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Okla. Rep. is for Barack Obama, just not the way you'd expect

This is a kind of political non-endorsement. And we're publishing it for all four of our readers in Oklahoma. Or maybe there's more. It's hard to tell some days.

Rep. Dan Boren is a Democrat (yes, there are a few in that state). In fact, he's the lone and loneliest Democrat in the state's congressional delegation. He represents a heavily rural district in eastern Oklahoma. So today the Democratic House member announced that Democratic Rep Dan Boren of Oklahoma announces he's for Barack Obama for president but not for endorsing him. The flag is also a nice touch, don't you think?he will not be endorsing Sen. Barack Obama for president.

He did say he would vote for Obama at the Democratic National Convention and he would vote for him on Nov. 4. But he's not publicly for him by endorsing him, you understand. How's that for splitting political hairs for the sake of your own third term?

Boren is one of those questionable Oklahomans who actually went to Texas for his college education (Texas Christian), but he did salvage his reputation by returning to his father's university for his MBA. Boren's grandfather, Lyle, represented southeastern Oklahoma in the House for 10 years back in the FDR era.

Calling himself a centrist and Obama "the most liberal senator," Dan Boren told the Associated Press today he's bound to represent the wishes of his district's voters, who went 2-to-1 for Sen. Hillary Clinton in the state's February primary. He said that while Obama claimed to work in a bipartisan fashion, he doesn't really.

Rep. Boren's father, David, is the former Oklahoma governor, senator and presently president of the University of Oklahoma, who has endorsed Obama. Which one do you think will get asked to those White House dinners?

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--Andrew Malcolm

Photo credit: Office of U.S. Rep. Dan Boren

In other unexpected Democratic political news today the Democratic National Committee issued two crucial news releases with some very surprising headlines.

The first one said:


The other news headline, even more shocking, was:


This has truly been an amazing political year when such things can happen.

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A lot of us Okies were forced to flee and move here to sunny So Cal. So, thank you for letting us know whats going on at home.

Well, we already know what the top retarded republican can do. Let's see what the most liberal can do.

Dan Boren was one of two politicians endorsed by country singer Toby Keith, along with George W Bush. He submitted a bill to replace federal income tax with an inclusive sales tax, is named one of the "dirty dozen" by League of Conservation Voters for his dismal environmental voting record, and is on the board of directors for NRA.

Needless to say, I don't care what he thinks. Don't waste our time with non-news. Something the LA Times blogs seem to be doing a lot these days.

i one of the 4 that read the article in Oklahoma

Rep. Dan Boren still looks wet behind the ears. What a tool!

Wasn't his grandfather the one who said if only he could talk to Hitler none of this would happen?

A nice smile but a traitor to the principles of his party. Another rogue hiding in front of flag.

Talking of non-news, articles of impeachment were just filed against Bush yesterday, did anyone notice?

I wonder if people in OK remember that the only reason they wound up there is because their ancestors got a big government hand-out of land. I wonder if any of them are willing to give it back.

No, that was Senator William Borah of Idaho. I don't know what Lyle Boren said. Probably, "I'll vote for Roosevelt but I won't actually endorse him. Just in case he screws up and voters in my district are all saying we should have stuck with Herbert Hoover."

Umm its OK, he can't actually endorse a black guy, besides look at his picture, the guy is light in his loafers, he's protesting too much, its obvious

I left OK back in '85. I occasionally keep up with what's going on there, and it reminds me why I left. Many folks there wish the state was part of the Confederacy. For a shock, read the letters to the editors of either the Daily Oklahoman or Tulsa World. Extreme right wing is an understatement.

If you are not for Senator Obama, then there is clearly something wrong with you. Probably, you are just racist. It couldn't possibly be that you have some honest , conflicting political differences with Obama --- how COULD you! So fall into lockstep like a good komrad, or you won't get invited to dinner at the WH, unlike Ahmadinejad and other illustrious guests.

Marq Goldberg,

The same could be said about you. California once belonged to Mexico before they had to give up the entire Southwest to the United States after the Mexican-American War in 1848. It would appear that your ancestors were the receipents of an even bigger land grab. Are you willing to give it back to Mexico? I'm sure 'La Raza' would be much appreciative of it.

It's also of interest to note that "the (Mexican-American) war was a partisan issue, with most Whigs opposing it and most southern Democrats, animated by a popular belief in the Manifest Destiny (and the opportunity to gain territory for the expansion of slavery), supporting it."
- Wikipedia

Oklahoma (at least a large part) belonged to the Nation of Texas. We sold this land, plus parts of Colo. and others, to the United States, so I imagine Oklahoma citizens are more conservative than, say, California, NY, etc. They are the Americans who still fly the flag, are patriotic, love Old Glory, serve their country, marry for love and mostly stay married, etc. Texas really had an influence on this state. This representative knows that the voters would kick him out of office if he endored the liar and ultra liberal radical Obama.

God bless the Dems. We don't agree with each other and never will. Its part of what makes us different from the Repubs, who under Bush handed out positions of power as reward for lockstep loyalty -- no matter how unqualified an appointee may be. That system of strict patronage is part of what gave us the fiascos of Katrina and post-war Iraq. For we Dems, debate is an act of patriotism. For Repubs, it's unpatriotic. Anyone get tired of being called a cut-and-runner, disloyal to the troops, and traitorous over the last six years because you didn't like being being lied into an unnecessary war? The average Repub voter is easily maiupulated by his party through its tactics of social division and fear mongering. Let this Congressman say what he will. If he had more courage, he'd tell his constituents that what Obama stands for -- is them.

Right on Rep. Dan Boren. You probably see some of the same flawed character in Barack Obama that I see. Maybe more people will wake up NOW.

Dan Boren is a blue-dog democrat. He has sided with Bush on anything and everything. He is not qualified to tie Mr. Obama's shoes.

Just so you know Mary, both Oklahoma and Texas have a much higher divorce rate then either California, NY and those other "ultra liberal" states. They also have a higher infant mortality rate, abortion rate, teenage pregnancy rate, illiteracy rate, poverty rate, etc. Oh, and by the way, per capita they also receive way more assistance (handouts) from the federal government then either California or NY.

My sister moved to Tulsa a few years ago and she likes to joke about the license plates. Do you know why Oklahoma plates say "Oklahoma is OK." It's because they can't spell mediocre. So, keep your right wing politicians and fly your flag, but remember to keep your facts straight as well. We hope you enjoy having Bush back in your neck of the woods.

Kind of non news. Did you know that David Eisenhower is supporting Obama? Ike was one Republican I respected.

"I would not vote for John McCain under any circumstances, I pray that we won't get stuck with him."

- James Dobson

McCain is a liberal like Obama!!!

Vote Ron Paul!!!


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