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Vote Here and Now: When should Hillary Clinton surrender?

Yada, yada, yada, the talking TV heads will be, well, talking and spewing talking points now about what the primary voting results mean in the last two remaining Democratic contests -- Montana and South Dakota.

And what it means for now and the fall and infinity and beyond. Right after these important commercial messages.

Why wait? And endure all that?

Let's hear what you think right now. When should she give it up?


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TOTALLY wishful thinking for the Democrats!

McCain thru surrogate Fiorina, embraces Hillary supporters!

YES we will!!!

Never surrender! She should fight all the way to the convention and challenge the Michigan and Florida delegate ruling. She has an excellent chance vs John McCain, she is slightly left of center and John is slightly right of center, Obama is a far left ultra liberal and while he may be the darling of those such as Pelosi and Kennedy, he has very little appeal to the general electorate.

After the polls closed and two of the three states have been projected, Obama is likely to have most, if not all of the delegates he needs. Hillary should concede at her end of the evening rally.

And if John McCain thinks Hillary's supporters are going to vote for him then he is as delusional as he is senile and ill-tempered. Her supporters may not vote at all, but they sure as hell aren't going to vote for John McCain.

I hope She NEVER gives in!!!! I love watching the Dems eat each other alive!

Let’s end this. Also want to explain Clinton math we can't afford. I live in VERY small Iowa town. At the caucus I personally attended, we selected 3 delegates, 1 - Obama, 1 - Edwards, 1- Clinton.
If we look at attendance (Popular Vote) it took 5 supporters of the 27 people in the room, by the caucus math to have viable candidate. Popular vote was 14 - Obama, 8 - Edwards, 5 - Clinton, Iowa and all the caucus states only passingly report these numbers and it isn’t required. The next day of those that did report, the popular vote was very similar across the state. So an almost 3 to 1 margin but appeared to be a dead heat looking at delegates.
We have had 8 years of skewing facts the way someone wanted to make them, I just want us all to drop the popular vote issue. Dig deep enough it is just "W" math.

As I was saying, dear Hillary was the only one in this race when it began and was crowned the "democratic" candidate for president. Now this.It must be a hurt that few have experienced.Something along the line of Aaron Burr vs Thomas Jefferson.There is so much that is historic about this race.But it is MOVE-ON DOT COM for Hillary now.The republicans had N O chance when this started and there is N O reason to give them any HOPE now.It is time to unite the country against the administration that is more corrupt than that of Pres.Grant.And an administration that has more secrets and dirty tricks than Nixson and Reagan put together.

This poor excuse for a democrat, not to mention two faced liar, should have quit a long tome ago. She has told so many different stories that she can't remember what she said last. A woman President would be a good thing but you have to have an honest person to begin with, not one who changes positions like the wind changes. People are tired of the same old lies. And a big thank you to old Billy boy, you caused more damage to Hilary's campain than her ear busting laugh! America needs new blood in the white house, not re-ground garbage!

She should muster up some class and get out of the way now.

This train rolling!

Should NEVER have run - too much 'freak' baggage, and her ENTITLEMENT rights. BEWARE,Obama...'Brutus' as No. 2??? Pray not, for we KNOW what evil lurks in the....well, Hellary doesn't have a heart, so GOOD RIDDANCE, to her and all her man-hater supporters!!!

Obama should call her at 3:00am and thank her for her support, but will consider other candidates for the VP slot.

I think she should concede tonight. So we can move on an take on john mccain. I also think he should chose hillary or gov. ted strickland of ohio.

Go Obama

Hillary needs to take this to the Convention!

Clearly, even if Obama has the number of delegates, he has a huge problem with the voters that are necessary to win in November.

Hillary constantly surprises everyone... note SD... they fully expected Obama to win here. Perhaps some super delegates who rushed to Obama at the last minute will regret their switch come August.

Hillary still is the most electable candidate against McCain.

Obama's core voting group are young college kids, who have never been dependable for the GE. Perhaps I may be wrong this time, but these trends have held true thru the present. And Blacks are a small majority of the population.

Hillary's core voting groups are dependable for November, and are more diverse.

I don't think Hilary should ever concede..why should she.. the press has elected obama ..not the popular vote..his relegion is scary and McCain has anger issues..Hilary was treated TOTALLY UNFAIR concerning the Florida and Michigan votes..I AM NOT LET ME REPEAT NOT GOING TO VOTE FOR OBAMA OR mCcAIN, WHY SHOULD I ,OUR ELECTIONS ARE CROOKED AND DO NOT REFLECT THE POPULAR VOTE..BAH HUM BUG ON THIS ELECTION ,WHAT A JOKE..

People in Califronia and NY are going to vote for Obama no matter what. But what about other (swing) states? If you stop hating hillary for second you'll notice that she has a point. Obama struggles with working class whites without a college degree, and polls indicate that a certain amount of Hillary supporters will switch sides.

Remember, a good amount of independents and libertarians will vote for Mccain already.

Who cares?! Let her enjoy the limelight while she can. Let her enjoy her 15 minutes of fame. Nobody with any intelligence is paying attention to her anyway.

she really needs to face the facts and step down. it's really becomming embarrasing now.

This isn't a blowout by any stretch. She should take it to the convention.

I find it ironic that Obama's camp decided that a Jim Crow 1/2 vote for Michigan (read Detroit) and Florida (read southern state) voter's was appropriate collective punishment for the mistakes of a few idiots at the top of the state parties trying to jump the gun.

Maybe he's half southern white after all.

@BJ. it is OVER sweetheart! My goodness. I admire you for your loyalty, but you are getting a little ridiculous.

Go to a night club, by a lovely woman a nice but potent cocktail, and pray you get a little "bj" of your own. It might remind you that there is more to life than a presidential campaign. Cheers!

Hilary sshould staay in because she is the best quaaliified for the job... Yes and all Americans should write her in. Please support our freedom by vooooting for Hilary. She is not to old nor is she to young.All FEMALES should support her because we deseve the chance to prove we have a brain.


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