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A web poll for fans of Clinton, Russert, Ron Paul and the Mariners

Here's a quirky little web poll we stumbled upon today over at one of our favorite daily checkpoints, MediaBistro.

The majority of people who've taken this particular poll could be supporters of Hillary Clinton or fans of Tim Russert or the Seattle Mariners or even many Republican House members.

We found ourselves in the distinct minority, which makes sense because bloggers have no feelings whatsoever. But the results would seem to indicate that many Americans are not a terribly happy bunch in these early days of a Leap Year summer, which means president-picking time.

Let us know how you voted and what your thoughts are after going here and voting.

--Andrew Malcolm 

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I voted no, and I'm a girl.... But I very seldom cry anyway. I guess I'll become a blogger.

I have to admit, I cried for a few minutes when I heard about Tim Russert, and have teared up a couple of times during all of the 5 days of coverage since. Before that, I can't remember the last time that I cried.

Well, the Lakers just lost, so you have those people crying, Boston just won a championship, so they are crying tears of joy, You've got Big Brown in last place, so Big Brown Betters are crying, and the long shot winner in the Preakness probably had a few people crying tears of joy.

People in Iowa and surround areas are undoubtedly crying as well. Gasoline is almost 5 dollars a gallon, another reason to cry.

I voted no by the way.

Oh, and I am a Ron Paul fan....


I wish I could be an LA Times blogger, so I could get paid to write nonsense all day.

Are you guys coming to D.C. on July 12 for the rally? You could get some really interesting interviews about the status of the movement from honest-to-goodness Ron Paul r3VOLutionaries :)

Wow my time has been wasted ... and I voted NO and voted for Ron Paul

Russert was a really good person, but I didn't cry. I wanted to when Ron Paul dropped out because I thought it meant no more snarky Andrew Malcom articles, but I'm better now.

I just thought about how many snarky Malcom articles we could get from live blogging at the Ron Paul convention. hint hint

And here I was hoping it was a Ron Paul poll.

Just one of those 'throw away mentions' to get hits, eh?


Thought better of you..

Now you owe us a real story...

This atheist libertarian white hetero male 40+ Ron Paul fan cried multiple times because of Tim Russert's untimely death.

Where is Ron Paul???

This is soooooo dumb

As a seasoned Seattle sports fan I have no more tears left for my professional sports teams.

As a Ron Paul supporter I am only extactic about the future of the rEVOLution.


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