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John McCain almost assuredly will not be reading this Ticket item

We were somewhat chagrined to learn that The Ticket is not among John McCain's regular stops on the Internet. Then again, virtually no website is.

Indeed, his wife Cindy was completely chagrined that in detailing the very few blogs that his aides direct him to, McCain neglected to mention the one written by their daughter, Meghan.

That would be, for those who spend more time on a computer than the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, who is 71. And that category would be just about anyone with access to one.

In his wide-ranging interview published Sunday in the New York Times, he elaborated on his previous self-characterization as computer "illiterate." His wife and close associates “go on for me. I am learning to get online myself, and I will have that down fairly soon, getting on myself."

Once he masters that skill, he'll resist the next step -- "I don't expect to set up my own blog," he said.

Which is too bad, because that would be the perfect venue for him to one day reveal the jest that was on the tip of his tongue when he was asked if it was more difficult to battle Barack Obama for the presidency "because of the sensitivities of race."

McCain, the article reported, "responded wryly: 'I’d like to make a joke, but I can’t.' "

We doubt we are alone in being more than a bit curious just what that joke would be.

-- Don Frederick

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as shown by all his strained vain efforts to pass himself off as a comedian, not buffoon and empty suit (though how either is supposed to be a qualification for the office he half-assedly claims to be aspiring to is doubtful) - for once he probably meant what he said: he can't.
another thing he shares with his political counterpart in the democratic party; though that one keeps bleating he can.

I am voting independent for the first time in my life because the two major parties can not run a pro-american for president. Who wants LaRaza running America. John McCain, Obama and Mexico, Thats who!


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