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Barack Obama's birth certificate revealed here

(UPDATE: Alan Keyes stoked the Obama birth certificate controversy anew in February 2009. See Ticket coverage here.)

[See August update here.]

Click on the certificate to enlarge for better reading.

First, last fall, there were all kinds of people, a number of them Ron Paul supporters, dashing from Internet site to Internet site suggesting that John McCain could not serve as president of the United States.

That was because he was born outside the United States and, therefore, not native-born, as presidents must be constitutionally.

McCain was, in fact, born in a U.S. military hospital in theBarack Obama's birth certificate copy as released by his presidential campaign in June 2008 Panama Canal Zone, where his father was serving in the Navy. That was, in fact, American-controlled territory at the time.

More importantly, his parents were both American citizens, so he could have been born on Mars and still been an American at birth. And a sense of the Senate resolution took care of any lingering doubts.

Now come the rumors about Barack Obama's birthplace, that he was really born in his father's native Kenya, so like Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, who was born in Austria, he can't become a U.S. president.

Same rule would apply as for McCain. Obama's mother was an American. So is her son.

The Obama campaign has provided at The Ticket's request what it says is a copy of the Illinois senator's official birth certificate, reproduced here, showing he was born in Hawaii on Aug. 4, 1961, at 7:24 p.m., which means he was late for dinner, just like a politician. Click on the photo to enlarge for reading.

Now, about the citizenship of all those people planting these rumors.

(UPDATE: In reaction to some of the comments left below challenging the veracity of the document, Ben LaBolt, an Obama campaign spokesman, sent the following reaction to The Ticket: "I can confirm that that is Sen. Obama's birth certificate.")

--Andrew Malcolm

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It's amazing to me why this BS just won’t end. Wake up people the certificate is a copy produced by the state of Hawaii at the request of Senator Obama from June of 2007. Look closely and you can see the date bleeding through from the back side where it was stamped and signed as a certified copy. It’s not the original form from 1961. Yes they had computers and laser printers in 2007. Do some additional research, check some other web sites. There is a site with an image of both sides (front and back).
It's the same here in California, I can go to a public library and request a certified copy of my child’s birth certificate. I don't have the original hospital form. Does that mean my son couldn't use the copy to prove he was a US citizen if he ever ran for President? Give it up and move on. Don't you think it's about time to find a new conspiracy theory to waste your time on and spread on the net?

Why is it in such good shape ? why a copy? it juts smells.Why did he not show one long ago Why the cover UP. His truth rating has droped % 37. Meda is still kissing his butt. Why the Tril in NYC he wants This Tril it will burn him I just mean it will backfire on Obama. All the Bad people in his Cabnet will go down with the ship and get jobs as Bankers sad,sad,,sad,,where are ALL the new jobs at I don`t know I don`t have one rgs, mg

45-68% ARAB yes that is why hes soft on muslims that have a thing about killing all people Thay even take out there loved ones I started to notice now when I go in these small party stores I see a picture of Benjamen Netnayahu

First of all Hilary Clinton brought up Obamas nationality, not McCain. Secondly Obama was the one refusing to show his birth certificate. And thirdy his birth certificate is fake bacuse when he applied to Harvard he applied as a FOREIGN NATIONAL you have to prove you are foreign in order to be enrolled as one.So which is he... we all know in the end he will throw this country under the bus just like Herbert Hoover.Obama is a liar and a theif.

The birth certificate is a complete fake. He should not be president and no one really knows where he came from. Hilary Clinton is a piece of trash like her husband for asking people to vote for him so she could get her health plan which congress rejected when her husband was president. She knows he was born elsewhere and is a trador to her own country, Janet Reno remembering Bill. Bill Clinton should of been enpeached and given a sex offenders ankel braclet. Obama probley is the anti christ so he will stay in office but it is over world the end is very very near.

forging documents is an easy task, EVEN MORE SO FOR GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS! It happens all the time.

African-American describes national ancestry, not race. For some reason, people black and white think African-American is politically correct. I am black. That is my race. There are white people who emigrate from the African continent to the USA and they are African-American. Americans tend to see people by the color of their skin and most people view Obama as a black man. This whole birth certificate nonsense is crazy.

The certificate pictured above is NOT an original birth certificate. One does NOT have to have be a "natural born U.S. Citizen" to obtain the pictured document. I have personally verified the Hawaiian law which states this fact. Look it up. Obama possessing the Hawaiian "certification of live birth" is not proof that he is eligible to be President of the United States of America.

Also, I do not support McCain or any of his "neocon" buddies, but since McCain was born to parents who were U.S. citizens, AND on U.S. military property, which is the SAME as being born on U.S. soil, his location of birth does NOT disqualify him from the U.S. Presidency.

This ridiculous. There has been a million words written about the birth certificate shown here. The problem is for most people who have doubts about Obama's place of birth is not that birth certificate that the president's people keep coming up with. In Hawaii you can get a birth certificate like Obama has come up with by filling in an application like you do for a driver's license.

Most people have two birth certificates. One like Obama has presented and another issued by the hospital that has all the particulars about the birth and signed by the doctor at the time of birth. My three kids have both. My wife has both. I have both. You probably have both. Obama doesn't seem to have both. He has spent $2 million dollars in legal fees to keep from having to show anyone the other birth certificate. Whether you believe he is a natural born citizen or not you would have to wonder why he is doing this and be just a little curious about that second birth certificate. If you aren't then I hope you are enjoying your cool aid.

If obama wasnt born in the U.s he shouldnt be president

As many have stated, If you look deep into this issue, beyond the surface, you will find that Mr Obama was in fact born in KENYA.

The birth certificate from Hawaii, is not a live birth certificate of official seal, and it cannot be. He was not born in Hawaii. It is a certificate that is issued to immigrants, and nationals that have children overseas. It is issued on arrival to Hawaii.

There is no dispute that this is his Hawaii certificate. However the fact remains that it isnt and cannot be sealed.

To further this issue, the family apparantly travelled to and from Kenya with out american visa's.
His father is a Kenyan, and a Brittish subject, as Barrak was born, a brittish subject. They were not qualified to have american visa's.

Mr. Obama, cannot produce a valid certificate of live american birth, because he does not have one, and cannot be issued one, because he has a Kenyan birth certificate.

His efforts to ussurp the whitehouse as a foriegn national, is an act of treason. It violates the constitution, and is a conspiracy to defraud the constitution, and the american public. Anyone that continues to support his position UNTILL HE CAN SHOW A VALID CERTIFICATE OF LIVE AMERICAN BIRTH, IS SUPPORTING THE INVALIDATION OF OUR CONSTITUTION.
I believe that he must be impeached, tried for treason, and deported, if he cannot produce a valid certificate of live birth to the american people, and the world.

Now on the issue of his education, as a constitutional scholar.. Shame on you .....Obama, for knowing very well your obligation to the constitution , and the american public, to bear the burden of proof, before you run for the office. If you do not prove your citizenship, you can not hold office. Why the coverup? What are you hiding?

Allowing ANYONE to hold presidential office with out proof, of constitutional qualification, is an obolition of the constitution, and is equal to a fundamental change in our government, wich allows him to completely ignore the constitution. This is a coupe de te'. Any act he engages as president is criminal and invalid.
The commities that were supposed to confirm his compliance with the constitution did not do thier job honestly and completely. They cannot produce the required proof to the public. This shows a total lack of regard for our constitution on part of these bodies, and they must also be tried for attempting to overthrow the democratic constitution of this nation. CHARGE EVERY ONE OF THEM FOR CONSPIRACY, AND REMOVE THEM ALL FROM OFFICE.
I am not a dem/ or a republican, so it has nothing to do with party lines. I generally am more opposed to republicans than dems, but preferr not to elect lesser of evils, so I vote for STATESMEN OF GOOD INTEGRETY. (3rd party members only) I will never vote for a felon,or one who accets foriegn monies, or any straight party ticket.

This is a very bad situation for our constitution folks!!!

Laugh our "fears" in our faces. I'm shocked and devastated that
99% of the non- believers are going to be forced to face the......"Joker".... then it will be too late for the future of our CHILDREN! Then the anger in your gut and your heart of hearts that ALL AMERICANS need at this "very moment to UNDO the evils" are just sitting and watching the house of cards fall down around us. Every source of input and news I saturate myself daily to KNOW WHAT IS HAPPENING...I know so I will pass it on please listen .. this is what I know you need to know.
O. knew and ran ... O. knew and.... got sworn in "twice"?
An Illegal Alien = Illegal Candidate = Illegal President

It's not theory A BRITISH father won't allow.... O to run for
United States President..."WE LET THE BALL DROP!!! HOW?
Nancy PELOSI signed " 2 " papers to let Obama slip in so WE know HOW it happened! LIE CHEAT STEAL does NOT make OBAMA the WINNER!!!!! It was a BLUFF that made THIRD BASE.....BUT the TRUTH is THE MAN was never in the RACE!
ALL the BILLS that he signs sending our BOYS and GIRLS to WAR are NOT worth the PAPERS they are signed on!
We can and will be " BLACKMAILED " by any country at any TIME!!!!! THEN where will YOU!!! US ... all of us be?
Dead BEEF!!!!!! THEY already know about" OUR...SLIP UP!"
Please do your home work TRY and find the Honest
Truth that WE are WRONG! We searched for "2 years" and can fine ZERO that O is OUR PRESIDENT. Most of O's papers are trashed lost hidden or missing so why do you think we need ALL OF YOU to crack the NUT wide OPEN???? ...SCAMED!!!
I seldom get bluffed for long but this has got to be the "Largest
Hoax" our Country has ever ever observed...BUT it WILL get resolved and we the people with HEART and SOUL will never STOP until OBAMA IS REMOVED and we can go back to lives which are clean and healthy happy and FREE!!!!!!!! Remember the good days not long ago? The last two have been MURDER!
It's up to YOU... are YOU with US?
Can you TRY to be with us?
The USURPER MUST STEP DOWN Handcuffed will work fine.
His being condoned by the media ~ the congress ~is just crap!
For we have everything to lose. Please HELP US ...GO USA we LOVE you! BLESS all this beautiful season. Reach out and help someone with less .... share yourself....fill yourself with love if money is short do pot lucks ... remember a story called
"Stone Soup" your neighbors be warm and fuzzy inside,
it really starts with a kind word a smile a homemade gift..
Look around with open eyes.... Clean house ...I have gifts at home right now that can be donated and shared....
We all can do that...I do.. I will... I can... YES WE CAN!!!!!!
Wake up put a" strut back in your step".... and be PROUD TO BE FREE AND LIVE IN AMERICA! The years have changed us in so many ways, not always for the best but I want
"MY COUNTRY.... MY BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY....BACK in one piece.... not in shatters nor shackles on me!
I want to wake up happy... joyous and FREE... and it STARTS WITH STARTS WITH STARTS WITH ME!!!!
What a lovely mantra..... can YOU say that out loud?

What a bunch of uneducated morons. I have two birth certificates. I was born in Texas and have a copy of the hospital-issued birth certificate. I lost the original one with the official seal years ago. Since my "Xeroxed" copy is not "official", I had to go to the courthouse in the county of my birth and receive a "new" birth certificate. It looks quite similar in style to the one that Obama has produced from Hawaii. It even looks fake to me. If you morons were being honest, you would just admit you are ignorant racist jerks who don't have a clue as to what you are talking about, lol He was born in Hawaii to a Caucasian mother and an African father. He is 100% American because he was born in Hawaii, his parental lineage has NOTHING to do with it, duh! How is it in this day and age that ignorance of the law that ANY child born on U.S. soil is a naturalized citizen still exists? There is no conspiracy, he is a good CHRISTIAN man doing the job that NONE of us could ever do in a million years so shutup, deal with it, he IS the President of the United States!! I bet all of you are the same ones who screamed all during Bush's inarticulate bungling presidency that anyone who doesn't support our President doesn't support our country, lmao So you know what? Feel free to leave the country if you don't like our President! Now that requires a passport and a birth certificate to get that...LOL

To Wendy who posted this......

This is not true. It doesn't matter if your parents are American. You have to be born in the United States (or what is officially considered the United States, like the US military hospital) to become President of the United States.

I'm sorry, doesn't matter if your parents are American??? serve as our President???? You just have to be born in the U.S.... or a U.S. Military hospital???? According to you, Osama Bin Ladin could have a son serve as our President as long as he was born on our soil. They said they would destroy us from the inside out, and how better to do it than from the top down!!! Obama is not black, look at him,...he is obviously of middle eastern descent! (not to mention, do your research people!!! Read for petes sake) Americans need to wake up and stand for what America stands for,....put prayer back in school, (if that offends you, you need to move to another country), ect...ect...ect... IN GOD WE TRUST!!!!!!!!!

Mr Malcolm, Do you really want this nation to believe that this nice Clean crisp Lazer printed document is the real thing. This nation deserves to see the real Birth Certificate. Better still they would like to see a President who acted like an AMERICAN or at least one that loves AMERICA.

the jews who run this country, correct me if you ca, wanted a negro to be their puppet. instead they chose this unknown mulato and made him an american citizen. there sits this gay caballero leading us all to hell.


You know,it doesnt matter about Obamas birth records,as much as the fact that he came out of nowhere,got in the running lait,and until that time,almost no one had even heard of the man! Anyone who votes,and doesnt know who it is they are voteing for {DESERVES WHAT GET} And anyone who did know about him ,and voted for him anyway,{WELL THATS JUST STUPID !} Its obvious to me that Mr. Obama , was put in office{NOT ELECTED} We need to stop bickering about BIRTH RECORDS,and start asking more about(WHY DID FORIGN COUNTRIES CHEER HIM, AND CALL HIM THEIR PRESIDENT) when he was elected ? OR (WHERE OBAMA WAS ABLE TO COME UP WITH OVER $ 238,000,000.00 ?) Lets not argue about his birth,Lets start asking tough Questions about who placed him in office !!!!! ( G.Patten )

That's very funny. We ask for some proof that an earmarked President is even a citizen of the U.S. and they produce an unsigned typewritten document...and all of the cool-aid drinkers buy into it.

he is a socialist

This is not a birth certificate. Please show us the actual hospital birth certificate, not the "certificate of live birth" which anyone can obtain even if they were born outside of Hawaii. This proves nothing. He said he was going to be transparent. Please show a true birth certificate and all the school/college transcripts.

I was born in 1962 and my birth certificate doesnt look a dam thing like that ! Of course I was born in PA . So I looked at a friend of mine ( same age ) born in Hawaii 1962 . And his dont look at all like the above either !
If indeed the Great Messiah were American born , why spend a million freakin dollars keeping his records locked up and private ? Why not show them to "WE THE PEOPLE" , THE EMPLOYERS ! And just eliminate all speculation . This has to be the biggest scam in 243 years for this great country ! He ( Obama ) is STILL a legal citizen of Indonesia ! And that means he cannot ( Indonesia does not under any circumstances allow dual citizenship ) be a citizen of the United States . NOW , regardless religion , sexuality , race or your particular political views , the contitution of the United States IS our LAW . And if Jesus Christ or Alla Budah or whomever wanted to be Pres . They cannot and this fake shouldnt be either . And anyone in this country wishes to "not know" the TRUTH or wishes to ignore it or exused it should move to another country !
If you love America and you are a citizen here , then DEMAND the TRUTH

Obama was not born in the united states of america, the whole country here knows that obama is from another country a outsider.i remmber years back i was watching the news on tv. they showed obama getting out of a car. he had just come from kenya. they was talking on the news big time about him being from kenya. then they said he may run for president. i wonder why they never show that clip of flim anymore of him.and them talking about him being from kenya.

If I were born in China or Taipei or Japan or Polynesia or France or Mexico, and brought my actual birth certificate, written in a foreign language, to Hawai'i to start my US citizenship, the thing Obama has would be what I would get from the state. There are plenty, and I mean plenty of people around me to comment on my birth in the US in 1966. I've heard of two, his sister, who stated the wrong hospital, and his grandmother, who, on video, seen world wide mind you, stated he was born in Kenya, she saw it, she was there. So, sorry for the skepticism. Which side of the argument seems to be hiding something? He's a supporter of a european style socialist democracy, which is a direct threat to what is left of our tattered republic. But she will be back!

I thought the Governor, the Secretary of State and a bunch of other clowns who work for thew gov't claimed they saw the actual birth certificate? So, who's lying?

Yeah OBAMA! Show them whose boss! White people always frettin' on your race! We all know we got a black president! OH YEH OH YEAH OH YEAH YEAH YEAH!! So Black people we made it thats right, say it loud and Proud! WE MADE IT!!!!



I hope no one falls for this worthless copy! I was born in 1956 and everything is on my birth certificate! Where my parents worked, who the doctor wasand on and on! Who in the world expects anyone to believe this?

Sounds to me some one is hiding some thing!!!!

obama iss not from the us he hired some one to make his birth certificate look like he was form the usa but he is not

I don't understand how that is Obama's birth certificate. Look down at the bottom of the certificate, it says Rev. 11/01, or Revision/Reviewed/Revised November 2001. It also says LASER next to that. It was printed on a laser printer. I don't think laser printers existed in 1961. I was born in '87, and my birth certificate was printed on using a type writer, duh, as it should, it was the 80's!! So how the hell is a 1961 birth certificate printed with a laser printer? Also, the paper used is the security-type paper that is similar to the paper you write your checks. All of this seems way too modern to be for a 1961 birth certificate.

I work in an environment that is very racist. I'm usually the only African- American on the team. I travel all over the country and it's the same everywhere. They(whites) feel he isn't an American. And that he's not of there race. I would love for this nonsense to stop. They say l'm not understanding the facts. But in all are they? Thanks for listening to my comments

i love him but he is putting us in so much det that it will take us 4ever to get out of it

Get a life!!!!

The Government is just trying to run us hard-working AMERICAN citizens in the ground. Face it...they have the power and were just scared to fight back. Obama should have been ordered to render a Birth Certificate before even running in the election! Sooo many things they are hiding from us...and we will never know. I wouldnt trust any of them!

50% white, 43.75% Arab, and 6.25% black.That makes him all American!Not just black not just white,he's apart of all our races.He's ALL AMERICAN

usually weight hieght and time of birth are on official douments

That is not a birth certificate nor is it from Illinois. It is a certificate of live birth from Hawaii.

lol at the newb who said *hes not legally a black american* ... African?

Thats y it says 2007 on the back of the birth certificate wow

Just look at the way he treats the Muslim world and again if your not from this country you are not suppose to be eligible for the head Honcho job of this country . So why is Mr. Potato Head in the White House ?

i love you obama

So funny. China becoming a super-power, the world bowing down to it, we got a clown in the white house, 25% of the Americans are unemployed and living in hunger and poverty, our country has became the biggest joke of the whole world, and I even saw two American citizens being deported at Heathrow UK airport because british officers were afraid that they could bring our poverty and third world illiteracy to their country because USA is just a third world country now. Worse than any of the BRIC, worse than Asia, worse than Europe. Just crime, poverty, illiteracy, unemployment and prostitution everywhere you look. Our country is dead, we killed it. And people still discussing if a birth certificate is fake or not. How pathetic! Our grandparents should be ashamed of us. They were a glorious generation of Americans. They fought the depression and the WWII and won. We lost and destroyed everything they created making our country the biggest joke in the world. Very funny, if it was not so sad.

Barack Obama's sister has a Hawaii birth certificate and it has been proven she was born outside any U.S. soil. Maybe I will go get one too. If you look at the people that surround him through his life it is easier to piece things together about him. He was not sent to help us.

Yes, am I missing something here but isn't being a "natural born" Citizen mean that BOTH parents must be Americans? I mean think about it, you hate your mom who is a citizen but Love your dad who isn't. Your dad who you would do anything for asks you as president to invade for no reason a rival country of His country and as president you say ok.... Not good.. i know, i know presidents invade other countries for no reason all the time... but for these purposes it is clearly a conflict of interest to have even one parent Not a US citizen.
Ok another way of looking at it. As the Supreme court has stated on three occasions the United States is a foreign Corporation so therefor as a Corporation wouldn't you want the trusted allegiance to the corporation. Oh that's right that is why they have to revoke their American citizenry before they can take the office of president of the United States Corp. but still they want to know there is no conflict of interest and would want both parents to be sheeple of the United States. By the way i wonder if there are any pictures of the Hawaiian birth.. you know family pictures or can his mom describe the room or at least the ceiling of the room she gave birth in? i don't think so.
And then there is the application for foreign student aid and the interview with the president of Kenya who said they were so proud to have one of their own be president and that they already have a monument where he was born,,, it's oops on tape... look anytime all of the media gets behind someone or something and there is no dissent, you know there is something wrong... and even then if he made a good president and was an honorable man otherwise ok, but that is not so. Everything he has promised and spoke about he has done just the opposite! Judge the tree by the fruit it bears... more debt, buying up of land, auto manufacturing, opening more FEMA camps, negotiating better northern alliance, more troops to Iraq, more facilities opened for the same treatment like Guantanamo, more "government", rather corporate power, less rights of the people, etc, etc. But he sure knows how to weave a web and spin a yarn so lets stand with him in the web of deceit, wait a minute isn't that a video on youtube? Obama deceit???
Look up boneheaded sheeple in the dictionary i think it says US Citizens. Thank god there are a few Americans left!! all powers reserved.

First off i would like to state i am not racist. Secondly racism isn't a one way street black people can be just as racist as white people, But the issue here is not race the issue is the legitamacy of our President's Brith place. I have no clue why because people are challenging his right as president that it is a race thing. John McCain who is white had the same thing happen to him. Why is that not racist why is it only racist because he is black? Again i am not racist... But it is a serious issue that our President our Commander and Chief might not be a natural born citizen so stop making it a race thing and understand the true issue.

What I find interesting is that his birthplace..the physical building.. has never been identified in Hawaii. Most hospitals would LOVE to advertise that their hospital was the birth site of a president.

Or you'd think that a nurse would step forward or the attending physician.. "I delivered the president."

Every other Presidents actual birth building has been identified and "enshrined". Surely the first President of African descent would merit such a distinction.

yall just need to stop he's president that's all that matters

I dont see why people are so concern with where he was born. I meen the important thing is does he know how to run a country. Not where he was born and not what race he is.

That is a Certificate of Live Birth.... Very Different from Birth Certificate.

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