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The secret friendship of Hillary Clinton and John McCain

It's one of those things that sneaks up on you in politics, a sense of things happening not quite as you expected. It started in April when our Times colleague Louise Roug called with a quote from Sen. Hillary Clinton.

She'd shaken hands at a factory gate in Toledo, Ohio, then before flying to Texas held a mediaSenators John McCain and Hillary Clinton who've quietly become good friends availability where she said: "Sen. McCain brings a lifetime of experience to the campaign. I bring a lifetime of experience. And Sen. Obama brings a speech he gave in 2002."

A pretty good zinger that got Clinton into the day's news flow while her plane was heading to an Austin, Texas, rally.

But why would the Democratic candidate mention the Republican at all? Let alone in a positive way as qualified to be president in comparison to a fellow Democrat?

That thought quickly passed in the flood of primaries and news.

But then in the final weeks of the primary season, as the inevitable delegate math closed in on Clinton, she attacked Barack Obama, of course. He was ahead. And she clearly didn't want four more years of President Bush. John McCain, already running for the general election, attacked Obama. And Obama fired back at the Republican.

But neither Clinton nor McCain fired at each other.

Then after the last night of primary ballot-counting, Clinton and Obama spoke briefly about each other. McCain uttered one sentence ...

... about Obama.

And then the Arizona Republican said this about the wife of the only Democrat to be elected twice since FDR: "Sen. Clinton has earned great respect for her tenacity and courage. The media often overlooked how compassionately she spoke to the concerns and dreams of millions of Americans, and she deserves a lot more appreciation than she sometimes received.

"As the father of three daughters, I owe her a debt for inspiring millions of women to believe there is no opportunity in this great country beyond their reach. I am proud to call her my friend."

And then a week ago this morning it became clear that the Democratic Party was forcing Clinton to end her bid. On Saturday, Obama went golfing. Clinton and her family dressed as if for a funeral and went to thank their supporters with a grateful speech and, on paper, a hearty, full endorsement of Obama.

But something was missing. Not one word in the speech about the Republican nominee that Obama must now confront for the White House.

As she was speaking, the McCain campaign's new website blog, The McCain Report, posted a special tribute to the losing Democratic candidate, familiarly headlined "Hillary Out," something the Obama campaign didn't fully match for two days.

"Sen. Clinton has really grown on us," McCain blogger Michael Goldfarb wrote. "She ran an impressive campaign ... an impressive candidate ... inspired a generation of women. ... Sen. Clinton also didn't mention John McCain once during her speech. This came as something of a surprise over here, and a pleasant one at that. But it's clear that John McCain and Hillary Clinton respect each other -- and there is a genuine affection for her here at McCain HQ."

The blog post included a photo of McCain and Clinton together on a ship in the Arctic during one of their several journeys as members of the Senate Armed Services Committee. These things do not happen on official campaign websites spontaneously or by accident. Nor does the enemy get accidentally omitted from a major speech.

So The Ticket called a bunch of people who know both McCain and Clinton. It's true, they confirmed, there is a special friendship between them. And it apparently started in January of 2001, when Clinton became the first former first lady elected to public office and walked into the U.S. Senate.

It has always been a gentlemen's club, if not always populated by gentlemen. And the warmth toward Clinton was missing. Until McCain walked up and heartily welcomed the newcomer and showed her around. "They really hit it off," said one friend.

Senators John McCain and Hillary Clinton both members of the Senate Armed Services Committee on an Arctic trip

They shared many things, including a candid tongue. Both also have at times been at odds with their own parties. They found they could work together across the aisle as committee members and enjoyed each other's company on fact-finding trips around the world. In Estonia, according to one famous tale, Clinton challenged McCain to a vodka shot-drinking contest, which he readily accepted.

Later, McCain remarked to friends "she was one of the guys," a high compliment among guys.

Learning about their unexpected friendship got us to thinking about a few things. What if McCain and Clinton, both their party's front-runners a year ago today, ended up confronting each other in the general election? Would we have seen a more civil campaign for a change?

According to several sources, including the Atlantic's respected Marc Ambinder, McCain came within a breath of publicly promising last year that his would be a one-term presidency. Aides convinced him it was an unnecessary chip to discard then.

Meanwhile, Clinton appears to be delivering early on her commitment to help Obama, steering her financial supporters to assist him in recent days, though some demur.

She's promised "to do all that I can" to help ensure his election, which sounds good but is practically hard to define. There will be some grand unity event soon. And at the Denver convention. But we'll see about the fall come fall.

The fact is, many of her 18 million supporters may not go for Obama. Wouldn't it be an amazing end scenario to an amazing political season if the working-class supporters, especially women, of the Clinton who so many Republicans love to hate helped elect the GOP senator from Arizona that so many Republicans have their own doubts about?

Such a Republican win, even a narrow one, as unlikely as it seems right now, would erase the present presidential hopes of the usurper Obama and could clear the way in 2012 for another try by that same Clinton, who'll only be 64 then.

-- Andrew Malcolm

Photo credits: Associated Press; The McCain Report.

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Ah, what might have been! Real bi-partisan effort instead of the divisions being created by the Obama camp. Too bad. Hillary for the Dems and John for the Republicans could work together for the United States of America. That would be refreshing ... for a change.

If Ros ve Wade were going to be overturned it would have happened while Ronald Reagan was president. The most that can happen to Roe vs Wade is that certain things about abortion become more restrictive. Stop threatening women with this law, that time is so over. I favor stronger laws about abortion. I think young teenagers should be required to inform their parents, not the clinic. The less these kids tell their parents especially about pregnancies, the more is helps dissolve family ties. I am totally against late term abortions and actually want laws passed aginst them.

I am a Hillary supporter and now I am on McCain's team. Whoever commented that I would never have voted for Obama is correct.

He has a pape rthin resume. He has less time on paper in politics then either Hillary or McCain (the IL legislator only meets 55 days a year!). Obama has never taken a tough stance on much so that families of people (veterans) who died in his state have never even heard him address the issue at all. He simply inflated numbers in Congress by proposing 19 bills or ammendments that had no purpose until proposed. Now that was quite a waste of taxpayers money. When he is afraid a tough stance might hurt him politically he presses the PRESENT button. He simply doesn't know how to get the tough jobs himself.

"On Saturday Obama went golfing. Clinton and her family dressed as if for a funeral" What cynical you are! That saidt all about you and the newspaper you work for . You are the reason I stopped La times subcription.

First of all, all three - Obama, Clinton and McCain - are American patriots. What's all this dissing and hissing going on? It's a good sign when two powerful Senators from "across the aisle" work together. That's good for the U.S. because congress can get something done when they cooperate for the good of all of us. As far as the election 2008 goes, it's a democracy. We can vote for whom we choose. Our vote doesn't mean we hate the other guy, or that we are voting for Clinton in 2012 or that we are for or against abortion. Usually people vote for the person that best fits their interests and background.

Hey, "can't we all just get along?"

Thanks for the article, it made me think and was at least not bashing on any one candidate.

I smell a lot of pro-McCain spam on this comment board.

Anyone who says McCain '08 & Hillary 2012 will have a nasty surprise in 2012 from the OTHER 18 million Democrats paying you back. It works both ways...

John McCain is a "Rhinestone War Hero." Before this race is over we will no longer have to question John McCain's manhood because it will be clear to all that the "Fiction" of McCain's legacy is a greater illusion than his testicular fortitude. WAR HEROES do not need to run around telling anyone and everyone that they can find how how god damn heroic that they are. Do they? Ever listen to Bruce Springsteen's Song Glory Days? Heroes do not live to tell tall tales. Myths do. Heroes die. Liars never tell you how they graduated 4th from the bottom of their class at the Naval Academy, how their legacy admission is the only reason they were not expelled and how they were never promoted to Admiral because they spent most of their time in a drunken stupor and destroying military property. McCain's legacy is as fictional as McHale's Navy, the 1960's TV show. Google it. Consider that even those who once propped up McCain, see him as a souless opportunistic fraud. Ask Ross Perot, one of McCain's early benefactors what he truly thinks of John McCain. My guess is you will see live in primetime before this election season is out what Perot really thinks. Google it. Ask the wife he left behind or the current one who supports him and who he cheats on. JOHN MCCAIN IS NOT A MAN, NOT A REAL MAN. HILLARY is a similar creature. The "Mythical Clinton Legacy" does not match up with the actual legacy. What they share is their ability to deceive masses of ignorant white folks that they are something different then they really are. McCain is a RIGHT WING TROJAN HORSE and HILLARY is a faux feminist, shape shifting political fraud and working class predator who is particularly adept at skillfully manipulating and deceiving those on the left side of the bell curve, the intellectually undernourished and the spiritually unenlightened.

Perhaps McCain should choose Hillary as his vice president--that would be truly bipartisan, truly revolutionary, truly a way to break the endless logjam in Washington. With all the messes we're in, a genuine national unity ticket would have great appeal. All of us need to think of loyalty to the country above loyalty to the party.

I will suggest a "world day of healing" democrats before November Elections. Obama & Hillary rise above the norm and bring us (people) together. Beliieve me it does nit matter to me who is the Pres. as long it is a Democrat...who would inject a spiritual healing among the American People and then everything would fall into place. Get together some of the renowned spiritual leaders like Joel Osteen to lead this initiative.

And in 2004 Kerry asked McCain to be his VP. So, McCain is far preferable to Obama for President. He treats Clinton supporters and Clinton with more respect. He doesn't denigrate everyone over 30 as being unwanted, not needed, and racist.

You have to respect a man who doesn't give his Party members or his opponents the finger, wipe them off his shoe and treat them like an adolescent boy having a temper tantrum. Oh, yeah, McCain is far preferable to BO. Thank goodness he's the repub nominee.


They may be friends, but she is NOT anything like a republican. Way more social programs going on than a republican could stomach. I think it's good that the two parties don't always try to kill each other. We're working for the same thing--America. We just have different ideas on how to save it.


It seems no many are realy interested in unifying anything.

As to friendship, do not you think
Uncle McCain is much better than Uncle Wright?

I am a Democrat and just so happen to really like Senator McCain. I applaud Senator McCain for his most
kind, gracious, sincere words to Senator Clinton, after her campaign loss to Obama.
The Clinton's are masters at solving world problems and working together bipartisanly. This is also why I believe that Senator Clinton should have been our democratic nominee.
I believe that Senator McCain and Senator Clinton would make the best team! So, maybe Senator McCain should ask Senator Clinton to become his V.P. running mate.

I am an educated white male in my 50s and a staunch supporter of Senator Clinton.

She was by far the most qualified candidate in this race. She makes Obama looks pale in every conceivable way.

The disrespectful way she has been treated by him, by the media and by the DNC ensure I will never vote for Obama.

The media likes to pretend it's just a bunch of angry older woman who won't vote for him. Well, add my name, my brothers' names, my families' names, and six of my educated middle aged male friends to that list.

Dean better start paying attention to the fact that his 'selected' candidate is about to get trounced in November.

If I can't have Clinton, between the two left standing, McCain is a far better choice than Obama.

At her Baruch College event in NYC just a few days ago, Hillary Clinton added her name to a Major League Baseball that was inscribed by the famous New York Yankees catcher Yogi Berra with the quote: “It ain’t over till it’s over.” Bill Clinton also signed his name to the ball. A photo of it can currently be seen on eBay. This Yogi Berra quote summarizes the essence of the Clintons’ drive to win and their spirited campaign style. Don’t count them out from politics just yet.

christopher london is a jerk. the most decorated congressional medal of honor winner, col bud day, swears that mccain is a bonifide hero and only the lowest life of a girlee man like you denies it. silver star, dfc, repeated breaking of his limbs, and staying in the hanoi hilton for his men. my uncle was a spy in hanoi and he saw the hilton. he knew mccain is a hero. and you are the scum of the earth to denigrate it.

McCain is more centrist than Obama, at least he has a record for us to look at. Obama only has words and promises so far and his thin record does note even support his words.

I don't want to vote Republican but it looks like McCain is the better choice than Obama.

I want you to read all the comments above.

Now ask yourself....
Why are people so weird? There were a few normal comments but most were fanatical weirdo's without a shred of unbiased thought in their bones.
Doesnt anyone care about the truth--or just distorting it?

You Obama lovers are threatened by virtually everything, aren't you? When you feel threatened you turn defensive.
Get past yourselves will you, we have a country to worry about, not just your reflection!

Cool, I'm voting for McCain then. Any friend of Hillary's is a friend of mine.

I wish John McCain would ask Hillary to be his VP - now there is CHANGE- A Republican and Democrat on the same ticket! If not she should run as an Independnet, I will not vote for Obama- he spends too much of his time giving speeches, explaining what he meant to say and not voting on issues, only says present as to not to commit! Too wishy-washey! (If Hillary is on his ticket will be the only way I will vote for him- if he chooses another woman I think the Democratic Party will be split forever!)
Also, don't like Obama's wife's comment about finally being proud for the first time to be an American... I am sure the world is laughing at us because of that!

A Democrat for....



So vote for Mc Cain and suck it up! you idiot. Just scary of a black man. Your intellectual laziness will lose yall.
Suck it up if you vote for Mc Insane and don't complain about gas prices, or Iraq or Health care.

After all you gotta assume your vote.

Why can't McCain and Hillary be friends? We should only vote for someone who is qualified as the president of our country, not a political party for the US. In fact, for better or for worse, we know McCain and Hillary for years, we know the weakest sides of each of them. But how much we know about Senator Obama whose wife can finally feel to be proud of being an American only when she saw there is a chance for her husband to be the president?

Howard Dean must be petrified right now.

Otherwise, why would he be trying to have Hillary Clinton's name removed from the Convention ballot? He does not want to have a roll call at the Convention in August and is trying to force her to release her delegates.

I think, no matter how the media tries to downplay this, he knows that the delegates are watching the inexperienced Obama implode with gaffe after gaffe. Do you think by August the delegates will be ready to stop drinking the koolaid -- or do they, like Dean, Pelosi, Kerry and Reid, wish to follow their 'American Idol' candidate off a cliff in November.

Something else Mr. Dean does not want people to know -- there are also plenty of African American voters, plenty of young voters, plenty of Latino and Asian voters and plenty of highly educated voters who are furious they can't vote for Clinton now and are stuck with Obama. I have heard from friends of mine all over the place, in all the groups mentioned, that they don't think he's qualified or honest and won't vote for him.

Do you think Dean is purposely trying to throw the election?

Why would he do this to us? After 8 years of Bush, we finally get somebody qualified to lead, and Dean and Co. kicks her to the curb.

We are PUMA pac. And we are strong in number.

We will ensure that DNC pay for their corrupted act of selecting BO. BO was selected not elected in.

The majority of registered DEM voted for HRC. And we want our party back.

Plan A: Hillary. Plan B: McCain.

I love this article! Fantastic! I guess it is probably because I am a huge Hillary fan who will be voting for McCain.

Say NO to Obama... he's an empty suit.


I love the faux Democrats who say that they'll support McCain and then blame Obama supporters for voting for him if McCain wins.


A few weeks ago, everyone was pressuring Hillary to quit the race. She held on and got out when she thought it was a good time for her to do so. The media and Obama supporters were and still are all sour about it. If Obama had done the same, people would have praised him for his persistence and perseverance, but since it was Hillary who did it, it was selfish of her to do that.

For the longest time, Obama refused to break his relationship with the pastor who said "God damn America" or something to that effect. His reason? his past relationship with the pastor. He wanted to be portrayed as a guy that held on to things that mattered to him. And everyone praised him for doing that. Now, Hillary has friendship with McCain- a fact she isn't trying to hide by the way- who is Obama's opponent. And Obama supporters and the moronic media now wants Hillary to break his ties with McCain? Start saying bad things about McCain? Why on earth would you expect Hillary to say bad things about McCain when Obama is still her immediate opponent?

Screw the media. Screw Obama and his supporters. I'm voting McCain.

McCain '08
Hillary '12

Surely, Howard Dean is trying to throw this election.

He must be, otherwise, why would he anger Hillary supporters even further by trying to have her name removed from the Convention ballot, avoid a roll call and force her to release her delegates?

Could it be Dean knows his candidate Obama is unelectable and by August the delegates will wake up from their koolaid induced stupor and nominate Hillary so as to avoid following the unqualified Obama off a cliff?

Mega2lAM that is a good idea.

A day of unity. Both Sen Clinton and Sen Obama rising to the platform. Sen Obama declares that he is willing to be Sen Clinton's vice president since he finally realizes that is not yet ready for the Presidency and endorses Sen Clinton for the Democratic nominee as President.

Sen Hillary Clinton accepts.

As promised, my vote goes to McCain after Hillary's exit. For those of you who are staying home because you don't want Obama to be president, please don't waste your votes, vote McCain!

For those of you who are hoping that Obama will pick Hillary as his VP, highly unlikely, Wright will never let Obama pick Clinton as VP.

Amazing isn't it! The plots and schemes that Senator Clinton is willing to perpetrate to just get in the White House. What is also amazing is the inability of some of the people who have written comments to see, Senator Clinton for what she is. I realize there are many Americans who are having difficulty with the idea of Senator Obama becoming president, and you know what it is understandable. If he becomes president it will be a big change for African Americans as well. The problem I continue to have is with the dishonesty.

All of the problems HRC has had have been of her own making! President Bush will go down in history as the worst President in the history of the United States, and Senator McCain has supported and still supports all of Presidents Bush's mistakes. HRC is involved with all of the worst parts of Washington politics. HRC could not possibly win the nomination after Super Tuesday unless she got the super delegates to conspire against Obama. The Clinton campaign promoted racial discord in an attempt to steal the nomination. All of the above statements are true.

Now if you don't want Obama because you are uncomfortable with a Black man becoming President just say so and stand for something . But please stop trying to keep shoveling this horse dung at people. You cannot make a silk purse out of a sow's ear, HRC lost and was a poor sport, and McCain is not capable of running this country or any other for that matter.

The idea of Clinton '12 simply won't fly. Regardless of who thinks it's a good or bad idea, if Obama is defeated in '08 many people (particularly blacks and younger voters) will blame the slash & burn primary tactics Clinton used during the late part of the race. Democrats need black turnout to win general elections - without black urban centers the rural and suburban white turnout seals the swing states for Republican candidates.

It's possible that there's some strategy there, but if it exists it's a failure of a strategy. Honestly at this juncture it's impossible to imagine she will become president. Honestly if one is committed to the idea of a female president one should start lobbying for some of the stronger female candidates out there now - Kathleen Sebelius, as mentioned, Janet Napolitano, or even a future Chelsea Clinton. Or if one doesn't care about party, there are a few prominent Republicans who are viable. Hillary Clinton just isn't any more.

This Hillary supporter will never vote for the race baiting Obama. Who in their right mind would think that the Clintons would insult the AA community, when that has been one of their largest bases of support? No one.

Who would benefit from smearing Pres Clinton and Sen Clinton with such lies? Clearly, Obama. I ran down all of those statements which often started with an Obama supporter making a race baiting comment, the media would ask one of the Clinton's a question based on the question and distort it, and then Obama's campaign would jump on the distortion. While disingenuously compaining about Rev Wright being taken out of context.

Geez...he even tossed the Rev under the bus for making his case at the Press Club, without changing even one of his views.

Nevermind the fact, that Obama has always subverted democracy in every election he has ever run in. With suppressing voter choice, by suing other more qualified Dems off of the rolls (Alice Palmer), to utilizing the courthouse and exploiting young children's privacy, by revealing sealed divorces cases of thier parents running for office. These case are sealed for the protection of the children, and were used to smear other candidates.

To this election where he suppressed two entire states votes. The delegates were supposed to be counted as half, but the votes were never to be stolen.

Then we move on to the money men and corrupt Chicago machine, Rezko, Auchi, Ayers, Pritzker, etc.

That man will never receive my vote! Even worse his continuous race baiting has diminished the true racism that so many people suffer day in and day out. As someone who fought for justice, that along with the Rezko slums where people froze, while they got rich, makes my skin crawl.

Well, that is fine then. We the Hillary supporters do not plan to contribute or vote for Obama if you guys still believe she have not done what is needed; to dropout and endorse when you have 18 Million supporter with her. There is no "Change that I believe", coming from Obama. As of today I am independent and my vote goes to McCain.

As a republican,i have to admit that i really like the idea of a mc cain/clinton ticket.that would REALLY be change.i think hillary really got shafted in these can you win NY,CALIFORNIA,TEXAS,OHIO,FLORIDA and all the big states and still lose the nomination?!?!?! ridiculous!

Hillary is friends with McCain just like Bill is buddies with Bush Sr. They're in the same mob. Scott McClennan said the current situation with the media and the administration has been the same for the past 15 YEARS! Obama is the only chance for change from the Bush/Clinton/Cheney junta. McCain is insane and more of the same worst-than-failed policies will be forced upon the American people if he/they are reelected.

Although Sen. Obama is only 47 years old, but having been a chronic smoker for several decades, Sen. Obama's lungs must be about 85 years old! Obama is not running for the Head Waiter job in Woldorf-Astoria. He's running to be the president of the United States! Given his family history of cancer, his mother's rather early death due to cancer and having been a heavy smoker for decades, Sen. Obama has huge risk factors. The media hid these facts about him during the nomination fight, remember that that SLN skit. The media eager to prop him up and slander Hillary Clinton and hid all these risky behaviors about Sen. Obama. At least, how about setting a good example for his two you daughters who are in an impressionable age. Michelle of course is a heath care professional? The fact remains that Obama must be carrying a huge heath risk, is a true fact besides other risks we have take about him, like his of drug use! Sen. Obama’s smoking habit make him much more vulnerable to fatal illness and death than John McCain's age factor. By choosing Obama as their nominee Democrats have made a poor, risky choice! Obama seems to me like man who doesn’t have self-discipline even “change” himself, so how can he propose to change the whole country?

Any Hillary supporter who votes for McCain is slime.

They know for a fact that Hillary aggravated racial tensions in the primary.
They know for a fact that Hillary lied and twisted facts.
They know that she pandered.
Now they know that she would rather be a traitor to her own party than lose graciously.

Anybody who doesn't understand that elections are about the party, rather than the individual, is a fool.

Anybody who would vote for Republicans, and for a third Bush term, is stupid.

Any woman who would vote for a Republican who will reverse their progress several decades, just to spite the man who beat their queen, is a moron.

Then again, the people who have supported Hillary are uneducated low-information hicks. That's established.

These people don't have the right to vote. I'd rather see a smaller number of enlightened voters than a large number of fools who don't understand democracy.

Many of us HRC supporters are moving to McCain. Both of these people have exhibited a great deal of maturity and love of their country by working across the aisles. I am glad they're friends - and glad they're centrists. 18 million of us wanted a qualified centrist, and the media (including the LA Times here) knee-capped her. That leaves one qualified centrist standing - McCain. Many of us Democrats can't stomach the candidate the DNC and media was in such a hurry to annoint. We believe in putting our country above our party. Our votes are going to McCain.

Any Hillary supporter thinking about pulling the lever for McCain should look over his loyalty oaths first:


How enlightened of you to reveal your prejudices to rural folks. They fact that you think they are low-information only reveals the lies that the Obama campaign has filled you with. I have family in rural areas and they are smarter, kinder, more honorable, and more self sufficient than you on anyday. They know how to take care of themselves, while your enlightened self would starve if there was any interruption of the food supply. Which is only four days strong in all the major cities.

Anyone who thinks that Hillary spewed racism is lying or too ignorant to look up entire quotes. If you bring up working white people, then clearly you are unaware she was quoted the AP article she was discussiing. If you think Pres Clinton was racist when he stated the words 'fairy tale' then you didn't look up the rest of the quote that discussed Obama being against the war before he had to vote for it. You are probably also unaware of the 20 pro war votes, to either fund the war, those who lied to get us into war, or those profitting from the war.

Hillary had to campaign for herself and Obama while having both hands behind her back. Why is it her responsibility to vet Obama's religion for the MSM? Why is it her responsibility to make sure Obama's fee fees aren't hurt while he is falsely smearing her and her husband as racists? She actually dealt with Obama with kid gloves because that is all the glass jaw candidate could handle. Even the last debate got him so upset that he had to flip her off and dust off her superior performance to make himself feel better.

If you are mad about Hillary's gaffe and lies, then you clearly haven't even looked at Obama's lie factory that is his campaign. Really, he comes from the Chicago machine. Do you think it is all flowers and hippy peace signs there? It is ruthless and he only got up the ranks in that city by getting dirty himself. Anyone who thinks differently isn't paying attention and is woefully ignorant of politics.

That man sold out poor folks and taxpayers in Illinois so Rezko could have gold fixtures and Obama could get his house with a shady deal. So the very community he places his bonafides as organizer, is the very community he sold out. Here is a man without enough political juice to buy his children a house without the money man, but somehow he is capable of running the country. LOL! He is a show pony for his money men, and it's clear you haven't done your due diligence on him.

As far as women's issues being reverse decades I assume you mean Roe v Wade. That is such a non argument considering the Supreme Court already HAS the votes needed to overturn and chip away at it. You should have been concerned in 2000 and 2004.

What you clearly don't understand about this election, is it is country over party. Not the 'individual' over 'party'. People are voting for McCain rather than Obama because they don't trust the man with ties to terrorists domestic and abroad. Remember it is country over party....not your selfish version of this election.

And the fact that someone so woefully ignorant of all the issues confronting these voters who oppose Obama, it is laughable that you think you are the enlightened voter when you did no due diligence on Obama, Hillary, or McCain. You have forgotten what a democracy is about and that it is your civic duty to properly research all the candidates. Not just the hopey changey one.

Though in all seriousness I doubt you have the mental capacity to follow all news stories. You clearly like your opinions spoon fed to you.

which would be bigger history the first black pres.
the first Repulican pres. with a democrat for VP or a man who everyone thinks is crazy that will fix the country and follows the ideas of Barry Goldwater and Ronold Regan the only choice for freedom and prosperity Ron Paul

McCain will lose. Hillary lost.

Obama will be the next president, and thank God we finally have a man who is both wise and honest to hold that job. What a wonderful prospect lies ahead.

Get used to the future because it is here.

Obama 08 and 12

I thought I would check back to see if there was any improvement in the commentary. Unfortunately, it remains the same. The pro McCain writers seem to be making arguments out of whole cloth, and the supposed pro Hillary writers are not making a lot of sense at all. I'm sure someone is probably saying the same thing about me, that is your right. The truth however is that it so typical to identify the person who points out the wrong as the wrongdoer. It appears that pointing out the clearly racially divisive comments by HRC and her husband has now become the problem, not the comments themselves. What a strange world we live in. McClellan writes a book outlining the behavior in Bush's white house and the issue becomes why didn't he speak earlier, and the behavior is ignored. This is just more of the same.

Oops I made a mistake is not a defense, HRC, and blaming the individual (s) who point out your behavior for telling does not change the statement. But of course there are so many who prefer to delude themselves about the content or the intent who choose to agree with these lame excuses. I am an African American. I was firmly in the Clinton camp before these events played out. I am not a sexist, nor am I a racist! I speak for my self and I tell you what she and her husband did in the campaign was wrong, and she will never get another vote from this Black American!

As to the arguments made against Obama I think people need to do a little better than Reverend Wright, or Flag pins, or fantasy religions, or fantasy relationships with Farrakahn. Why is it that the standard appears to be that Obama must explain what someone else has said, while McCain and HRC don't even have to defend what they have said?

I think the posters here suggesting a vote for McCain in '08 and a vote for Clinton in 2012 are right on the money.

As a 25 year old male - raised by a strong female - I was shocked and disgusted to see the treatment that Hillary endured throughout the campaign. As the grandson of military veterans I'm dismayed to see McCain mocked and dismissed by Daily Kos and the whole left-wing establishment who carry the same ethics as Rove: destroy; belittle; dismiss; and hate.

I think the PUMA Party has it dead on:

McCain in '08

Clinton in 2012!!!


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