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Unity, N.H., to host Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton

Some staff member was truly inspired to come up with this scheduling idea (and should get a raise as a result).

It was announced today that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton would travel to Unity, N.H., on Friday for their first joint public appearance since she exited the presidential race and endorsed him.

The town, tucked in the state's western corner, not only has the perfect name for the message the Obama campaign wants to impress upon disgruntled Clinton supporters across the nation, but it also precisely split its support in New Hampshire's Democratic presidential primary: He got 107 votes, she got 107 votes.

And then there's this demographic tidbit from the 2000 Census, which put the town's population at 1,530 people. Among all ages, for every 100 females there were 101.8 males. But for every 100 females age 18 and older, there were 97.7 males.

So on the gender front, pretty much a draw. The Swamp's Mike Dorning has his take on the Unity unity meeting here.

--Don Frederick

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Many of us Hillary Clinton supporters are now John McCain supporters. Hillary and Obama campaigning together will not sway us to vote for Obama. Listen to Obama and his arrogance and flawed character, plus lack of leadership. He could not bring himself and his church and pastor together,nor his demo party. He has no principles and changes his position on issues whenever it's good for him. His change slogan means change to his needs. He is now saying he's black to get sympathy. We don't want Obama. Vote John McCain.


Hi Everyone: What say you on a sure win with the "unity ticket"? If the goal is to seat a democrat???? THanks for opinions...

Nonsense! I'm a Hillary supporter and I KNOW that a vote for McCain hurts the principles I believe in fervently!

I sure hope this is being televised. Am sure most of us want to watch this rally.

What - any democrat who votes for John McCain needs to reevaluate their values and morals - you have to be a greedy, unethical warmonger to want him!

I would like to do the campaign for Barack Obama that would sure make people realize that not every body who says they have experience (like George Bush) automaticaly should be consider the right Presidential Candidate. I would list the names of every President and person who said they had experience and next to their name I would list what they did with their experience. The first person I would list would be our President, George Bush and "Country in Recession" as product of his experience. Sometime it take more than experience, but good judgment in leading our Country. I beleive that Barack Obama has better judgment than MCain for President of our Country. My campaign would be about determining which candidate has better judgment. Superb judgment is what we want in the next President so that he can make decisions that help progress this country into the next decade. Right now our precious Country is declining when it should be climbing. I beleive that Obam has the vision to do the right thing for all of us, and not for personal interest. I have a hope that things will change soon.


I know many Hillary supporters who are behind Obama.
Hey, I know it hurts, but the pain of losing the Supreme Court to the Conservative Right, the loss of a woman's right to choose, continuing to have our democracy morph into the fascist state that the Republicans have been creating, the pain of knowing that Mobil, Chevron and other oil companies have been awarded NO-BID contracts for Iraq's Oil, and that's why so many people had to die in Iraq... how can you possibly vote for McCain? Obama is the only choice.

"Many of us Hillary Clinton supporters are now John McCain supporters"

That's laughable and highly doubtful. You're telling me that as a Democrat, you'd abandon your long-held beliefs about the world vote for McCain?

You'd rather see even more American's continue to die in a 100 year war, see oil drilling in Alaska and off our coasts, see government sponsored corporations continue to gain power over civil liberties ... just to punish Obama?

Unfortunately, most of the country will not appreciate the shallowness of this pandering. ballon raising attempt to gauge the sentiment of the American public. The staffer should get a raise??? - if that's the case then the Dem's will lose again because of their stupidity. Hillary and Obama? - As the old lady said on the old commercials Where's the Change?

As a Obama supporter, I don't want Hillary's Race's supporters to join us for change. They are the problem, we only want the open minded supporters and all other can do as SA said and join the war with McBush!!!!!

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Blaa blaa blaa blaa blaa, quack, quack, quack.

There is a stark difference between the Democratic and Republican platforms. I advise S.A. to read both before making a choice. If she supported Senator Clinton because of her policies than the choice is obvious. If she supported Senator Clinton because she is a white woman ,well that's another choice.

Well this is worth a chuckle .. aw c'monnn, it cannot all be so serious!! All they need now is a bridge ... we could really work the metaphors here and find us a bell too! : D

S.A., your comment is absurd. Obama "is now saying he's black to get sympathy?" Umm, he's not saying he's black, he is black. Have you seen photographs of him? "Flawed character"? Who returned from Vietnam to his faithful wife, found her appearance not to his liking because of a disfiguring car accident, and dumped her for a younger woman? The younger woman, the mother of his next set of kids, being the person he called a c-x-x-x in front of reporters. Is your post a joke?

you were never a clinton supporter. A true democrat would see that on the issue Clinton and Obama are 99% the same. Get over it. Viva Obama

What a bunch of kumbya holistic touchy feely crap! Obama is becoming clintonized so quickly that he's becoming Obubba! Now I regret swtching pareties to vote for him.
Looks like were stuck with McCain by default. What a pity, a chance to make history squandered.

It will be interesting to see these two on the same Team. Those who supported Hillary because they believed she was the Best candidate will follow her lead and support Barack Obama. Vero Possumus.

Any legitimate supporter of Clinton has no reason not to vote for Obama; they essentially support the same policies. Switch to McCain? That makes absolutely no sense. I don't believe for a second that an independent-minded voter could be so supercilious as to vote based on the cheap excuses outlined above. It's POLICIES people! That's what is important.


you say that Obama has no principles and changes his position on issues whenever it's good for him. Since you are a Hillary Clinton supporter, how can you use this logic against him and not yourself? Surely a supporter of Hillary Clinton is a Democrat first? Wouldn't a Democrat support the Democratic candidate for president, regardless of who won the primaries?

His latest campaign ad (and first of the general) is a direct attempt to make himself appear more to white voters by playing up the white part of his heritage and upbringing.

Please be consistent with yourself, and accurate in your quotes if you want to make a reasoned argument.

How could you be a Hilary supporter and then vote for McCorpse? That doesn't even make sense! Obama and Hilary are pretty close on all of the issues.


I guess you really don't care about what HRC cares about. Certainly McCain doesn't.

So S.A. ,
Help me understand why you are now a McCain supporter after being a Clinton supporter. What could the reasoning be when the agree on about 99A% of the issues. Is it the conservative judges you seek? Or possibly a continuation of the war? I have a few qustions for youi. In any other year, wouild you have suported the winning nominee of your man or woman hadn't won the nomination? Or like many other folks are you just a little fearful of an African American man who came on so strong, organized so many people, raised so much grass roots money that the establishment, you know, the entitled folks, were left just a little bit short. Not by much mind you. The mistake Ms. Clinton's campaigm made, and it was a bit one, is that it underestimated Mr. Obama. BOth campaigns worked hard and their was enough racism and sexism to go around, but nobody got a free pass. If the tables were turned, and your candidate had run a 50 state race including the caucuses, and won by a just a bit, what would you be saying to the Obama supporters that went ahead and supported McCain? Lets not divide and lose again.

Vote McCain and say good by to Roe v. Wade. He will fill the bench with conservative judges that will affect the next 100 years.

Beware of Republicans, especially Limbots, posing as disaffected Hillary supporters. They are spamming the forums everywhere.

Hillary supporters will come around when they finish the 5 stages of grief. They will support her leadership in supporting Obama. Might take a couple more months. Or maybe just a couple more weeks of hearing John McBush's atrocious policies. Hillary will lead in defeat as she would have done in victory. To do otherwise will invalidate everything she claims to stand for and relegate her to the dustbin of history.

I am one of the 18 million, and I also am now voting for McCain.

I've been a strong Hillary supporter, but on this, I cannot do what she wants.

No unity. Hillary or McCain. Period.

Message to SA

It is so easy to see how emotional some of these female supporters of Hillary are reacting. The result of not being able to take a hit in a fine sporting match called politics. First of all when men campaign and slug it it -like Mccain and Romney it was a a hard match. When its was between a man an woman suddenly everyone screams sexism. Look what is happening to Michelle Obama by the GOP men. You dont see any any HRC supporters defending the racism and sexism aimed at her-especially when Fox called her "Obama's babys mama. reference to an unwed mother of illegitamate children)

See Hillary ran a good race but executed a poor plan and got beat. Hillary said she wanted to reverse what Bush had done and stop McCain from following the Bush Plan. So now you say you will vote for McCain.
Well that proves that you really have a problem with a man that has the same voting record as Hillary-per say.

Well your problem is that can not be honest with yourself the way Archie Bunker was. He did not like voting for anyone who was not white. You are not a democrat..perhaps Independent or republican

My Dream Team would be Barack Obama, with John Edwards, and Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State.


Why don't you just say "inadequate black male" like that vile hag in the video. We all know what you mean. Go back to your shanty.

To former Hillary supporter:
If you think that McCain and Clinton have more in common than Obama and Clinton, then the dems don't want your vote anyway. You've clearly been a republican all along. Stop whining because your side lost--it is very immature. Think about the big picture--the future of our country.

"Many of 'us' Hillary Clinton supporters are now John Cain supporters"????

Hmmmm.. a very authoritative comment by someone who apparently knows thousands, if not millions of Hillary supporters????? Naw, I don't think so. I reckon these kinds of comments are either coming from the Rush dittoheads OR this is the new and improved KKK campaign to ensure that black people don't become leaders.... without that campaign looking at all racist!

American neo-cons... what WILL they think of next?

Dear S.A.'

How can you switch so abruptly because our candidate did not secure the nonmination? I doubt if you were truly a Clinton supporter! John McCain is about as viable an alternative as David Duke! You have some obvious bigoted tenacies my friend. Or perhaps, you are just an out and out racist?

I agree. I was a Hillary delegate, but am now voting for McCain. The only thing that would change my vote now is an Obama/Clinton ticket.

I still can not understand the reasoning behind Hilary supporters voting for John McCain. I would hope Americans are voting on the basis of each political leaders views and standpoints on different issues. If this is the case, how can you vote for Hilary then for McCain? In my opinion it is a very ignorant and spiteful reaction.

How can a Hillary supporter back John McCain? The answer is simple: they vote based on superficial characteristics. As Hillary has repeatedly said, the differences between her and Obama are small compared to the differences between her and McCain. If any of these turncoats actually educated themselves on the candidates' policy positions they would understand that supporting Obama is far more logical than backing McCain. McCain is a misogynist who cheated on his first wife repeatedly once she got in a car accident and didn't look pretty anymore. His new wife profited off of genocide in Sudan. His positions repeatedly shift with the political winds and his aging mind can't even keep track of the differences between Sunnis and Shiites in Iraq.

Just say what you really feel, S.A. You won't vote for a black person.

As a Clinton supporter, I am really tired of reading comments by Republicans saying they are former Hillary supporters now voting for McCain. No thinking Clinton supporter would ever support McCain, especially anyone even remotely concerned with womens rights.

That first post by S.A. is gross and infuriating. It's not Obama who lacks character, it's you S.A. Supporting Hillary and then moving to McCain after she loses the nomination doesn't make any sense. It actually disrespects everything Hillary stands for. McCain is the opposite of her on almost every issue whereas Obama and Clinton are very much alike on the issues. Ever hear the saying "cutting off your nose to spite your face"??? That's what people who think like you are doing. Do the rest of us sane voters who know that it is essential to break the Republican strangle-hold on this country a favor and stay home with your bitterness in November because you obviously need some serious perspective here.

So S.A., you will vote for someone who wants to undo everything Hillary has been fighting for 35 to accomplish. Some Hillary supporter you are.

Thats absolutely INSANE that some Hillary supporters would rather go against their own party and ideologies to vote for McCain instead of Obama. Its ridiculous that some people care more about how a candidate speaks and looks rather than the fact that Obama's ideologies are much closer to Hillary's than McCains. Voting for McCain is no different than giving Bush another term in the White House.

Since Hillary lost I have no choice but to vote for Satan.

to SA...who cares!! you're just acting like a big baby because you lost...if you vote McCain, you'll be a two time loser! McCain WILL NOT WIN!

Informed people vote for platforms and issues. idiots vote for politicians.

S.A., you are an idiot.

S.A. Writes -- "Listen to Obama and his arrogance and flawed character, plus lack of leadership".

You sure you have the right Barack Obama? Are you a FOX News hound? Sounds like it. You know very little in ANYTHING about his character. If he's arrogant then I'm the Pope.

Flawed character? Really? He's been vetted constantly since Feb of '07 and no one has come up with anything of substance showing any "flaws" in his character.

Lack of Leadership? Surely you jest -- he's lead 18,000,000 people to vote for him, and beat the number one political machine of the Dem Party. I'd say he has all the leadership we need.

I've seen him 21 times, shaken his hand seven, and asked him three questions to which he responded post haste in a very sincere manner -- brilliantly, I might add. He'll run circles around John McCain in any setting, I'm quite certain of that.

You should watch the J-J Dinner Speech from Iowa on November 10th. Watch ALL the candidates and you'll see why he is the presumptive nominee of our Democratic Party. All the other candidates wanted the job. He, on the other hand, is simply accepting his God-given destiny. He's the best we've seen since JFK! And you don't see that?

But, maybe you're a shill; no self-respecting Democrat would vote for John McCain; he's flip-flopped more times than a beached mackeral on a hot summers day. Lately, his campaign appears to have stooped so low as to suppress historical McCain vids on YouTube! (Just learned this this AM from a gal in Indiana -- amazing).

I can't wait to see the results in November -- 341-197 -- at a minimum, with or without you. Forget your old prejudices. Time to jump on board the Obama train. Or, maybe you're the type that prefers a candidate with whom you feel like you can sit down and have a beer? We've already had eight years of that type of leadership and it's embarrasing to think you'd want four more.

So if you really ARE a Dem, time to get serious and recommit to your party's new leadership. We're moving on, with our without you!

And many of us former Clinton supporters will support Mr. Obama because we want an end to the war in Iraq,
a Supreme Court that will not reverse Roe v. Wade, an energy policy that weans us off foreign oil, and a restoration of our image in the world,

I tend to agree with some things trackback says. I also support Hillary and will most likely vote write in for her. Obama is just to inexperienced and runs from contriversial votes. Not a leader.

Dear S.A.: You should definitely go ahead and support John McCain if you want the following: 1. no commitment to leave Iraq with the ongoing ill will our presence there will continue to generate around the world, not to mention lives that will continue to be lost and the enormous amounts of money that will continue to be spent unproductively 2. the rollback of Roe vs. Wade with McCain's next Supreme Court nomination 3. a continuation of the George Bush economic policies, resulting in greater unfairness in the distribution of wealth in this country (I hope you're one of the few wealthy Americans who has benefitted from same) 4. drilling for oil off both of our coasts with no real commitment to reducing world-wide global warming 5. no plan to achieve universal health care, perpetuating the same broken health care system we now have and 6. the continued domination of government by the special corporate interests and lobbyists who contribute so heavily to John McCain's campaign.

Should he be elected, I wish you well and hope that you and your family will find some way to live happily and productively in the America that John McCain envisions for all of us.

I frankly don't believe these people who claim they were Hillary Clinton supporters and are now supporting John McCalin. Basically, I think they are Republicans who are pretending that they supported Hillary Clinton. Clinton supporters believe strongly in women's rights, freedom of choice, medical leave, etc., and they would be concerned about John McCain's Supreme Court appointees (since he has stated he will appoint "pro-life" judges) and his position on various other women's issues and would not vote for him. Even if they don't like Obama and think he should have made stronger statements against the sexism that was directed at Hillary Clinton, they would vote for him over McCain.

Yes and let's overturn Roe v. Wade while we're at it.... get off the soapbox and take an intelligent look at the issues at stake here.

Dear S.A.
You sound very upset. You must be, since you've gone from being a Hillary support, to being a McCain supporter. That's quite a big change in outlook! What personal principals are at play, which lead you to make such a change in your support from Hillary to McCain? How about your values? You have a lot to say about Obamas "principals". What about your own?

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