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Clinton donors give big to Obama, but not the other way 'round

July 24, 2008 | 10:54 pm

Several of Hillary Clinton's large-sum donors have now hopped onto Barack Obama's armored truck -- not just by giving merely the $2,300 individual maximum to the Illinois senator's presidential campaign.

Instead, they're shelling over far more to a special Democratic account that'll be able to spend unlimited sums to help Obama in the fall, according to a Los Angeles Times analysis by Dan Morain.

Senators Hillary Clinton of New York and Barack Obama before he beat her for the presidential nomination in the Democratic Party's primary season

That's in addition to the $1.6 million The Times identified earlier this week in donations from Clinton donors to Obama in June.

However, it wasn't a two-way street last month. Obama's donors gave Clinton a mere $105,000 in June, despite a plea from Obama that his high-roller donors help retire her $22 million in campaign debts.

In June, Clinton donors gave $1.53 million to the Obama Victory Fund, established by Obama and the Democratic Party to raise money far in excess of the $2,300 that individuals can give to a presidential candidate. By law, the fund can receive high five-figure checks and divvy them up among various other Obama-related committees.

In fact, 64 high-end donors gave almost $1.4 million in chunks of $5,000 or more and and 36 gave $28,500 or more.

The $28,500 donors include several Clinton loyalists such as Los Angeles investor Marc Nathanson, his wife, Jane, Lynda Resnick, and John Emerson, a former Clinton White House official. Emerson helped arrange the massive Obama fundraiser last month at the Music Center.

Some gave even more. Joann Nathan of Chicago had given $4,600 to Clinton's presidential campaign, and donated $33,100 to Obama Victory last month, as did Norma Funger of Potomac, Md.

-- Andrew Malcolm

Photo credit: CNN