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Howard Wolfson, ex-Hillary Clinton aide, gets a Fox News platform

Two different takes on one pugnacious politico...Howard Wolfson, former spokesman for Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign, resurfaces as a pundit on the Fox New Channel

The big news in the world of punditry today is the Fox News Channel has added to its ranks former Hillary Clinton aide Howard Wolfson -- known for his don't-give-an-inch style of pressing her case and for wearing one of the most garish sweaters known to man during a wintertime appearance on MSNBC.

In discussing why he'll be voicing his opinions on a network best known for its cadre of conservative commentators, Wolfson told The Fix's Chris Cillizza that "Fox has the largest audience in cable television -- many of its viewers are independents who will help decide the next election. It's critically important for strong progressives to be talking to and offering analysis to that audience." (The Swamp also wrote about the hire, providing some of Wolfson's background.)

Not to mention that Wolfson's Clinton colleague Lanny Davis joined Fox's commentating ranks last month.

Karl Rove, who now holds forth on Fox after leaving his post as President Bush's political guru, welcomed Wolfson aboard. Talking to the New York Times, he characterized Wolfson as "very smart. He strikes me as a very able guy and surprisingly pleasant and amiable.”

That doesn't quite jibe with a recent comment by Julia Reed, a contributing editor for Vogue. Discussing the magazine's ultimately futile effort to set up a photo shoot of Clinton during her presidential campaign, Reed had this to say:

Let me just say, it's not the most fun thing in the world to have breakfast a million times with [communications director] Howard Wolfson. The man is the most charmless human being on the planet ...

Some might say that means he'll fit right in on Fox (or, for that matter, any of the other cable outlets).

(UPDATE: In other media news, the venerable Ted Koppel, best known as the longtime host of ABC's "Nightline," is joining the BBC's "World News America" as a contributing analyst. His duties will include providing onsite commentary from the Democratic and Republican national conventions.)

-- Don Frederick

Photo credit: MSNBC News

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"Fox has the largest audience in cable television -- many of its viewers are independents who will help decide the next election. It's critically important for strong progressives to be talking to and offering analysis to that audience."

That's a revealing comment by Howard Wolfson. He's a "strong" progressive in the same sense that Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf is a "strong" Bathist. His assurances that all was well with Senator Clinton's campaign bore an uncanny resemblance to al Sahaf's press conferences on the roof of the Palestine Hotel in downtown Baghdad.

See for yourselves:

The last thing we progressives want is an al Sahaf making our case for us. We want someone with credibility. Howard Wolfson has none.

I think I owned that sweater in the 80s. Back then it would have been very common. Perhaps a comment on why the Hillary campaign didn't do too well? Stuck in the past?

This guy is an imbecile and will fit in exquisitely with Fox News' style analysts and anchors. They have the biggest audience because the Channel is an entertainment News channel. It is not objective News Coverage, it is entertainment news coverage. Their job is not to inform you but to entertain you, hence the number of falsehoods and path manipulations that envelope this company. If the truth doesn't grab your attention, then they will have nothing to do with it. These are the people ruining our country and de-educating its own people.

Well said Daniel. I can't think of them as entertainment though. More like an emetic.

From PUMASupporter Darrell

Obama is now using a shrewd and slick campaign marketing ploy to trick and bammboozle Hillary supporters into unifying the party, Obama want’s his supporters to help pay off Hillary’s debt so that Hillary’s supporters will help finance his campaign in the long-term, this is crooked politics at it’s best. Well, PUMAS are on to Obama’s mind games and tricks now, that’s why us Hillary supporters should only pay off Hillary’s debt without Obama and his supporters financial help, this sounds like a form of “Quid Pro Quo” to me, meaning,what Obama is really saying to Hillary and her supporters, if you help me win the Presidency I will tell my supporters to also help get rid of your debt, both Obama’s supporters and Hillary’s supporters are not listening to Obama ’s plea on this one, and I hope not a one of Hillary’s supporters donate to Obama’s campaign now or later, but only to the relief of Hillary’s debt so that when the Denver Convention comes around, Hillary does not feel obligated to Obama and be able to make her case to the Superdelegates in strong fashion with no pressure whatsoever that she’s the best candidate to challenge McCain and beat him for the Presidency.

This African American Male Says: No Democratic Party Unity, No Obama, No Obama Donations, No Way!!

Go Hillary, McCain, or Nader For President!!

This guy really is a scuzzy individual. I can't believe anything that comes out of his mouth. All he does is bash the opponent and promote his guy while deflecting the truth on both. In other words, the perfect Clinton hack. I guess he's PO'ed Obama doesn't have a place for him in his campaign.


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