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John McCain and some not-so-straight sex talk

Here's something fresh -- a politician rendered speechless, at least momentarily. Of course, few campaign conversations that involve Viagra and birth control can go anywhere good for a candidate.

In this video below, the questioner is our own Maeve Reston. The questionee -- John McCain, whom Reston asked for a reaction to a comment by McCain supporter-advisor Carly Fiorina about insurance companies that cover Viagra but not birth control. (And, yes, the image of a deer in the headlights comes to mind.)

Who says the late-night comedians get to have all the fun?

-- Scott Martelle

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when I heard that John Mccain voted NO to insurance companies covering birth control for women I was definately taken aback!!! His reason? Because birth control is a personal choice “quote unquote” WOW, is he kidding? Thats just exactly what we need is another baby boom that will spike insurance costs for us all!!! If a woman is responsible enough to get birth control and actually take it to prevent yet another unwanted/unplanned pregnancy then why on earth would we not encourage her to do so buy allowing the brunt of the cost for said birth control to be included in her insurance plan that im sure she already pays plenty for? ( I know my plan isnt cheap!!) Not to mention the rising costs of groceries and gas that we are all scooping deeper into our pockets to pay for! I wonder when she is standing in line applying for food stamps if he will still be saying its a personal decision for her and her children to be a drain on the economy because she cant afford to feed them? Maybe he will just give all us women a prescription for one aspirin to hold between our knees then we wont even have to worry about getting all those COVERED viagra prescriptions filled either saving everyone money…..THERE YA GO, PROBLEM SOLVED!!!!
And mind you these are the same insurance companies that DO cover prescriptions for VIAGRA…. yep thats right folks……a hard on is evidentally a medically nessesary, life sustaining function and is unquestionably covered by most insurance companies??? JOHN MCCAIN IS AN IDIOT AND HAS DEFINATELY LOST MY RESPECT AND MY VOTE!!!!

Classic, classic reaction shot. I can't remember when it aired, but one other moment I loved happened in the 2000 election. I believe Stephen Colbert was interviewing McCain, throwing him a bunch of softball questions, then catches him on vote that was somehow contradictory to his long held position on pork barrel politics.

He went from being breezy and relaxed to stuttering and blinking for a second before Colbert slapped him on the shoulder--"Just kidding! Kidding! I don't even know what that means!"

Note to John McCain: Usually when people cover their mouth with their hand while talking ... like you did constantly in this clip ... it means they're LYING!

So McCain does not want insurance to cover birth control and viagra because it is "personal choice"? Well, many wouldn't even have either as an option if it wasn't for the insurance, so by denying them the insurance would be denying them the actual choice.

WTG Maeve Reston!

What a classic moment.

Well done.

What was that again about Hillary supporters voting for McCain?

nuff' said.

Congratulations to Maeve Reston for asking a question of importance to all women -- and to men as well. McCain tries to have it both ways -- voting with Bush and the Republicans most of the time but passing himself off as a moderate before the electorate. The more people find out about how he actually voted on some of these issues the better. In addition to all the squirming, McCain did say he would get back to the reporter with his answer. I am wondering if he ever did.


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