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Clinton donors give big to Obama, but not the other way 'round

Several of Hillary Clinton's large-sum donors have now hopped onto Barack Obama's armored truck -- not just by giving merely the $2,300 individual maximum to the Illinois senator's presidential campaign.

Instead, they're shelling over far more to a special Democratic account that'll be able to spend unlimited sums to help Obama in the fall, according to a Los Angeles Times analysis by Dan Morain.

Senators Hillary Clinton of New York and Barack Obama before he beat her for the presidential nomination in the Democratic Party's primary season

That's in addition to the $1.6 million The Times identified earlier this week in donations from Clinton donors to Obama in June.

However, it wasn't a two-way street last month. Obama's donors gave Clinton a mere $105,000 in June, despite a plea from Obama that his high-roller donors help retire her $22 million in campaign debts.

In June, Clinton donors gave $1.53 million to the Obama Victory Fund, established by Obama and the Democratic Party to raise money far in excess of the $2,300 that individuals can give to a presidential candidate. By law, the fund can receive high five-figure checks and divvy them up among various other Obama-related committees.

In fact, 64 high-end donors gave almost $1.4 million in chunks of $5,000 or more and and 36 gave $28,500 or more.

The $28,500 donors include several Clinton loyalists such as Los Angeles investor Marc Nathanson, his wife, Jane, Lynda Resnick, and John Emerson, a former Clinton White House official. Emerson helped arrange the massive Obama fundraiser last month at the Music Center.

Some gave even more. Joann Nathan of Chicago had given $4,600 to Clinton's presidential campaign, and donated $33,100 to Obama Victory last month, as did Norma Funger of Potomac, Md.

-- Andrew Malcolm

Photo credit: CNN

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re: "Clinton donors give big to Obama, but not the other way 'round" - why, would you expect it to be the other way around? Obama won and Clinton lost; Obama has a campaign going forward and Clinton doesn't. So the fact that Obama donors aren't falling over each other to donate to a defunct campaign shouldn't even be news worth reporting on. And the (seemingly) deliberate attempt to raise the hackles of Clinton dead-enders and PUMAs with a photo of Clinton glaring at Obama is pretty silly as well, no?

all those statistics and polls constantly fed to the public have one aim: to confuse, divert, divide, mislead, discourage discussion of the issues; to encourage to take the result of polls and statistics as an actual mandate to decide one way or another, as preempting the outcome of the votes themselves, in the manner of a self fulfilling prophecy. many people will fall into the traps and snares set up by those who would abolish freedom, self-reliance, national sovereignty, to replace with a system of global tyranny. as yet people are free to vote for their principles, their conscience, and not be coerced to choose between illegal, unethical, unqualified candidates forced on them by the interest groups they represent. as yet people are free to consider their own interests, not those of a political party, an international banking cartel, big corporations... or even the interests of someone who would like their vote to pursue their personal agenda, for power or profit.
the only sane reason to vote for anyone is to see your principles represented in government. this is the only way your vote is not your own punishment. RON PAUL is the legitmate candidate willing to protect the values of the constitution.

Are you Obama supporters complete idiots?? Do you not understand that to win the election, you need all the Democratic votes you can get, and that treating half the Democrats with such disdain is not the way to get them? I am utterly mystified at the short-sightedness and just plain stupidity of this attitude. Are you more interested in sticking it to Clinton and her supporters than you are in winning the presidency?

A rational comparison would examine the difference in fundraising between a typical campaign in its active phase and when it's retiring its debt afterward, rather than pretending the two ought to be equal. It's always much harder to raise money to retire a debt, because all you're doing is asking someone to do you a favor, rather than asking them to be part of your success. Implying that this says something about Obama donors is just silly.

I was a Clinton supporter, but threw my support behind Obama in the end. Clinton took on an air of "it is owed to me" and that did put an end to any warm feelings I had for her. We (democrats) do not owe the Clintons the office. We put Bill Clinton in office and he seems to forget that he was elected by the people. The Clintons are now major power brokers and this "I'm one of you" routines from Hillary was laughable.

She knew she had no chance of winning and yet she continued on, dragging out her campaign and spending more money. That is why Obama supporters feel absolutely no need to bail her out. She has dig her own hole.

Unlike the majority of Barak Obama's individual citizen contributers, Hillary's big money lobbying contributers are out to buy favors. That is what they knew they would get with Hillary and they are hoping Barak Obama is as corrupt as Hillary is.

Who in their right mind would contribute to Hillary Clinton to help retire her debt. She and her husband have One Hundred Million Dollars! Again, that's $100,000,000.00. mean, it's like Bill Gates or Warren Buffet asking for donations - ridiculous!

I'm of the opinion, well, the Clintons lack the qualities of class and grace, and are temperamental individuals judging by their history, and words, and actions.

When Mitt Romney stepped down from the race, he "bit the bullet" and "ate" his financial losses in the tune of millions, out of his own personal fortune.

Why must the Clintons be any different?

What is the matter with Clinton's donors? Did they really expect the narcicistic self-ordained messiah to help out with her debt? Obama doesn't like strong independent women . . . he's too insecure. Those Clinton donors should hold on to their money and not shell it out to a candidate who doesn't give a rat's a** about them.

You were never a Clinton supporter.

In fact, 64 high-end donors gave almost $1.4 million in chunks of $5,000 or more and and 36 gave $28,500 or more.

Lord knows what people like that have in mind when they donate. But as voters, there's just about 100 votes there.

He sure didn't get much from Hillary's site while his picture was up. Most people are donating to Hillary's debt now -- or to PUMA activities such as "The Denver Group" to force the Dems to follow their own rules and have a real vote at the convention, which Hillary can win, and Hillary recognized as an 'officially in nomination, and all their other hoops. (Only about 175 of the 800 superdelegates switching back to Hillary would make her the nominee.)

Then we could have a winning ticket for November: Clinton/Obama. Otherwise, the PUMAs will throw it to McCain.

The Unity Pony is running askew - like it always did: what's yours is mine, what's mine is also mine.
let's not forget Obama is the candidate who famously said:
"“I am confident I will get her votes if I’m the nominee,” Obama stressed. “It’s not clear she would get the votes I got if she were the nominee.”
Some of us will remember. In November.

There is a Triangle of Amazing Courage emerging here.
Yes, Senator Clinton will pay off ALL of her campaign debts; she is a woman of Physical and Spiritual Strength and valliant in her demonstration of honour.Senator Clinton Popularity is testimony to the fact that she keeps true to her word. What she says, she follows through on..
Husband Bill is also showing remarkable strength;
Bill had heart surgery, and despite the intense pressure he and Hillary are facing, does anyone see him putting his feet up just like the doctor ordered? Anyone less than a man, would have used Doctor's Orders as an excuse to do less not more. NOT BILL CLINTON.
Bill, has been working HIS BUTT OFF to SUPPORT AND STAND BY HIS WIFE throughout her campaign and continues to support her lovingly.
This is the truest messure of Love and a husband can show for his wife.
I know that Senator Clinton owes a huge debt of gratitude to Bill for the tireless hard work he has put into her campaign, despite the odds of his fragile health.
I also salute you, Mr. Clinton for showing the world how much you love your wife.
John McCain is another huge HERO. He carries himself proudly and with a very straight posture,which must be agonisingly painful for him, concidering the repeated bashing and battering his poor arm received during long hours of hard and endless TORTURE. Does he complain?
Does a great and worthy leader complain? NEVER.
Think about that great War Hero admiral HORATIO NELSON who only had one arm. Like Nelson, McCain does NOT COMPLAIN. Great Leaders Soldier on, that's just what they do, and therein lies their genius. They are invincible.
McCain 2008.

"Obama's donors gave Clinton a mere $105,000 in June, despite a plea from Obama that his high-roller donors help retire her $22 million in campaign debts."

What plea was that? the one that he forgot to give while speaking to his people, and had to run back on stage laughing...ooops I forgot something? We know sincerity isn't one of his strong suits !

and to AJ...
"She knew she had no chance of winning and yet she continued on, dragging out her campaign and spending more money. "

This is the was a primary election, and both candidates had every right to campaign...and anyone that was actually watching, saw that as the voters began to see thru Obama, Hillary's wins became landslides, and more people voted for her than your your opinions seem to be in the minority!

I agree, those Clinton donors equal about 100 votes. Clinton had 18M that voted for her. All her wants is the money, he has thrown the Clinton supporters under the bus. Obama is doing a wonderful job winning over those 18M. NOT

They did back to back fundraisers -- the same night. Hillary raised quite a lot for him -- was it $5 million?

He 'forgot' to even ask his donors to donate for her. Then after they had all got up and gone to the rope line, he ran back on stage and told them if they wanted to donate to her they should go back to their seats and get a donation form from under the seat. Fat chance.

This, like his rudeness all along, shows self-absorbtion, entitlement, over-confidence ... not a presidential character.

It is not Clinton that seems like she is owed it, it is Obama that seems to feel he is entititled. Entitiled to do whatever and get by with it. Clinton thought the voters were owed the opportunity to vote. She won the majority of the races and pop vote after Super Tuesday. Why shouldn't all states get to vote. If his ego did not have to spend 3 or 4 to one of what she was spending, then the debt would not have gotten so out of hand.

ALL Hillary donors need to stop giving Obama money--immediately. He is not keeping up his end of the bargain, obviously. He has shown nothing but disrespect to the Clinton's and their supporters.

It's interesting though, how so much of the media is depicting this story ackwards: Obama's lying propaganda machine is poisoning the American public with total corruption and deception--everything Obama and his supporters touch turns bad. Look at the new dem party...DNC headquarters in Chicago...the most politically corrupt place in America!? How is that not a red flag to ALL thinking people?




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