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Jason Burnett, Bush EPA official, resigns to support Obama

Jason Burnett has made a lot of news lately, criticizing the Bush administration for rejecting California’s request for a federal waiver that would allow the state to enforce greenhouse gas restrictions.

Burnett, until recently the associate deputy administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, last month testified before a congressional panel about the possible White House role in overruling the EPA staff’s recommendation of the waiver. Since then, Burnett has given numerous interviews on the issue.

Now Burnett is using his checkbook to do his talking. After quitting the administration last month, he donated $3,600 to Democrat Barack Obama’s presidential campaign. That came on top of a $1,000 contribution he made to Obama before joining the EPA.

A Stanford-trained economist and a Democrat, Burnett, 31, said in an interview that he is moving back to Northern California to campaign for Obama and Democratic Rep. Sam Farr of Carmel. He's counting on them to support more efforts to curb greenhouse gases.

“Climate change endangers health and welfare," Burnett said. "The EPA is required to use existing law to reduce greenhouse gases. The sooner we begin addressing it in earnest, the better off we’ll be.”

Burnett predicted that California will get its waiver, either by court order or after the next president--Obama or his Republican opponent, John McCain--takes office.

--Dan Morain

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What's so surprising? One Democrat bureaucrat is for another Democrat bureaucrat! Big deal.

If Burnett was a Democrat to begin with, why would he want to work for Bush anyway? Simple - to undermine him. Burnett is a lowlife political hack, not some great eco-savior who "saw the light" and seeks so-called "hope" in Obama. He's a conniving politico. Typical of Washington, D.C.

First, this guy Burnett is not a "whistle-blower." There was no wrongdoing to blow a whistle about. Second - as a registered Democrat, why would we want to work for Bush anyway? Easy - to undermine him and the Administration. He was successful, apparently, given the way the press is gushing over this kid.

Let's face facts - Jason Burnett is nothing more than a political hack, an operative with an agenda aligned with the President's opposing party. He's not a full-fledged economist, and he's not someone to be admired. He's a conniver, plain and simple. Typical Washington, and it's ironic he's behind someone purportedly for "Change." With this kind of "change" there is no "hope" to be had.

Why is the LATimes even writing about this guy? He has absolutely no credibility- he pretended to be a Republican to take a political position in the administration. Barack should watch out- who knows which side this guy is on...

Google this bushie: 5/07/burnett-yoo-of-epa/


To call Burnett a Bush official is rather deceptive. The guy is an EPA official wich does not require anyone to be
a partisan.Dan Morain is a partisan reporter , that is clear.

Jason Burnett---- to join Obama kool-aid drinkers--- the lava lamp candidate--yeah Change-- Change-bumper sticker slogan---change the best standard of living in the world--- -to Obamanomics ---Socialism--lets tax the rich and, oil companies and send everyone more rebate checks!!! did he ever study Econmoics 101--idiotman!!!


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