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Barack Obama's birth certificate revealed here

(UPDATE: Alan Keyes stoked the Obama birth certificate controversy anew in February 2009. See Ticket coverage here.)

[See August update here.]

Click on the certificate to enlarge for better reading.

First, last fall, there were all kinds of people, a number of them Ron Paul supporters, dashing from Internet site to Internet site suggesting that John McCain could not serve as president of the United States.

That was because he was born outside the United States and, therefore, not native-born, as presidents must be constitutionally.

McCain was, in fact, born in a U.S. military hospital in theBarack Obama's birth certificate copy as released by his presidential campaign in June 2008 Panama Canal Zone, where his father was serving in the Navy. That was, in fact, American-controlled territory at the time.

More importantly, his parents were both American citizens, so he could have been born on Mars and still been an American at birth. And a sense of the Senate resolution took care of any lingering doubts.

Now come the rumors about Barack Obama's birthplace, that he was really born in his father's native Kenya, so like Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, who was born in Austria, he can't become a U.S. president.

Same rule would apply as for McCain. Obama's mother was an American. So is her son.

The Obama campaign has provided at The Ticket's request what it says is a copy of the Illinois senator's official birth certificate, reproduced here, showing he was born in Hawaii on Aug. 4, 1961, at 7:24 p.m., which means he was late for dinner, just like a politician. Click on the photo to enlarge for reading.

Now, about the citizenship of all those people planting these rumors.

(UPDATE: In reaction to some of the comments left below challenging the veracity of the document, Ben LaBolt, an Obama campaign spokesman, sent the following reaction to The Ticket: "I can confirm that that is Sen. Obama's birth certificate.")

--Andrew Malcolm

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Everyone is a Marxist to some extent since a major concept of Karl's idea is that society is divided into groups of people. He believes the two classes are the proletariat and the bourgeois. His idea is basically the privileged and the non privileged will come at conflicts with each other. Christians believe it with the conflict of the salvaged and the damned. And most other people do see tensions between a hierarchical power in something in their life.

well I have only one thing to say about that birth certificate and it is this, Where is the embossed certification stamp on the lower part of the document? when ever I have to produce a birth certificate and it is not embossed as a certified copy it is not able to be used and not recoginized as a offical document. (And I am not Refering to the Printed stamp at the top anyone can produce one of those!)

BORING . . . .

In reality, those STILL attacking Barack Obama's birth certificate (i.e. "birthers") have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING BETTER to do with their time!!

Just face facts......

Pres. Obama's the President of the United States.

It's a wrap!!

Obama & Biden 2012

Are you ready??

What is they date that says jun 6th 2007 in they bottom right hand corner for?

My God, birthers are stupid.

Guys, send off to your state of birth for your own official birth certificate. You will get something much like what you see here.

States stopped keeping photocopies at least 20 years ago, you idiots. No kidding it looks brand-new - somebody looked up the record, and issued the document. Mine looks like that one. It is an official state document, good in any court. It was good enough to get my passport.


You can't see the bottom of the document on the computer it leaves off the bottom part where the doctors should be signing. Donald Trump is on the right road. If this document is real then why hasn't he shown it to people a long time ago when the issue first came up?
Donald Trumps wife needs to key it down a bit the dress she wore in the picture is a bit to revealing for someone who may be first lady someday. It's bad enough that Michelle Obama is always strutting her stuff in clothing that is to clinging to short and the sleeves are missing on almost every thing she wears.She needs to dress the part of an American woman who's husband is representing our country.

You can't see the bottom of the document on the computer it leaves off the bottom part where the doctors should be signing. Donald Trump is on the right road. If this document is real then why hasn't he shown it to people a long time ago when the issue first came up?
Donald Trumps wife needs to key it down a bit the dress she wore in the picture is a bit to revealing for someone who may be first lady someday. It's bad enough that Michelle Obama is always strutting her stuff in clothing that is to clinging to short and the sleeves are missing on almost every thing she wears.She needs to dress the part of an American woman who's husband is representing our country.

Yeah, and stamped in the lower-right in the clear area is a date, "June 6, 2007" It is reversed and somewhat faint, but definitely there.

I would like to point out that this is a certificate of live birth, not a birth certificate, there is a difference and it would be nice if the author of this article had done the research to realize this

That's pretty incredible, 45% don't think he was born here.

Says all you need to know about the Republican party anymore and I used to be one...

What do you mean this a birth certificate? It clearly states a certificate of live birth is what it is. So what is the difference? Maybe we should get a certificate of live birth and pick a state for my grandson. He is american and has an American passport, as well as an american birth certificate. So does that mean when he is old enough he could run for president?
Anyway, if it is not a big deal then why does he just not produce the BIRTH CERTIFICATE? And why did he pay alot of money to cover it up? And where did all his money come from? Anyway, it clearly states that you must be person born in the USA to hold the office of the US President in our Constitution. That is why it is important for it to be produced.
God Bless America and may we still receive His blessings.

When my daughter went to get her passport, they would not accept her certificate of live birth. It had to be the actual birth certificate or a copy from county records with a raised seal. So, She went to the county and they produced a copy with the raised seal. She was then able to get her U.S. passport.

does no one notice the backwards stamp at the bottom
saying "6 2007" and something before it that I can't make out? FAKEEE like this administration

I was born in Oahu in November 1963. I have my original birth certificate and it looks noting like the BC that is submitted by Obama! My father was in the Navy and I was born at US Army Tripler General. The title at the top reads "Certificate of Live Birth" not Certification as this one reads. Also, my mother and father's name are on it with their accompanying race, age, birthplace and occupation. It was also signed by the Director of Health and the Registrar General. Obama's birth certificate has none of this information on it. My original BC is on black paper with white writing and measures 5 1/2 in by 6 1/8 in. In addition, it looks 47 years old, unlike this one where it looks like a reproduction. Until I see something like mine, I will never believe his is real!!

Really people are still stuck on this. Wow America...

For those of you who don't like it why not leave America. I'm sure your minimum wage/ low-income job will be field by another hard working American.

Lets face it only an idiot would let this be one of their concerns about the president.

But lets all go vote for Palin yeah!(sarcasm)

That is a Certificate of Live Birth not a Birth Certificate. No signature by a doctor. I was born in Thailand and I can get me a Certificate of Live Birth and edit the text easily. Hell one of my friend did it illegally to get his Drivers license. Interesting..

Just saw the Anderson Cooper CNN - Trump interview. The example that CNN used to show what a certificate of live birth looks like in Hawaii was TOTALLY different from President Obama's. Obama's had no signatures on it. Watch the interview on YouTube and look at Obama's on this article. TOTALLY different. He should just produce the birth certificate. I believe that he was born here, but I also believe that he's trying to hide something on it.

Read the bottom of the damn thing, it CLEARLY say's, "ANY alterations invalidate this certificate". Invalidate means it's NOT VALID. Now, look at the border, the corners are CLEARLY altered.

Anybody can get a copy like the one shown....Let's see the real McCoy....H.D.

AMERICA has been duped!!!!!!!

Where is Oprah when you need her? Maybe she has the original.

And this is suppose to be a democracy country. Yeah Right. What a joke.

What is really scary is if we can have a president that was put in office under False pretences. What does the future hold for the future of this country.What will the people like Oprah and all her rich friends pull over the eyes of this country next. Oprah did play a major role in getting him elected.Admit it she is a very powerful woman

..... Does anyone else see the stamp showing through the back that says 2007? Just curious.

This is not the orginial but just a copy, also the notion that it just the birth cert. is wrong. it is the trip to pakastan, it is the rule for citizenship from the parent to the child under the 14th his mother would have to be in the US for five years since the father was British citizen.

ok, birth certificate, for our president, Obama, and time is to get country back , lets get to work!

Obama didn't release his birth certificate
during the 2008 election, because it lists
his name as Barack HUSSEIN Obama.

At that point in time, Obama hid his
middle name, HUSSEIN
(like Sadam Hussein),
in order to get elected.

It's a way of controlling the message,
and deceiving the public ...
you know, like when CNN cherry picks
comments which support it's editorial position,
and then closes their blog to additional comments.

I am sure this will NOT be approved. THe above document is different than the one being shown more recently which is considered a "long form"... Note that the certificate # is blocked out. All birth certificates are completed on a FORM which can be filled in AT anytime to appear legal. If I was still employed at Vital Statstics... I could take a birth form.. type in ANYTHING I choose to to make it look legal. In fact. I used to type a new birth certificate for adoptees; months after the date of birth.. When an adoption was final the ORIGINAL was in a binder in chronologicl order... but when I completed the amended bc with the adoptees new name and parents informaton... the original was removed and the one I just "created" was put in the same spot as the original.. Thus since he was put in office.... IT IS LIKELY .. that this is what they did. All they had to do was get a form; type in Obama's information .... and place it in the book where ever it would fit to make it look valid In my years at Vital Statistics many bc's have been altered for many reason. I find it odd that the long form bc they are producing shows the birth no.. but the one on this page... bc # is blacked out. I believe that he was NOT born in HAwaii. All it takes is persuasion with some kind of benefit to get the State Register to produce a fake certificate. must ask why it took so long. The best I can come up with is political gamesmanship. The man has no respect for the American people, none!!!!

The question is why did Obama spent so much money to keep this his school records and other documents sealed. Is he a brilliant person or is their something else?. The main distraction of this episode has the voters taking their eye off the really bad job he has done. Worst president since Carter.

I can't believe anyone in this country thinks that our President was not born in the US. He would not have been able to run for president in the first place if he wasn't born in the US.

For Donald Trump and the others to even question this is so un-American.

In fact I will go as far as calling them racist. No other American President has had to go thru this kind scrutiny. It is because he is black isn't it? Of course it is.

Donald Trump is someone who is playing off of the fears and prejudices of people. He continues to polarize people instead of bring them together.

I think people should start to question Donald Trumps integrity instead of our President who is trying to do what is best for the American people.

The address on the birth certificate from this web site:, is likely to be the location of the original Kapiolani Maternity center as the address is located next to a university and hospital history states that it merged and became a larger hospital. The address on the Obama birth certificate shows the current address of Castle Medical which isn't even close to where Obama claims to have been born. If you use google maps you can see that Kapiolani Medical is located very close to the address given on the Nordyke example. The address being wrong can't easily be explained away as the groundbreaking at the location on the Obama certificate did not occur until 1962 and no hospital existed there until 1963.

Obama Number one this is not a Birth Certificate.
This is a certificate of live birth This form is given to people who are not born in the United States sometimes.
I think we should see the real Birth Certificate.
Number two if this document is correct, than Obama is admitting that his father is not a United States citizen, therefore Obama is not qualified to be the president of the United States under the United States Constitution - that requires both parents to be born naturalized citizens.
Under the law of nations, to be a "natural born Citizen," the child needed to be born in the United States (or what may be deemed its equivalent) to two citizen parents. This definition of a “natural born Citizen” is found in and has been confirmed by the following United States Supreme Court cases and other authorities:

Obama, the Putative President of the U.S., was Born a British Subject
This essay was originally posted by Atty Mario Apuzzo in this blog on 7 April 2009. An excellent piece by Atty Apuzzo and well worth reading again. And Obama being born subject to a foreign power, he is not Constitutionally eligible to serve as President and Commander-in-Chief of our military.

I believe that Obama is just as dishonest, if not more so than Bush, so there's no way I could possibly know if this is real or not. Ron Paul 2012!!!!!!!

Referring to comments that indicate that you must be born in the United States to become president, technically if you are born otherwise in another country you are able to gain citizenship if given to in the United States, which means you will become a citizen of the united states which will give you the opportunity to run for President!

You can give a pig a birth certificate, but its still a pig.

OMG ! Doesn't anyone even realize that you can't even use this document to enroll your child into elementary school ! But, by God you can use it to beome the president of the United States ! Holy @### WHAT A GREAT COUNTRY WE LIVE IN !

Ok, they show us a birth certificate, BIG DEAL.....It's a copy, down in the left hand corner it was revised 11/01. Hello, that's November 2001. Isn't it funny how " the world's most wanted man" went missing around that time. Is that when our government decided to put him into our white house. Remember our government is the one who put Sadem in office. 2nd of all, Hussien for a middle name. Who was the leader over there at the time? I'm not saying yay or nay about Barrack Obama. We're led to believe so many things when there's proof otherwise right there in plain sight. Why can't they produce an original document? I don't know there's just to many questions that are unanswered or it takes to much time to prove their point. I'm not racist or anything, the matter of fact I used to be a supporter of him. I just don't know what to believe, but this is my opinion on this subject......

Yes Virginia there IS a Santa Claus - No further questions. This is PROOF...... not so fast my friends. There are SO MANY THINGS WRONG with this "Birth Certificate" it is embarrassing beyond imagination. That everyone would accept it at FACE VALUE without any discrimination- well, this is even MORE embarrassing. Where is Lieutenant Columbo when we NEED him? Under RACE it say AFRICAN - this was NOT the convention at THAT TIME - they said NEGRO. But whoever FORGED this could NOT bring himself to use this now VERBOTEN terminology... to this FORGERY is OUTSIDE the Convention of the Day. This is just ONE THING glaringly obvious to anyone who is FAMILIAR with such things would notice. There are MANY others. But the american people (SHEEPLE) are getting SO DUMBED DOWN they would notice NOTHING. They believe what they are TOLD. And ANYONE who QUESTIONS the "Official Story" whether it be OKLAHOMA CITY, or WACO, or JFK, or 911, etc. etc., MUST BE A KOOK, or a Conspiracy NUT...etc. This is Mind Control at Work folks. And it's WORKING...WAKE UP WAKE UP Snap OUT of it! NOW!!! Obama is a Manchurian Candidate created by David Rockefeller and Zbigniev Brezhinski for you GULLIBLE SQUARES out there. They put a Black Face on the NEW WORLD ORDER and YOU fell for it. Shame on you...Now, it's time to WAKE UP. This is NOT a Democrat or Republican or a RACIST or an Anti-Semitic ISSUE. It's an ISSUE of TRUTH, HONESTY, and how wrong things have gone in what USED TO BE a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC. The Founding Fathers are reaching for the BARF BAGS...they were worried this would happen. They gave us a Republic IF we could KEEP IT... seems NOT!!!! Oooops...There goes your FUTURE and your CHILDREN'S Future and THEIR children's Future..The ARMY is off stealing the Libyan Oil, Iraq, Iran, Who's NEXT??? .oh well, change the Channel - see if the ROYAL WEDDING is on channel 3. NO? OK, lets' watch Football, or maybe Lady Gaga...yeah!!!

First of all, the birth certificate that the White House released lists Obama's birth as August 4, 1961. It also lists Barack Hussein Obama as his father. No big deal, right? At the time of Obama's birth, it also shows that his father is aged 25 years old, and that Obama's father was born in " Kenya , East Africa ". This wouldn't seem like anything of concern, except the fact that Kenya did not even exist until 1963, two whole years after Obama's birth, and 27 years after his father's birth. How could have Obama's father have been born in a country that did not yet exist? Up and until Kenya was formed in 1963, it was known as the "British East Africa Protectorate". But, this is not the only thing that I found that just does not jive.

The other item that I looked into was the hospital that Obama was born in. On the birth certificate released by the White House, the listed place of birth is "Kapi'olani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital". This cannot be, because the hospital(s) in question in 1961 were called "KauiKeolani Children's Hospital" and "Kapi'olani Maternity Home", respectively. The name did not change to Kapi'olani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital until 1978, when these two hospitals merged. How can this particular name of the hospital be on a birth certificate dated 1961 if this name had not yet been applied to it until 1978?

Want video proof his birth certificate is a fake??

So, here it is 2011, and still no B/C. A fake one maybe, but still no real one. First we're told the "short form" one was the only one in existence. Then we're told he has the original in a vault, and he's spending lots of money in legal fees to keep it there. Then he posts the fake long form thinking American's are stupid, he's partially right.

Is oboma BC for real???????????? I do not believe He is an american Citizen. Way is the certifitate number blacked out. I for one will not vote for him in the reelection. I thine we as citizens we need to impeach him NOW

Could someone kindly explain something to me?

Document experts say that President Obama's latest “birth certificate” released on April 27th is very obviously a forgery created using a sophisticated computer program called “Adobe Illustrator”.

Isn't forgery of a legal document a federal crime? When you have someone create a false document on your behalf with intent to deceive isn’t this fraud?

Why is no one including the FBI investigating this?

Doesn't the rule of law apply equally to everyone in the United States including the President…..or is he above the rule of law?

You don't think the President of the United States could come up with a birth certificate forgery better than Juan down at the copy store could? You don't think that with ALL the money, ALL the people, and ALL the power he has, that he couldn't come up with an airtight document that the "internet conspiracy sleuths" couldn't break? You don't think that master forgers, both digital & analogue would have spent months, years going over every pixel/mm of it? Then master counter-forgers would have done the same? It could even be farmed out to another country to keep things quiet.
Heck, the Secret Service is one of the worlds premier expert organizations on forgeries & fraud. They have ink samples from every pen, cartridge, inkwell, etc. practically ever made- it's an impressive collection. I have a feeling that the President could get the Secret Service to whip him up a quick 60's era birth cert. that would pass muster with ANY layperson, and even any any expert (a real expert) viewing it over a computer screen.
I'm not saying it's real (although I believe it is, and I'm not a big fan of Obama), what I'm saying is that even if it isn't, he's gonna have a proper forgery that's good enough to fool detractors. They aren't going to make obvious mistakes like the ones everyone loves to bring up.
As far as the FBI prosecuting Obama for making a forgery..... give it up. Let go of that bone. There are infinitely more important things going on right now than trying to nail the guy in the opposite political party to the wall over nonsense.
There are PLENTY of powerful far-right conservatives that could bring the hammer down on Obama for a birth cert. forgery. Wonder why that hasn't happened? Wonder why Trumps 1) experts in Hawaii, then 2) document experts; never came up with anything? THERE'S NOTHING THERE TO FIND.

Quit watching Beck. It's made you feeble minded and apt to see boogey men everywhere.

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