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Barack Obama's birth certificate revealed here

(UPDATE: Alan Keyes stoked the Obama birth certificate controversy anew in February 2009. See Ticket coverage here.)

[See August update here.]

Click on the certificate to enlarge for better reading.

First, last fall, there were all kinds of people, a number of them Ron Paul supporters, dashing from Internet site to Internet site suggesting that John McCain could not serve as president of the United States.

That was because he was born outside the United States and, therefore, not native-born, as presidents must be constitutionally.

McCain was, in fact, born in a U.S. military hospital in theBarack Obama's birth certificate copy as released by his presidential campaign in June 2008 Panama Canal Zone, where his father was serving in the Navy. That was, in fact, American-controlled territory at the time.

More importantly, his parents were both American citizens, so he could have been born on Mars and still been an American at birth. And a sense of the Senate resolution took care of any lingering doubts.

Now come the rumors about Barack Obama's birthplace, that he was really born in his father's native Kenya, so like Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, who was born in Austria, he can't become a U.S. president.

Same rule would apply as for McCain. Obama's mother was an American. So is her son.

The Obama campaign has provided at The Ticket's request what it says is a copy of the Illinois senator's official birth certificate, reproduced here, showing he was born in Hawaii on Aug. 4, 1961, at 7:24 p.m., which means he was late for dinner, just like a politician. Click on the photo to enlarge for reading.

Now, about the citizenship of all those people planting these rumors.

(UPDATE: In reaction to some of the comments left below challenging the veracity of the document, Ben LaBolt, an Obama campaign spokesman, sent the following reaction to The Ticket: "I can confirm that that is Sen. Obama's birth certificate.")

--Andrew Malcolm

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I am not a "birther" but I can't help but ask one question.

Why does the released copy of President Obama's birth certificate say that the race of the father is "African" when back in the 50's and 60's it was common to say "negro". "African" is not the person's race but their nationality.

get real, if it was me runing for office you would want the real thing, come on we all know, you need to face the truth & tell the truth. if you was one of us you would blow afg. off the map & bring our troops home, what we say in the south( get ur done) !! but your one of them so why would you kill your own, but it don't hurt you for us to lose one of ours. GET THEM BACK HOME & PLEASE SHOW US THE" USA" YOU BIRTH CERTIFCATE !!!!!!!


Simply put: If Republicans ALLOWED Barack Obama to remain President "IF" his citizenship was really in question...then what does that say about them??? Would you trust them to run the country??? People bash President Obama about his "real" birth certificate, when I am 100% sure: Republicans, Democrats, Right Wings, Liberals and anyone else with any "power" have certainly verified the AUTHENTICITY of President Obama's birth certificate, otherwise he wouldn't be PRESIDENT OBAMA! Simple simons out here commenting on what they think they know are just still upset about the 2008 election. Get over we did with the 8 years of the Bush administration (with President Obama's help)!

If there is nothing to hide, why not release all of your documents, including actual birth certificate, college transcripts, essays and other assorted writings? He has spent a lot of money on attorneys to keep these items out of public view. Why?

Not an original long form Birth Certificate, sorry. But I am a researcher and know what is going on.

That is not a Birth Certificate, it is a Certification of Live Birth. A certificate is a copy of a true document in which an original exists. A certification in an extrapolation of an entry and is sworn to by a clerk. A Certification is not valid as proof of identification at the Hawaii DMV. You must have a Birth Certificate. Just saying, some of us went to law school and have actually tried a case.

You haters have nothing better to do than stir up lies that have already been confirmed. Even if President Obama was from Mars, he is the man to lead us out of the trenches the sorry-assed republicans left us. I don't have a short memory span and know the condition the Bush/Cheeney Adminstration left us in. How do you argue against the facts. You are ignorant babies that can't accept reality. Don't go away mad. Just shut up. Children are to be seen and not heard and this is the reason. HATERS!

Russell, in case no one has ever educated you, calling groups of people "haters and ignorant" for asking for "transparency" after being promised as such will never convince anyone that you are anything other than a someone writing based upon emotion. Particularly since you failed to actually attempt to prove your theory with any objective facts. People are simply asking for the administration to release all documents which so far he has spent a lot of money to avoid the light of public scrutiny. Think about it.

The certificate shown is NOT a birth certificate. It is a certificate of live birth. There is a difference. Certificate of live birth only proves that a live baby was brought to the hospital after being born somewhere else. Could be born at home -- could be born in Indonesia and flown in a few days later. This document proves nothing except that Obama was taken to the hospital and presented as a live baby.

In my state, a Certificate of Live Birth REPLACES the original birth certificate when you adopt someone and you don't want the original birth certificate information public.


This is NOT a birth certificate. No doctors listed etc. It's my understanding he WAS born in Kenya as his mother-an American was not allowed to fly being so late in her pregnancy. Online they show a very convincing real birth cetificate issued in Kenya witnessed by his own grandmother etc. Of course this means he could claim British citizsenship because Kenya was part of the British Empire. This can be issued in Hawaii at the time but it's not a birth certificate at all. Maybe legal but proves nothing except he can't show a US birth certificate. Later he goes to Indonesia and is adopted and attends school under his stepfather's name and is listed as a citizen of Indonesia, a moslem under a different name? No mater, he's just a stooge the real rulers selected for their globalist agenda-the bankers and corporate boys that really run things. CIA asset at best. Have a very nice day! Don't blame me! I voted for Ralph Nader-why CAN show a real birth Certificate.

Probably typed up just before the inauguration, his real one is actually in Kenya.

You believe what you want to, but Obama is a fraud period! Simple solution to the birth .... just "show me the original"! The reproduction posted on some sites is not the original, authenticated document from the hospital...anyone can get this state form....there's a lot of info missing. Besides, what's the big deal, unless he's got something to hide.....which I think is absolutely the case here! Americans, keep the pressure on and demand it, no matter what the naysayers say! They're ignorant.... so go ahead, I dare you.... prove me wrong!!!!! I got no problem with that... But guess who does???????

The Democrats and the lame-brained media keep claiming that Obama is "native born" and therefore eligible to hold the office of POTUS. However, the Constitution makes a distinction between native born and natural born. Native born means a person born in the US or on US terrirtory. Natural born, as required by the Constitution, means a child born to parents who are both American citizens, and it prohibits that status from descending to persons whose father was never an American citizen.

We should all call, fax, and email our representatives and demand they act to remove Obama from illegally hold the office of POTUS.

What a bunch of lunatics and morons you racist nut jobs are. I wish you all could be deported back to whatever galaxy far, far, far away you came from. AND DeeDee you and the Demonic Exorcist appear to be the lead crazies from just this 1 page I scanned over. Geez, Louise!

The best part is the idiots who don't believe it forget that government agencies do in depth research into the backgrounds of candidates. This includes intelligence and security agencies.

This document is NOT Certified. No City/Town Seal on it. Means Nothing. Not to mentioned... in 1961 Computerized FONTS weren't avalable on
TYPE WRITERS ? Pleeease. How stupid does the Government think it's people are ?

HES NOT AN AMERICAN CITIZEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a very false bit of paper....When you ask for a copy of a birth certificate you always get a copy of the original ..... this is not a copy of the's all computer generated. Good try...NOT

Hai I am your naughty fan from INDIA PLEASE read my comment and respond

Obama is a two-faced liar, a cheat, a scumball, a back-stabber, a scam artist,and because he supports partial birth abortions, that makes him an animal. Think about it america, this is your president.

GingerSnaps, you are a stupid, ignorant idiot. Why don't you grow up and get a life!

The man is a fraud. He has few if any of Americas values. This all showed when he was running for office. To few paid attention and just followed his circus.
His family in Kenya brags about him being born there. No one I can think of would pay out millions of dollars to hid all the papers that prove they even exist. Maybe he was developed in a lab.

Good try! However did not work. This false "document"
lacks of all legal requirements:
No Certificate number.
No Official signatures.
No Official Seal.
No Legal form size.
No Hospital name.
No Doctor's name (delivering doctor)

If you blow up the image of the "birth certificate," the background does not show through the letters as it should, nor do the horizontal and vertical borders line up properly. Look at your own birth certificate, no matter which state it is from. Look at a stock certificate. Look at paper currency. A birth certificate is considered more important than a drivers license. Don't you think that each state exercises the proper care to make theirs forgery-proof? That is why they use printing presses and not computers to print them, same as money, same as stock. And how odd that BO's mother didn't keep the original like most other mother's do. But even if we kick BO out of office, what are we stuck with? President Biden. OMG!

Inpeach b obama if he doesn't present the long form birth certicate...I must show my to get an Oregon driver licence

Barack Obama's Birth Certificate is a none issue. There are no provisions (Constitutional Amendments) that grants Barack Obama the qualifications of holding “any” public office of the United States.

Barack Obama is of Negro descent (Mulatto) and as such, his status of citizenship is founded upon the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. But the 14th Amendment addresses only “Civil Rights” (Privileges and Immunities) not Political Rights nor Unalienable Rights. The only Political Right that has ever been granted to none white Citizens is that of “Suffrage” and that Right is limited to “Voting.” (U.S. Constitution, 15th Amendment).

For details, see website:

To the best of my knowledge, this legal argument has never been submitted to any Court of the United States.

Could it be that Mr. Obama’s birth certification show his race as White and not Black or Arab (50% white 40% black 10% Arab)


If he has a US Passport, he's an American citizen. I have a copy of my birth certificate that I had to get in 1996 (at age 30) and they DON'T photocopy it, they laser print the information onto another certificate and the city clerk stamps it. In order to get a US PASSPORT (which he has) you must present a VALID notarized copy of a birth certificate from one of the 50 UNITED STATES.

I wish all of you would stop this crap. I guess since my birth certificate is laser printed, I'm not a citizen (although I'm sure the hospital in New Hampshire and my mother would beg to differ). Use some common sense.

Maybe we should remove US citizenship from states where they decimate the US economy and practically bankrupt us.

does it say 2007 (blue, reverse, bleeding through) in the blank area?

This is a total fake! A classic example of poor journalism, this article should be removed ASAP!? This font wasn't available in 1961, have you seen what a typewriter looks like when it prints? Not like a laser printer is it?

Take a few minutes to examine the obvious flaws in this document.

What a joke - where is the signature, the stamp, the hospital?


Yea well if it is real how come it won't come up now when clicked HA HA and Why did he not produce it in the first place and why was he being evasive from the start about producing his birth certificate. Is this the way a president is now suppose to act. If he is not hiding something then he has not any to worry. But I believe we the people have the power and the right to Know the truth and to get it on demand especially from the one that is to be leading this country.

The problem with this birth certificate shown on the internet for the two and a half years is the CERTIFICATE NUMBER IS MISSING

It was blotted out fo robvious reasons

Check your birth certificate-it has a certificate number on it

He was born in Kenya

you should show his certificate on your home page

That's not an official birth certificate. Any two-bit forger on the government payroll could have created that silly little document. I'll tell you this: He couldn't enroll in the military with that thing!

A certification of live birth is NOT the same thing as a BIRTH CIRTIFICATE.

I was born in Hawaii in 1964. My birth certificate looks identical to this one. It is not a fake.

I was born at the same hospital as Obama 7 weeks after him. I have a birth certificate that has a picture of the Hawaiian Queen. I also have a certified copy that was made when my parents could not find my original birth certificate. The copy looks similar to the one posted here. Mine was made in the mid 70s.

I would like to think that Obama had some real proof that he was born in the US. I don't know if this is good enough.......

A certificate of live birth is not a birth certificate. Also, why won't he reveal his application to Harvard. Could it be that he was enrolled as a foreign student?

That's not a real birth certificate. The president is required by law to show the ORIGINAL Long Form birth certificate. I have mine here in front of me, it has much more information on it. This was printed in the last few years also.

The birth certificate appears to be very modern. I was born in 1965 and my birth certifate had the Registrar-Recorder County Seal. I can not read his but I think it's the State Seal, not sure. Mine also had the name of the hospital, name of the Doctor and the Registrar's name. Also, Obama's birth certificate should say something to the effect, This is a true and certified copy of the record. The original should be on microfilm if it was in 1961. I just think it's suspicious. What hospital was he born in? There must be records of the name of the Doctor. If we determine who the Doctor was, there should be a written report of the birth. Also, America was very racist in 1961. I do not think they would not have used the term "African" for his Father's race. I think they would have used black or colored back then. Simple, how about comparing birth certificates from any black person born in Honolulu in 1961. Lets see if they match up? If they are different, then it's fake and he should be impeached.

Check out picture of a real birth certificate from the same hosptial a day after Obama was reportedly born. Check out the differences and the format and style of the birth certificate. My certificate looks alot like it and I was born in another state. Mine is also on microfilm just as this is. The serial number on Obama's birth certificate precedes the real certificate serial number and he was alledgedly born one day before. Just cut and paste the below link and you be the judge.

obama is a natural born fake...

Why is Barack Obama.s birth certificate number blockrd out and no state seal?

If he was born in the US then why does he not show us. He knows he is hiding something but someday we will find out and we will all be the laughing stock of the world. He is nothing but a Muslim.

This is NOT REAL!!! I can make this on my computer in 10 minutes. His Father is listed as African for his Race. On all Government documents, the Race is Black, NOT African!!!!!! Plus his Father is supposed to have been born in America also, so why promote yourself as African unless you are from that crap hole! I am a Democrat, but until Obama show his REAL Birth Certificate, I am jumping sides!!

This is NOT the long form. There is a long form that is filled out after live birth that contains the name of the infant in blue ink; all in capitol block printing. It is the only name on the form that has blue ink. Again...,quit lying. Where is the birth certificate? Now, Gov. Neil Ambercrombie claims he cant find any.....(it's because there IS NONE.)

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