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Put Michelle Obama in the bacon camp

In the best tradition of their show, the folks at "The View" quickly dispensed with one bit of serious business they were compelled to confront during Michelle Obama's "co-hosting" stint today -- a discussion of her comment about being "really proud of my country" for "the first time in my adult lifetime" (which you can read about here).

Michelle Obama offers a fistbump during her appearance on ABC's The View daytime television show  That dispensed with, Obama settled into free-flowing chitchat during the ABC program that produced these tidbits:

** Her typical breakfast consists of toast, fruit and bacon. Indeed, "We're bacon eaters," she said of herself and her husband, Barack Obama. The dietician sharing the segment with her predictably recommended "lean, turkey bacon."

** She long ago gave up on panty hose, in part because they run so easily, particularly for a woman of her height (5' 11").

** "Kids are drawn to" her husband, she speculated, because "his first name is easy to say." In fact, some tots have been known to refer to him as "Baracko."

Obama made a point, as she made her entrance onto the set at the show's start, to offer her co-hosts what she wryly termed her "signature greeting" -- fist bumps.

That was a reference, of course, to the boneheaded segment Fox News recently aired on the fist bumps the Obamas exchanged two weeks ago on the night Barack snared enough delegates to become the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee.

Obama seems to be adapting to her heightened profile, which includes sharing the cover with her husband on the new edition of US Weekly (which our friends at the Chicago Tribune's Swamp blog write about here). She was cool and collected during her "View" appearance; if anyone was nervous, it was Whoopi Goldberg, who spilled the contents of her coffee cup just as the show broke for its first commercial.

For Ticket coverage of Cindy McCain's TV appearances, including "The View," go here.

--Don Frederick

Photo credit: ABC

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get it: 'now if THAT does not shut up those obnoxious comments on obama's arab/muslim roots/ least it will appeal to the taste of your ordinary redneck.'

Michell Obama has said a number of negative things about america. Her words at this time is not really her own thinking because she is being told what to say. This is a make over for her to be more likeable. Michell and Barack Obama are not the right leaders for this country. Why is the media not questioning their association with the many shady people in their past? Voters have the right to know for sure who we are electing to be president.

"her long-ago comment about being "really proud of my country" for "the first time in my adult lifetime"...

Long-ago? As I recall, that was in February. Since when does four months count as ancient history?

-Wm Tate,

I am looking forward to Michelle Obama as first lady .
How refreshing to have a strong , intelligent, likable woman as first lady! Someone who can relate to we the hard working middle class.,who have struggled to make a decent living and life for our family and accomplished much through our efforts. You go girl ! Dont let the vicious truth distorters bring you down.

Obamas Lack Of Hope While Michelle Eats Bacon
When Obama says, "We can't drive our SUVs and eat as much as we want and keep our homes on 72 degrees at all times ... and then just expect that other countries are going to say OK," he indicates a finite view of the world in which everything must come at the detrimental expense of others, i.e. if we do well then others must suffer.

The facts are that vast majority of starvation in the third world is due to the Socialist/Communist mass collectivization programs in Asia, Africa, and South America that depressed food production for most of the 1950s-1990s.

World technology, open markets and capitalism have shown that nations can go from third world to first world in 2 generations (Taiwan, Singapore, Japan), eating what they want and as much as they want should they use their resources wisely and govern well.

Whooppie's comment was very absurd. Out of context and stupid. Who the heck she think she was speaking too.. This is Michelle Obama, the next First Lady. Was she deliberately trying to demean black women. Take a look at yourself Whoppas. Black women without teeth. plzzz. Whooppi. thumbs down and foot up your.

Can you believe what she told The View! This Obama-McCain Food Fight has takes a really wild turn. Read about it here:

Shocking Michelle Obama Revelation at;jsessionid=A5E463D0A644E206AA0E0F4B32473F2D?diaryId=1264


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