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Which superheroes would John McCain and Barack Obama be?

Political -- and Batman -- junkies probably already know about Sen. Patrick Leahy's little infatuation with Bruce Wayne's alter ego, Batman. He loves the character, and all those colorful evil incarnates, Patrick_leahy_is_infatuated_with_thlike the Riddler, the Penguin and the Joker. Leahy has even talked his way into cameo roles in Batman movies, and in "The Dark Knight," which opens July 18, Leahy gets himself roughed up by the Joker's goons. Bam! Pow! Ooof!

So strong is the Democratic Vermont senator's infatuation that he wrote the introduction for a 1992 book collecting some of the Batman comics, "The Dark Knight Archive," and has done voice-overs for childrens' Batman cartoons. And on July 12, Leahy will play host to a special premiere of "The Dark Knight" in that hot spot of Hollywood's elite, Montpelier, Vt. The proceeds will go to a local library that has named a wing after him. Leahy, that is, not Batman.

So as we head into the long Fourth of July weekend (that phrase is a journalism cue that it's a slow news day, at least at the moment), we wonder what other politicians might harbor secret infatuations with fictional crusaders, caped and otherwise? Or even better, what superhero might actually dwell beneath those dark (pant)suits?

Maybe John McCain in his, shall we say, crankier moments, as The Hulk? Barack Obama channeling The Flash? Hillary Clinton as Wonder Woman -- the first major female superhero? John Edwards as Batman's sidekick, Robin?

And they don't have to be the heroes. Go ahead and link politicians up with your favorite bad guys, too.

Can't wait to see what you all come up with for Ralph Nader and Dick Cheney.

-- Scott Martelle

Image: Warner Bros.

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He's not a superhero, but then neither is Obama, but the obvious choice for a comic book character that best represents Barack is the Two-Face character from Batman. No explanation needed. Just ask Rev. Wright.

Two-Face could go for--well, any politician during an election campaign, really. Mitt Romney comes to mind.

If anything, I think Obama would be the Boy Wonder. Cheney's obviously the Penguin (there's a Burgess Meredith resemblance).

Now who would Ron Paul be?

obviously, RON PAUL is not someone you might easily link up with a comic book character. he's too much himself for that, and not enough infatuated with his ego; his paradigmatic courageous, principled stance for liberty in the face of overwhelming, often atrocious adversity is genuinely 'unheroic' in that it is fuelled by love, wisdom, and true convictions, not by ego. he's not a pretender, he's authentic. comic book characters typically are empty, lifeless suits 'animated' or 'obsessed' by some special 'power' (rather randomly labeled as 'good' or 'evil') that miraculously seems to entitle them to a 'commanding' or 'superior' position to fill in the void - that is why people with a serious disconnect with their positive talents, lacking genuine self esteem, orientation and viable goals in life, tend to identify with them.

obama would be professor exavier from x-men. mccain would be jabba the hut

Ouch, Dave. Touched a nerve.

While no one's pretending DC and Marvel's output are comparable to Dostoevsky, I disagree with the assessment that comic book characters are shallow, one-sided caricatures. It all depends on what you read and from what time period. Read WATCHMEN and tell me the characters aren't a fairly clever play on the one-note super-hero/villain while also making statements about vigilantism, power fantasies and differing views about what justice is.

While there's plenty of alpha nerds wiling away their lives debating the nuances of issue 356 blah blah blah, there's also a lot of intelligent and creative storytelling in the comics industry produced--and enjoyed by--people with "genuine self-esteem, orientation and viable goals in life."

Just ask Sen. Leahy how he feels about Batman.

And if I were going to pick someone for Ron Paul, I'd probably go with V. No one embodies the small government spirit better than a character who surrounds himself with banned artwork and challenges others to challenge their government.

I think Obama should be the ELASTIC MAN. He sure knows how to s-t-trr-e-t-ch the truth!!!

McCain - The Penguin
Cheney - Lex Luthor
Ron Paul - the Riddler
Mitt Romney - Two Face
Bush - The Joker
Hillary - Wonder Woman
John Edwards - Batman
Barack Obama - Superman


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