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Unity, N.H., to host Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton

Some staff member was truly inspired to come up with this scheduling idea (and should get a raise as a result).

It was announced today that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton would travel to Unity, N.H., on Friday for their first joint public appearance since she exited the presidential race and endorsed him.

The town, tucked in the state's western corner, not only has the perfect name for the message the Obama campaign wants to impress upon disgruntled Clinton supporters across the nation, but it also precisely split its support in New Hampshire's Democratic presidential primary: He got 107 votes, she got 107 votes.

And then there's this demographic tidbit from the 2000 Census, which put the town's population at 1,530 people. Among all ages, for every 100 females there were 101.8 males. But for every 100 females age 18 and older, there were 97.7 males.

So on the gender front, pretty much a draw. The Swamp's Mike Dorning has his take on the Unity unity meeting here.

--Don Frederick

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Boy oh boy am I tired of these former Hillary supporters flocking to McCain because their candidate didn't win. Talk about a bunch of sore losers. What kind of a woman is willing to give up her beliefs, denounce women's rights, and support a Republican candidate who will do everything in his power to overturn Roe v. Wade all because the first woman to make a serious go of the primaries didn't make it and a black man won instead?

Barack Obama won fair and square. Stop whining and get over it, unless you want a victory for W's third term and yet another step back for women, gays, and minorities. Obama, you at least have this woman's support and have from the beginning.

This is a time of change. It doesn't begin with one man or woman, but with all of us. Each and everyone of us. I, too, was and still am a Hillary supporter. I was also deeply outraged when sexism became a blatant media tool against her. I, too, was also upset to see she was not the future Democratic Party's Presidential nominee after the last June state race.
However, I am a Democratic -tried and true. i believe our party has selected its candidate. Obama is a good man. Maybe, he wasn't my first choice but he is still a good man with great ideals. It is time to set aside hostility and differences.....bring the party together fom the grassroots up. It is time to make this country what it could be again. It is time to fall in line again and look at the issues, the real issues! It's not who is favorite anymore, but who WILL CHANGE AMERICA. And for the better.

Re: post by SA, above.
" lack of leadership"

What leadership, exactly, does Hillary have, or has ever had? She was just a first lady. Sure, she travelled around the world with her husband - but in what capacity? Did she jointly meet with the world leaders with him? No, she talked recipes with the wives and socialized.

I'm so tired of hearing about Hillary's "experience". She has 8 years of elected experience, that is it, no more...

And you say that Hillary has principles??? She was willing to say anything, make up anything, to win the nomination. Shame on you all!

So S.A., it's up to you, but you're saying that you'd rather vote for McCain, who stands for basically the opposite of everything that Clinton stands for, because you're mad at Obama for winning the primary? Even though Obama agrees with Clinton on literally every issue of consequence? I mean, it's up to you, but in a couple years when McCain's President and we've got a million boys in Iran on top of the thousands in Iraq, plus hundreds of billions of dollars more in deficits and a new Cold War with Russia and China, plus Roe V Wade is overturned... all I'm saying is, you may live to regret that one.

"ALL PIGS IS EQUAL - SOME PIGS IS JUST MORE EQUAL THAN OTHERS" - Can you imagine the supporters of Mike Huckabee demanding that John McCain pay off Huckabee's campaign debt; or that McCain must hold the door for Mitt Romney (Ladies First) - or they would threaten to Vote Democrat. Or for that matter if it took three days before Obama admitted that Hillary had won the Nomination; if the sitiuation had been reversed. If any MAN acted like that he would be laughed out of Politics.

i will never vote for a hot air bag a lier who uses race card every day at every corner.
bhagwan deol los angeles

The opinion of a few angry stubborn people is of no consequence to this election. I find this behavior extremly entertaining. Both candidates are similar. It's just a matter of personal preference. I do think Obama has a better temperment and organizational skills.
I think that if someone votes for Mc Cain they are endorsing the extension of the war in Iraq. Therfore anyone voting Mc Cain shoul be required to enlist in the military and give the soldiers in Iraq a break.

This is in response to :
"Many of us Hillary Clinton supporters are now John McCain supporters. Hillary and Obama campaigning together will not sway us to vote for Obama. Listen to Obama and his arrogance and flawed character, plus lack of leadership. He could not bring himself and his church and pastor together,nor his demo party. He has no principles and changes his position on issues whenever it's good for him. His change slogan means change to his needs. He is now saying he's black to get sympathy. We don't want Obama. Vote John McCain."

I can't believe anyone who truly supported Clinton's policies won't vote for Obama. Unless, you're just a little too racist or sexist to support someone who is exciting young people of all demographics. This can be a great change election to really improve our nation, maybe you could take a nice quiet retreat for a couple of weeks, then come back and feel good about the party after the convention.

How much more pathetic can these clinton supporters (like S.A. above) possibly make themsleves sound? Waaah, obama's arrogant, i'm voting for mccain. No fair, hilary was supposed to win, now i want the candidate who has absolutely nothing in common with clinton. Forget about party loyalty, just think of this from a common sense perspective! And do you honestly think that anyone cares about who a sore loser like yourself is going to support? Get over it...

if you will now not vote for the democratic nominee..then you were never voting democrat to begin with..all a bunch of bs..mccain will overturn roe v wade..will start a war with iran for israel..will give you gas prices you thought were impossible..

'SO WHAT'- YOU ARE NoT RECOGNIZING the AMAZING NEW DRIVE BY OBAMA TO LEAD ALL AMERICANS INTO A BETTER, MORE TOLERANT WORLD!! we dont need distinctions and separations from each other, we are all human beings!!!! ---we have the same red blood!!! GG

Any former Hillary supporter that is now voting for McCain is either a liar or an idiot....oh wait, that does fit the bill for any remaining Hillary supporters!

It's sad to see that Clinton supporters are so bitter that they are willing to cut of their noses to spite their faces. S.A. is an example of what happens when people abandon common sense and embrace sound bites. Clinton and McCain agree on very few issues where as she an Obama promoted virtually the same platform. This country wouldn't be in such a mess if people were more concerned about the issues and did not base their votes on who they'd like to have a beer with.
Lack of leadership? Obama has proven himself as a leader - whether as editor of the Harvard law review, a community organizer or state senator. Furthermore, the fact that he's been able to motivate people to participate in the political process is a testament to his leadership skills.

I couldn't disagree more with S.A.'s assertion that Obama lacks principles and changes positions for political leverage. While I do not necessarily agree with Obama's decision to forgo public campaign financing, McCain is in no position to throw stones. Among other issues, he's changed his stances regarding detainee torture and coastal drilling. McCain was a staunch opponent of both and has only changed his position in recent months to solidify the conservative vote and appease big business.

As, far as experience goes, John McCain had decades of experience, but that did not prevent him from supporting an unnecessary war. Despite his "experience" his is committed to the indefinite occupation of a Muslim country - a doctrine that has furthered the agenda of Islamic extremists.

I hope S.A. and other Clinton supporters wake up from the dream that McCain is a viable option. His policies couldn't differ more from that of Clinton.

This will not change our minds...

BUT what's more troubling is an of LA Times article which says that OBAMA is going to try and court BLACK CRIMINALS, who have not yet been sentenced, or are being released from PRISON to VOTE FOR OBAMA!!!

I can't believe the gall of this man. The more I hear and read about what he says and does, the more I'm intent on doing everything to make sure he does not get elected.

Could this campaign BE any more poetic? The more sparkle and joy the better. We'll see how it plays as interested parties tune in. Will it be real unity? It's real poetry, that's for sure.

Well, I wouldn't dispute the fact that a few women would go for McCain, out of personal, understandable disappointment.

Do realise that though McCain is much more of a two-faced politician and has broken more promises and principles than Obama in order to win more votes.

McCain hasn't been receptive to women being in public life, and women having personal rights, as well. Instead he has implied that women should remain housewives if possible, instead of being in public life and having equal pay with their boyfriends or husbands.

And also he has hired Florina, the sacked HP CEO who was able to mislead her former shareholders and her board of Directors, allowing HP to fall into the depths- till the point of being almost dead and gone- as his economical adviser. I mean isn't it like Bush: to hire people who will always agree with him and also deliberately mislead the people? America has had that for 8 years; America doesn't need that same thing for another 8 years under McCain and his people like Florina.

Why is everyone so angry at each other in these postings? Politics may be a partisan activity - but citizenship ought to be way above partisanship. As my neighbour you're welcome to vote for whom you like, that's your freedom. Be glad you live in a country that doesn't present Mugabe or Mugabe. Be a bit thankful that you've got two candidates who may be different, but are actually high calibre people. Chill people. Chill.

All Hillary supporters, I am a Hillary supporter too, now that both Hillary and Obama work together, please, let vote for Obama and the Democrats will win back White House; and this great country will gain back it's prestige in the world. Also, economy, Healthcare etc, will be restored.

I supported Clinton, but I will vote for McCain.

Call names all you want. Put down women, make up lies about Obama and McCain when you don't know anything about either of them, call people racists when they have honest views about why they can not support Obama, and all it does is make Obama supporters look really bad.

Now you can attack me all you want. It won't change my mind or my vote. I have done the research and know more about Obama than most of his supporters. Every person in the U.S. Senate knows more about McCain than the Obama supporters.

Obama is not fit to be President. But some people want him to win so they can get their agendas met through him. I don't like their agendas. I don't like a Senator who has to go to the bathroom every time there is a vote.

Obama's father left him when he was 2 years old. He did not support him. But the child tries to believe in his father, throws out his real family that raised him and cared for him. Adopts as his "grandmother" a woman who was his grandfather's third wife, not his real grandmother who had to get away from the abusive Grandfather.

It took Obama 20 years to know what his pastor said in church? Another month to dismiss their association which he had held up time and again as important to his life? Well the pastor saw through him. BO just had to say that because he is a politician...he didn't really change what he thought about the Rev Wright or his ideas.

There are a whole lot of people who want Obama in because he is their Trojan Horse. They will come flooding out once the election is over. Why else would the DNC make Obama the winner by twisting arms of the super delegates to give him the primary votes, when Hillary won the most votes.

You want Change? Well, it might be change that is not exactly what you were expecting. Given the tone and words of a lot of Obama's followers, it may be change that the rest of the nation does not want.

Just keep up the negative chatter. You show yourselves for who you are and it's not pretty, much less likable.

I'll vote for the man who is left to oppose Obama. McCain has a good reputation in Congress and the only people who are really ticked off by him are the hard line right. You would think Obama's supporters would know that, but apparently they don't since they keep coming up with arguments that he is the hard line right. So much for knowing what you are talking about. Better stick to calling names. It only shows a certain kind of ignorance where as wrong facts shows another kind of ignorance.

I thought I was rid of the evil one once she conceded defeat to Barak, but boy was I wrong!
Hellary has been stalking me for the last few weeks. It started out with just phone calls in the middle of the night, she would just raspily breath my name over and over into the phone: "Baaaallmeeeer, Baaaaallmeeeer, ....". Now it's getting scary! She's beginning to speak! She makes my skin crawl!
Last night, I finally got her to explain herself.
She blames me for her not winning the nomination, she said,
"If you gave me the campaign contributions I demanded, I would have been able to beat that black guy! Now I'm stuck trying to blackmail him into making me his Vice-President! Vice-President d@## it Ballmer! Yooooouuu Wiiiiiilll Paaaaay! Yooooouuu Wiiiiiilll Paaaaay! Yooooouuu Wiiiiiilll Paaaaay! ......"
I ripped the phone out of the wall! Then a second later my ZunePhone rang, I answered it:
" Yooooouuu Wiiiiiilll Paaaaay! Yooooouuu Wiiiiiilll Paaaaay! ...."
I threw the Zunephone down, stomped on it, smashed it into little pieces!
Then, the voice came over the household intercom:
" Yooooouuu Wiiiiiilll Paaaaay! Yooooouuu Wiiiiiilll Paaaaay! ...."
My wife, kids and staff all heard it! They ran into my room frightened to death!
After a few minutes security was able to stop the signal somehow.

My little girls asked, "Papa, what was that?"
I looked at them all and proclaimed, "That was evil, pure and simple! ... and she must be stopped!"

We all slept in my bed that night.

I'm calling Mr. Obama in the morning. If I have to I'll volunteer for VP!
"Deliver us from EVIL!"

Obama groupies! You just don't get it, do you? You seem to "get' racism, but you don't "get" sexism! After watching the sexist, misogynistic, disrespectful, degrading treatment that the First Woman running for President received from the news media, and after watching my DNC do nothing about it, and the Obama campaign and the Obama Mamas do nothing about it, you want me to vote for the man???? Wow! If the situation had been reversed and it was Obama who had been treated so disgustingly, heads would be rolling ... your sexist buddy Chris Matthews would be out on the streets! I am sick of the double standard that the DNC and Obama tolerated. Disrespect my candidate, disrespect me, disrespect half of the world's population, disrespect half of the U.S. population, disrespect half of the U.S. voter population! Wake up Obama groupies! Obama may be your "Idol" but he certainly isn't my IDEAL! YOU wanted the man, YOU got the man! The Man represents you, honey, not me!

I don't know any Hillary supporters who are voting for John McCain. I supported Hillary and will vote for Obama. If you backed Hillary on her positions on the war, choice, health care, etc, how could you even consider voting for John McCain. Makes no sense whatsoever.

S.A. is most definitely a republican in sheep's clothing.

Ha, ha, good joke Repubs. These people -- like SA - are pretending to be Hillary supporters who switched to McCain. No sure the reason? Wishful thinking. No way would a Hillary supporter vote for John McCain. A war hero yes, ethical, not! Wants to expand the war, take away the right ot decide what women can do with their own bodies, admits he really doesn't understand the economy!!!!

The list goes on and on. Democrates will never support John McCain.

Ho hum is right. But these liberals will smile and cover up the evil beneath. The fact that liberals have slaughtered over 42 million unborn children since 1973 is just one 'right' that they're proud of. The only good about it is that they're killing off future liberals. Homosexuals are big financiers for these black souled people. People who vote for Obama are looking to make their own lifestyles seem right. Demoncrats don't want citizens to run their own lives. Bigger government is what they want and that will take more of our money from us. And they will definitely raise taxes to get oil from out of the country when we could be drilling and using our own. Demoncrats will bring out country under the judgment of God very quickly!!

I am a senior citizen Asian American feminist and have supported Senator Obama from Day One. Our beloved nation needs to turn the page. The divide-and-rule Rovian play book has almost destroyed our beloved country. It has damaged our Constitution, weakened us against our enemies, robbed our grandchchildren of their future and threatened our planet. All Dems and every citiizen concerned about our Republic must reject McSame's Bush's Third Term. To give our security over to a near-dementia, seventy-two-year-old President who cannnot complete a coherent sentence will definitely lead to catastrophe for the US and the world. LOOK at how much damage Bush has done to our nation. Then multiply by that ten times for a third-term dodderiing McBush.

The DNC, Pelosi, and the Obama's patronizing and phony
praise of Hillary Clinton are nothing more than insincere steps
to get some of Hillary's 18 million voters to vote for Barrack.
These people are so pitiful. maybe some of Hillary's supporters
will fall for it, but most of us see it as adding insult to injury,
and we are voting for Senator John McCain in November.

Unity, NH is one of the most obscure spots on any map! There is a county jail, a county nursing home and a 1-12 elementary school. It's name came as a result of a settled land dispute. Guess it IS an appropriate place for this puppet-show....It has been years since I lived in NH, but I can't help but to wonder if they've paved Unity's main road yet?

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