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Tony Snow dies of cancer; ex-Bush press secretary was 53

After a long, candid and public battle with colon cancer, former White House press secretary and television-radio host Tony Snow died early this morning.Former White House press secretary, speechwriter and broadcaster Tony Snow dies of cancer

Snow died about 2 a.m. EDT in Georgetown University Hospital. He was 53 and is survived by his wife, Jill Ellen Walker, and their three children: Kendall, Robbie and Kristi.

A video segment about his death is available by clicking the Read more line below.

Snow previously served as chief speechwriter for President George H.W. Bush and as a frequent host on Fox News Channel's "Fox News Sunday," "Weekend Live" and "The O'Reilly Factor."

He also guest-hosted for Rush Limbaugh and had his own radio talk show.

In September, after 17 months in the White House job, Snow retired as President George W. Bush's third press secretary, typically not blaming his disease but saying with his cancer he needed to ...

... earn more for his family than the job's $168,000 salary. He was succeeded by Dana Perino.

Snow said he left the press secretary job with regret, calling it "the most exciting, intellectually aerobic job I'm ever going to have."

In an early morning statement issued from his weekend retreat at Camp David, Md., Bush said he and Laura were "deeply saddened."

"America has lost a devoted public servant and a man of character," the president said. "It was a joy to watch Tony at the podium each day. He brought wit, grace and a great love of country to his work."

In a telephone interview this morning with the Fox News Channel, former George H.W. Bush praised his top speechwriter and said: "He wrote it the way he thought I'd want to say it. I'm not Glowing Rhetorical Guy, so he'd have to downgrade some of his own wonderful way with words." Barbara Bush then got on the phone, but choked up.

Popular and inevitably cheerful, even during his draining chemotherapy treatments, Snow was well liked among the White House press corps, and with the smooth practice of a broadcaster seemed to genuinely enjoy the public sparring with the media and explaining his boss' positions.

Karl Rove, Bush's counselor and chief political strategist, was traveling in the Crimea this morning when contacted by cellphone. "Oh, no!" he said. Having direct access to the president like Rove had was a key demand of Snow's before accepting the job on April 26, 2006, anTony Snow and Pres. Bush at the head table of the White House Correspondents Dinner in Washington April 23, 2007d beginning work on May 6.

He succeeded Ari Fleischer and Scott McClellan in that position.

Snow had gone through remission, but the cancer returned and forced another operation. Despite the pain and nausea, he remained optimistic and talked openly on several programs about the experience as an aid and encouragement to other patients.

"I'm a very lucky guy," he would say frequently.

Although he had been ill recently, friends did not know the end was near. So the news was particularly stunning to those who knew the tall fellow with the large grin.

Three months ago, CNN announced that Snow would join that network as a conservative commentator. The Kentucky native graduated from Davidson College in 1977.

Robert Anthony Snow was born June 1, 1955, in Berea. His father, Jim, was a social studies teacher and assistant principal in the Cincinnati suburbs, and Snow's mother worked as a nurse in the inner city. She too died of colon cancer, when Tony was 17.

Snow was also a newspaper veteran, having written for a variety of smaller dailies before becoming deputy editorial page editor at the Detroit News and then editorial page editor of the Washington Times.

He also wrote a column for Creators Syndicate from 1993 to 2000 that appeared in more than 200 newspapers across the country.

In April the Associated Press reported that Snow was admitted to a hospital in Spokane, Wash., with an undisclosed illness and his speaking engagements were canceled. A month later, while in Ohio, he was again admitted to a hospital and was told that he could not travel for some time. Still, he was known to call friends and inquire after their health.

"Fox News Sunday" will have a special tribute to its initial host Sunday with Snow's friend Brit Hume as substitute host for Chris Wallace.

"I'll miss it," Snow told reporters at his final White House briefing on Sept. 13. "I love these briefings." And it sounded to those professional skeptics as if he really meant it.

(UPDATE: A memorial service for Snow is scheduled for 10 a.m. Eastern Thursday at Catholic University’s National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception.)

-- Andrew Malcolm

Photo credits: The White House

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Tony Snow was a great American, Wonderful husband and father.Something most of you Angry Homosexual Queens would know nothing about

Wow! The "tolerant" left on full display in all of their ugly glory. The sad news is that this despicable display is not at all surprising... Today's Liberal is so full of hate and anger that they can't let a by all accounts decent man die in peace. Many of the comments here show more in common with William Joseph Simmons than they do FDR. What a collectively disgusting group of people you've become. Your parents must be so proud...

Cancer has caused another great injury to America. Whether or not one agreed with his views, one could count on his trying to see and report on the full picture. My condolences to his family, and to all of us Americans.

I thought Tony Snow was a right on guy. Of course, you can't say that for the pathetic posters to this blog who took the time to vent their childish rage at a dead man who did them no harm. Crawl into a hole losers, Tony Snow was more of a human being than all of you together.

Frankly, after reading the vile filth from the people that are reveling in Tony Snow's death, I can only marvel at the similarity between them and the scum from the Westboro Baptist Church. You know, the people that show up at the funerals of gays and soldiers, reveling in their deaths and describing it as "God's punishment".

Both groups spawn from the same cesspool. They should be ashamed, but both groups are too despicable to realize it.

Just as frankly, the editors of the LA Times that approved these comments are pretty despicable in their own right..

You stay classy, liberals and liberal moderators.

My political views are a world away from Tony Snow's, but that seems completely irrelevant in contemplating the death of a fellow human being, one who, as it happens, leaves behind a family with young children. I have lost friends to cancer. I have a young child. My feeling on hearing of Tony Snow's passing was one of sadness.

We cannot see into each other's hearts. We are unwise and uncharitable when we make disagreements over policy the basis of invidious judgments on the character of others, even when the issues are as momentous as war and peace.

The fact that they come from people on my side of the political divide notwithstanding, the viciousness of many of the comments attached to this post is truly sickening. These comments deserve complete and unreserved condemnation. I condemn them wholeheartedly.

Lberals, such a compassionate and classy bunch.Go on libs, dance on his grave!!

I'm stunned that what appears here are the MODERATED comments. What is being filtered out, if unhinged ravings like the comments from tedson, slimjim66, Efrain Rojas, Star Mingus, and Chad (among many others) are allowed to appear? To all of you reveling in the death of a father of three, I doubt that those whose politics differ from yours will celebrate when you die, although karmic justice would require it to be so.

(Yup, pretty disturbing isn't it, Ron, what some people will write anonymously. Fortunately, our active comments section is not about agreeing with us. We have an attitude in many of our items and our readers have their own too, which they share with us and other readers.

Our Comments section is supposed to reflect a wide range of opinion on our items and on the issues of the day. Thankfully, it does.

We delete comments with foul language and anatomical references. Think it's important especially for civil Americans to realize the depth of anger, incivility and downright despicable taste out there. And we appreciate the many here who have also spoken out against these distasteful comments, although as usual those people seem to be overlooked.)

I cannot understand how a lot of these repulsive remarks have been approved by the moderators, shame. shame, shame. I will never, ever buy the LA Times again

God bless you Tony Snow, you will be greatly missed.
Blessings to your family too.

my political orientation is way to the left, but Tony Snow's passing saddens me greatly

he fought this illness so courageously and valiently; despite surely feeling enormous pain and fear, he embraced life and forged ahead

his tremendous courage and unflagging optimsim will help others fighting cancer

I was struck by the extreme contrast between Tony Snow and the people who have left such hate filled comments about such a sweet spirit. Tony has probably forgiven them as even as they were doing it. Truly a rare individual, he was somehow able to communicate his love and concern to even his opponents and with the exception of those who were ate up with thier hate they
knew they were in the presence of true class and elegance. Perhaps he understands that since their arguments are bankrupt and easliy dismantled they are likely lashing out in frustration. I hope Heavenly Father will soften their hearts and help them realize that even people that might disagree with them can be good people. The world is a little poorer place today. May God bless and comfort those who loved him.

I want to say 'thank you' the ones above who have called out the commenters who have made the obvious dispicable comments regarding Tony Snow.

Your ignorance about the actual man is obvious and your downright hateful comments unforgivable.

I can only pray people like you get some human compassion back into your lives, because you obviously have none.

And to the LA Times: Put me on that list as one who will NEVER buy your paper...not that I'm surprised by your actions.

way to go. and a very very long way to go for you not only to pretend to be upholding freedom of speech, but to respect it to the degree that you can be seen to actually DO it. i'd appreciate for us both to see that day.

It is so dissapointing to read the outright filth that people are writing about Tony Snow. I wonder why Tony doesn't deserve the same comments that Tim Russert received when he passed? I believe that Tim and Tony were from the same mold. They both had tremendous integrity and the fight to do thier jobs with honesty and passion. They both we dedicated family men. I didn't always agree with either one of them, but that didn't diminish the admiration I had for them. My wife, before she died of cancer, and I had the opportunity to meet Tony, one on one for about 20 minutes, shortly after he beat the first go around with cancer. Believe me, he was the same on and off camera, not talking down to anyone. I know I would have seen the same thing in Tim, had I been able to meet him. Oh, I forgot....Tim was a Liberal and Tony was a Conservative! Shame on those posting the ugly, personal comments about Tony. I suspect those people are very, very unhappy individuals!

So, these VILE comments are the ones the LA Times "APPROVES" of? SHAME on you! No WONDER the LA Times is "bleeding out" the same as the OTHER liberal rags in this country. Sure, Tony is dead but the "LA Slimes" ain't far behind! Now, let's see if they approve THIS! I doubt it. But don't worry LA Times, this same post will be in other places that are read by a lot more people than read YOUR rag.

Go on LA Times, have a pop at a dead man.

You make Judas look like a saint.

Bush Lied?

It's hard to believe the ignorance and total lack of class exhibited by the left so aptly displayed in these pages.

"If Saddam rejects peace and we have to use force, our purpose is clear. We want to seriously diminish the threat posed by Iraq's weapons of mass destruction program." ~~ Bill Clinton, Feb. 17, 1998
The President went to the Pentagon on this occasion to be briefed by top military officials about Iraq and weapons of mass destruction. His remarks followed that briefing.

I had to look at the LA Times website thinking that Bill O'Reilly was exaggerating how vile of comments were allowed to stand on the LA Times comments and blogs.

I didn't realize that all "Comments are moderated, and will not appear until they've been approved".

So this means that LA Times has someone sitting there, actively APPROVING of these over the top outrageous comments.


Melanie Samson: True suffering you have yet to feel. Terrible you are.
DJP Forth: Tony’s occupation was mouthpiece=spokesperson. A publicist has to be the voice for his client. Only his priest needs to know of his confession. What is your legacy?
Tomg: His life was not a waste. He used every minute of it wisely. His family will only remember fondly. I hope you make time to redeem your deplorable behavior as you still are alive.
Mr KnowItAll: He was willing to be spokesman because it was his job. Death will meet us all. We either choose to die or we we chosen to go to leave this world. A good man works, has faith, family, and is kind to others. So wrong you are.
Alan: For Ted Kennedy, nice things were said and he’s still alive, unlike the girl he left to drown. Bad rubbish are you. May you be rid of the demons possessing you.
Jan Friedman: Iraqi civilians do rest in peace because their country was liberated from tyranny. Our continued presence there is tribute enough. I guess you are planning to change citizenship since you are not patriotic. Eternity for Tony will be in thy Father’s Divine presence. What a joy
Perry: You must have never had a family member or friend diagnosed with a polyp or tumor. Tony suffered indeed with excrutiating pain and agony for years. Rid your conscience of all hate and you may enter heaven. Cancer is good for no one. You will see when it knocks at your front door.
Ed Ramia: Death takes the good and the bad. It just means it’s someone’s time to not suffer via the flesh anymore. Amigo after you meet death, you will be but a bitter memory to those that had no soul.
Huey: Rid yourself of hate. It cleanses the soul.
Vikter: I feel if Tony knew you, he would have posted an eloquent eulogy had it been the other way around.
Gundumma: The world is a worse place now that Tony left us. Rid yourself of those malicious feelings. It’s healthy.
Roger: We all bite the dust because we are not immortal of the flesh.
Hell’s Receptionist: You must not get lunch or coffee breaks or vacations or benefits at your place of employment. That explains the postal worker attitude.
William Straub: If you truly felt sorry for his family you would wonder how they will survive minus one.
RB: Snow is white, pure, and clean; it comes from the sky. Yes, that describes Tony.

Larry: Whether you are left or right, death unexpected is no peace. When one has prior knowledge that they may die, they can be at peace during death. Look at your crystal ball to see when it’s your turn.
Tom from Texas: May those 99 more not be from your family yearly reunion.
Drew: It is said that we all lie (even white lies) at least once a day. The question is how often do you lie?
Robt517: Karma for you is to be diagnosed with colorectal cancer tomorrow at your yearly exam.
Chad: People attend church services to heal their soul. And yours is being ravaged by cancer. Please go to Sunday’s sermon.
Star Mingus: Cancer for Tony was because his mother died when he was 17 years old from the same thing. He had it BEFORE he took the job at the White House. He just smiled through the pain because he loved his government and wanted to serve it. You are not to bright a star.
Efrain Rojas: The only way you would know a special place in hell is because you are a tourist there. And no, now he no longer suffers, but your soul still does.
Kenneth E. Tucker: PMS-NBC has also a legacy of mainstream media, false research and statitistics, only covers liberal bias and not fair and balanced. Russert should have crossed the fence but his opponents loved him anyway.
Slimjim66: If your candidate wins the nomination, we will have a White House full of liars. Those soldiers did not die in vain but serving US of A.
Johnsy: The dictionary has as one definition of snow: “To defeat by a very large margin.”
Tedson: We are all waiting for your rendition of what hell is like before we purchase tickets.
Max: Tony was an upstanding citizen with a clean record. You must be a left-wing alumni.

I wonder what Helen Thomas felt like when Tony Show publicly said she spoke for Hezbollah.

What a great and honorable man he was every time he got up in front of America and the press core and lied, just doing his job. Don’t believe me, Google it.

He demeaned his opponents publicly over and over, again and again. Just because someone dies does not make them any better then their actions in life.

Personally I think America could do with a little tough love, if you lie to the public you should be remembered for it, dead or alive.

I sincerely feel for his family. But a spade is a spade and we all have the choice to live life as we would like to be remembered. He made his choices and yes, shockingly he will be remembered for them, just as all in Bush administration will be.

One post here talk about how Tim Russert is remembered differently and it must be because he was liberal. I can tell you, Mr. Russert sent me though the roof many times but I can’t point to one instant, in which he lied to America. Mr. Snow I can point to many and they are all in the public record.

As far a cancer goes I have survived it three times so far, it might still get me but It has taught me again and again, disease gets the good, the bad and the indifferent. If does not make you wiser it just make you prioritize your life.. I hope that Mr. Show had the time to do that in his personal life, I saw no evidence of that in his public life and that make me very very sad.

I want to thank the enlightened progressives who've crawled out of the woodwork to slander Tony Snow on this blog.

It's always good to be reminded why it's important to get out and vote against who ever the hell you insects are supporting.

I am so glad I left SoCal five years ago. The intolerance from those that demand tolerance is simply astounding. RIP Mr. Snow and may god bless you and your family.

Tony Snow was definitely as class act and will
be missed. Now on to those who have no class
(below is a list). Hey guys! They haven’t buried
Tony yet maybe you clowns can get together
and take a few more whacks at the dead corpse
before they stick him in the ground.

Kenneth E. Tucker
Melainie Samson
Tom from Texas
ed ramia
Jan Friedman
Mr. KnowItAll

Good Post Glen65!

RIP Tony Snow.

Amazing! Talk about "hate speech", intolerance, and double standard! At one time I was a liberal. I had heard, and believed, that the liberal side were the "good" ones, the tolerant, the ones "...who care about evil and social injustice... Do you only Care about the bleeding crowd?
How about a needing friend?" (Easy to be Hard, from Hair, the Musical). I've come to realize, as did the singer of this song in the musical Hair, it isn't necessarily so.
The unkind remarks are so uncalled for. Why, they aren't even politically correct!
Sometimes the very things that you fight against you are guilty of doing yourself.
For instance, you hate censorship yet you would have sought to censor Mr Snow (and anyone else) because his beliefs and opinions were different from yours.
Why does it seem that if anyone has a different opinion than yours they must be lying? You know, others have a right to their opinion same as you do.
You assume Mr Snow was a liar. You are so sure and presistant in your opinion that the administration, including Mr Snow, has lied that you chant it like a mantra. Never mind that your much beloved Mr Clinton was of the same mind at one time and can be quoted as such. Just to reiterate what the previous poster pointed out...

"If Saddam rejects peace and we have to use force, our purpose is clear. We want to seriously diminish the threat posed by Iraq's weapons of mass destruction program." ~~ Bill Clinton, Feb. 17, 1998

You have the right to say what you want even if it is just rude. But others have a right to.
I, for one, am of the opinion that you who speak so hatefully of Mr Snow do so because he didn't agree with you, I think you are delusional, and I'm not trying to be mean, but you are seem to be in denial and ignorant. Unable to see, or just refusing to see the bigger picture.
You just think you are all so cool and everyone else is so stupid, but the rest of us, believe it or not, have minds too. Some of us are cooler and even smarter than you think.
Mr Snow was a nice man, not just because he is dead as some have suggested, but because he was.
I would never put an entry in a public place such as this about Mr Clinton or anyone else like some of the entries that have been posted here about Mr Snow. They are just plan rude. Don't you have any pride?
My prayers (that's right, prayers) are with Mr Snow's family and believe it or not, also with you.

I think it is a bad judgment on your part,to post those vile comments about Tony Snow
Out of respect to his family,
and friends! Even though we
don't agree with his political
beliefs, it does not justify
people trashing and cussing a
dead person! Don't understand
why people has to be that mean
and downright offensive! It's
too sad to see what's happening to our country !

My condolences to the Snow family.

I cannot believe how inappropriate some comments are here. A man has died and people are hurting. Tony Snow's offense to you? Nothing, except perhaps having different opinions. It is a sad day indeed when people "should" die because of their opinions.

The rationale is something like this: He helped the administration cause the needless deaths of soldiers and innocent Iraqis - so I'm happy he died. He was an accomplice of criminals. What dishonest nonsense!

How many volunteer soldiers agree with the Bush administration's policy? How many Iraqis who have died agree with Bush's policies? There has to be some - no? Are you "happy" soldiers die in Iraq who happen to be "accomplices" with Bush? Are you happy that Iraqis died in Iraq who happened to be in league with Bush? What rubbish. You're less worried about the soldiers and Iraqis and more angry that people disagree with you. Shame on you.

I again convey my condolences to the Snow family.

Love the hate! This man was a class act who could trade barbs with any liberal smear merchant, and could do it pleasantly without resorting to the personal attacks or venom that liberals need to make a point. He was a kind, gentle soul, and yet the liberal scuzzbuckets who have written on this site can't resist letting their hate filled bile flow. I think it's wonderful how with each passing day the true nature of liberalism is brought to light. Hate all those who disagree with you, and even in, heck, ESPECIALLY in, death, puke up your hatred on them. Now that he's gone, you can finally spew your venom without his rebuttal. You know he would make you look like the fools you are.

Shame on LA times for allowing such hateful comments. This is disgusting. Tony Snow, regardless of his political views was a person. It is so sad that slimjim66, tedson, Max, Valrulez, and Efrain Rojas as well as others spew such hatred and ugliness. Tony Snow was well read and new what was going on in this world unlike these people. I am sure that your readers are better than this.
I would have never blogged this hysteria, because I do not read your garbage paper. Bill O'Reilly talked about this last night and I felt compelled to blog here.

'de mortibus nihil nisi bonum'

is a concept that was popular in the roman empire, when backstabbing power obsessed tyrants and their administrations succeeded each other in rapid succession. since it is often being thoroughly misunderstood, it might be explained: to honor the deceased, and not to disgrace oneself, and not give rise to various misunderstandings, e.g. the implication of anyone's approval of things they do not approve - it might after all be most appropriate to stay truthful - whatever the respective truth might look like. and even the ancients obviously were aware that it is not the same thing to disapprove of certain views or to condemn someone's actions, as to judge the human being responsible for them; it makes no sense, and is never helpful, to confuse one with the other. on the contrary, it might be seen as a judgment in its own respect, to lie to oneself, to the deceased, and to those still around, dishonoring and disservicing them all. the idea of the first amendment is to guarantee that there's more not less free speech, and that it is not monopolized and limited or franchised, bought or sold to, or by anyone, nor by any institution, as that defeats the whole idea. it is interesting to observe those agent provocateur calls for even MORE censorship and regulations restricting, and factually abolishing, that very same freedom of speech they purport might be guaranteed, retained and saved by those measures proposed. this closely corresponds to the faint or missing courageous protests and civil counter actions, to the continued treasonous ploys of the people's 'representatives,' to complete the implementation of their envisioned fascist police state. this is not a coincidence. this planned and plotted conspiracy involves the greater part of the corporate media, that also pulled the soapbox from underneath all the legitmate, qualified and sincere candidates in these elections, rather efficiently reducing and manipulating choices in the public perception. the clear constitutional message for liberty, prosperity and peace of candidate for PRESIDENT, RON PAUL got such wide attention and support by word-of-mouth, and via the internet anyway, that it could bypass and surmount all censorship and blackouts, and take on the organized dimensions of a popular peaceful revolution, to restore the country to its constitutional foundations.

I found it interesting to read all the hate directed towards the deceased Mr. Snow by the "enlightened" left coasters. And here I was thinking only right wingers were haters?

To all who would gladly condemn any person to everlasting torment remember: " whatever judgment you render to others, it will be rendered to you".

Mr. Snow by any standard was a gentleman and conducted himself with dignity and honor. Some of you who posted your vile here should take a lesson.

I , like others, came here to read the comments that Bill O'Reilly was talking about. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't sat here for the last 20 minutes reading the absolutely abhorrent, and childish comments by the supposedly "compassionate, tolerant" liberals about Tony Snow. Yes, LA Times, we all believe in freedom of speech, but in a man's death, we should all pause and consider his life. It should not be a forum for every ignorant comment by people who are so blinded by their own hatred, they will say the most vile things about someone who just died. It's called COMMON DECENCY. The "Yup" comment by the Times board to Ron is so pathetic and elitist. Also your comment about how you let all of these comments in so we can see the level of incivility and anger out there - well, let me clue you in on something. You libs have been displaying your anger and incivility since the day Bush won the election, and you have been getting angrier and less civil by the day. Your intolerance and hatefulness, which you cannot pause even long enough to honor the dead, has been evident to us for a very long time. Now it's great that you are all showing your true colors and that you are not the "tolerant" party you have pretended to be - you are only tolerant and accepting of those people who agree with you. Otherwise, you condemn everyone else - even in death. To those of you, even though you disagreed with Mr. Snow's politics , but are bigger people to honor the man--thank you. That gives me a little hope that not all liberals are so hateful.

Sad people. I wonder how the people posting hateful remarks would feel if their loved ones had to read similar things about them. It is sad that this is what people choose to reduce themselves to. Tony's death should not be about who liked or dis-liked him, it should not be about his political views. It should not be a reason to post negative comments. His death is a terrible thing, and death from cancer is horrible. People should keep their negative comments to yourself while a wife and three young children are grieving the loss of their husband and father. I am sadden by the disrespect being displayed her. This is a sad world when a person's death is an excuse show such hatred. Tony Snow's family has done nothing to you people. The really sad thing is that you people writing the negative comments would be the ones to scream the loudest if these thing were being said about your loved one.

I was saddened to hear of Tony's passing. He was a great American who loved his family and was truly faithful to his beliefs. He was a class gentleman who does not deserve the many hateful comments listed in these columns. Tony, Rest in Peace and know that many here will miss you. God Bless the Snow family as they struggle on.

It's utterly saddening and amazing the kind of hate-filled vitriole directed at Mr. Snow. There's something so shallow in a lot of these comments. A lot of the comments I scrolled down through (and boy, I had no idea there existed so many immature adults out there), really indicate a basic lack of civil discourse. Liberals have no respect for the other side. Indeed, it's apparent they have no respect for life.

These are the same shallow, low lifes who bleat the hundreds of thousands of deaths of Iraqis and in the same breath equate Pres. Bush to Hitler, and Tony Snow to his propaganda minister. A bit reaching I think, and yet, that's all liberals have. When you are intellectually and emotionally bankrupt to begin with, all liberals have are lies.

I would like to add my sincere condolences to Mr. Snow's family. Your father and husband was a one of a kind, someone that both sides of the political aisle DID respect and genuinely liked. We NEED more Tony Snows out there because given the lack of manners I've seen both on this blog, other blogs, and in some former secondary students of mine, many people suffer from both a lack of parenting, and basic human civility.

Though, if given a second to process all the hate-filled comments directed at Mr. Snow, it's really no wonder how liberalism, and sheer human laziness and shallowness have lead the US down the path of verbal diarrhea. It says a lot for the individual when the best they can do in a given day is post hate on a blog.

Blogs have reach, even this pathetic excuse for one. If you truly cared about comment moderation, you would have left this a condolence board instead of a roast as you initially intended, LA Times. Liberals will just be seen as more hateful, more out of touch, more insane, and it confirms why I stopped being a liberal a long time ago. It is a mental disease that infects the young, the deluded, the selfish, and the shallow. There will always be those who resist liberalism (such as conservatives) and that's what angers liberals the most. Liberals are upset that many in America still haven't swallowed the Socialist koolaid and for some to even use Mr. Snow's death as another reason for universal healthcare (on another blog) speaks volumes.

Liberals- if this is an example of your "civility," then you hold nothing about this country close to your heart, only what it can do for you. Mr. Snow would treat you like the nothings and numbers you truly are. His life was a testiment to the strength of character he had and you never will.

I feel no pity for you liberals nor will I pray for you. It would go unnoticed in the darker crevices that you inhabit.

God Bless Tony Snow and his family and shame to those that are glad he died and suffered. No person deserves to be treated the way some of you are treating Tony Snow. You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

Tony Snow was a great and honest man.

It is sad that hate and ignorance would extend to blog posting on an article commemorating such an upstanding man.

It is a shame that the NY Times allows the hateful comments of the left to be posted on an article about such a good man.

The advertisement for the Obama campaign goes along with the message of hate and ignorace the NY Times is promoting.

I cannot believe the Times would print such hateful comments about Tony Snow's passing. This speaks very poorly of your editorial staff, that they did not "moderate" these hateful rants. I hope that your families are not subjected to such hate, when when you pass on.

I strongly disagreed with Tony's defense of the administrations policies. But I never questioned his honesty, sincerity, and his patriotism. He was a class act, and our nation is poorer for his demise.

I am just wondering how all of you liberal finatics would respond if it was your loved one who just died from cancer and you had to read all this filth being written about them. I am certain you would not like someone trashing your loved one in this manner. Can you people not put your politicial views aside for just one day? Mr. Snow, like his political views or not, was a public servant and served his country the best way he knew how. Much like Mr. Russert. I do not rememeber all the personal attacks against him. So why do you feel the need to trash Mr. Snow? I think it is time you people grow up and act like mature human beings and respect the dead and the loved ones that Mr. Snow left behind. I truly hope you never have to experience the ruthless attacks on your loved ones the way Mr. Snow's family has.

Looks like the "Westboro Liberal Church" is alive and well. Old "Reverend" Phelps has NOTHING on you guys! No doubt you'll be at Tony's funeral with your "God hates Republicans" and "Tony Snow is burning in Hell" signs.
Hmmmm..."Westboro Liberal Church"...I LIKE that. Time to share that wonderfully descriptive term with Rush, Sean, Mike and Glenn so THEY can use it.

I have to agree with DK's remarks regarding the way the media have conducted themselves since the election of 2000. Your professionalism has declined, and a biased-hate-filled mind-set has permeated into a culture of young people who walk around spewing opinioned ugly speech, and they don't have the facts or the ability to separate their hate of a person's belief from the person as a human. What makes these people, you media have created (are you gushing with pride?), different from a school-yard bully or homophobic conduct ??
Leading to my next point: You (LA Times) sell thinking, caring peolpe short. We have seen through your biased attempt at reporting, which sadly has left our nation more divided than ever and more likely to devour itself from within (as opposed to some foreign threat). Thus, you have experienced a huge decline in subscriptions and have had to lay-off employees. Your HYPOCRISY is glaring and many see it, no matter how you try to disguise it. Not to single you out, many publications bare your same shame and consequences.
To all the individuals who are compelled to spew hate,
you reap damage to the party you report to love. There is no heart in these comments just a lack of compassion, understanding, and intellect. In bringing in hate for other people (Pres. Bush, VP Chenney) you show your rage has superceded you ability to use your brain, because both of our main political parties do the same thing (please
stop kidding yourselves). It is the nature of politics in this
current culture. What Tony Snow did in his job is the same as his counterpart did for Bill Clinton. Should that person burn in hell too ?? After all, we can give all the glory to the Clinton staffers for raising the benchmark for 'spin' to the level it is at now. Where was the media in calling for accountability then ??
Taking the high road for the media is only an option when convenient for their political leanings. How many media sources are fuming over the New Yorker's cover of the Obamas'? Is not free speech and satire allowed ??
Why are many in the media outraged and offended ??
The media does this all the time under the cloak of
"reporting" . It is acceptable for the media to offend those without your political sympathies, but they cry and ache for fairness and decency at offense for their beloved candidate being mocked. Again, a glaring example of the rampant hypocrisy that fuels hate. Why is this the common practice of our media today. ?? The media can set the tone for this nation and they have. What a screech you have chosen to put forth. Both political parties do it, and people bemoan over and over how they hate the way campaigns run in this country. It is disgusting, it brings our nation down for all the world to mock.
You have shown how you choose to use your power and the standards for all the world to see. I would hide and point a finger too, if I were you. Our media no longer rises above the mire, you even create the mire, stir the mire and spew the mire, bravo. You have lost all credibility with thinking Americans, will find for every action there is a reaction. We citizens cannot rely on you as the pillars you once were for the voice of reason, truth and fairness. Those days are gone. It is all now an ugly, unhealthy game for power and the winner controls the cesspool.

I have never been more ashamed to read this nonsense. The way some people talk you think Tony Snow was the equvilant of Osama Bin Laden. The man did his job and did it well--clearly better than any of the yahoos that write on this site do their's since they seem to have so much time to bash a dead man.

Whether or not you agree with the Bush administration, you cannot deny that Tony Snow was a truly wonderful human being, whether you agree with his politics or not. I do not insult the memory of JFK or deny his greatness because I do not agree with some of his political policies or their long term effects. I do not deny that Hiliary Clinton is an extrodinary person who has worked hard all her life even though I do not wish for her to be my president.

The purpose of democracy and politics is to find a common ground to stand on, and that, I believe, was the reason Tony Snow, a student of philosophy, took a job at the White House. It was his chance to become apart of a process greater than himself, that would outlive him.

Tony Snow was a true American, so please just allow him to rest in peace. And if you don't, O'Reilly is clearly taking names.

My condolences to the Snow family. I do not know of this person or have a opinion of him or his job. All I know is that one of GOD's children is gone from this "hell on earth". The news guided me to this specific article and as a christian, I condemn the hateful comments on here.

Is this what L.A. is well known for? I grew up southern California and am amazed with the hatered here. Please channel your hatred for SATAN's followers
(possibly some of the commentators listed here).

To all of you disgusting, vile, hate-filled posters: I guess since many of you referred to hell that you also believe in Heaven. Well guess what? You ain't gonna get there. Unfortunately for you, God doesn't want hate in his Heaven and that seems to be your forte.

"Comments are moderated, and will not appear until they've been approved."

The LA Times is disgraceful for allowing the disgusting filth from supposedly compasionate liberals to be posted on this blog. Shame on the LA Times.

RIP Tony.

To all of you disgusting, vile, hate-filled posters: I guess since many of you referred to hell that you also believe in Heaven. Well guess what? You ain't gonna get there. Unfortunately for you, God doesn't want hate in his Heaven and that seems to be your forte.

First of I lost my grandfather to cancer and I can only imagine that all of you that have posted such vile remarks have never lost anyone to cancer. It is horrible to sit there next to the persons bed and watch them wither away. The pain is horrible, which would obivously make some of you juvenile posters happy. Mr. Snow was a gentleman, who truly believe what he said. To all of you who accuse him of lying, are you will to stand up behind your statements and say that the Iraqi people would be better off with Saddam still in power, the rape room still open, people being thrown into wood chippers, and forced to watch as the children are totured? To the people making comments about Mr. Kennedy. I personal hope he never steps foot in the Senate again, but I hope that he recovers from his cancer to live and be with his family.

Personally I think America could do with a little tough love, if you lie to the public you should be remembered for it, dead or alive. Really, tomg? So you supported the impeachment of Mr. Clinton for not only lying to the American Public, but for commiting perjury? I might be wrong but I seriously doubt. You were probably one of the ones screaming that the Republicans were making a big deal about sex.

To all you haters I hope that people show more compassion to your family when you pass then you are Mr. Snow's family.

"Judge not, lest you be judged."

God bless you Mr. Snow and your family.

liberals are truly despicable animals. nice posts for the obama backers. spreading hate like always.

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