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Barack Obama's family tree finds a better gunslinger than Dick Cheney

Barack Obama has gotten a lot of mileage in his stump speeches making light of the ancestral intersection of his and Dick Cheney's family lines. A little bit ago in Springfield, Mo., Obama claimed another possible limb on the tree -- Wild Bill Hickok, reports our colleague Steve Braun on the Obama camBarack_obama_says_family_legend_is_paign bus. Said Obama:

"So if Senator McCain wants to debate taxes, then I'm ready. I was just reading, I was just reading that Wild Bill Hickok, he had the first duel in the town square here in Springfield. And I don't know if people are aware of the fact -- I have not done all the full research on this, but the family legend is that Wild Bill Hickok, he's a distant cousin of mine ... I'm serious... This is part of the family legend. I don't know if it's true, but that's the legend. So we're going to research that 'cause I'm ready to duel John McCain on taxes. Right now, right here. I'm a quick draw."

Note that, at least according to this short bio, Hickok and Cheney share something else: Both shot a friend accidentally. Given that gene pool, Obama might want to leave the quick draws to another family.

-- Scott Martelle

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Wow, How cool, So Obama is seperating himself from Brittney spears and saying, think of me as a gun slinger instead. LOL, Good way to draw attention away from that horrible ad put out by the McCain camp. Horrible Commercial put out by the McCain Campaign. Shame on them. I am almost embarrased for them. Look its time for the GOP to cut their loses and find another Nominee. Huckabee has some class, maybe he could at least bring some class back to the party, even if he doesnt win. Which at this point he would have a better chance at winning then McCain. They are actually having people submit there own ad ideas at thats how bad McCains tv ad Campaign against Obama has been. I guess the thinking is, Anyone could make a better ad then this. Wow. I guess it doesnt matter. I dont think McCain can win as the Nominee anyway. Could you imagine McCain even having enough energy to run your local Mcdonalds. Seriously. Think about it next time your in line watching the Mcdonalds manager run around taking orders and shouting orders. McCain couldnt do it. So I ask You, how will McCain be president??? Looks as though the RNC got behind the wrong candidate and they will pay for it., Guess they should of let the primary season play out without trying to minupulate the outcome.. Good news is i think McCain is just about done, I wouldnt doubt the GOP ditch him at the last second and run a younger more charasmatic charachter. Did you see him knock all that stuff off the shelf at the supermarket. the video is at all the while barack obama is looking like an NBA super star, (arrogence and all) even taking time to stop and have a cigar break video at

Another reason to not elect McCain... He'll cut spending here only to keep spending in the Middle East at the same level if not higher. At least Obama's spending will benefit Americans.

Here's an interesting take on the ever increasing deficit.

I think that is realyy cool and interesting aswell. I am very much in famliy trees was well andhave been doing research of many of the past presiden's history.

President obama is the first president of united states tha has made a very remarkable inpact on the world wow.........................A GREAT PRESIDENT of our time.


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