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Women's groups unite to support Barack Obama, not John McCain

Soon after Hillary Clinton's announcement on Saturday that she was suspending her campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination, there were concerns that many women who formed her base -- you know, those "18 million cracks" in the glass ceiling -- might not go along with her endorsement of Barack Obama.

Those fears were assuaged a bit on Wednesday, as two of Clinton's staunchest supporters -- the head of EMILY's List, Ellen Malcolm, and Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida -- participated in a conference call organized by the Center for American Progress.

EMILY's List describes itself as "the nation's largest political network and financial resource" for  "electing pro-choice Democratic women to federal, state and local office" and was officially neutral in the primary and caucus contests. [Correction update: In fact, early in the campaign the group endorsed Clinton. Also, the co-sponsor was the Center for American Progress Action Fund, the advocacy arm of the Center for American Progress. Our apologies.]

About a month ago, Malcolm -- who personally backed Clinton -- issued a harsh statement.....

... after another organization that supports abortion rights, NARAL Pro-Choice America, endorsed Obama just three weeks before the primaries ended.

The timing of that endorsement, Malcolm said then, was “tremendously disrespectful to Sen. Clinton, who held up the nomination of an FDA commissioner in order to force approval of Plan B [emergency contraception] and who spoke so eloquently during the Supreme Court nomination hearings about the importance of protecting Roe vs. Wade."

But that's all water under the bridge, Malcolm emphasized Wednesday, focusing her attention on the GOP's presumptive nominee.

"We are now moving into general election mode," Malcolm said, "and it's quite clear there are vast differences on the issues between Sen. Obama and John McCain. ... We are focused on the goal, to change the direction of this country, and we will do that."

McCain is "wrong on issues that matter to us most," Wasserman Schultz added.  "There is a real fear that John McCain is dangerous for women. ... The last thing that women need to do is to vote for John McCain."

NARAL, the onetime target of Malcolm's ire, apparently got the memo about the day's talking points as well, sending reporters and editorial writers a "story idea" titled "The Gap Between McCain and Pro-Choice Women Voters."

For McCain, NARAL wrote, "keeping the 'moderate maverick' image is getting a lot harder, especially as these voters hear about McCain’s consistently anti-choice comments and voting record" -- and the group then went on to offer "five questions" -- on abortion, women's health issues and sex education, among others -- "that John McCain should answer before any pro-choice voter considers him in November."

The talking points even got circulated in the afterlife, according to a Huffington Post item from Cecile Richards, the president of the Planned Parenthood Action Fund. Richards' late mother, Ann Richards, was the no-nonsense governor of Texas who in 1988, during an address to the Democratic National Convention, brought down the house by describing George H.W. Bush as having been born "with a silver foot in his mouth."

"It's our time to put a president in the White House who cares about women's health, take back our country, and move once again with progress and commitment to the future," Cecile Richards wrote. "That's what Hillary Clinton said when she suspended her presidential campaign and that's what my mother Ann Richards would say if she were alive today."

And, Cecile added, "Mom would have said that women voting for John McCain would be like chickens choosing to vote for the Colonel."

-- Leslie Hoffecker

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This is one woman who won't be backing Obama or the Democratic Party. I am appalled at the way Senator Clinton was treated in the primary campaign and ignoring it and moving on was never an option. I may be moving on but not to vote for Obama. I find it offensive to think that these women's groups would just give him a pass.

Lynn, if a pro-life Republican President is what makes you happy, then that's who you should vote for. Just remember that when he sends up his first Supreme Court nomination. Don't see why you were for Hillary in the first place. I voted for her too, but it was based on her positions on the issues. Now given a McCain/Obama choice, there is no choice. And if he gets his way there won't be any choice.

To all the other moderate-rational people out there like me. Do NOT let MSM brainwash you with yellow journalism and subjective reporting. WE are the real voice in America, not their skewed polls that want ever moderate or conservative to feel despair and stay home in November.

Remember 2004. They had the same sort of months of Kerry Landslide reporting before he lost in November. It isn't over until real people cast their votes. (Now watch the moderators refuse to post this).

Honestly, it's not that much of a surprise. While there are many women who are understandably disappointed over what happened to Hillary, I can't be the only person who suspects that at least a few of the most vocal supposed 'Hillary' supporters declaring their support for McCain online were actually McCain supporters in the first place, trying ineffectually to stir things up because they think it helps their candidate.

Obama isn't going to get the women bloc (even after their done with their 'mourning period' - another patriarchal comment if you ask me). He can't become a woman! Sure he's a GREAT feminist...but a feminist is not equal to being a woman. Obama can't become a woman anymore than Bill Clinton could remain "the first black president." Some things are simply biologically different! Obama will always be more black than Bill and Hillary will always be more feminine than Obama! Since the press, the Obama campaign and the DNC leaders have brought down the first female top contender (often with blatant sexism), their request that women support Obama remains unlikely. As for me, I'm leaving the party that has made it ABUNDANTLY clear that they do not care about women (maybe women's issues, but not women!). I'm voting INDEPENDENT THIS YEAR....NADER/GONZALEZ FOR 2008!

I am one woman who will defiantly be voting for Senator Obama. He has continued to show support for the issues women care about.

Here are some of the issues senator Obama is involved with: Barack Obama has fought to maintain funding for the Centers of Excellence in Women's Health at the Department of Health and Human Services. He also supports legislation to encourage research that will examine gender and health disparities.

He supports a woman's right to choose and is pro choice, as opposed to Senator McCain who feels that women's bodies should be owned by the government. Many feel Roe v. Wade won't be overturned, but if Senator McCain puts in just one more conservative supreme court justice it can and will be overturned by the end of his first term.

Thirdly, senator Obama, unlike John McCain believes in equal pay for equal work Barack Obama has fought to better enforce the Equal Pay Act, fight job discrimination, and improve child care options and family medical leave to give women equal footing in the workplace. This should be a basic human right in America and John McCain does not support it.

I know it hurts that Senator Clinton did not win the primary, and I do believe the media treated her badly. But I feel as if the country on a whole would be even worse if we were to vote for a politician who did not have the interests of women at heart. Senator Obama has tried to take a step in the right direction.

A new poll just out shows that Barack Obama is already beating McCain in getting the womens vote. Senator Obama will attract the vast majority of female voters who supported Hillary Clinton in the primary.

Unfortunately, the stakes are much much higher than supporting either a democrat or a republican. If Barack Obama was illegally assisted in the caucus state voting by the George Soros, Huffington Post, MSNBC, crowd, than it will just escalate the next presidential election on the Republican side to make sure the billionaire bosses get the nominee that they want, rather than simply supporting the nominee that was actually nominated by popular vote.

Check out and see how 8 Hillary Clinton victories can be neutralized by ONE Barack Obama victory in Illinois, something is up.

Unfortunately, the stakes are much much higher than supporting either a democrat or a republican. If Barack Obama was illegally assisted in the caucus state voting by the George Soros, Huffington Post, MSNBC, crowd, than it will just escalate the next presidential election on the Republican side to make sure the billionaire bosses get the nominee that they want, rather than simply supporting the nominee that was actually nominated by popular vote.

Check out and see how 8 Hillary Clinton victories can be neutralized by ONE Barack Obama victory in Illinois, something is up.

The more angry/disappointed comments I read from women who refuse to vote for Mr. Obama because of the way Mrs. Clinton lost, the more convinced I am that stupidity and emotion afflict BOTH sides of the political aisle.

Are Mrs. Clinton's supporters right to feel outraged? Yes! Was Mrs. Clinton subjected to a sexist bias during the campaign? Yes! So, is the best response to her loss voting for Mr. McCain or, heaven forbid, that consumer advocate-wannabe, Ralph Nader? GOOD LORD NO!

Like it or not, the present Democratic party is the ONLY shot that the average, non-CEO citizen has of enjoying better economic opportunities ahead, passing on a healthier planet to his children, or continuing to exercise reproductive freedom for herself.

Like it or not, Mr. Obama is now the Democratic Party's nominee for President.

Therefore, like it or not, continuing with this petulant, reverse-sexist refusal to vote for ANYONE lacking ovaries, is equally as stupid and irrational as Red Staters voting against their own economic interests in 2004 to re-elect a good ol' boy whose promised two things; 1. to keep on sacrificing American lives and taxpayer dollars on a war of choice, and 2. to shred the Constitution if it can keep Adam and Steve from ever tying the knot.

For all of you supporting John McCain... I hope you are ready to explain to your daughters and granddaughters why you chose to elect someone to help overturn Roe v. Wade. True feminists are far more interested in the real issues than in petty spite. Those of us that fought hard for those rights years ago understand all too well what is stake. And you aren't doing Hillary Clinton any favors either. If her supporters don't support the party, her career in politics is over.

The idea that Obama has the interests of women in mind more than McCain is ridiculous,since a leader has the interest of everyone in mind, and of the two, McCain is the true tested leader, and Obama is not. At best, Barack is an excellent organizer, a charismatic speaker, and the ulitmate thespian, the perfect Benetton candidate for our MTV/Oprah culture. As for the appointment of judges - the last time I checked Congress has something to do with it, or..?

In the end, the President of the USA, first and foremost, needs to be a patriot. As Commander in Chief of the world's only super power, she/he also needs to have the necessary experience, maturity, and gravitas to be effective... qualities that Hillary Clinton and John McCain both have, and Obama does not have, his shortcomings augmented/validated by his closest advisor, Michelle Obama, a bitter, overbearing woman of Amazonian proportions.

Someone who lived in AZ. since the 60's said that the McCains are Mormons but have always kept this fact tightly concealed from the public as they feel if this information was public knowledge it would hurt his election chances. If he is indeed a Mormon this could have a bearing on his ignoring of women's issues and his wanting to overturn Roe vs. Wade. Mormons believe there is a room in limbo somewhere filled with babies who are waiting to be born and it is the duty of the women to give birth to as many of them as possible so these children will eventually be able to get to heaven. If he is a Mormon and he does get elected, God help the country! An even worse scenario would be if he chooses Mitt Romney as his running mate-2 Mormons heading the country? Will they institute policy by finding more buried tablets, or by suddenly having revelations from above reversing their policies on drinking Pepsi (when they purchased the company) that it is now okay to drink the formerly forbidden soda-or having another revelation from above that reversing their policy of Blacks being inferior and not allowed full privileges in the religion? Replacing the current emperor with no clothes, an ignorant, biased, greedy, money and power hungry despot with this man would be a huge mistake, whether he is a Mormon or not-he still considers women second class people.

I am frankly shocked that anyone would think Obama was disrespetcful to Hillary - if anything he was bending over backwards to be nice to her. Hillary on the other hand used racial slurs, called Obama an elitist, called him unelectable and so on. Obama should have been much harder on Hillary for acting like a Republican in the primaries, in my opinion. He was way too nice.

If Reagan, Bush1, Bush2, with Republican majorities and active, vocal support from Evangelicals could not overturn Roe v Wade, McCain is not about to do so.

Do not be swayed by the scare tactics.

And do not vote for Obama without giving a little thought to what you are doing. "I will serve out my full sis year term."

Rezko? Hardly knew him. Wright? Never heard him. Ayers? Don't really know him. Selma, Kennedy, poor goatherder, single mom on food stamps, Kansas, "civil rights attorney," typical white person, "internatinal business consultant," and so on. Lie after lie, unreported by the media, or dismissed as trivial. How many lies before they become significant? When will The Uniter be called to account for the terrible atmosphere of racial tension caused by his campaign?

We have just spent almost eight years with an arrogant, incompetent upstart occupying the White House. You see the results. And that guy had more experience than Obama, and far fewer shady characters as long-term pals. And he was "a uniter, not a divider" too.

Don't be bamboozled!

Let's be realistic. Abortion is not going to be made illegal through the actions of any president. If Roe v. Wade were ever overturned, it would go back to the states. There are many states that wouldn't change the status quo. While I would like to see abortion remain legal everywhere, it is just as nutty to be a pro-abortion single issue voter as it is to be an anti-abortion single issue voter.

Oh ! Now the Womens Groups Stand up for Obama and make noise. Where were you when the press and Politicians treated Clinton poorly. Treated her like a WOMEN - Some of us want Change. We want to be treated equal. We want to Lead. We want to be part of the solutions for America. Clinton was our voice. I am tired of getting lower pay I am tired of being ignored for a promotion- I am tired of being an extension of my husband. and considered his property or asset. I want my daughter to have all of the advantages in life that my son has. Wakeup American Women- we were going for the Glass Ceiling. Easy to get caught in the glitter of promises.

I'm a Clinton supporter and will vote for Obama because I don't want to lose the Supreme Court; however, I will not forgive Obama for putting these two historic campaigns on a collision course. If he was such a feminist, he could have waited to run. Instead he focused on his own opportunity and in the process broke the hearts of millions of women and girls around the world. When he said his daughters were inspired by Hillary, I could have just slapped him. How dare he try to hide his betrayal behind his children. What a jerk!

WOW!! Lots of Obamabots out in force--"creating" public opinion again. I see
Roe v. Wade is not the only issue women care about and if they're smart they won't be held hostage to the Democratic Party anymore. Choose McCain now HRC in 2012. Aside from his obvious lack of ANY qualifications for office, Obama is a racist and his campaign ran the sleaziest campaign in history--voter intimidation, out right fraud and gestapo tactics. Jump on board, now? It's like the rape victim having a few drinks and going to bed with her attacker.

Besides McCain will have a democratic Congress--he's not going to GET wacko Justices approved or long-term funding for the war without restrictions

McCain in 2008 means HRC in 2012

Where were you during the year long misogynistic attacks on Senator Clinton? I will not be held hostage by the THREAT of overturning Roe v Wade. That's a sad little argument. And weak - check your facts.

NO on Obama.

Women's groups will not have much weight in what's going on (i.e., Roe vs. Wade is the best they have? Ha!). After the RBC meeting of the DNC, the election became about Country Before Party, about not letting the media decide a nominee, about counting every vote, and people's right to vote. There you go, that's the theme for disenfranchised Dems and Inds (i.e., the swing voters): the survival of democracy in America. Guess who'll earn those votes? Not Obama.

We will remember in November.

I thought Emily's List sponsored WOMEN! I have looked carefully at the candidates, issues, histories, voting records and I am proudly supporting JOHN MCCAIN!

Thank you and any thinking objective person would do the same.

From John McCain's websit:
Posted at 8:50PM on 6/11/08 by AFBlue NGMcCain has always held a pro-life stance, and believes Roe v. Wade should be overturned, but in a Washington Post article he stated: "I'd love to see a point where it is irrelevant and could be repealed because abortion is no longer necessary," but in the same interview he said, "But certainly in the short term, or even long term, I would not support repeal of Roe vs. Wade, which would force X number of women in America to (undergo) illegal and dangerous operations" It is also important to understand that Presidents cannot overturn Supreme Court decisions, and the Supreme Court typically does not overrule itself (the concept of "stare decisis") unless previous decisions are proven to be bad for the nation as a whole (such as the "separate but equal" decision regarding segregated schools)
STARE DECISIS - Lat. "to stand by that which is decided." The principal that the precedent decisions are to be followed by the courts.

To abide or adhere to decided cases. It is a general maxim that when a point has been settled by decision, it forms a precedent which is not afterwards to be departed from. The doctrine of stare decisis is not always to be relied upon, for the courts find it necessary to overrule cases which have been hastily decided, or contrary to principle. Many hundreds of such overruled cases may be found in the American and English books of reports.

An appeal court's panel is "bound by decisions of prior panels unless an en banc decision, Supreme Court decision, or subsequent legislation undermines those decisions." United States v. Washington, 872 F.2d 874, 880 (9th Cir. 1989).

Although the doctrine of stare decisis does not prevent reexamining and, if need be, overruling prior decisions, "It is . . . a fundamental jurisprudential policy that prior applicable precedent usually must be followed even though the case, if considered anew, might be decided differently by the current justices. This policy . . . 'is based on the assumption that certainty, predictability and stability in the law are the major objectives of the legal system; i.e., that parties should be able to regulate their conduct and enter into relationships with reasonable assurance of the governing rules of law.'" (Moradi-Shalal v. Fireman's Fund Ins. Companies (1988) 46 Cal.3d 287, 296.) Accordingly, a party urging overruling a precedent faces a rightly onerous task, the difficulty of which is roughly proportional to a number of factors, including the age of the precedent, the nature and extent of public and private reliance on it, and its consistency or inconsistency with other related rules of law.

Sen. Obama and the DNC are responsible for the loss of the women's vote. Sen. Obama ran the most hateful and vicious campaign I have ever experienced. He not only assassinated the character of Sen. Clinton and former Pres. Clinton but he assassinated our characters. Day in and day out Sen. Clinton's supporters were attacked as racists, stupid, unwanted, old and decrepit, nad on and on. The idea, reminiscent of many facist leaders, is to create an out group and an in group and encourage people to join your cause because they don't want to be called hateful names and demonized by your supporters.

Problem for Obama -- we, many of us, have been around and active in politics, fighting for civil rights and women's rights and we are not so easily bullied into switching sides. We were on the front-lines of the civil rights marches and we know what it is to be marginalized. We won't vote for Obama and we will vote for John McCain (many of us, that is) because we love America and we used to be Democrats before this take-over by the Soros left wing. We need to send a clear message -- if you want the Democratic Party to be strong and viable, stop crapping on Democrats and get back to your core values: labor rights, economic equality, and civil and women's rights, and counting every vote. Start fighting for human rights again, and maybe we'll return and make Democrats powerful again.

I've been wondering something from the beginning of the Democratic presidential campaign.

Why should Barack Obama have waited to run for president?

Last I looked, this is a democracy and you can do anything you want, including run for president if you want to.

But I forgot. He's supposed to wait because he's a black man, black men got the right to vote first, and because of this a white woman should be president before a black man.

Or at least that's what Gloria Steinem told us.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why I decided halfway through the primaries that I was totally and completely done with feminism.

I will absolutely not vote for Obama. And the DNC can threaten us with Roe V. Wade all they want, like Barbara Boxer felt the need to do on CNN the other night. The selected this false massiah, they're on their own. They broke it, they own. I didn't vote for Nancy Pelosi, Clyburn or Kerry, and that is who will be running the country. Obama can keep his dirty chicago politics to himself, i want no part of it. I will take my chances with McCain. At least he doesn't try to indoctrinate children. Not that kind of judgement I want appointing my SCOTUS.

"The reason that I make a decision to support the choice position is not because I don't think it's a moral issue but because I trust women to make a prayerful decision about this issue." -Barack Obama

OH REALLY? YOU TRUST ME? Well aren't i lucky. Everything from Obama is all about him. Do not think for a second that he gives 2 hits about anyone but himself

not to mention:
"As a Christian, to remain open to the possibility that I cannot claim infallibility in my support of abortion rights." -Barack Obama.


I care about Roe v. Wade, but I care more about justice, values and experienced leadership. It is a shame how the DNC screwed up how their candidate is selected - no relationship to the popular vote, to swing states or to the electoral college. The failure of the DNC to stand up for Hillary when the media continuously did their sexist vent on her is what I care about. It will be Hillary on the 2008 ticket or Hillary on the 2012. Let's get her now.

I received an email solicit donations from Emily's list. My reply is that no more donations to all those women who did not support Clinton, yet took money from Clinton's fund raising effort on their behalf. Let these folks go and ask Obama for help.

DNC will also get zero cent as long as it is oppressing people's voice.

Abortion is murder...whichever way u look at it....Obama '08..

Quite a few sites are attempting to fight the appalling decision which the DNC and the news media made to hand the nomination to B. Obama.

We, 40% of the people who voted for Senator Clinton, will either not vote in November or we will vote for John McCain.

As you very well know, the company Senator Obama keeps, was found out by the general public at the end of the primary elections. The news media such as CNN and MSNBC perpetrated an appalling, orchestrated cover up of the relationships between B.Obama and William Ayers, Rashid Khalidi, Rev Wright, Rev. Pfleger and Tony Rezko.

The Farrakhan endorsement was also mentioned during the LAST debate on ABC. The anger and lack of patriotism which characterizes Michelle Obama was established later in the primary process.

As obvious, because of Hillary Clinton's huge wins during the last primary elections, most Americans do not trust B. Obama, because of his radical ties as well as his total disconnection from the hard working blue collar workers, also called the Reagan Democrats. Reagan Democrats, soon to become the McCain Democrats do not vote for the far left.

So here is the obvious proof of what Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the mistaken Democrats are facing. One million people signed up on various pro Clinton sites. One million people and counting signed up on a Clinton voters for McCain oriented site. The polls also indicate that:

20% of us will not vote.
20% will vote for John McCain.

In an election where John McCain (The Maverick), is extremely liked by the general public, respected, admired and trusted, this Republican candidate, John McCain, reassuring and able to reach over party lines, will win with our help, ex-Democrats turned Independent, and even Republican.

And our message to Dean and Pelosi goes as follows:
We will not allow for the disenfranchising Democratic Party to make us half voters, to steal delegates from one candidate, the qualified one and give those delegates to a perfectly unelectable candidate. You will not be allowed to turn uncommitted votes, perfectly legal within an election and turn them into votes for your magniloquent candidate, Barack Obama.
30 individuals will not be allowed to substitute their lack of judgment for the rightful votes of 600,000 Americans!

I remember when I was in Indiana at the dinner where both Senator Clinton and Obama spoke, as well as Howard Dean.
A man and myself yelled at the same time:
"Count all the votes!"

I watched Dean standing there. The Chairman was perspiring, struggling with his situation as he had already decided to nominate a candidate who cannot be elected anymore but has raised huge amounts of money prior to the scandals.

Dean, Pelosi, the DNC had made such decision and hence, knowingly, pushed to the curb an experienced candidate with the right policies, who- by the way- was getting as much as a million dollars a day in contributions as well!

Unfortunately, Howard Dean and Nancy Pelosi appear to have made the wrong decision.
My thoughts, standing there in the back of the room after a day of canvassing for Hillary, were that you and the superdelegates would wake up.

You did not.

If you still don't by the Convention, a million woman march will rain on your parade DNC!

So I say one fight at a time.
In a country where taxation without representation is back, women are vilified just because they dare to run for office, a man with shady frienships, an angry wife and no experience is promulgated into running for the highest office, my priorities changed.
Abortion rights, Gay rights, highest on any liberal's agenda including mine, remain huge priorities.
But in a country when people are made half voters and the news media decide along with National Party executives who can run for President, you realize that that fight needs to prevail: The DNC slipped back to Barbary.

I will not stand for that. We will not stand for that. John McCain, with his endorsement from Senator Friedman and from Governor Schwarzenegger will have my vote in November.

Way to go DNC. I am an American citizen from France, a business owner, some one who cares and contribute to society. I voted Democratic ever since I got naturalized. Well not anymore, or not until 2012 anyway...

The "If I can't vote for Hillary I'll vote for McCain" campaign has Karl Rove's fingerprints all over it.

Can someone help me by explaining what did Barack do to the Clintons? Hillary called him an elitist,said he couldnt win white vote, said he was ready to be president, took advantage of bittergate, Rev. Wright, cried sexism on and on. What did Obama do???

I voted for Hillary Roidham Clinton.

Hillary Rodham Clinton is the GREATEST campaigner in all American History!

Hillary Rodham Clinton is the BETTER candidate of the two Democratic Candidates!

Hillary Rodham Clinton is ELECTABILITY!

However, I CANNOT vote for Barack Hussein Obama for many reasons.


GO JOHN MCCAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GO JOHN MCCAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I thought in America people voted rather than "media". Forget this nonsense about "media" voting for Barack Obama. Apparently, the "media" couldn't vote for him in West Virginia and Kentucky where many voters openly express their disdain for black people. The great thing about this country is nobody puts a gun to anyone's head on election day. Those wanting to vote for McSame because Hillary didn't get her entitlement, I say congratulations. I will vote for the principles that the Democratic Party stands for rather than the individual carrying the banner. Unless that individual goes contrary to the Party's platform. Up to this point, no candidate for president in the Democratic primaries, including Obama, has done so. John McSame will never get my vote, take this coming from a white female from Iowa. I wouldn't have him sacrifice anymore Americans in Iraq.

Demm44hillor45 is a Republican masquerading as a Democrat. Your tricks and tactics will not work. Continue repeating Republican talking points. I won't vote for McSame under any circumstance even if B. Obama was a monster and his wife was a terrorist. Anyone who disagrees with Republican are unpatriotic. We've seen those tactics before.

I am sick of the media saying who will be voting for who. As a woman, I am appalled by the arrogance and patronizing treatment that Obama displayed towards Hillary throughout the campaign. I refuse to vote for his type of change, which based on his treatment of her, is for moving backward, not forward. And based on his pastor of 20 years, the change he may be looking for is too frightening to think about. Count me as another Hillary supporter for John McCain. At least this man has had the courage to put not only his life on the line for this country, but has instilled that value in his son as well. Sorry, the media will not be choosing my candidate and I am sure there are many more like me out there, women and men alike, who will speak their disgust at the Democratic Party through their votes in November and not in forums like these.

I am saddened and embarrassed by the specter of supposed women's rights advocates acting like victims and scorned women. If you were a HRC supporter and you don't vote for Senator Barack Obama in November, you are either a hypocrite or a McCain supporter in disguise.

Obama is a horrible choice -- for so many reasons. Who wants to see our country turn to socialism and policies that hinder women who have worked so hard for what they have? Not me. I have earned my B.A. and M.Ed. and climbed the ladder to a relatively well-paying position. I don't want to share this hard-earned (well-deserved) salary with people who choose NOT to work. America is not about hand-outs. It's about freedoms... and working hard... and persevering to reach personal success!

I don't want change. I love America, and what I want is someone who cares enough about our country and the principles it was founded on to move us forward. WE DON'T NEED CHANGE. Our system is the best in the world. (The people who run it aren't always the best, however!) What we need is good, experienced leadership and wise decisions! We need someone who loves our country, supports its people and strives to take what we have to the next level.

I also don't want to settle for a "mesmerizing speaker" who is nothing but a junior senator with VERY little experience, knowledge or know-how. (Bill recently said Obama was asking him and Hillary for advice! And I won't even get into all the ties with radicals, racists, extremists, etc....)

Democrat. Republican. Who cares at this point?
I will NOT cast my vote for Obama.


How I can support Obama? is he gonna make the life of Iraqies butter, I am a Cancer Patient diagnosed with Brain Tumour , have 24 hours of continues severe headeck, and guess what? this Tumour is A Result of mass weapon they used against Iraqies ,I left Iraq to find myself a future a ** job -- coz am the only ++ supporting person in my familly, and guess what after 10 years of hard work .. i struggled to get a Suitable and better oppurtunity in USA Company in United Arab Emirates, but at the time that I should Transfer my Visa from Old Job to new JOB, the Fedral security in UAE deny my Visa Transfer ..COZ this Idiot Bush applied to all Arab Goverments that all Iraqies , Young and old , sick and healthy , are the worst enemies, so make their Lifes horrible not just with cancers , but with every aspect in their life..

my old *** JOB knew about my Tumour, they did not support me with 1 penny.. Damn on life Damn on Sadam, he should be like the others a stinky tail, looke Sadam what u did to me.. why u did not listen to your Gods and Masters, why I have to beg every Ash i meet to make my life better.. Obama tell me how to solve my problem, my Tumour is getting bigger and I need to leave any Cheap place in the 3rd world to get myself cured, but I can't, I have to wait for death tell it Arrive and then my familly will sit on the streat for money, that will make USA Secure and happy, and Jesus will bless Americans for the good CRIME they did to 27Millions Iraqies.. be happy Jesus all Christians and you will be walking on dead bodies of those muslim Torrorists that many of them hey never knew where is the hick is USA, Located!!!


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