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Barack Obama's birth certificate revealed here

(UPDATE: Alan Keyes stoked the Obama birth certificate controversy anew in February 2009. See Ticket coverage here.)

[See August update here.]

Click on the certificate to enlarge for better reading.

First, last fall, there were all kinds of people, a number of them Ron Paul supporters, dashing from Internet site to Internet site suggesting that John McCain could not serve as president of the United States.

That was because he was born outside the United States and, therefore, not native-born, as presidents must be constitutionally.

McCain was, in fact, born in a U.S. military hospital in theBarack Obama's birth certificate copy as released by his presidential campaign in June 2008 Panama Canal Zone, where his father was serving in the Navy. That was, in fact, American-controlled territory at the time.

More importantly, his parents were both American citizens, so he could have been born on Mars and still been an American at birth. And a sense of the Senate resolution took care of any lingering doubts.

Now come the rumors about Barack Obama's birthplace, that he was really born in his father's native Kenya, so like Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, who was born in Austria, he can't become a U.S. president.

Same rule would apply as for McCain. Obama's mother was an American. So is her son.

The Obama campaign has provided at The Ticket's request what it says is a copy of the Illinois senator's official birth certificate, reproduced here, showing he was born in Hawaii on Aug. 4, 1961, at 7:24 p.m., which means he was late for dinner, just like a politician. Click on the photo to enlarge for reading.

Now, about the citizenship of all those people planting these rumors.

(UPDATE: In reaction to some of the comments left below challenging the veracity of the document, Ben LaBolt, an Obama campaign spokesman, sent the following reaction to The Ticket: "I can confirm that that is Sen. Obama's birth certificate.")

--Andrew Malcolm

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I just looked at Obama's 'birth certificate'. I've gotten birth certificates for my kids. Official ones all have official seals. This one doesn't. Also, it's pretty clear that this one was printed by laser printer with proportional font, so it isn't an original. I know if someone orders a birth certificate today they usually send a digitally produced copy, but it is accepted as official because it has the official seal stamped into it. This one could be printed in my basement. As another interesting detail. there is a backward stamp on the page that reads, "Jun 6, 2007". In other words, this one was most likely printed on June 6th, 2007, long after any self respecting politician would have paid off the database administrator.

Does anyone seriously believe that all of the background checks the FBI has done on both candidates would let something as basic as where they were born get passed them? Please! The FBI has done a thorough investigation on this matter and believe me, if there was even a slight chance Senator Obama was not born in Hawaii, they would have nailed it! It's sad that those who don't want Senator Obama to be elected will stoop to anything, including spreading blatant falsehoods.

One thing I do find interesting about this copy of "Barack Hussein Obama II" birth certificate is there is no "Offical Seal" embossed into the document (or stamp), like every other Official Hawaiin birth certificate I have seen.

Being African is not a race,but a nationality.

Africa is not a nation; hence "African" is not a nationality. Kenyan, Nigerian, Ethiopian, Sudanese, Egyptian, South African, Zimbabwean, et cetera are nationalities.

look how scared these republicans and racists are... they have tried everything, and nothing would stick. Do you think a simply thing such as birth check will go through the FBI or FEC undetected? Please, i think it would be better if you find some other tactic. focus on something else that can really bring doubts about the man, and not just things that show how desperate, scared and frustrated you all are. maybe u can ressurect george wallace and make him ur spoke person. That birth certificate is authentic, and Barack will not budge. He will continue focusing on his message of trying to uplift poor ignoring folks who are lamenting over the republican-bush-mccain economic disaster, like some of you are.

Where is the seal on his birth certificate? I mean I had to have it stamped with a seal to get a passport and both my parents were born in the US, he would surely need one on there to be president?

Obama is NOT a US Citizen - this birth certificate is a fraud.

this is a real document. if you read the top its called a "certificate of live birth" not a "birth certificate" just another way for hussein obama to try and get over on the citizens of the USA. thats why he is in a legal battle. tell me, if someone were to sue you under the presumption that you were not a "natural born citizen" wouldnt you produce and actual birth certificate???? not another document that could possibly be a fraud?? I just listened to a long and in depth interview on the radio with the man bringing the lawsuit. His research shows that not only is hussein obama not a natural citizen he could possibly also be an illegal alien. should be a fun election.

So what if it IS a copy of a birth certificate? That doesn't mean that it isn't valid. I have a copy of MY birth certificate too. 1961 was a long time ago. Originals become destroyed or messed up. My original wasn't even on a paper type of material. It was on some type of paper that was very thin and brittle. I was born just a few years before him, so more than likely his would be of the same brittle material. Why don't you people STOP trying to create conspiracy theories about a man's birth certificate and look into how crooked this present president is?

Man, oh man, It is amazing the lengths to which paid disinformation people will go to just to smear Obama. He was born in Hawaii, get over it. Stop making up lies - Next claim is that he's a Martian spaceman, sent to "soften up" America for a Martian invasion.

School records of Barak Obama (aka Barry Sotero) in Indonesia indicate he was a citizen of Indonesia while going to school there, a total of 4 years. If he truly was an Indonesian citizen at the time-- he would not be eligible for dual citizenship according to Indonesian law then, which means that he is a NATURALIZED citizen and not natural born citizen of the USA as the Constitution requires.

When my husband entered Mexico just across the border from Yuma and tried to return he was told that even a copy of his birth certificate with the seal visible was not valid for re-entering the US. Not only was he required to have an original certificate with the seal but also 2 pictured iD's. So why is Obama certificate considered legal to prove he is really who he says he is.

Okay, now show us McCain's and Obama's REAL birth certificates and places of birth:

Obama -- born on the planet Mercury (also known as a watery, toxic substance)

McCain -- born on the planet Uranus (self-explanatory)

Conclusion: Both aliens and unfit to be president of any country or planet.

Want real change? Join the CAMPAIGN FOR LIBERTY!

if this is their idea fo full disclosure why did they block out the certificate number. Because theyknew it could be traced back to original document before it was altered, and they knew they could not just make up a different number. Wake up people, this guy is a fraud.

Have any of you recently gone to get a copy of your birth certificate? The information is transferred to an "official" court house paper and printed on todays printers. You do not get a photo copy of the "original" as they did in the past and they do not even imprint the seal on them anymore. I have gotten these ten dollar copies of my childrens birth certificates, and the above certificate is only different as at the Champaign County court house the paper is blue, not green. Some of you go off about alot you know nothing about. Go get a copy of your birth cerficate and see how "different " it is!!!!!!

IF anyone looks at the picture and pays any attention to... close to the bottom you can see where a date was stamped on the backside of this 'document'. The date reads: NOV 8 2007. So yes, this is brand new. Where is his original? I am not a supporter of either party at this time, neither of them make sense nor have a good plan to straighten anything out.

I'm not a bit surprised at the birth certificate fiasco. I also am not surprised that the media cares not in the least. If a democrat repeats a lie twice, it becomes fact. The media accepts it, the democrats accept it. Look what we got with clinton. A bunch of dead people. That's right. Hours after "traitors" allude to having a conscience over something, they wind up dead or ruined for life. Take Ron Brown, Billy Dale, Kenneth Star, McDougal...about to be released from prison and then he's dead. Corruption protected to the hilt by the media.

If you folks as we folks who have studied this for one year or more would take a step BACK and just say
maybe this is a FAKE not REAL Give that a chance and see if you can honestly say it's REAL?
NO...... it's is fake and we are all being told non truths......
I want the TRUTH only the TRUTH....PLEASE for the good of the the world and your butts also......THINK BIG!

I thought his real name was Barry, so how could this birth certificate be the real deal? The LA Times has blog on when and why he changed his name in the 80's from Barry to Barack. Where are the real facts these days? I really would like to know. I am trying to do real research but it appears journalism has become bias instead of informing the people of facts and really doing the appropriate research. Americans - we need to wake up and get our facts straight. Can we trust the media? Let's not let anyone shove bogus propaganda down our throats. Voting for the right person is not doing what is cool or what everyone else is doing. Voting is taking your values and ethics and hope for our kids and their kids' futures; aligning them with your own and making sure we are getting it right. Use your own research and gut judgements to make a well educated decision. If you do that, you have power and noone else. As a country we have fought hard for our freedom and this being the greatest place to live, that is why so many come to our great nation and even risk their lives to obtain the "American Dream" so let's keep it a dream and not a nightmare, take your rights seriously. Watch the debate, research, read everything you can because there are only 21 days left before we have to make a very important decision.

What do you expect from the LA Times?
Nobody pays any attention to you except for all of Hollywood! Not that many people in the whole vast configuration of things.
LA Times is laughable

That document is a complete fake!! This man should not be president!!! SHOULD NOT!!! Lets just keep him out of office and avoid the cosequences that he WILL bring!!

Quote: ("There are those who were born UNAMERICAN in America. They disqualify themselves to be Americans because they discard AMERICAN values, that recognize, equality , freedom opportunity and hardwork.
Evaluate one on the values he/she cherishes. Real Americans do not judge a person by his/her birth or race. To do so is a sin against man and God.")
True americans recognize the foundations that this country was built on that made it the greatest country on earth. They DO NOT refuse to pledge allegiance to our flag. They do not say they would be sworn is as president on the Koran instead of the bible, and they would not say "we are NO LONGER A CHRISTION NATION, we are a nation of Muslims, Cathics, Jews ext.
NOT what our founding forefathers declared. Those with American values and just values, do NOT have so many ties with self proclaimed communists and other terroists and crimminals. Perhaps you should learn more about this man you believe to be so full of american values. I want you to find one. For the first time in my 39 years, I'am afraid for this country if Barock Obama becomes it's leader. But I pray every day, all I can think is if he wins, it will be the big beginning of Revelations. You should read it.

Really - do you seriously believe that the Secret Service is burning millions of $ providing Obama (just like they are for McCain) security without having thoroughly background-checked Obama?

Helloooooooo - Department of Homeland Security - helllloooooooooooooo?

Bush set up the DHS, and it's functioning - not perfect, and some flaws, but what's perfect?

if he really was foreign-born they would have exposed him loooooong ago and this race would have been over. Well, it's still over, but not the way it WOULD be if Obama was a foreign-born person.


It's not a real birth-certificate! It's a little known fact that this fake document is made from that it's made from aborted babies.

Michelle Obama is really Osama bin Laden in disguise; her bodyguars is really Vince Foster, who's in hiding from the Clintons who **really** wanna kill him for leaking the "death list".

Sheesh - don't all of youse know these things?

African was not a race they put on birth certificates in 1961.. If it were legit, it would say negro.

Wait a minute. This is allegedly an image of a document from 1961? I've scanned a lot of hard copy in my time, and I've never seen such perfect registration.

Is this an electronic duplicate supplied by the state of Hawaii? If so, then how does it prove that the original document existed in 1961?


Link compares Obama's birth certificate to another Hawaiian birth certificate. There are differences:

Hawaii law requires it to be stamped and signed on the back. Here is Barack Obama’s birth certificate:

I know you can get copies of birth certificates if for some reason the original is lost. I am not sure what the copies will look like. Hopefully, just like the original which I was born after Obama and my birth certificate does NOT look this modern.
I am more concerned that he has only been a working Senator for 143 days and is considered "experienced". You can't even be promoted to a manager of McDonalds after 143 days on the job!!! But he can run a nation with this little experience? I am also concerned with the number of times that he sat in and refrained from voting. If you are a paid Senator to represent your state, don't you think you should do your job?

How come no one in the government will speak up about this fake document?

Why do they just roll over?

Makes me really sad....

I would go to jail for going to court with fake paperwork.. Why can someone run for pres with fake documents? How is that right???????

Notice the lower left corner print of the certificate. It is dated as Rev.11-01 and the ink in the lower center if you put a mirror in front of it clearly shows the stamped date of 06 2007. But the American people or at least half seem to be buying it. Like sheep led to the slaughter.

I doubt too many of the conspiracy theorists will care, but has some more images of the certificate at:

Obama, is trying to perform a blood less coo. He was not born in the United States he was born in Kenya. He also has a citizenship in Indonesia which happens to have the largest Muslim population in the world. Secondly he receives large contributions from several Muslim organizations that fund his campaign and he claims not to be Muslim. But the Islamic faith preaches to kill anyone who disclaims the religion which Obama has done by saying hi is Christian, yet they still support them. So put 2 and 2 together and he is lying. Obama receives sever millions in contributions from Saudi Arabia which is the main source of Wahhabism, that we all know is just another name for radical Islam. There is a hidden agenda here. Sen Obama is not American and palls around with terrorists. If he is elected, it would go entirely against the rules and stipulation of the constitution. Then who's to say that he wouldn't shred the bill of rights and instate sharia law, making everyone a second class citizen who isn't muslim.

I who was in the US military and In the middle east because of Sept 11, took an oath. To support and defend the constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic.

I will not let this stand.

Good grief, the conspiracy nuts about everywhere, and they're ignoring the facts posted by people who *really* know their stuff.

I'm not even a Obama supporter, but as a citizen of the State of Hawaii and former public employee, enough is enough with the outright lies in the comment section.

There is a lot to dislike about Obama, but use the facts, not fallacies.

The document posted in the article is REAL. If you lose your birth certificate for any reason, and ask the State of Hawaii for a replacement, THIS is what you're going to get. NOT a copy of the original certificate. Just a "Certificate of Live Birth" issued in this format, pulling data from the state database. Anyone who lives in Hawaii knows this, and can verify this by going to the office at the corner of Punchbowl and Beretania, and spending $10 to get a copy of their own Certificate of Live Birth.

If Obama lost his birth certificate somewhere in his travels, this is the only replacement the state will give him. I know; I'm in the same boat myself. If some idiot in another state wanted to challenge the validity of my replacement, they would find out soon enough that this is indeed what the State of Hawaii issues in lieu of the actual birth certificate.

Also, it's well documented here that his birth name IS Barack. Because school mates and teachers had trouble with the name, he went by the nickname "Barry" as a child. I've met people who went to school with him, and they still refer to him as "Barry." There are also people around town who still remember his father when he was a University of Hawaii student.

As to the earlier poster who said Hawaii law required Christian names - not sure where they got their facts from, but my cousins are of Japanese descent, complete with Japanese names - all of which made it onto birth certificates. So much for that claim.

Attack the man's policies, attack the man's speeches, attack the man's lack of experience - all are ripe for a challenge.

Just don't waste time making yourself look foolish by questioning the legitimacy of this document, or the fact that he's a natural born US Citizen, both because of his mother and the fact that he was born in the USA. It only wastes time and energy, and takes away from the real issues and concerns about the man. Challenging the validity of this document makes you look foolish at best, factually challenged at worst - and takes away from your credibility when challenging other aspects of Obama's candidacy.

its not about race or that he will be a sorry choice for president .the fact is no one can run for president that is not born in america its the law and the fake looking bith certifitcate should be looked into

I want universal healthcare, so that everyone my be covered for everything. I have that blessing because I served the US military and have a service-connected disability. Our nation must provide more healthcare to every citizen, especially servicemen and women.

As others have noted, this is NOT a birth certificate issued by the hospital of birth. It is not an original from 1961, it is a newly issued 'certification of birth' which does NOT legally serve as a substitute. The FACT is that Obama has refused time and again to produce a real birth certificate, or facsimile. Nor has he produced his academic records. Any American applying for a middle manager job would have to provide such information. It is the minimum one would expect. In this day we MUST prove our birth. So why not the guy running for President? The FACT is that Obama could not, under any circumstances, if he worked for the government or a major company with government contracts, be approved for a minor level security clearance!!!!! I would like the assurance that the man who runs my country and knows all of our secrets is at least approved to see them. WAKE UP AMERICA - this guy has lied through his teeth his whole life - and he is about to take America down the drain.

To those who believe the birth certificate for Barack Obama is not real because of the modern computerized typeface: Most localities no longer make "copies" of birth certificates, marriage certificates and so on. They keep the information in protected computer files and print new ones when a bona fide request arrives for a copy. I know this: I just got several such documents during a family ancestry search of my own. So please, don't pretend to know what you do not know. And for crying out loud, don't spread your ignorance of how modern bureaucracy really works around. It could hurt someone.

You know, I am not a fan of harsh comments, but I have never seen so many posts by complete, ignorant idiots in my life. Have any of you nuts actually ordered a birth certificate in, say the last decade or so? This is what you get. It is totally valid for everything so long as it's issued by the state. We have had to do this recently for my wife and two of my kids, all born in different states, because we lost the originals. So, the idea that this isn't a valid birth certificate just because it looks like a modern printout is just totally ridiculous nonsense. Now, I understand that there are some convoluted arguments about whether maybe Obama was really born in Kenya (which as this article notes, wouldn't matter in and of itself) and whether Obama's citizenship was somehow lost in Indonesia and not recovered. Fine. Dig away if you think this will somehow make a difference. (This issue's been out there for months and it seems few people care.) But the birth certificate angle is going nowhere, and just makes you look stupid as well as desperate.

Wow, more GOP illiteracy. What part of "this copy serves as prima facie evidence of the fact of birth in any court proceeding" is unclear?

Oh, wait, "prima facie" is fancy Washington insider-speak and decidedly non-mavericky and obviously goes over the head of all you Joe Six-Packs who are getting your maverick on and don't have time for words 'cause you're too busy seeing Russia from your house or enjoying time with Sarah-cakes in the great Northwestern state of NH.

I agree with that if you don't know what you are saying then maybe it's best not to say anything at all. I've read alot of the blogs pertaining to this birth certificate and there's been alot of thoughts, some good and some not so good and then some...well let's just say some, lol. Here's my opinion on the certificate. I'm a passport agent and we are trained on birth certificates, to recognize certified ones and others that are close. Some of you are correct in saying this is what you get these days, computerized ones, because of course you can't produce an orginal one if you don't have it,ie you or someone lost it or maybe the courthouse burned down with the orginal. Looking at this one from what I can see of it could nad probably would raise my eyebrows. Here's what a certified bitrh certificate MUST contain on it in order to be a Certified Birth Certificate. Along with the obvious name and birth date of child and parents names and some may even indicate parents birth dates or race or nationality, what they must have is first a raised State Seal and on this one I see a Seal but can't tell if it's raised. It must have a filing date within one year of birth and last is the signature of the register and that is what raises my eyebrow. This one does not have a registers signature. It's like having acheck with no signatue. So that's is questionable, that's all.

my name is richard mack and im here to ask all to please show respect to all parties. i dont know what the hell is going on with all this balony talk on all sides. i was in the marine corps and served proudly and gave some. then theres some that gave all. mccain is one of those who almost gave all. that means he almost died in that hell hole the called hoa lo prison aka hanoi hilton. now im not saying i agree with everything he says. what i am saying is the man served his country with honor and sacraficed not only a few years of service, not only going to war, but was a pow of torture of the extreme kind. most of you cry or mutter depression over silly things like bills or job preasure. how bout the preasure of having your arms and hands broke violently for kicks among other horrors that you cant fatham for 5-7 years. can you imagine. we couldnt even sit in one room with cable for a year without going crazy imagine 5-7 with torture on the reg. so, my point is......... i think the man deserves your upmost respect, he is a man of honor. one more thing about all the members of the armed forces. just because they dont fight here on home ground doesnt mean there not doing it for you, or our interest. somebodys got to, will you?

To Richard Mack - you have amazingly idiodic grammer, and spelling abilities. Your points hold no validity with your stupid mistakes such as no proper capitalization. I seriously doubt you were in the marines, or have ever done anything productive in your pathetic excuse for a life. BALONY ...... Bologna? PREASURE ........Pressure? SOMEBODYS ....... Somebody's?

"If you are under 13 years of age you may read this message board, but you may not participate" ...this rule goes for child-minded people as well

Every Democrat in every election is illegitimate. They all lie, cheat, and are Communists.This is a Christian country. White Christians own America, everyone else is renting.

Did anyone notice that Obama's birth certificate is on a form that was revised in November of 2001? This form was definitely printed after 2001. When did he begin his political career? Doesn't he have an older one? What about his schooling in Indonesia? You had to be a citizen there to get an education in their public school system. Is it possible to pay off people to get a birthcertificate - if you have enough money? Revised November 2001 - so where are the records, anyone have a photograph of the hospital records? Freedom of Information ACT should give access... Also, I have never seen a birth certificate that didn't name the hospital a person was born in. How come his gma says he was born in Kenya, his sister says he was born in one hospital and Obama says he was born in another. Where is the hospital on this birth certificate?

Has anyone noticed this birth certificate form was revised on 11/01. That's a few years after the birth.

In 1961 there was not such an extensive listing of race for birth certificates (African) that would place the father's race & not the Mother's. But also in America you were listed black or white. My husband is a Native American Lakota born in 1964 & his Birth certificate lists him as black. When I received a new copy of my birth certificate it had the name of the hospital, the birthplace of my parents and a embossed stamp of the state seal to include the Dr.'s name that delivered me. As for typeface & font... when you go to order a copy it is processed on modern equipment. They do not pull out a manual typewriter to type up a copy.

If you call the registrar and ask them to send you a copy of your Birth Certificate, of course it would look like that. What, you think if you lose that little paper they give you on the day you are born and you lose it you can't get a new one? You just disappear from the planet?

Logic guys, learn to use it.

Okay, the Birth Certificate is valid and I'm not sure why people are demanding to see the original. Hawaii would not reissue a Birth Certificate if they didn't have a valid justification to do so. If people would research before they blog, it would save new voters from being mislead and tricked into voting for somebody based on rumors. I'm a Obama supporter, but understand the importance of each vote being a valid no matter of which party it's for. It's one thing to ask questions about things one is uncertain of, but to blog stuff that is untrue and totally misleading is pure evidence of a persons ability to achieve an opinion after being to lazy to confirm if what they are stating has actual substance. This kind of behavior shows how important it is for Obama to become our next President, he's different, he's sincere, and will give a new type of leadership for this country, not to mention somebody the rest of the world will look at in a positive manner. Let's blog the facts, blog the questions, and leave out the rubbish. Whatever anyone's choice is for President, just make sure it is based on truth and a vote you can be proud of at the end of the day.

NO ONE born in the former Canal Zone was ever deemed a U.S. citizen by birth, particularly U.S. citizenship. McCain's father was serving 'overseas with the U.S. military' which by law deems McCain a 'natural born U.S. citizen' as though he were born in the U.S.
Natural born is a person born a U.S. citizen, ie with the right to citizenship. It is distinct from 'naturalized' ie, one who seeks tp acquire U.S. citizenship and generally required to denounce former citizenship; and unlike 'native' born which implies born on U.S. soil.
It is the case that children born to U.S. military serving overseas have this birth right as though born in the U.s. Likewise, generally the country of birth does not confer citizenship by being born in that country, ie Belgium/Europe/et all. How do I know? Because I was born in the Canal Zone and believe me, both the State Department (issues passports) and former Department of the Treasury (ran Customs and Immigration) made sure that our geneology was thoroughly and completely examined to assure we didn't slip through any cracks in stubstantiating our U.S. citizenship. Further, there were many test and quirks even among families, concerning "if only one parent were a citizen, and it was the mother (oh gosh), was she working for a U.S. Federal agency at the time?' Phew! I met all test! My brother however did not, and he had to jump through other hoops to be 'a natural born U.S. citizen!'

i love barack obama

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