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Barack Obama's birth certificate revealed here

(UPDATE: Alan Keyes stoked the Obama birth certificate controversy anew in February 2009. See Ticket coverage here.)

[See August update here.]

Click on the certificate to enlarge for better reading.

First, last fall, there were all kinds of people, a number of them Ron Paul supporters, dashing from Internet site to Internet site suggesting that John McCain could not serve as president of the United States.

That was because he was born outside the United States and, therefore, not native-born, as presidents must be constitutionally.

McCain was, in fact, born in a U.S. military hospital in theBarack Obama's birth certificate copy as released by his presidential campaign in June 2008 Panama Canal Zone, where his father was serving in the Navy. That was, in fact, American-controlled territory at the time.

More importantly, his parents were both American citizens, so he could have been born on Mars and still been an American at birth. And a sense of the Senate resolution took care of any lingering doubts.

Now come the rumors about Barack Obama's birthplace, that he was really born in his father's native Kenya, so like Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, who was born in Austria, he can't become a U.S. president.

Same rule would apply as for McCain. Obama's mother was an American. So is her son.

The Obama campaign has provided at The Ticket's request what it says is a copy of the Illinois senator's official birth certificate, reproduced here, showing he was born in Hawaii on Aug. 4, 1961, at 7:24 p.m., which means he was late for dinner, just like a politician. Click on the photo to enlarge for reading.

Now, about the citizenship of all those people planting these rumors.

(UPDATE: In reaction to some of the comments left below challenging the veracity of the document, Ben LaBolt, an Obama campaign spokesman, sent the following reaction to The Ticket: "I can confirm that that is Sen. Obama's birth certificate.")

--Andrew Malcolm

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To Andrew (who believes there is no such thing as an original birth certificate): Yes, Andrew in reality, there IS such a thing as an original birth certificate, because I have mine -- oh, and should I mention that it is from 1960? It is in typed letters (either Times New Roman or Courier, which is the only typeface that existed at the time) and is typed on an off-white background with a border around it. A "copy" of a birth certificate should be just that -- a copy of the original, but perhaps on different paper and without the embossed stamp (which also appears on my original birth certificate). It is obvious that by only exhibiting a tiny stamp-sized graphic, that they really are trying to make the wording / spelling illegible. Nice try, no cigar, Obama. Taking into consideration how he answered his questions with "uhhs" and "ers" on Saturday's Saddleback Church forum with Pastor Rick Warren, he'd be uhh-ing and er-ing his way through negotiations with terrorist countries -- oh, and should I add, without preconditions? I agree that all he is, is a presidential wanna-be; an empty suit with a bunch of euphemisms, like "Change", "Hope" and "Dream" repetitively reiterated throughout his speeches. But all in all, they're "Just words, just speeches...". Ugh...God help us.

its an OFFICIAL copy of a birth certificate. you people are idiots

Pixels are not a certificate of live birth nor are they a birth certificate. That is doubly true in the era of Photoshop.

It's amazing that the DNC media is so biased that not a single one of them will even ASK for (let alone demand) an embossed, signed, paper certificate.

This blind allegiance to Obama may lead to historic tragedy for democrats as an unvetted candidate gets rubber stamped.

The birth certificate posted is nothing like the real thing. My son was born in 1964 and it's totally different. Another thing that I noticed is the word African. In the 1950s and 1960 Africans were called Negroes. Actually anyone with black skin was called a Negro. There is no registrar's stamp on the birth certificate so it makes me wonder if it's legitimate. In order to be President of the United States a person must be a natural born citizen. I'm seeing lots of red flags popping up all over the place. One thing for sure is that never, ever will I ever question John McCain's loyalty to the United States. Obama wants to be President of the World....not with my vote.

Come on people, anyone try to get a passport without a birth certificate? Plus if the republicans swift boated John Kerry over vietnam they would SINK Obama over this. Get real look at the issues, vote on who you think would be the best leader (who ever it is) and do not be influenced by people with narrow minds and self center goals who try to influence your VOTE with down right falsehoods. Stand up for yourself(show them that you are not an idiot), make an intelligent decision, on what is best for you, your family and your families future. Whatever that decision is make it yours, totally yours, stand behind it and be proud of it, it is a very important decision, and take the time and effort to make a good decision. Remember Fla. 8 years ago it came down to a few votes and believe me EVERYONE counts.

As for me I am yet undecided, but I will give each one an equal opportunity to convince me why he should be our next leader, and not let e-mails, biased press and tv sway me from the duty that our forfathers saw fit to give me. I owe it to my born and unborn grand children, and I owe it to each and every one of you!

Why does the "birth certificate" say: "OHSM 1.1 (Rev. 11/01) LASER" at the bottom? Before 1961, was the the form last revised in 1901? My 1960s birth certificate is handwritten and copied on a metallic form like a tin-type photograph and I was born in a large, metropolitan hospital in an industrial midwestern city. Hmmm... better go back to the drawing board on this one.

I've been perusing the comments and... my God folks... GET A LIFE, will ya?

One or the other of these idiots will be our next President. Get over all of this trivial crap, vote on November 8th, and move on for Pete's sake.

Good luck with all of that.

This is no longer an issue. has investigated and actually sent someone to verify the birth certificate and it is in fact legit. Link:

So all of you who believed the silly conspiracy theories look pretty foolish now.

To those doubting citizenship of either candidate.

Don't you think the government checks those things. I don't think they just take your word for it.

This is a ridiculous discussion.

It amazing to me how stupid people can be,, do you really think that the birth certificate up there is trying to be passed off as the original, oh look its all caps, or o look it is done by laser printer, duh u idiots, you can get that from your county records or library it is what they print when you go to get proof of birth. look at the bottom the doc was revisied 11/01. Dam people quit being so dam stupid, he will have the only original, should also have his feet printed on it.

McCain is an American because he was born on a U.S. military base that like our embassies are in this case lawfully considered U.S. soil. Not because his mother is an American.
That thing about a child born to an American mother in another country is bogus. It would also have to apply to a child born outside of the country fathered by an American, otherwise it would be in violation of constitutional law under the provision of equal rights.

so the State of Hawaii, which confirmed his birth, is in on the scam
so US State Dept which issued his passport is in on the scam
So State of Illinois, which issued his driver's license is in on the scam
so US Senate which confirmed his citizenzip is in on this scam
so Cook Couny which his identity is in on the scam
There are so many in on the scam so you people must be very bright to see through all those scams, and you can actually vote?

Beyond Dumb! If you don't like Obama don't vote for him, OK. No need to prove you are an idiot!

Perhaps I'm confused. I applied for my passport, appearing in person with my hospital birth certificate, complete with shiny gold seal and little baby footprints. I was told that a birth certificate is not valid, that I must provide a "Certified Birth Record". I had to write to my state capitol and apply for that document. Is the Obama document a certified birth record?

This document lacks the statement "Date Copy was issued" on left side bottom. Also note that there is a reversed date in the lower middle, "Nov ?? 2001" which must me placed under the embossed SEAL. There is no "I Certify this is a true copyr or abstract of the Record on file in the Hawaii State Department of Health" with signature of State Registrar.

The most obvious error is the lack of signature of the State Registrar. The original certificate of birth should be on file at the Hawaii Department of Health.

This is NOT a copy of the original certificate of live birth which will have the signature of the attending physican.

All these smears have been addressed at this site. It has photos of the orignal certificate complete with the raised seal and the birth certificate number. So all the doubters are just spewing more lies and smears.

Note that the certificate does not have a number. It is blacked out. I'd like to see the number and then I'd like to see it in sequence, where it is filed, showing that this certtificate was issued in sequence, as in between others on or around that date. Anybody can produce this. The sequencing is the key.

Annenberg Factcheck -- Isn't that the unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayres' organization?

The thing that worries me the most is that the same idiots who believe that they've uncovered some vast conspiracy here are voters. Thomas Jefferson said "Whenever the people are well-informed, they can be trusted with their own government." But the comments here are proof that too many Americans are all-too-ready to believe Right-Wing gossip and Republican talking points. These people wouldn't believe Barack Obama was born American if you produced video of him being born. You can't reason with people who can't think for themselves.

Call me crazy, but the points made make sense,

**Take a look at the bottom of the page where it says "ANY ALTERATIONS INVALIDATE THIS CERTIFICATE" and look above the word this and follow it up to just below the "DATE FILED BY REGISTRAR" What is that writing? it looks like something was written on the back side i can make out a "2007" is that another clue?

-No Signature
-No Raised Seal
-No Date issues
-No Birth Weight
-No Space between "August 8,1961" (on a template there are no errors, and if there were they would be on EVERY birth certificate)
-How do we know if Obama is even of age to be president?

The ability to think critically is not taught in our high schools. Anyone who actually believes that Senator Obama is not a citizen should be required to take college level classes in logic. If they fail the class, as many will, they should be given alphabet blocks and placed in a preschool environment. All sharp object should be removed from their reach.

I am aghast at the pure ignorance that floods this country. Those who post their ignorance so publicly should be required to do community service pulling weeds.

At times I wish the Ostragoths and the Visigoths lived here instead of the people who post this tripe.

thomas jefferson did not mean that it means to be well-informed to blindly trust your government, that has already deceived you, and keeps doing so.
the issue here is clearly not the document. being backed by powerful people, and virtually unlimited amounts of money, both candidates of the establishment could provide any document any time. even their biographies, that show both candidates not to be native-born americans, as would be required by the constitution, might easily have been adapted to suit the purpose, as they have been on other instances. so this is clearly not a coincidence, but was done with full deliberation, to spite the people's interests, and to provide leverage to undermine the constitution, should any inelegible candidate be admitted to the country's highest office. it would create the precedent that would eliminate the constitution.

Hmmm. Caucasian, African? They changed the text of his original. Barry Hussein Obama is his birth name. He changed to Barack at 19 according to the show I watched on CNN. Why does his birth certificate contain changes from the original?

Do you think Barack would spend 10's of millions of dollars on a campaign with the knowledge that he is presenting false credentials intending to show proof of birth? He is a Harvard educated lawyer. GET REAL!

Why is the certificate # blacked out?
Can't trace a fake one as easy, I guess?

Frankly, debates about birth certificates and eligibility issues regarding two "candidtates" for the US presidency is a discussion of stunning banality when using an all togther proper, all encompassing lens.
The two "candidtaes" are slightly different variations - entities of the shadow government, carefully manufactured and offered up in order to uphold the illusion that We The People are participants in our governance. And one of them has already been chosen.
He will march to the orders that have been issued to him by groups of persons that have littered the American condition with myths of staggering proportions - all hidden in plain sight.
The Tavistock Institute, the Council on Foreign Relations, the CIA, the Council of Rome, The City of London, (not the metropolis), the Vatican, the Council of 300. Think the Federal Reserve is federal? Research the legal standing of Washington DC, Maritime Law, the IRS.
The grandest of frauds and hidden agendas in recorded history - right under our noses.
And any history book that doesn't confront and address Masonic-Zionist Manifest Destiny in any significant event is a hoax.

Oh you guys need to get a life. My birth certificate from Hawai'i looks just like that. and if you look hard enough with your friend glasses you will see its stamped with the date it was requested. Its sad that grown a** people are arguing over this.

"There are those who were born UNAMERICAN in America. They disqualify themselves to be Americans because they discard AMERICAN values, that recognize, equality , freedom opportunity and hardwork.
Evaluate one on the values he/she cherishes. Real Americans do not judge a person by his/her birth or race. To do so is a sin against man and God"

What? And 2+2=7, too! What are facts. anyway?

It says "LASER" at the bottom.

The first laser printer was invented in 1969.

This is a disgusting piece of biased crap, and you should be ashamed, Andrew. I dislike McCain (although he is the better choice) and REALLY dislike Obama, but what I hate even more than either one of them is blatantly agenda-driven reporting. I don't know if journalists have licenses, but if they do, yours should be revoked.

Anyone that votes for this man is just simply DUMB. I cant even imagine in 50 years from now, Our grand children will be reading who the Presidents were, Then they will come to the name Barrack Hussein Obama, Its just ridiculous how so many people dont think before voting

I especially like the form's revision number at the bottom... November of 2001. It is really liberating to see how gullible and uninformed the obamaniacs are... Liberals, you'd better keep voting democrat, because you are too ignorant to feed, clothe or care for yourselves without government intervention!

official copies and reprints are completely legal. I have no clue where my original birth certificate is, but I have copies, and I have reprints officially made by the state... and those have a type face that isn't going to match up to the year of my birth. Duh.

I love how the racists keep dishing out the gossip and hear say.

I tried to get a passport with a certificate of birth and was turned down. They told me I had to produce my birth certificate.

Also my certificate of birth had my foot print on it. It came from a St. Paul, MN hospital.

This doesn't look authentic at all. I read his mother took a plane to Hawaii ,after he was born, from Africa.

I don't think Obama know for sure were he was born or doesn't want to know. As long as he get what he wants he doesn't care for anyone but himself and Michelle. He has torn the democrate party apart and he will do the same for the USA and the first thing he will take away from us is freedom of speech. Right Obama he noting but a big lier. I come from a long time democrate party for over a hundred of years and will not call myself a democrate anymore. My grandfather will turn over in his grave if he get elected. He would change too and tell us to do the same thing. My grandfather said our freedom of speech is precious and don't take it away.

the birth certificate posted here is not legal I don't care what anybody says. There is no signature of the registrar
whether it is a new one or an old one. the signature has to be there. The raised seal would also be there with the cleark recorders signature below it. Further the there would be a stamp afixed on the document put there by the person and notery that made the copy and isued the
document. NONE of these things are present and the embosed seal dose show up on scans because of the shadows created by it I know I've had to copy many. I had five sons and am now raising three grandchildren.
No not! legal, this document worthless

I really don't care where he was born. Besides the fact that he was named after a Muslim terrorist and very proud of his Muslim heritage, he say he's for America but he won't wear the American flag pin, he won't saluate the flag but dressed in Muslim clothes (check out the web sites) and participate in a Muslim celebration, he claims to be a Christian but doesn't know Jesus and supports everything that is anti-Christian (and then some) and the list can go on and on. He is not the person that we want to look out for US interests. WISE UP and quit being mindless sheep. Intelligent, yes he is, and that is why people can be so manipulated because they think anyone who can talk a good talk must be a good man but there is alot more to being a good man and a good American, in fact, it is a known fact that a lot of serial killers had very high IQs and known to be also very intelligent. We as a nation should want a person in the hot seat that is looking out for the American people and not someone who has their own agenda. WAKE UP OUT THERE!!!!

I have read an analysis of this birth certificate and don't believe that it is a valid birth certificate. I want to see the one issued by the hospital in Honoluu, Hawaii where he was supposedly born.
I plan to vote for Obama, but I still believe there is a coverup going on, and there is a good possiblity that he is not a valid natural born citizen. Eventually the truth will surface, and the DNC will have a big problem on there hands and lose the 2008 presidential election

This is not the orginal. So quit saying its a fraud because it isn't orginal. State Depts issue certified papers that are used in place of orginals.

Problem here is, Obama's is lacking any signatures or the seal. Therefore it isn't a legal document. Therefore it is a fraud on that grounds.

McCain's birth was on a US military installation. That is considered US territory. You can be born on a US naval carrior in foreign waters and still be natural born.

People disputing the facts are highly bias and or ignorant. Andrew maybe you should research and get your facts right before you release news next time. Seems to me you are highly bias.

First of all your an idiot. Both of your parents can be American by birth, but if you are born outside of the united states, her territories, or on a military base you are not american JACKASS! The Birth certificate that his campaign is running is a poor creation at best. There is no seal on it, even if it was a copy from a photo copier the seal would still be visable. Is he afraid to show his real birth certificate, or is it that he doesn't have one. I smell conspiracy, shame on the left for not doing what's right! Drop out Obama and let's see if Joe can go it alone and win!

First of all your an idiot. Both of your parents can be American by birth, but if you are born outside of the united states, her territories, or on a military base you are not american JACKASS!

If you were refering to me you might want to put your foot in your mouth. If you are born on a military installation to a member of our military, you are a citizen. Most US installations are considered US territory. US laws apply there. Go research it. Do you really think military personel would chance their sons and daughters not having a right to be US citizens by being stationed overseas? No, they wouldn't.

Second, I was talking about Mccain being born on a military installation. I said Obama's is a fraud. Might try reading and understanding what people post before you decide to rant.

It does not matter wheter or not you support Obama or not. The question is whether or not he has the Constitutional right to be president. If we are not to set very dangerous precedent here the matter has to be proven one way or the other. Constitution says whether or not he can be president. Would you all not rather know now than have him win the election as illegitimate president. I say investigate now and let the American public know beyond a shadow of a doubt You close minded people who want to make this a race thing need to deal with it it. We are talking about the Presidency of the United States of America and the rules have to be followed. I am still amazed how Hillary Clinton wins more popular vote than any person in history and still loses the nomination. She would have been a slam dunk for the Dems. Now I doubt we have a chance. Don't worry Nancy Pelosi, YOU are still the most powerful woman in Washington....for now. I am praying that GOD intervenes and saves this country from itself.

Barack is not african american....
My son is caucasian on his birth certifcate because I (his mother) am caucasian and his father is African American. In the case of children born to become a mixed race -- the race declared on all birth certicates in the US are based of what the mother' s race is. Barack's mother is caucasian, so is Barack!

How could a birth certificate from 1961 be laser printed on a form revised in 11/01? This is obviously not an authentic photocopy of the original birth certificate. Why can't we see that one?

So far I have still not heard Obama state where he was born. When asked, he replies that he was raised in Hawaii. That is not the question. The question was and still is "where was Obama born"? This so called birth certificate is obviously a fake. Under the current rules for becoming the president, I don't beleave that Obama qualifies. I don't think that he was born in the United States. He is to anti American for me. And I don't care what his mother says about where he was born. Like she wouldn't lie for her son to become the Commander In Chief of the United States.

ok, so what i want to no is if he is actually a citizen. so let me ask u, is he? i'll check back here later to get ur response.

Come on people if you get a copy of your birthcertificate now a days you don't get the one with your little foot prints on it or a copy of the original. I've ordered them for my children that were born in another state. You get the same type everyone else does. A print out from a computer that holds birth records.

Seriously, how stupid are people really? Does no one know that birth certificates look different in each state? I was born in California and when I requested a copy of my birth certificate it had all of my information including weight and length, that I was a single birth, my mother's third pregnancy and all of my parents' information including their ages and occupations and my mother's signature. One of my son's was born in Georgia and included far less information and did not have my signature on it, even though I signed one in the hospital. It was a different document from the one I signed, whereas my own was a copy ot the one my mother signed.
My younger son was born in Texas and they supply so little information that the birth certificate did not even seem complete to me; his name, my name, my husband's name, place and date of birth. Not much else. It looks like it was just a form filled out from information stored. certaintly not the form I filled out what he was born.

At any rate, it is asinine to spend so much time arguing about this. People from Hawaii have already said REPEATEDLY that that's what they look like in Hawaii. Yet someone will still write, " That's a fake. Mine doesn't look like that and I was bon in Idaho."

If Obama is dumb enough to fake a public record so easily verifiable, then he doesn't deserve to be President. If anyone is too dumb to understand that some states produce birth certificates other than the original ones signed by the mother, then they are too dumb to vote.

Same rule would apply as for McCain. Obama's mother was an American. So is her son.

But does the law in effect at the time of obamas birth require that not only his mother be a citizen but spend at least 10 years in the US, 5 after the age of 14, before giving birth outside the US to confer "natural born citizenship"? If that is the case (as the lawsuit claims the law said) then at the age of 18 she could not have had the 5 years after the age of 14. That is just simple math. So the real question is whether or not the lawyer is right on the law or whether or not you checked the law to see if that was the case.

My money is on the lawyer actually knowing the law that he is using as the basis for one of the claims in the lawsuit, it would after all be prudent that he checked that.

As for other citizenships, there is proof according to said lawyer that obama used an Indonesian passport at the age of 20 to travel to pakistan. Indonesia requires you to RENOUNCE your citizenship, this means that at the age of 20 obama was *NOT* a citizen, natural born or otherwise. Can you get natural born status after renouncing? I dont know, do you?

In addition the Kenya constitution grants obama citizenship. If he still has the indonesian he would have the kenyan (potentially) and the US (at the time they honored renouncing now its somewhat honored in the 90s they relaxed the rules). If he is a dual citizen he has loyalties to another nation (as required by the oath of allegiances that many of them require you to take, those oaths pre-1990s were grounds for loosing your citizenship by itself).

There are a few additional issues relating to all of this, given that several times obama may have lost his citizenship and may or may not have gotten it back and even if born in the US there are other disqualifiers that have to be resolved. Its not *just* about where he was born, but that is an instant disqualifier in his case due to the law in effect at the time along with his mothers age at the time.

I only care that its cleared up, I see no reason for foot dragging on this issue, its been long enough it should be settled now, surely it would take maybe 2 weeks to get all the papers in order. There would have to be records of all of this and if they cant be presented to the court then there is a big problem. If they are then the case is dropped and that would likely give much more support for obama than leaving this lingering and causing some fence sitters to lean away from him. I would think that would be a vested interest in resolving it. I appear to be wrong.

Military bases are sovereign territory, just as a state, an embassy. The hospitals are always placed on the actual US owned piece of land such as in Sigonella, Italy. The operative base is owned by the Italians and home of the 41st stormo; the support base is commanded by a US Navy captain and the territory is American; all laws apply etc. and so on. All of those born is said hospitals are citizens; they can get security clearances and all the rest. Now, a child born in the Italian hospital outside the gate to an American and a naturlized american/italian is a different story. If Obama was born in Kenya, he is not a natural born citizen.

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