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Michelle Obama's cheap dress drives others to don the same

This just in. Michelle Obama wore a $148 dress the other day on national TV. And this is a big deal. And lots of other women are reportedly running into the chain store she mentioned. And maybe not cat-fighting yet but grabbing the dress for themselves.This is not THE dress so many people are talking about Michelle Obama wearing on TV that now so many other women want to wear even though they don't like wearing the same dress as other women even though this one here is a suit

And a lot of people are talking about this. So here we are writing about it in great excitement too.

According to one reported expert, Michelle has now suddenly soared into the Oprah orbit in terms of influencing other females to do things she does or recommends. And both those women are on Barack Obama's side in this fashion, er, election contest.

This expert predicts that Michelle is gonna revolutionize first lady clothes-wearing because she mixes high fashion with cheaper stuff. And we don't mean pantsuits.

No doubt this emerging tog tizzy will determine who becomes leader of the free world. So everyone should pay attention. Maybe we can just skip the voting stuff.

And along the way someone will no doubt explain why women who are absolutely appalled to be seen wearing the same dress as another woman are now running out to buy one just like millions of other women who are also running out to look like another woman they saw on TV.

That's why real politics is so fascinating.

As usual, that cursed Elizabeth Snead has the story first next door here on her booming Dish Rag blog. She even has video. All we have is a picture of Michelle in a boring but very sensible suit. Can't say about the shoes. There'll be a new blog for that anyday now anyway.

--Andrew Malcolm

Photo Credit: AP

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Obama refuses to kill Osama and his wifes suit is a top story?????
Obama told reporters Wednesday that if bin Laden were found during his watch, he would bring him to justice in a way that wouldn't allow the terrorist mastermind to become a martyr. Commenting on a 9/11 report indication of an executive order on Osamas head to bring him in dead or alive and allowing the CIA to kill bin Laden if capture were not feasible, he said "And if I'm president, and we have the opportunity to capture him, we may not be able to capture him alive." He further stated he would not discuss what approach he would take to bring bin Laden to justice but instead referenced the Nuremburg trials for the prosecution of Nazi leaders.
So Obama is on record as stating he intends to rescind any supposed orders to kill Osama if it is not feasible to capture him. Therefore if a sniper gets him in our sights or a Drone plane identifies him deep in enemy territory he will pass on the chance to kill him and instead mount a "rescue/capture" action.

"So Obama is on record as stating he intends to .... pass on the chance to kill him (Osama) and instead mount a "rescue/capture" action" - eddie johnson.
And so what? Don't you think there is need to find out why he hates America so bad? Let's get out of this cowboy/gangstar boss mentality and solve problems through dialogue. It is well known that the American Way is not working

I don't care about Michelle Obama's clothes and I do not want to dress like her. I find her too loudmouth and ungrateful for the great opportunities in life this country has given her. She lacks the good manners and class I want to see in a first lady.

That's cheap?

Anyone in touch with average Americans?

No, that's only cheap for elites.

what a terribly sexist article.


Barack Obama for President of the UNITED States of America.


She can revolutionize trailer park chic!

Michelle coming on the show, wearing, not a designer gear but a high street item and frankly talking about it say a lot about the confidence this amazing woman has about herself. She truly feel confident about who she is, what she is for so much so that she does not feel the necessity to get everything 'right' with the right price tags and the right names, unlike so many of those celebrity victims. These are, frankly, for people who are so scared of 'getting it wrong' so they stick to the best in the most common sense. Bravo Michell and I can't imagine Cindy McCain doing that! Michell connected with the ordinary women to whom $ 2,000 - $4,000 a piece dress is just plain fantasy on that day.

If I am going to dress up like Michelle I am going to have to go and get stretched first. She's not quite a foot taller than me but close enough. She's got tall genes probably since her brother is basketball coaching for OSU in Oregon. She's makes Barack not look so tall. And never mind all the cosmetics, these two have got values. Isn't it grand!!

Cheap dress? I don't consider a $148 dress cheap and I bet there are a lot of other people who don't either. She looked great in it on The View whether it cost $148 or $1,4800.

Loehmann's wins the White House with the Obama Dress! They might be sold out at Donna Ricco. They might be running low at White House/ Black Market. The "Obama Dress" is hitting the floors right now at Loehmann's discount designer store..and you'll never guess the price!!
Check out the Loehmann's blog for details!

I have to agree with Yael here. Surely Malcolm understands that gross generalizations about women really have no place in journalism; even something as informal as a blog?

Of course, being press secretary for Laura Bush; it's probably hard for him to say anything positive about the dems.

People have been talking about the (potential) first lady's clothing and style since Jackie, and probably before that. It's such a buzz now because unlike recent candidate's (and president's) wives Michelle actually has style. It's not the same old pantsuit and old lady hair. That's refreshing, and voting women from ages 18-50 (and possibly older) identify with someone who looks like them more than someone that looks like their mother.

Someone who has been covering politics for so long really should have this figured out by now.

Yes, She is Trailer Trash. Don't send her to Paris.

In response to "sister"'s comment about Michelle Obama... What exactly should she be grateful for?? What has this country "given" anyone? Everything anybody has in America they've earned. Is it because she's black that she should be "grateful" for all these wonderful things that America has "given" her? That is so ignorant. America has seen better days so anyone who has a job, hasn't gotten their home foreclosed on, and has health insurance should be praised not frowned upon.

She comes with the OBAMA package......and I do not think the people making comments about how she dresses really have anything to say nice about Michelle. Michelle is working for her husbands election. She buys clothes she has always lliked and could afford. At least she won't be spending America's money on herself. What would Sarah Palin wear?????

LET US ALL VOTE FOR BARACK and we will let Michelle and the girls come along with him and be kind to them.

No other First Lady had to earn the right to be an American! First Lady Michelle Obama is an American who worked hard and achieved an Elite education thru academic scholarships to Harvard and Princeton. All Ivy League school! She is the smartest First Lady to live in the White House..... By the way she's too educated, classy and wealthy to ever be considered trailer trash!

Its amazing how insecure, miserable and unsuccessful people only have hateful and negative to say about beautiful people.

Go to school get a degree or two then maybe you will have something intelligent to say next time!

Go First Lady Michelle Obama

Michelle knows womens designer fashion, that's for sure. It's going to be nice to have a first lady that doesn't look like a church lady!


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