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Barbra Streisand changes tunes from Hillary Clinton to Barack Obama

Barbra Streisand, the famous singer who was being discovered by radio stations back when someone named Barack Obama was being born, confirms to The Ticket this afternoon that she's supporting Obama and has offered to help in his presidential campaign. Singer Barbra Streisand who originally endorsed Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination now is singing a different tune and supports Barack Obama

Streisand's personal spokeswoman, Marge Tabankin, says talks are underway with the campaign in Chicago to decide what exact role Streisand will play in the presumptive Democratic nominee's efforts to win the White House.

Obama’s Hollywood supporters are hopeful that she will sing for the senator, as she did for Bill Clinton during his presidential runs, at one of the many fundraisers in the works for this summer.

So far, Tabankin says, nothing definite is confirmed. But stay tuned. (Sorry, Streisand isn’t set to appear at the fundraiser/concert for Obama at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion on June 24. Her schedule, at the moment, shows that she’s traveling that day.)

In addition to lending her legendary pipes, Streisand’s support is important to Obama for several reasons:  She’s a woman, in case you hadn't noticed and she’s a longtime friend of the Clintons, who lost. (Remember, in case you're tracking these things, Streisand came out early for Hillary.)

And the singer is Jewish. So she could potentially help rally support among a number of Democratic constituencies.

People who need people may be the luckiest people in the world. But candidates with Streisand’s backing have hit the Democratic fundraising jackpot. West of La Cienega, anyway.

--Tina Daunt

Photo Credit: AP / Kevork Djansezian

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I dont get it. Its just Barbra. If people start supporting a politicians candidacy based on which celebrity supports them, sonethings wrong...

its not just barbera supporting him champ.pull up your britches and get ready for a shutout!

Ironic how the press hasn't reported her LONG support of Hillary over this past year. It takes her switching to Obama to make the news....anyone else seeing a pattern here?

Just another reason to vote for McCain!!!!!!!!!

Her support or vote is no more important than mine or yours.
As a nation we might want to turn off our TVs and live a Good fun Life with out the influence of News "talking heads and Celebrity's. This has become a "The Feel Good Nation"! Hype and Glitter! See what good placed special interest money can do! Obama, the Super Hero! shazam!
The fact is that there are a lot of Clinton supporters that are not comfortable with Obama. So if Clinton is not on the ticket- I am not voting for him. He needs our votes to win.

I say, "Yeah!" I have jumped on the Obama bandwagon since Hillary is out of the running, and like Barbra, I'll do whatever is necessary to get a Democrat in the White House for the next 4 (8) years. Bravo, Barbra. Sing proud!

Barbara is the pinnacle of celebrity ego. Everyone (worker bees) must face the wall in her presence? She is a number one B**&CH to the real people, who are Obama's supporters. She can keep her musical and political voce to herself thank you very much.

Her support for Hillary was ALL OVER the news. They announced it the same day Oprah came out for Obama, and all the pundits and sites had Barbra Oprah stuff for days. Just like Hillary, shes supporting her party's nominee, and they will do whatever they can to get a Democrat back in the White House.

Yes, indeed, Babs' support of Hillary was aired just as publicly as Oprah's was for Obama. Her support of him is a decision based on her ALWAYS having been a die-hard, Liberal Democrat, with her own personal and political beliefs. There's nothing weird about this at all. She simply wants Bush and his ilk the hell out of control. Too, she puts her money where her mouth is; and I say if she going to sing for Obama, bring it on, girl.

Maybe Streisand should have done some research before endorsing a man who has been studying how to hate whites, Jews, and America for 20 years with his mentors from his church.

" .. People who need people may be the luckiest people in the world. But candidates with Streisand’s backing have hit the Democratic fundraising jackpot .. "

Yeah, maybe 3 Presidential elections ago. Streisand is equally HATED as she is IDOLIZED these days and quite frankly, a relic in the entertainment business. Besides, she would only look as phony as the woman she already publicly and officially supported (Hillary) by supporting BOREack Hussein Osama at this point.

I can understand using the word "support" when it comes to celebrities, but "endorse"?? What's up with that?

Whewww! Thank God! I've been waiting with bated breath for Barbara Steisand to endorse a candidate. I couldn't make up my mind until she spoke up. God bless Barbie for enlightening me!

I can rest easy now 'cause Babs has spoken.

I just couldn't make up my mind on who to vote for but now I know and it will not be B. Obama, that's for sure.

Babs, stick to what you do best, singing - at least that is something you know about.

Barbra streisand is a very powerfull women with lots of million dollars. I think that if she supports obama she can win back some of the clinton barbra fans for him. Plus if she sings she will raise a lot of money for him. I personly am a big streisand fan, and I really do think if obama can get her to sing for the fundraiser it will help a lot.

this item is almost funny.
of course, she is a woman; as anyone who managed to watch 'yentl' to the end, would know. and since we're now reminded of her 'early coming out for hillary' - yes she's one too...and who wouldn't be thrilled by the promise of her 'lending those legendary pipes' thoughtful having added the flattering picture, and even remembered her birthday...
but we suspect she could sing like a siren trying to lure the swaying argonauts, they'd still not be all tempted to seek shelter with either scylla or charybdis. nor stay in between. the choices presented are not viable. to steer the country out of the crushing maelstrom, it is crucial to have at the helm a captain who knows the course, and has the constitution to keep it, and guide the crew. someone who chiefly cares, not about his profit or his power, but about the people. this clearly isn't either of the clowns. it is candidate for president, RON PAUL.

I don't understand all the negative comments about Barbra Streisand supporting Obama. She is no different than the rest of the voters in her support except that she is an American entertainment icon.Something she has achieved through hard work and determination.She is also a generous philanthropist having donated in excess of $30,000,000 to human rights ,environmental, and heath causes. When it comes to election time it seems to me the Americans love to celebrate and party. Just look at the crowds during all the campaigning with their party hats,banners,whistles , and placards dancing to"canned" music. What is so wrong with listening to outstanding musical entertainment during this process.She sang for Kennedy at his request{for a White House dinner} and for Bill Clinton during his campaign and inauguration.Democrats listen up she is on your side. Republicans eat your heart out!!

These elitist snobbish celebrities who think they are so clever, think they know better what's best for us than we do, using the wealth we gave them by watching their movies, and buying their sponsor's products. I don't want these celebrities to buy the Presidency. The people of the United States should chose the President. Each citizen's vote should be equal, not canceled out, or overshadowed by some spoiled celebrity. Look at the list of lame celebrities who are trying to get Obama in the white house ...
Madonna, Ludacris, the idiots from the View, Rosie, Pamela Anderson, Oprah, Lohan, has been chevy chase, Susan Sarandon ... These celebrities are out of touch with us Americans. They are just part of an
"in crowd clique" who think they are at liberty to use disgusting language, and make nasty attacks, with impunity. They don't know the issues, or care, for they are insulated by their wealth, and believe they are above reproach. We, the common people are the ones who gave them their celebrity and wealth ... and, we the common people are the ones who can take it back. No Wright, no Farrakhan, no Rezko, no Ayers, no Pfleger, no mean Michelle, and, NOBAMA !

Yes! I only wish I could attend the event tonite in LA.
I'm sure Barbara Steisand is going to keep everyone Fired up and Ready to Go!
After looking at McCain's horrific record on voting down equal pay for equal work against women because it being a negative to businesses and insisting women need more training and education depicts that he truly is a sexist pig. Yes, I did compare him to the pig. Quote me on it!
Barbara Steisand is doing an Obama fundraiser and the silly Repubs are green-eyed jealous. They know that Schwarzenegger, Stallone, Jon Voight & Tom Selleck altogether cannot raise the money that she can. She, Clooney and other Dems are private US Citizens doing fun fundraisers that everyone WANTS to get into.
You GO Barbara! We LOVE you, lady!
GO OBAMA-BIDEN in 2008!!!
We'll help you bring it home for the UNITED STATES of America!

John McCain for President

How come we can't just listen to Streisand sing without having to hear her baloney.


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