nominee in early September. Obama's advantage over McCain there now is negligible -- 2 percentage points -- compared with a 17-point lead the same survey gave the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee in June.

Here are the new results:

Colorado (nine electoral votes): McCain 46%, Obama 44% (in June, Obama 49%, McCain 44%).

Michigan (17 electoral votes): Obama 46%, McCain 42% (in June, Obama 48%, McCain 42%).

Minnesota (10 electoral votes): Obama 46%, McCain 44% (in June, Obama 54%, McCain 37%).

Wisconsin (10 electoral votes): Obama, 50%, McCain 39% (in June, Obama 52%, McCain 39%).

The Quinnipiac release on its poll notes that McCain "has picked up support in almost every group in every state, especially among independent voters and men voters."

Summarizing the change over the last month, Peter Brown, the poll's assistant director, says that Obama's "post-primary bubble hasn't burst, but it is leaking a bit."

Brown's comment contrasts starkly with his summary ...

... of the results a month ago. At that point, as The Ticket reported, he said: "November can't get here soon enough" for Obama. "He has a lead everywhere, and if nothing changes between now and November he will make history."

A change that could explain McCain's gains, Brown says, is the energy issue. He notes that the new survey found "increased support for additional drilling, which McCain supports and Obama opposes. Roughly one in 10 voters say they have changed their minds and now favor drilling because of the jump in energy prices."

Several other states will prove crucial to the election's outcome, including Ohio, Virginia, New Hampshire, Iowa and New Mexico. But the four states Quinnipiac has focused seem, as of now, especially criticial to Obama's game plan for winning the White House.

Amassing the 270 electoral votes required for victory will become much more of a strain for him if he cannot hold onto the upper Midwest trio of Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin, which every Democratic presidential candidate since 1992 has carried.

And snatching Colorado from the GOP column, which the Obama camp long has viewed as very doable, would make for a much straighter path for him to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

The new poll also will hearten Republicans hoping to keep their party's expected Senate losses in November's vote to a minimum. GOP-held seats in Colorado and Minnesota have been viewed as prime pick-up opportunities for Democrats, but the survey finds a deadlock in Colorado and a growing lead for incumbent Norm Coleman in Minnesota.

In Colorado, last month's poll put Democratic Rep. Mark Udall 10 points ahead of Republican Bob Schaffer in their fight for the seat GOP Sen. Wayne Allard is giving up; the new numbers show the candidates tied at 44% each.

In Minnesota, Coleman's margin over Democrat comedian Al Franken is now 15 points, up from 10 points in June.

-- Don Frederick 

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Romney will help lock down CO, NV, MI for McCain. Not to mention NH, MA and MN.

STEAM? "STEAM?" Steam generally doesn't have a most disagreeable odor Retitle your article so it is politically incorrect. Thank you.

I hear Obama's steam doesn't stink.

Osama is owned by the hard left, and they are unalterably to more domestic energy and victory in Iraq. He can't back out of those postions.

On top of that, "late deciders" in the primaries post-Jeremiah Wright always went for Hillary. Most non-doctinaire people don't trust him...and that won't change.

I think the boy Messiah of the left is going down.

Would Barack Obama have gone to Berlin to give the speech he gave today if he had not defeated Senator Hillary Clinton----the answer is clearly no. Obama says he came as a citizen and not as a candidate for the Presidency yet he gives a “campaign speech”. “I know that I don't look like the Americans who've previously spoken in this great city” obviously referring to the “race issue”. “The journey that led me here is improbable”, is what he is saying unlikely and unbelievable because I am from America where they have racism there. “America has no better partner than Europe.” Well America has many Allies that have stood and fought with us for freedom, giving the nod to Europe as the best is offensive to the other countries that maybe aren’t as big as Europe, but gave sacrifices and stood by America. Very disappointed that this man is representing America without even being Elected.

Obama must choose Hagel as his running mate. End the election tomorrow. If not we're going to find out what America would've been like if Ross Perot had become president and Admiral Stockdale had succeeded him. Obama must be up by 10% or more to win the general election in America. Remember what happened to Harold Ford in Tennessee. I love my country but there's significant latent racism and anti-semitism. Sad but true.

Beltway Greg

Mccain will save his dignity if he retired today. We need a president who is stable, young and has physical capacity to endure the burden of the oval office. The man can't even see, speak or stand up.

I agree with Beltway Greg. This Country is full of latent racism and although I think Obama would be an excellent President, some folks will not get passed his color. A sad Country we live in!!!

McCain wins on issues!!! The further he gets into the campaign and begins comparing issues against Obama, apparantly at his own campaign expense, since the liberal news media will not cover him equally, the more suport he will recieve. The multi "flip foloping" Democrat now has too many negatives, plus less experience and no military, etc... and thus they will show up after the convention. McCain more closely reflects the largest portion of American voters beliefs, so lets hope that he registers enough Republican voters to win.
Monty Ousley Weddell Dallas, TX

Obama told an Israel crowd "Just this past week, we passed out of the U.S. Senate Banking committee, which is MY committee, a bill to call for divestment from Iran...."


Another lie to get votes by Obama. When will the American left wake up and smell the lies that Obama tells almost daily? He'll do almost anything to get votes. Will the American Jewish voters be fooled by this man?

Choosing McCain because he favors letting the oil companies drill in currently restricted areas, like ANWAR, is what lazy low-information voters would do.

Don't bother these people with facts. Don't tell them that the oil companies aren't drilling in all the places they currently have available.

Don't point out that it isn't the lack of off-shore drilling, but rather the lack of oil refineries that is a problem.

Don't bring up the fact that drilling in ANWAR won't produce anything for at least a decade.

And by all means, don't point out the evidence that illegal oil speculating is behind the recent "surge" in gas prices.

These voters don't want to think. They are Phil Gramm's whiners. They just want someone to promise them that they can have wat they want with no consequences - if they vote for him.

And that's what McCain does; he makes statements based on fantasy and promises based on nothing. People who would vote for that kind of candidate want to feel the emotional gratification his promises give them without examining why they feel good.

And, beyond that, there will be a lot of racism raising it's ugly head, especially in Michigan. When push comes to shove, anyone lying to themselves about how racist they really are will use any excuse to vote for the white guy. Off-shore drilling will be just one such excuse, so will Islamic radicalism.

I have never scene a presidental candidate hyped to the extent that the junior senator from Illinois has been. His "judgement to lead" has been proven to be a serious lack of judgement. Can Obama not see the contradiction of him opposing the surge in Iraq as a failure while at the same time advocating a surge in Afghanistan! I mean, if the surge was a "failure" in Iraq, why does he want to have a surge in Afghanistan?

This is a simple issue. Obama is losing ground because people in the US, including myself, don't particularly care about those countries that haven't supported us. We are concerned about gas prices. The congress can't seem to pass meaningful energy measure to help us out but they can bail out idiotic home owners and government subsidized housing agencies.

But Obama doesn't seem to care. His handlers want him to go over there and act presidential.

So, I'm happy to see Obama's numbers go down. This is a candidate that can't close the deal. He couldn't close the deal with Hillary and he appears to not be able to close the deal against McCain.

Also, I am getting peeved about the media issue and the treatment John McCain is getting.

I'm telling you now, the dew is about to come off this rose and it isn't going to be pretty. Get ready for the Obama camp to play the race card and the media to turn on him.

At the end of the day, people will like Obama less than McCain and that's the issue, likability. McCain should keep doing what he is doing.


America should not relax because McCain is up in a couple of polls. The entire old "mainstream" media is in the tank for Obama and there are many, many ignorant people utterly fooled by them.

Republicans need to unite and fight!

Borrowing from the article: "if nothing changes between now and November (Obama) will make history." Hopefully, after November, he'll BE history! I think he's going under the bus with Kerry(ecch!), Gore, Dukakis, Mondale, and Humphrey. They've never managed to foist a liberal extremist/socialist on the American people yet, and even if they did think they could force us to vote for Obama for fear of being labelled "racists", it DIDN'T WORK! Go, John, you da man!

You damn right there's a lot of racism in this country, and 92% of it is from blacks! You will NEVER be taken seriously here, or anywhere else, until you get over it! Saying if we don't give you your way and elect your black liberal extremist then we're racists is crap, you're the racist! I don't know a damned soul who wouldn't vote for Obama because of his outside (color), but I know a hell of a lot of people who won't vote for him because of what they believe he has inside! Don't even say that whites not liking him because of his associations with Wright, Ayers, Dohrne, Rezko, support for Partial-Birth Abortion, racism! It is perfectly sound and understandable. The democrats could have picked many acceptable black candidates, but they wanted Obama, warts and all, because he's the most liberal possibility they had! Blame him, and blame them! You see him going down, and you won't accept why. Too bad, you lose, America wins!

polls this early dont mean anything,well maybe for Mcain supporters give them a little hope,but in the end it will be President Obama.

There is no way America will relive the nightmare of the past 8 years - McCain is 99% Bush shadow. We have to have change if our country is to survive, literally. McCain has no understanding of the economy and the middle class, like Bush he has never held a real job outside the government.
Last but not least is John is experiencing early signs
of dementia - his over 5 years of captivity puts him at least 10 years over his calendar years. Plus be believes war is the answer to every problem - this country has got to evolve past the cave dwellers of Afghanistan.

Here is the gist of the above article: There is "especially good news" for McCain, because "Obama's advantage over McCain" is negligible.

Well, you know what? Obama still has the overall advantage. And that's not likely to change, because nobody wants old-fart-McCaine with his war-mongering, chauvinistic politics to run our country, and give us 4 more years of Bush.

McCain was a military pilot. The guy's been tortured and held in solitary confinement for long periods of time. As a consequence, he's proven himself to be mentally unstable, often erupting in fits of anger at reporters and other people. He is a complete hot-head; a militaristic nut job.

How could anybody even THINK hot-head McCaine is appropriate to be our president? McCain is totally unfit to be in a leadership role of that magnitude. He's likely to start WW3, and send us into poverty and war, and stress, for the next two decades to come.

We need change in the positive direction, towards prosperity and global stability. We need to place emphasis on diplomacy to resolve disputes where possible, not military action. We need a skilled, tactful ambassador who can represent America brilliantly in the world; and that person is clearly Obama.

Wow! Do you readers think these posts are crazy? If we don't vote for Obama it's because we are racist, not because we don't believe he can run this great country. If we do vote for McCain we are voting for an old guy who can't see, speak or stand. There are only two people with a chance to be elected, so I guess our choice is obvious. Ignore the men, their ideals, their experience, their rhetoric... just do the right thing! You can avoid being a racist while you avoid voting for the old guy! Thanks fellow Americans for making this decision so much easier for us "undecided's".

Obama will lose because the media has been kissing his behind. Nobody likes golden boys.

Any news is good news when it comes to defeating the anti Christ that is Obama. We don't need another" Hussein" to screw up the world. We just got rid of ONE IN iRAQ. I think he is the anti Christ who'll screw up in Washington and lead the world to the ultimate destruction with his incompetence and immaturity. It scares me to see an immature person even getting a shot at it.


John says:
"He couldn't close the deal with Hillary and he appears to not be able to close the deal against McCain."

Uhhh. I thought he closed that deal with Hillary. And he's ahead in every single poll against McCain. Every single one. He's ahead in every single analysis I've seen of electoral votes. What, exactly, do you consider "closing the deal"?

ever bother to take a second look at the ads on this page? like, 'I AM disney', with a background similar to the obama campaign ads before, in the same place in the upper right corner? and they changed to this ad right after obama lying in israel claiming the senate banking committee was 'MY committee'? clearly an attempt at making his statement appear less of a lie, and to suggest it might have been meant in some figurative way. even the ad for macy's with the 'hottest trends for fall' either displays an obama look-alike picture or depicts women in black - coincidence? no. it is very obvious that all those ads, not only his campaign ads, are sponsored by his campaign. someone is VERY desperate to get obama, or at least mccain into the white house, at whatever cost.

both illegal candidates by constitutional standards, intellectually unqualified, ethically corrupt, disqualified. spook-like forebodings of the agenda they're determined to fulfill, in a nation that has lost its way: the end of freedom, and global enslavement of humankind. the crumbling bridge that for a short time still affords america to reclaim its freedom, and its civil liberties, and national sovereignty, is the CONSTITUTION. and the only candidate to defend the principles of the constitution is RON PAUL. time is running out.

I really don't know where you get your information from...
I live in Northern Minnesota, and I can guarantee you the sentiment is NOT in John McCains favor in most of the areas of Minnesota. The Twin Cities are NOT all of Minnesota. And though John McCain is a war veteran and former POW, I know a lot of folks that question a man that still refers to the Vietnamese people as 'Gooks' someone that has a questionable personality. The man is a GW clone no matter what you say. And GW Bush, sank this nation so deep it will take decades to repair the damage done to our nation... We do not want more of the same! It just doesn't make any sense.
Respectfully yours,
Manuel Colunga-Hernandez
rural Deer River Minnesota

I hope most Americans judge the candidates "based on the content of their character, not on the color of their skin." In that light, for so many reasons, I have to give the edge to Senator McCain. Does this make me a racist? On the contrary, it makes my views consistent with the message of one of the bravest leaders of our time: Dr King.

Plus, and I trust all taxpayers will pay attention to this one, Senator Obama attached more pork to legislation than every other congressman in 2007! Big spender trying to buy votes? Reckless expenditure of On the other hand, Senator McCain attached $0 in port to legislation in the same year. Who is more responsible with YOUR money? Senator McCain, no question.

I vote for Obama regardless of the lies he says. Just like you voted for Bush for religious reasons, I now vote for Obama for exactly the opposite.

Dox - How is it possible that any even slightly patriotic, law-abiding, non-racist American could be undecided at this point?

MickyMouse - You typify the Obama voters. That is why he will lose. Reasonable, decent Americans know his support comes from people like you. You have never won in this country, and you never will.


• Sacrifice of American Wealth and Blood for the Sole Benefit of Israel
• Amnesty for Illegal Mexicans Aliens Usurping Jobs and Services
• Outsourcing of Jobs and Technology to China
• Early Release from Captivity for Military Secrets
• McCain-Feingold Legislation Suppressing Freedom of Speech
• McCain-Leiberman Control Gun Legislation
• Slander and Ridicule of Huckabee, Romney, and Ron Paul
• Roberts and Falwell, “agents of intolerance”
• Roe vs. Wade Sacrificial Killing of Children
• To “occupy Iraq for 100 years”, “bomb Iran”, and “just keep Afghanistan”.
• Veto of Bush Tax Cuts
• Keating Five Crooks
• Unsolved Recession and Inflation Problem
• Unsolved Heath Care Problem
• Unsolved Social Security Problem
• Long Scandalous, Contentious, and Non-Productive Political Career


Talk about a low information Americans! You really need to read something other than Obama talking points or the Daily Kos.

"Oil companies aren't drilling in all the places they currently have available". Hmmm. Think hard for a minute or two. Don't strain. Just let the answer come into your empty head. Why would oil companies shell out millions of dollars for leases and not drill them? Seems kinda stupid. Especially when oil companies are for profit institutions, and the price of oil is very high.

The answer is that oil companies buy the leases from the government before the presence of oil is even known. They have 10 years to develop the lease, or they give it back to the government and lose all the money they paid for it. Leases can cost millions of dollars each.

The next step is to look for oil. This does not mean drilling - they may just do seismic or other non-intrusive methods. If they find no oil is likely to be present, then no drilling.

Or they may find oil. But then they make an evaluation on whether it is economic to produce. How much oil is there? What kind of oil is it? How will they get it to market? What is the cost for development? This is another break point for deciding to dill a lease.

What about your other "facts"?

"Don't point out that it isn't the lack of off-shore drilling, but rather the lack of oil refineries that is a problem." Er. yeah. So then the price of oil should have little relationship to the price of gasoline, right? Except that's not true - the sudden rise in oil prices was mirrored by the rise in gas prices. Lack of refineries is part of the problem, but not the only problem. And of course the environmental movement and their allies in the Democratic party have systematically blocked the construction of expansion of refineries, so your point seems entirely irrelevant. McCain should want to drill, and build new refineries!

"Don't bring up the fact that drilling in ANWAR won't produce anything for at least a decade." Uh, yeah. First off, it's ANWR not ANWAR. Second, I seem to remember hearing that about 8 years ago when Bush wanted to open ANWR. And 15 years ago when Clinton vetoed opening ANWR....and...Your argument boils down to "we were stupid 10 years ago, but that is not reason to quit being stupid today."

"And by all means, don't point out the evidence that illegal oil speculating is behind the recent "surge" in gas prices." Illegal speculating? I was not aware there was any such thing. Speculators are betting that the price of oil will rise because we are not doing a damn thing to bring it down. Our actions drive the speculators, not the other way around. Bush rescinded the order to dilling on the OCS and the price of oil dropped $15. If congress votes to open ANWR, the price of oil will drop another $20. Words, predictions, plans drive markets as much (if not more) than the actual availability of a commodity. Based on avalibility, my guess is the price of oil would hover around $80.

As for the the rest of your post - well let's just say you are as ill informed about McCain, racism, and just about every other topic as you are on oil markets and economics.

Seriously, when your "facts" are on a bumper sticker level of understanding, you might want to keep it to yourself. When lazy, low information voters listen to you and just nod..."uh-huh" it is not because you are dazzling them with your brilliance.

These polls are hogwash!

Anybody else think Obama's statement about the banking committee was somewhat Freudian? Some time ago there was an observation widely circulated that Obama's best friend was his personal banker he was on the phone to him so often. Think that's what is on his mind? (my congressional banking committee = my personal bank)

Has anyone seen the Vanity Fair's spoof of John and Cindy McCain? Hilarious!!! Did anyone know that the McCain's now have their own Tony Rezko, in Craig Berkman who was a major contributer to the Republican Party and to the McCain campaign. Berkman is being sued by investors for fraud. And at the same time, because of all the media attention being paid to Barack Obama, Robert Novak and the McCain people, put a ficticious fabrication out to the media yesterday, that McCain was about to announce his VP so that they could gain some of the publicity that Obama was receiving. McCain and his people seem just a little desperate.

To Barack Hussein Obama people who still say McCain will be four more years of Bush if elected, face this thought. If Obama is elected, america will have four years of Rev.Wright and the black liberation views. They are for blacks only. Is that racism ? A 20 year spiritual and very close friendship with someone is like , birds of a feather flocking together. Wright is anti-american, has close ties with Farrakhan and is racist. Because Obama had a 20 your affair with Wright, he is the same as Wright.

Hey, guys, when you read these "democratic" posts now, don't you smell a growing fear? I do, and I LOVE it! (Yeah, I know, there are always those "other" smells with them!) The alibi's and "we were robbed's" are starting, I can't wait til the internal accusing, blaming, back-stabbing, etc. begin, who needs the new fall TV shows, this'll be WAY better! Hope they get their fill of Obama soon, (we did quite a while ago), 'cause this is a one-shot deal for him, like Gore and Kerry(ecch!), he won't be given another chance. Expecting Dean will get tossed out on his keester, too! Thanks, Howard, couldn't have done it without ya! Love ya, babe!

Patricia, old thing: I believe I'll just wait until Nov. 4th, when Obama and the rest of you get your butts kicked, when your "democrats" are 0 for 3 (all liberal extremists), before I decide who's desperate! Yep, it ain't your father's democrats anymore, never seen anything like this crowd, wouldn't be surprised if the party breaks up after this, the decent democrats will probably want out rather than deal with the Dean crowd anymore. We Republicans will welcome them! They, at least, are decent, hard-working, patriotic Americans.

The more Senator Obama speaks, the more people are starting to realize this guy is a real phony. I'm a Democrat but he won't get my vote in the fall.

Up until a few days ago, I thought McCain was surely toast. Now I think he has more than a fighting chance. By their outrageous bias in favor Obama, the media will help elect John McCain, just like Dan Rather helped re-elect Bush in 2004 with his stupid fabricated memo stunt. You think the media would have learned their lesson from Rather, but I see they haven't. Then again, MSM pubs like the LA Times and The New York Times haven't even learned the lesson from their vastly shrinking readership.

Let's talk surge with John McCain.
1. It wont negotiate an oil deal among the three power groups.
2. The troops in Iraq were needed in Afghanistan.
See, the real enemy is the AL-Quaida and the Taliban.

3. The surge troops are still over there in Iraq. We had 130,000 before the surge and we have 150,000 now.
So if the surge worked, why are they still there?

PS. John, your plan to put bases in Iraq like in Germany, for a generation, was actually Karl Rove's plan. But not to worry, it has been rejected totally by the elected government of Iraq. You must be so embarrassed.
The elected leaders of Iraq say Obama is right and we have to get out by the end of 2010.

This administration has screwed the country so much these last 7+ years, it shouldn't matter if Satan himself was the democratic nominee, he should be elected in a landslide. A false war, debasement of the dollar(ie inflation), lost young lives, a trend toward dictatorship, high gas prices, lies, have we forgotten the phrase, "no one is above the law." jobs elsewhere, falling real paychecks, etc.

There is only one reason Obama may not be elected and it is the same reason this country almost did not elect the first ever Catholic president.

The local polls are now reflecting the National tracking polls show the race "Tied" remember the undecideds will break better than 2 to 1 for McCain and against Obama.

VJ Machiavelli

Geoman said "Except that's not true - the sudden rise in oil prices was mirrored by the rise in gas prices. Lack of refineries is part of the problem, but not the only problem. And of course the environmental movement and their allies in the Democratic party have systematically blocked the construction of expansion of refineries, so your point seems entirely irrelevant. McCain should want to drill, and build new refineries!"

Correct that the rise in oil was mirrored by gas, I wouldn't even touch the refinery issue, but absolutely incorrect on McCain "should want to drill" because drilling isn't going to do a damned thing.

You people backing drilling need to get the hard cold facts about the situation into those brains of yours... The US itself does not have enough reserves to do anything substantial to the price anytime soon or EVER. Worse, the thing you guys keep ignoring... We reached peak oil several years ago, the age of cheap oil is over and gone forever. That's it. It's gone. No more. Time to stop living in the past and trying to relive the glory days. Live in the now.

Dr. Placebo(McCain) and his patients(the suckers who clearly don't know the numbers and foolishly believe in his "plan" with no logical reason to, kinda like true believers in a cult) need to look at the cold hard facts... that if we drilled everywhere, including anwr, and were forced to rely on our own proven reserves exclusively at our current rate of consumption AND we were able to take all the oil out fast enough to supply our current rate of consumption(which we can not do), we would be bone dry in a little over 3 years. That is clearly not an answer. That is not a solution. That won't achieve anything.

This isn't about environment anymore. Look at what we just did. We went into Iraq, a non-muslim nation, and converted it to a muslim nation. The price tag for this will be about a trillion dollars when all is said and done. And we debt spent for it to boot. Who did we satisfy with this? Israel? I think not. The amount of oil we're pulling out of there certainly doesn't justify the cost. Who benefited most from this? It couldn't be Iraq's Muslim neighbors could it? Iraq's OIL RICH, OPEC member, muslim neighbors who hated the fact that Iraq was not a muslim nation? Nah, that would be too easy, let's just ignore the obvious and go back to pretending they had WMD or that we went in to fight the terrorists who attacked us, even though they're in Afganistan and Pakistan.

We need to act now to secure domestic production of energy and since we don't have enough oil domestically to do this for very long, we need to have the balls to get off the oil and on to an energy source that won't require us to transfer a 700 billion a year of American wealth into the hands of foreign powers, some of whom are openly hostile to us(like Chavez).

There is only one way to secure America's energy and that is to have the balls to switch to electric infrastructure and invest into forms of energy that don't rely on resources in limited supply. I understand most of my fellow republicans are too lazy and not up for the challenge but unfortunately the nature of the supply and demand fundamentals for oil are going to require us to do this sooner or later. We do it sooner, it can be done on our terms, less painfully. We do it later, the terms will be dictated to us by the realities of the marketplace to come.

You guys pretending that offshore drilling and anwr are going to secure us, you're smoking green buds people. The numbers don't add up. It's a crack dream and John McCain himself has admitted it's a psychological ploy. We need leadership that is ready to do more than play mindgames with the market. McCain is not that man.

As for the polls, I wouldn't put much weight into any of these polls at this point in time. First off, it's way too early. Second off, Rasmussen released a poll from the 22nd showing Obama up 49 to 37 in Minnesota. Whose right? it doesn't matter, this is way too soon to tell.

I know this, if the McCain camp keeps fumbling like they have(like Dr. Phil for example) and McCain's confidence inspiring response to a simple question about whether insurance companies should cover birth control like they do for viagra, I really don't see the masses flocking to him. God help his campaign if my fellow republicans use the heads I know they have on the subject of drilling and really look at the current reality of the oil situation, because if they did that, they would realize that we need to make the switch to electric infrastructure for our nation's security and future prosperity. Screw Al Gore and the spotted owls. We will never be secure as long as we are hooked on oil.

The real issue is not how well Obama or McCain might do in the closely divided battleground states, but that we shouldn't have battleground states and spectator states in the first place. Every vote in every state should be politically relevant in a presidential election. And, every vote should be equal. We should have a national popular vote for President in which the White House goes to the candidate who gets the most popular votes in all 50 states.

The National Popular Vote bill would guarantee the Presidency to the candidate who receives the most popular votes in all 50 states (and DC). The bill would take effect only when enacted, in identical form, by states possessing a majority of the electoral vote -- that is, enough electoral votes to elect a President (270 of 538). When the bill comes into effect, all the electoral votes from those states would be awarded to the presidential candidate who receives the most popular votes in all 50 states (and DC).

Because of state-by-state enacted rules for winner-take-all awarding of their electoral votes, recent candidates with limited funds have concentrated their attention on a handful of closely divided "battleground" states. Two-thirds of the visits and money were focused in just six states; 88% on 9 states, and 99% of the money went to just 16 states. Two-thirds of the states and people have been merely spectators to the presidential election.

Another shortcoming of the current system is that a candidate can win the Presidency without winning the most popular votes nationwide.

The National Popular Vote bill has been approved by 20 legislative chambers (one house in Colorado, Arkansas, Maine, Massachusetts, North Carolina, and Washington, and two houses in Maryland, Illinois, Hawaii, California, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Vermont). It has been enacted into law in Hawaii, Illinois, New Jersey, and Maryland. These states have 50 (19%) of the 270 electoral votes needed to bring this legislation into effect.


Susan wrote:

"The National Popular Vote bill would guarantee the Presidency to the candidate who receives the most popular votes in all 50 states (and DC). "

There are innumerable flaws to this half-witted idea, the primary one being that the US Constitution is of a different view.But the poorly-educated not being famiiar with that document or the thought behind it , this point has not occurred to them.


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