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Hillary Clinton's Senate return, as related by the Letterman show

We are often otherwise occupied when the late-night comedy shows air, so we appreciate the diligence with which the hard-working folks at the National Journal's "Hotline" political report monitor the parade of yuks. And we especially appreciate it when, as was the case Tuesday, we've missed a politically inspired Top Ten list on "The Late Show with David Letterman."

So here, with all due thanks to the "Hotline," are the "Top Ten Things Overheard on Hillary Clinton's First Day Back at Work" in the Senate:

10. Nice of you to show up.

9. Did you win?

8. We chipped in for a welcome back pantsuit.

7. Should I take the Madame President nameplate off your door?

6. Hillary's choking another superdelegate.

5. On the bright side, you can once again partake in endless debates about agricultural subsidies.

4. Senator Clinton, please stop throwing wads of paper at Senator Obama's head.

3. I can't believe your shrill message of fear didn't resonate.

2. Please stop taunting her, Senator Kerry.

1. We'll begin as soon as Senator Craig returns from the restroom.

Our favorite was a close call between No. 8 and No. 2. But we give the nod to the latter, perhaps because we previously noted that when it comes to being able to share the experience of dashed White House hopes, the Senate is the perfect club in which to belong.

The Times' Richard Simon has a more serious take on Clinton's return to the Senate, and the expectation that she will wield increased clout.

-- Don Frederick

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I liked number six the best. Hillary choking another super delegate.


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